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I wonder if that's why it didn't make the cut, and wasn't moved to AO3 with the rest of their works. All of my more personal entries are f-locked. I just realized but if anyone has any fic rec requests I would be happy to provide. It was all Khan's fault. Basically I love the idea of alien spock crash landing in Jims yard, and if you've got recs send em my way please ;A; (there's a fic called Keep Calm And Conceal   May 20, 2013 Spirk recs for ya'll because I've been in this fandom since the days of yore I LIST this one first because these fics are luscious and fun and  N. It’s probably the only time I’ve watched a thin woman tell a not-thin woman about eating that didn’t make me cringe. Top of page My askbox and my messages are always open, come and say hi! Requests are always welcome, but please be patient, it could take a while! Check out my tutorials before asking, and please keep in mind that all photoshop related questions will be answered publicly. I'm not sure if this is the place, but I'm looking for a good m/m romance to read. Fanlore is recruiting graphic designers! Fanlore is recruiting for graphic designers! If you enjoy Fanlore's graphics on Twitter and Tumblr or our badges for events like the Fanlore Challenge and Bingo Challenge and would like to help us create more great graphics to promote fannish history, come and join the team! If you're also interested in "spirk", would you like to add it to your profile?You can find more fun stuff on the interests page. Then you wrote Tangled Destinies, and I had no f-ing choice. Welcome to stevebillyrecs, a fic rec blog for Steve Harrington/Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things to provide you with daily fanfic recommendations, themed rec lists and other fun stuff! Cherry's Fic Recs Some of my favorite fan fics from various fandoms, including BTS , EXO , Sungkyunkwan Scandal , and Teen Wolf . I’m utterly not on board with “spirk” or “spork”. I feel like this was so much more than just a fic, but a well-researched look at bdsm lifestyle, relationships, and character studies. I'm always happy to make new friends, but I don't necessarily friend back automatically. : This post is for reporting spam within this community, not for fic-seeking help . It wasn’t just the story itself but the way you described things, especially how the OC and Jungkook felt throughout the different flashbacks. “No dog,” Aziraphale confirmed, just in case he had seen it but Crowley had failed to. 2019 words. This week's Fic Rec Monday is all about Star Trek. 6. Like people would go out and seek ABO when there's porn. Tagging @moonnott @neenandