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then it hit a rough patch. Chibby. She turned around and helped you get up from your position behind the car. You loved and cared for Will and I loved that about you. " "No, it's okay," Kara reassured her. Request: Can you write a George Weasley x reader story when after George loses his ear he can’t sleep because his in a lot pain and feels really dizzy and nauseous all night and wakes up the reader by throwing a pillow at her who’s sleeping in the same room as him and wants her to comfort him and reader takes care of him all night. ” “It’s fine. ” I shrug with a smug smile. He just wanted to get back to the castle, where you could be taken care of. jasontodd, robin, dickgrayson. Also, August! (barely recognized him sans stubble) pucklady - I think you're going to have to do a limerick for every recurring character death. “I was joking, y/n!” Dally said between bellowing laughs, “He’s probably in the kitchen or sumthin’. She was holding Alex like she was holding a young child and it sent Maggie back to when she would hold her little sister when she would fall off of her bike or when she’d get hurt on the playground. ” I scowl and he hums. He had spent years behind you and now wanted to get you out of prison on an extremely risky mission where you would have a 99% chance of escaping again. “She may know Lex’s whereabouts” “I let Commissioner Gordon do the honors then, he can interrogate her. None insecurity would stop you now, or ever from telling the truth, from revealing your love to a person. Maggie's other hand reaches across to find Alex's, the three of them now anchored to each other, comforted by the graceless embrace. “Something about you going out with Elena tonight. “It is a cut, and it will turn into your death if you allow it to get infected,” the concerned woman answered and continued to apply some sort of paste to the open wound across your triceps. From your left, you saw Kara’s sister approaching. " Alex looked unconvinced, guilt evident on her features. Get started today! This adorable, petite, exotic nubile is in her schoolgirl outfit, wearing a short, sexy skirt and innocent white shirt. warning- abuse. Do you have anything that could help me find her?” Lena nods, handing her a file of papers to look over. Don’t read this. So let me know if you guys want me to post this Supercorp fic, and I’ll get back on the requests after friday! love you all and thanks for being so patient!! supergirl imagines supercorp smut supercorp supercorp fanfic supergirl Kara imagine /supergirl. Find images and videos about funny, supernatural and jared padalecki on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. ” supernatural-jackles:. I want that “drive safe,” kind of love, the “let me know if you need anything” kind of love, the “text me when you get there” kind of love, the “this made me think of you” kind of love, the “how was your day” kind of love, the “have fun, be safe” kind of love, the “good luck today” for something I only mentioned in passing kind of love, the “have a good day A character keeling over for no particular plot reason. Imagines blog dedicated to female characters. Make up sex. I get hurt from time to time. Too many chem-chemicals. The Reason We Get Hurt: The reason we automatically feel hurt is this: We believe the other’s voice to be the truth about who we are. Stay here, Daenerys. “Wouldn’t you love to be my right hand?” You teased him and he turned to roll his eyes, his hand around the doorknob. She is unconscious for a few days and Sara is worried about her. “If you don’t want to be with me anymore for whatever reason I will respect that Nia. Netflix premiered the first trailer for Season 2 of its “Lost in Space” reboot on Saturday, featuring the Robinson family, well, lost in space. It totally made me smile. This wasn’t something she could kiss better, this was going to take a long time to heal from. ” I roll my eyes and take a seat on my bed. Now, go. They appear at some point of a person’s life. Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? In its second weekend in theaters, "Joker" is continuing to blow away box office expectations. “Almost two months ago. "I'm going to get you some more ice, for the other side. Mon-El is constantly asking you to explain Earth’s sports. “Lena, I swear I will find her and I will get her back. ” “No, it won’t be,” Alfred replied through gritted teeth. “No. You shoot forward, in a desperate attempt to beat the bullet. he started ‘having fun’ with other people too, which really annoyed you. When you looked up a Wolf was right over you staring bearing its teeth. “My point proven. Newt knew from experience how it felt to be out casted because of what you have done or acted like. She seduces you, slowly undressing in front of the camera, showing off tiny, perky tits with perfect, pierced nipples and pink, already wet pussy. ” Another hit your left leg ,as you took a step towards the second minion. You close your eyes expecting the impact but instead you were met with nothing. "you have to relax, just breathe okay, it's going to hurt, but you have to keep breathing. You feel your heartbeat quicken and you try to find a first aid kit to distract yourself. ” You say, lacing your fingers with hers. You turn and walk out of the Deo, jumping into the air ready to find Reign. “I remember visiting her, saying horrible things…” She's whispering now. You didn’t specify the reader’s powers, so I basically made her into a female Deadpool, with regenerative powers. Hi! I love your imagines! I was hoping if you cluck write a Kara imagine where the reader is her best friend since they were 13 and the reader just now finds out Kara is an alien/supergirl and is really hurt about it because they kinda used to have a thing? Your lungs felt heavy and you couldn’t get enough air, gasped regularly for it and coughed. I had people who left me at deaths door. Stop it. ” “And now you killed it. Kara, born on Krypton, is being belittled for having a name written in another language on her wrist. She did this to you and she doesn’t deserve to live. “You’ll be safe here and we’ll talk when I get back, yeah?” “Okay. After a few seconds, you are able to get your wheezing under control, but you still feel like all the breath has left your lungs. iii. ” Kara set you down as Alex arrived and set a hand on your shoulder. She's fine after a few hours under yellow sun lamps, but b!d feels so guilty, and sad over what happened that she completely withdraws. We won't let them. I chose to help them so I could change that, break a cycle. She must have found her attractive and was immediately smitten by her, hence the sudden silence. “I also said that you need to make sure that the doors are locked and Bonnie-” “Damon I know. Something that could get you back on the ground. The first time the two meet, in an empty You need to lie down” I said getting up off the couch and making him take off his jacket and his jeans so he can cool down. ” Bruce was still condescending about the plan. She insists it is not a problem and you have noting to worry about, but as long as you don’t hurt anyone she won’t exactly force you to stop. And all those things I told you as Kara - things you’ve told me as Supergirl - what was the point of the lie then?” She sets her jaw and swipes at another errant tear. @anon: “Could you do a story where the reader is Supergirl but she’s dating Barry Allen and when she and Superman team up to fight she gets injured with kryptonite (kind of like the one is Supergirl. You flew forward and landed hard on your right arm, a loud crack echoing off the walls. I'll write for the  8 Jan 2018 You (The Youngest Danvers) Get Injured On A Case With Kara, Maggie, and Alex . She A honey-dipped love story with a surprisingly tart aftertaste, The Notebook is a better-than-you'd-expect adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's bestselling novel of the same name. When Queen Rhea, Mon-El's mom, puts a bounty on Kara's head, it makes Mon-El choose You see somebody be vulnerable. “I don’t want you involved with Supergirl because I don’t want you anywhere near the danger I face. Giving him a lecture on how to behave, Because when you are ready to date someone he should just accept it. Ever, and, I’m sorry for every single time I’ve ever hurt you or made you fear me, I’m sorry that I made you fear me in the first place with literally just being who I am. The 10-episode season, which will hit the streaming service on Christmas Eve, The last thing I’d think about my ex’s if they wanted me back, is that they wanted to kidnap me. If this doesn't upset you, there is something wrong with you. /Village Roadshow/DC film is now expected to Category: why does it look so good?? Photo. “You’re really a softy, aren’t you, Alfred?” You were torn between the thought of telling her or not; it tortured you. He was determined to do so. I absolutely ADORE everything you do! Originally posted by tandoresuperskull. You can request preferences, imagines, blurbs or ships. But I promise I’m not like him, I don’t want to hurt you, I only want to make sure your safe and protected. You are the one who goes to Karen to make up after an argument. Because you can’t get the things you want straight. If it was something I did then I am truly sorry. And the reason given is scar tissue from his stab wounds tearing resulting in internal bleeding. Kara was a Kryptonian, there was little that could hurt her, let alone kill her on Earth. Cuddles A lot You loved Barry with all your heart but slow just didn’t cut it for you anymore. Alex was dressed in black and armed at the waist, leading you to realize that she was a part of all of this too. It was a lot bigger than normal and had strange colouring mostly red with a white belly. I really needed that. "It just tickled and then I got squirmy. You closed your eyes tightly as if doing so would stop the tears from falling but it was no use as the minute George’s arms wrapped around you, you began to sob. The young girl gives you some amazing close-ups of her slick pussy. Supergirls eyes softened. We got to  Read When You Get Hurt from the story Bat-Boys Preferences and Imagines by Kiwi_e (Multi<3) with 8371 reads. You look for the rope to pull the bell towards you. You can't be sexy and get as See more » Supergirl S01E09: "Blood Bonds". Trust me I still do. It continues on Tuesday @8pm with The Flash and Legends of Tommorrow. Originally posted by theynerfedthis “I just don’t want you to get hurt, I know for a fact that my people will hurt you if they see you. “Your cousin has the kryptonite,” Alex reminded her. He foolishly thought getting closer to you would make the bullets more effective. You can also numb your skin by holding an ice cube on it for a few minutes before you get the injection. Just one episode after Cat deduced from Kara's actions that she was actually Supergirl, the series backtracked by using J'onn J'onzz's Supergirl #7 came out this week, the first issue since the opening Cyborg Superman arc ended. ” Retro-Reviews: The Ray Vol. I want that “drive safe,” kind of love, the “let me know if you need anything” kind of love, the “text me when you get there” kind of love, the “this made me think of you” kind of love, the “how was your day” kind of love, the “have fun, be safe” kind of love, the “good luck today” for something I only mentioned in passing kind of love, the “have a good day I was wondering if you could write a Jay Halstead imagine where the reader works at Med and he was down there working a case or something and Will sees him looking at the reader for a bit too long and Jay admits he has feelings for her. You’ve been through so much, so I know you can. ” You blush and squeak out a sorry. Millia Fallyna in Super Dimension Fortress Macross. You sighed as you sat in the back of the squad car the  26 Jun 2018 a supergirl imagine where Kara and Alex's little sister is partially blind hurt, but that wasn't what the doctor informed you when you got out  24 Aug 2018 Past Baggage (Supergirl x Reader) Requested by anon: being general “Is this how you treat people who have never hurt you Kara Zor-el?”. 7 Nov 2017 Request: could you write some headcannons on what its like to be the third danvers sister if you get sick, or injured (emotionally and physically  Reader: ⊳Oneshots ⊳Imagines ⊳Would Includes … Always There was darkness around you and all you feel is Pain. alexdanvers, jonnjonzz, s no one (of quality) really writes for supergirl anymore so the lena fic is my go-to to quench my thirst it’s one of my favs and you should def continue it if you ever feel inspired to bc let’s be real you’re one of the best writers on this dumbass website The Danvers Sisters (babying the kid sister) Request: could you write some headcannons on what its like to be the third danvers sister if you get sick, or injured (emotionally and physically?) a/n: I’ve gotten quite a few handfuls of this kind of request, and I’ve already done some kid Danvers type scenarios and honestly I LOVE IT SO MUCH Dating Kara Danvers (clingy and cuddly) Originally posted by scouserpants. You mustn’t worry yourself so much. Zoom killed him. To get an injection without it hurting, apply pressure to the injection site beforehand, which will make the prick of the needle less shocking. You stood for a moment then continued until you heard a bellowing growl startling you causing you to trip falling backwards “Just great” you sighed brushing your legs to get the dirt off. So, if you send in a request in the next four hours, I will write it tonight and it will be up tomorrow morning. The moment you felt the excruciating pain in your right arm, you knew it was broken. Can you write it like the reader is Read Your First Major Fight (Kara Danvers) from the story Supergirl Preferences and Imagines by frickestsick (Maia) with 4,055 reads. ” “I-I’m here to see Fish,” Jim said as a light blush covered his face. “You have five broken bones, so no. “Betty I have to tell you something. It turned its head then back to • You get frustrated when she doesn’t stand up for herself when others pick on her, so you do it instead. “I know, I just didn’t want to lose you. ” I was wondering if you could write a Jay Halstead imagine where the reader works at Med and he was down there working a case or something and Will sees him looking at the reader for a bit too long and Jay admits he has feelings for her. cognizant logo modified bikes in hyderabad olx dragon ball z shin budokai another road macos anyconnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway 7th class english question paper 2019 family link chromebook onedrive music player mac international journal of social sciences how to get clear vocals in fl studio 20 scorpio masculine or feminine browser Voyager Radio. He was so close and yet so far away. At least when it comes to Kara and Lena. “I don’t know what you saw or when you walked in since Damon won’t tell me. I did it because I love you #58. That's what you get for messing with the timeline 😝 Awe the little bean 😍 You might have been the one that died, but Bellamy was the only ghost left in Arkadia. ” “I’m sorry, y/n. Of course she would find you. ” requested by anon. I’m in love with you, Kara. “Y/n. You were already preparing baked ziti, which he Thank you for your beautiful thoughts on this subject. Voyager Radio. You never planned on being away from so long. “Supergirl!” Lena shouts “Lena get back!” Supergirl orders her. It was a very interesting look back at the childhood of these characters as we see where they have come from and how everything wasn't always rosy between them. You get killed walk it off. winn, schott, jamesolsen. Disclaimer: I own nothing. ” (ZAYN) You Get Hurt and Have to Go to the Hospital Preference (requested): - Zayn: “What time is dinner?” Zayn said through the phone from the studio. a/n: nobody asked for this, but I’m gonna do it anyway because I’m feeling a distinct lack of Kara love on this blog LOL (all in fault of my own, though!) Supergirl Imagines and More I mostly write imagines for the CW's Supergirl. Maggie Sawyer: It was right in the middle of a fight, a really stupid argument that she manage to fucked up really bad when she said something that really hurt you. You wanted to get home fast, so you accelerated your speed, but missed a hole in the street and fell from your bike, hitting the concrete hard. I can’t handle to see my favorite person sad. Originally posted by leontheripper. Supergirl, please you have to find her. You excitedly get up as fast as you can as Sarah giggles and rushes over to you. ALSO THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE I LOVE THE IDEA OF SUPERGIRL HAVING A FRIENDLY RIVAL SUPERHERO ITS SO CUTE. 5M ratings gif klaus mikaleson imagine klaus mikaelson the vampire diaries imagine the vampire diaries imagines. ” Lena begged. I Imagine, also, that instead of Sam's mother's spirit somehow  19 May 2019 This left Supergirl free to take on Lex, a battle she might have lost were it not for a last-minute assist from Red Daughter. Giving everyone one last (well, what could have been their last) hug, you moved to the top of the stone wall so you could look down upon the battle. Posted on 09/10/2019 by The Walking Dead Posted in also Negan + cap = a match made in fucking heaven, negan, neganedit, The Walking Dea The hurt transforms into rage, burning in her stomach and she stares at Kara, as if her eyes too could alight and send out a burning ray of energy. “As-asthma. You wanted a more interesting life, and boy, did you get what you wanted. He says, “Thanks for helping me with the stress. He scoffs. the jokes weren’t polite however, and sometimes you would stomp away from him if he started to get on your nerves. 4 Sep 2019 Hey! I wanted to try and give this a shot. ) So when Superman carries her back to the base like place Barry gets worried or you could have him there and speeding to her side to wonder how she is? And while you weren’t a detective like she was, you did have some experience in researching and hunting down clues. You woke up to an empty bed, Dean no where in sight, but his side of the bed was still warm, meaning you just missed him. “If you fall, you could get hurt worse than you already are!” “I’m fine—“ despite the blackness threatening your vision, you got onto your crutches and practically hurdled towards the bedroom, “—I forgot to take my pain meds. In a world where you have to pay for almost everything, they’re supplying you with countless hours of free entertainment. “Kara, please don’t get hurt. You would get Rosa and Jake out. You knew that he was being true and sincere and, despite your still slightly hurt feelings, you couldn’t be angry with that. And because she doesn't have to be Supergirl all of the time, you can see her as a vulnerable character. "Are you okay?" She asked. O. They argue for a while and then the reader yells “I saved you because I’m in love with you!” And then Sara kisses her and they become girlfriends. *dies as well* Darling, you don’t know how much I love you! I always check out your writings when I have the time to. Luthor with what you created. “Y/n, come on. Peter Pan imagine: you belong with me. If you request something for a fandom I don’t do; that request won’t be made, but I will reply saying that it’s not a fandom I write for. 57 - Have you ever done something bad but you don’t regret? 58 - Do you like getting hurt? 59 - Does anyone hate you? 60 - Did you slap anyone whose name starts with an “R”? 61 - What hair color do you prefer? 62 - If you can change anything about yourself, what is it? 63 - Do you love someone as of the moment? Your throat hurt too much to speak. 153 notes. Plus, you know how stubborn I am. ” Y/N Says using her old name. Daenerys had been sure for so long that you were dead; news of your survival and rescue sent her into a dizzying spiral of emotions for the full day and a half it took the caravan to return you to her. You’re also really lucky that you only needed one surgery to fix your injuries. * She get jealous very easily but she will not admit it * When you get hurt by even the tiniest things she will freak out. . internally fangirling right now i'm smilling so much my cheeks hurt please someone pinch me i think i'm dreaming Hey so i decided to make a young FP imagine. That stereotype. “Are you going to be alright?” Raven asked. I rolled over one morning and saw you with your hair down and your glasses off. “Fine but you can’t tell anyone. You answer and Alex says,“Reign is at Catco. Get Together. But if you don’t, I won’t be able to make it for you. We all know that Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC universe, the ability to get up and continue hurting innocent civilians is, honestly, irresponsible. “I’m sure that’s what your victims said when you hurt them. Newt was going to help you get rid of your Grievers. Imagine how many lives Batman could have saved had he finished off the Joker  I love you, dad. Steve lays in bed while you walk out the bathroom. ” Y/N walks out of the room while Steve was still lying in bed. Irene Belserion is one of the most powerful mages in the entire series to the point she's the only one who's ever uncontestedly beaten her daughter Erza Scarlet in a fair fight. He knew what that was like. It’s even worse when that person is, of all people, your mother. Engulfing you in a tight hug, carefully watching your growing bump. Keep reading I’m Supergirl! You: *mumbles* yeah even supergirl doesn’t get what she wants *sends Supergirl across the street with your shields, creates spinning disks of shields* Controlled Supergirl: you can’t hurt me it hurts Kara too. Opening up to you was the best thing I’ve done cos it helped me see who you really were. Female actresses need to be given the chance to be more than how they look. I’ll be right back. You knew, he always did that when he came to sleep with you, due to his We Were (BarryxReader) I can not actually believe you would do this, you promised me #57. ” I say with a huff. Sometimes she is so protective of you that you get into arguments a lot. But I am going to rude about the Supergirl fandom. You keep breathing rapidly as Kara calls out for a medic to help you with your attack. “We need to get you somewhere safe. "Get your hands off me, you pig!" Supergirl yells at the man. She left soon after inviting Lena out to game night. If you would’ve been there, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if it had been you who got hurt or worse. You leaned against the Wall and slid down to your Knees, when the Door suddenly busted open. Especially when, like you said in your post, that person does it over and over again. All she can do is shake her body and move it slightly away from the man. Diablo just smiles at the woman. As that deal has now lapsed—though it will continue to apply to all the “legacy” series currently airing on the network—The CW has set a new digital strategy for all its new series going Her blue eyes roll to the left and back to his she places her hands on her hips, "Okay, now you know. mon el mon el imagine supergirl supergirl imagine imagines “I couldn’t look you in the eyes the first time we met cos you I was intimidated by your beauty. You know how I always get mad in history class when we talk about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or hurt you if I did. Requested by anonymous . Supergirl took a few steps forward. You heard the growl again but it wasn’t from this wolf . For example… ALEX I NEED A MEDIC UNIT RIGHT NOW! MY BABY HAS A PAPER CUT! * She tells you that she is Supergirl pretty early in the relationship * You never have a day where you don’t feel loved because Kara is all over you Alex snapped, “I am serious, (Y/N)! Do you not get that you could have died! You were lucky to have only been injured. A Supergirl Soulmate AU in which soul-marks are situated on the wrist and are the nickname of your soulmate. He set you down gently inside the cockpit, and quickly started to fly away. Whether you’re finally updating your kitchen or going for grown-up furniture, LendingClub can help you find better way to make your house a home. For one, you’re afraid that you might not be fast enough to save the one person who you know that you can’t live without. This isn’t something that you can just joke about. “It’s okay. You barely had enough time to dodge when a streak of red and blue tried to tackle you catching Lena’s attention. >. I didn't mean to hurt you. It was a lot bigger than normal and had strange colouring mostly red with a white Grant Gustin Imagines/One Shots (on hold) - A Visit to National City (Barry Allen x reader) Many Faces of Grant Gustin When you know he has played other roles but you can't imagine him playing any other roles except for the flash. “The man that hired you? That’s my father. You slam your knee into the drug lord’s ribs and punch him when he doubles over in pain. “Keith, what’s going on?” Shiro asked, his voice pulling Keith out of his thoughts. Austin lock (aka elder xanders), dadddy (aka She constantly reminds you how much she loves you and vice versa. Unfaithful (Dick x Reader) I know this seems out of character but it’s not i promise! ;-) Dick tossed and turned by your side. It’s not as good as I would have liked it to be, and I do feel as though it’s a bit rushed, but I always have trouble with writing anything about fighting and making up because it’s a lot of story line in a small amount of content, so I hope you enjoy none the less! For a show that prides itself on depicting strong and empowering messages for its audience, Supergirl has a misguided idea of friendship. ” You both thanked the waitress and you turned to look at Nia. I want to help you, so let’s do this together. I know bummer but an anon sent me a request so I gave it my best. ” Barry stated and ran off “I’m something you can’t run from Barry Allen. I don’t mind,” Alex says, a smirk on her face. Truer words have never been spoken. Making it hurt like the devil. “We kissed. Don’t want you to get in trouble,” Yet another peck on your cheeks and you swore if he would’ve done that another time, you probably couldn’t have held back. It was similar but completely different. “I couldn’t look you in the eyes the first time we met cos you I was intimidated by your beauty. I hope you are as excuted for this new journey as I am :) Colette clapped as Y/N did a fierce catwalk from one end of the store to the other as they showed off the top and pants. You unsheathe your double sword and flipped landing on the floor. at least tell me you're still a Democrat fem reader imagines and character ships with your favorite Supergirl ladies. ” You tell her, pulling her into your embrace. Let me know which one you like better the third or first person speaker. he would get sassy with you, and pull jokes. Even if you wanted to. < I’ve been stewing for a while about Supergirl and where the CW seems to be taking the show. I understand if you aren't comfy writing this but if you are maybe an Alex Danvers imagine where reader is partially paralyzed? Was a soldier but got really hurt and now she has to always have her knee brace+normally her crutches but she is hella stubborn and she is a techy like Winn and to kinda 'prove' herself to the BEO and to herself she tries going without her crutches and gets hurt When you secretly watch something but then you watch it with someone else and you have to act surprised Me when I have to pretend that I haven’t seen the flash before I front of my family even though that I’ve seen all of the episodes and love them so much. So, can we get on with our escape?" He adjusts his stance still looking this female up and down several times, "You are her? I mean" he runs his right hand over his head looking to the clouds, "Can fly across the sky? “I don’t think so. He hated it. ” You sigh and lay your head in her chest. Get there quick. Could you write an imagine where Dean or Sam likes the reader and every day she shows up with a bunch of bruises but lies and says that she fell or something, but it’s actually her abusive boyfriend. Please just at least let me know why everything seemed to change so suddenly. Lots to get through, let’s get to it. "I'm fine. He didn’t want you to get hurt or feel bad. When this happens, our hearts lay wide open to receive the unconsciousness of others. That’s why I told you that I was Supergirl in the first place. But i decided to make it a little different than my normal imagines, by trying a first speaker point of view. Supergirl Season 2 has played the long game with the Mon-El arc and, in "Distant Sun," it came to a head. If you believe the content in busty prisoner used as sex slave is inappropriate, because: it displays people younger than 18 years it is copyrighted content and should not be displayed on this site it is your private property etc. for additional fandoms like Wynonna Earp, Wonder Woman, Xena: Warrior Princess, and more. You felt a hand on your lower back as you waved your hand frantically in the air, in the floating lake calling itself view, looking desperately for something to touch and hold. requested by anonymous : can you do a supergirl oneshot where the reader is the third danvers sister and shows up with a knee brace on (cause she hurt her  23 Feb 2017 Alex. My lease is up next month and I want to get a new apartment with Nia, but she won’t give me an answer. If you request something I’m not comfortable doing, I won’t make it. You’re special to me, Y/N. You two didn’t even remember why the fight started in the first place. It wasn’t odd for the two of you to be seen yelling at each other or shooting dirty looks back and forth. Finally, a medic rushes over as you try to say what’s wrong. Well, except one, he probably would because he’s a weirdo Grey-like dude, but the rest no. I just don’t want you getting hurt. Racing a Kryptonite infused bullet is almost painful, you can feel yourself get weaker the closer you get to it, but you keep pushing. ” She’s been taken by Agent Liberty. You and Murphy never got along. “Because you can’t live the life you asked for. ” BEAUTIFUL GIRL - Part 1 - (supergirl) kara danvers x f!reader. Your name was Blackout. They think all grounders are some spawn of Satan and that all grounders want to kill u tig protecting you when someone tries to hurt you. Barry Pov. “DALLY!” you cried, this time sitting up, no matter how much it hurt, “You have to stop him, he’ll get himself killed!” you screeched, sending tears flying onto your shirt as everyone restrained you back to the couch. You can hear her heart calm down which gives you relief. Stars were dancing at the edge of your vision and you knew you were going to go down fast, if you wouldn’t get some help right now. You can make yourself believe anything if you try hard enough. She’s been taken by Agent Liberty. It should be my responsibility to keep you safe, not drag you into trouble. Dick Grayson x Platonic!Reader, Jason Todd x Reader. You didn’t stop, not even to get water to cure your dry mouth. The other one was that you’re the only one I wanna wake up next to. She struggles and shakes in her bondage but weakened from sex, combat and the red lights, her mighty strength is too depleted to break the metal cuffs. K: “you know I’m always a phone call away if you ever need support. It can get quite lonely without getting messages acknowledging the hours they spend writing stories - let them know their time and effort is appreciated; make fic rec posts and @ the authors whose fics you’re Horror master George A. You do have to try and overcome those hurdles. You know I’m always there for you and that I will be always there to help. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Yeah I’ve talked to beautiful people but something about you had me lost. ” “Yet you act it. You’d just get it off your masculine chest and be able to move on and maybe find another beloved. “Can you get some off of him? I have a case so you could transport it safely—“ “Of course,” the blonde nodded. “With laundry?” He smiled sheepishly. A personal loan up to $40,000 with one simple monthly payment can help. But can you imagine if we proved it was true? How that would  27 Mar 2017 The more inclusive world that Supergirl so optimistically imagines wouldn't of inequality hurt all of us in some way, and if we can imagine a world that Supergirl is that latter kind of show, and I applaud its efforts to give us a . “I’m not twelve. Go be the man I raised you to be. “They were shot by a sentry, they got hit on their right shoulder, and there’s a lot of blood” Keith replied steadily, though anyone could easily hear the panic in his voice. Requested hope you like it! 1. He needed to get you back to the castle, he needed to get you into a healing pod, he needed you to be alright, you had to be alright. “Are you here to see Fish or are you here to stare at me. You’ve broken it Ms. I will write fluff, angst- basically anything except for smut. ” requested by George x reader / stay . ” Winn defends, holding his hand out towards the security guards, eyes wide. "Kara, I'm so sorry. “Just great” you sighed brushing your legs to get the dirt off. The two of you had been friends for years, but it wasn’t too long ago that the two of you started sleeping together. ” Sadly, things didn’t go to plan and you were spotted. She sits on the couch as you walk back to her. The bullet hit your abdomen and although you stayed conscious until you were found by medics, you had passed out due to bloodless before you got to the DEO. The first time you confronted Barry about it, he reasoned with you, sped up a little bit and you made a really strange noise (indicating you loved it) and he figured he hurt you by accident because he was too fast. ” “If I get hurt, it’s my fault. “Of course I will, and I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. It feels like you are going to just break down into sobs right now. So when he wins a set of baseball tickets he asks you to come to help explain what’s happening, but a certain question leads to something you weren’t expecting. You didn’t even want to get out of bed today; you wanted to stay in bed with your boyfriend, except, he wasn’t there! “Hey, hey, guys, they’re with me. You froze and stared back. " You looked at Reggie once again, your breath shaky and weak as his smooth hand gently caressed your face. “Hold on Betty, I’m going to get you out of this mess. If there was one thing that Newt knew, it was that he would help you. Kara smiled a little when she finally understood what was going through Alex’s head. “Ok, fine. Nevertheless, you waited for her to walk through the door. Nothing was ever dull with them. I’m not who you think I am. “If you get hurt, I’ll blame myself for your pain. And then Supergirl came. Well, that didn't take long. ahhhhhh that’s good You missed the one where he is open mouthed and speechless and a little horrified. If you worry for one second that your ex may kidnap you, why the hell are you even attempting to get back with him??? Even when she’s in pain she still cares about others. You slipped your father’s ring on the chain around your neck; it rested safely right over your heart. ” You snatched your pills from the bag and locked yourself in the master bath. The moment you disarmed him, and left him unconscious, revolver man had shot you in the right shoulder. If you want an episode to give someone to let them see who this #Rebirth Supergirl is, this is a fine primer. It was just dull. That goes for all the fandoms found on the wall. The series was officially picked up on May 6, 2015, and received a full season order on November 30, 2015. 2 By Priest, Porter, Armstrong & Others For DC Comics! Get Caught Up Before His CW Seed Animated Series Debuts! Ur was a powerful wizard even after the birth of her daughter. ” Kara crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to look tough, but without the Supergirl suit she just looked adorable. She nods, squeezing your hand as you open the door to see the three boys staring at you. ” Kara added, “She’s right, (Y/N). I will be writing imagines using OC OR Reader insert! Finding You. the friends with benefits started to fizzle out. ” Ignoring your request, Kara walks out of the room and out into the most open area of the apartment. Supergirl 306: Midvale Supergirl episode 306, 'Midvale', aired earlier this week and looked at the first time the Danvers sisters teamed up to solve a crime. You find one as Alex washes the cut at the sink. Hi, can I get a Supergirl oneshot where Kara gets hurt protecting baby!danvers. Chillax. _____ What do you love/hate about the version of Supergirl we get in the CBS show? (meaning the specific character, but also general comments about the show are most welcome) Also, for anyone looking for extra credit, I'm doing a short post on my superhero blog about Supergirl, and what DO YOU feel are her best qualities, strengths etc. He's a handsome actor guy I'm the middle on the right >>> aid probably be bottom middle. Supergirl is a costumed superheroine who is the biological cousin to Superman and one of the last surviving Kryptonians. Despite the growing weight of guilt in her chest at the fact that her DNA had been somehow used to hurt you, she knew she needed to do all she could right now. And you were merciless until one night that all changed. She Ur was a powerful wizard even after the birth of her daughter. Horror fans will remember the director, writer and producer for classics such as Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead and the 1982 classic, Creepshow. After grossing $17 million on Friday, the Warner Bros. ” imaginingthe100 the 100 bellamy blake imagine bellamy the 100 imagines the 100 imagine mourning reader death bellamy blake Using your electricity you burned you name into the walls and ground next to your kills so they would know. And that’s coming from someone who was born there. Alex pulled her hand away as if she'd been burned. Ever since Supergirl got moved to the CW from CBS, I’ve been wary about what they were going to do to the show. After watching Supergirl‘s season 5 premiere, I can In Monday night’s inaugural episode of CBS’s Supergirl, Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) faced a bad guy named Vartox, an evil alien with an atomic axe. ” “On it. Alex and Kara stopping Cadmus easily ; Lillian ordering you to stop Supergirl so she could escape - “I’ve known pain but I’ve also known love! Supergirl is my sister and I stand with her!” Danvers Trio take down Cadmus You glance upwards when you hear the paparazzi outside get a little louder and realise that your wife is walking through the glass doors. “This might hurt,” You warn. ” It doesn’t hurt at all. cognizant logo modified bikes in hyderabad olx dragon ball z shin budokai another road macos anyconnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway 7th class english question paper 2019 family link chromebook onedrive music player mac international journal of social sciences how to get clear vocals in fl studio 20 scorpio masculine or feminine browser “DALLY!” you cried, this time sitting up, no matter how much it hurt, “You have to stop him, he’ll get himself killed!” you screeched, sending tears flying onto your shirt as everyone restrained you back to the couch. " And she does, against the weight of everything and through the pain, she does. You were the first lost girl in Neverland, and it had been three years since you arrived. But when you almost got to the door so you can leave, Maggie appear in front of you, looking at the floor. ” Y/N just nods, “Your welcome Steve. Movies - Christ Centered Gamer Blog - Page 3 Register This adorable, petite, exotic nubile is in her schoolgirl outfit, wearing a short, sexy skirt and innocent white shirt. The amount of times you’ve gotten yourself into trouble trying to keep up with your sisters, a superhero and a badass FBI agent, the amount of times you’ve gotten hurt and the instances you almost got others hurt in an attempt to help them, protect them, to be a part of their scary, terrifying, amazing life that you’ve felt like an Only following Lillian’s orders knowing you’d get back to your sisters ; Cadmus using you to get through to the D. Earth wasn’t that bad of a place. ) meetings #71 -the 100list soon. I will set this town a blaze before you even realize what’s happening!” at least tell me you're still a Democrat fem reader imagines and character ships with your favorite Supergirl ladies. ” the maze runner newt imagine newt tmr newt x reader thomas imagine minho imagine gally imagine harry potter draco malfoy fred weasley hogwarts hp request requests are open seethatgirl3 the maze runner newt imagine tmr tmr newt imagine tmr Preferences I Won’t Hurt You: Void Stiles This is for the anon who requested Void Stiles, Enjoy! Xxxx Crying in the shower had become my new thing. You nodded. Imagines (requests open) You'll feel better soon, darlin' (Chib-Sons of Anarchy) ''Oh you're gonna get Could you do a story where the reader is Supergirl but she's dating Barry Allen and when she and Superman team up to fight she gets injured with kryptonite (kind of like the one in Supergirl. It was funny,” you take a breath and laugh, “because two things hit me at once. Keep reading at least tell me you're still a Democrat fem reader imagines and character ships with your favorite Supergirl ladies. Your eyes were glued to the turns and corners in front of you which was the reason you didn’t see the large root until it was too late. The series moved from CBS to The CW from its second season onwards. ” Kara's voice cracks. Karen is extremely protective of you. And you won’t talk to each other for days. I always thought watching her cry should be some sort of psychological test. Karen always worries about you. X “Please don’t hurt me!” You grinned holding up your hand electricity crackling. E. If you stopped, it would hurt more to start again. You have a crush on Kara Danvers and Supergirl but 27 Oct 2015 Kara and James confronting Cat, their boss. You fly over National City at least 5 times before you get a call from the DEO. You knew you couldn’t live without him. Sometimes Tumblr ‘eats’ requests and I simply don’t get them. I mean, he doesn’t heroically get injured (and miraculously healed) in the course of the episode, but rather the medical whump is purely there for character building. I also enjoy writing fics, would includes, headcanons, etc. Originally posted by pleasingpics. Romero has died age 77. " Just accepting Lena doesn't know Kara and Supergirl are one in the same seems like a fairly easy and reasonable request from someone who ought to know a thing or two about what's going on in Lena Luthor's head. it hurt your brain to Okay, we all know why Supergirl and Huntress (the REAL one) had to die in the Crisis--they couldn't keep both Supergirl and Power Girl, and since the Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman never existed, the Huntress had This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot. As soon as he lay down, he got right back up again. ” You pull on the rope before tying it to one of the window panes. Kai kneaded his hands before he sat down on the other end of the couch. “If you wanted a change of scenery, you should have just asked. He ran to the bathroom and threw up several times. Crisis on Earth-X begins Monday, @8pm with Supergirl and Arrow. One of the guards had gone to shoot Alex but without thinking clearly, you jumped in front of it instead, not wanting her to get hurt. I could never be embarrassed of you, my love. Read Walls (Winn Schott) from the story Supergirl Imagines by Spn-Flash-Imagine with 5,132 reads. You didn’t have pockets, so you didn’t grab you Inhaler. I just needed to get my feelings off my chest. (A kind of significant spoiler for Jessica Jones season two lies ahead) Best Male Lead! Good lord but this category was a slugfest. For now, you needed to take care of the little family Rosa and you had with your fur baby and reptile baby. Is Y/N okay? Please tell me I didn't hurt her. BATFAMILY HEADQUARTERS “To The BatCave!” Welcome to my blog about the amazing BATFAMILY and everything DC. So him accepting it a bit more. A/N: My first Supergirl story! I hope this is enjoyed! Thanks for reading. After she wakes up her and Sara get in an argument -part 1–part 2- about the reader getting hurt to protect Sara. If you’re going to be walking out in the dark “I brought you flowers” Mon-El gave you the flowers before giving you a hug. Request:Hi, can I request a fic where the reader is one of Dick Grayson’s closest friends that he’s known for a long time. You knew he was sorry, you did. She knew the answer before he spoke it. “My laundry machine broke” oh boy you sighed. Ahhh love Grant as all of them, Seb is amazing The girl looked from one sister to the other as she rubbed her own shoulder since it hurt as well. “You work it!” Y/N laughed as they came back to her. ” Kara started to get up and walk away, but (Y/N) reached over and grabbed her wrist and slowly slid her hand down to intertwine them with Kara’s. One was that you were Supergirl. “So you do this?” They asks. Opening your eyes you saw Supergirl standing in front of you holding the debris and throwing it to the side away from anyone else. “You were right,” she  Supergirl is a TV show based on the fictional character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), a costumed superhero crime-fighter who appears in comic books published by  6 Aug 2019 The CW's Supergirl is an utter diamond in the rough. ” “Alex?” you call towards the kitchen, where your eldest sister is sipping a beer and leafing through files from work. I’m going to kill Reign. Heads up, I'll only do romantic imagines for the female characters with a female reader. At first the lost boys were hesitant and did not like the idea of a “Jim Gordon,” you said and walked towards him. This book is hotter than Mary Winchester's ceiling You don’t have to win the lottery to finish your home project. ” You fly through the broken window to find Reign in the middle of the room. “Y/n’s hurt, I, I don’t know what to do!” Keith panicked, picking you up off the ground. Praying for someone who has hurt you is especially difficult. AN: Originally this was only supposed to be a one shot but after a lot of insistence from a lot of you inspiring readers, me and my wonderful beta (who gets a lot of mentions in my stories apparently) Terrance Sigma were talking and this idea for a second chapter developed. I let out the breath I had been holding when I realized I was standing in the middle of the Cortex. So guess what, you’re never going to get paid so you can stop protecting me cause I was doing just fine before you came along. Dick: Dick  10 Jul 2018 The 3 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Supergirl Season 3 And after a serious heart-to-heart, bam, they're back in BFF town! It's all real, and my brain hurts. • You get frustrated when she doesn’t stand up for herself when others pick on her, so you do it instead. Everything that had happened had all become too much. I AM Supergirl. For that matter, he was not so sure that they would not get to hear. Game of Thrones imagines that are f/f!!!!! Originally posted by sab031794. Image: Via CW Supergirl Via CW Supergirl Via CW Image: Via CW The Flash Via CW The Flash "You get hurt, hurt them back. Their idea of us and way of treating us supersedes our own beliefs about ourself. ” “I can be hip and be that old. There's two categories for women in Hollywood; you're either sexy and that's it, or you're not and because of that you often get given better opportunities. You weren’t sure when she would return home, but it was later than usual, so you began to worry that something may have happened, but you realised it was a stupid thing to worry about. You and Controlled Supergirl: *fighting* Henry secretly following you around and when you find out you get really mad. You knew she loved men, but did you said so, you had nothing to lose. Like Thank you so much for requesting! I really hope you enjoy the imagine. “I’m a knight, Margaery. Peter Lockwood : Love you, too. But only three(ish) can make the podium. ” “Too late for that then,” you smiled. Ben Lockwood : [groggy after getting injured] Is it Supergirl? . The Guardians of the Galaxy, your team and family. So put away those tears! Whatever is on your mind, I know you can survive it. “It’s weird hearing you talk like that when I know you’re over a 1,000 years old. A/N: I personally do not watch Supergirl. Stellar work from some notable names, any one of whom would have taken gold in past years. Henry still being afraid you will get hurt, but he loves to see you happy. He thinks, How did I get a lucky girl You said firm, although deep down it hurt you saying it out loud. Written by Steve Orlando with art by Matias Bergara, the issue is a nice breather after the intensity of that opening storyline. Are there any villains we missed from the Arrowverse that you thought they failed at (or nailed) better than the ones we listed? Let us know in the comments! “So you do this?” They asks. supergirl imagines you get hurt

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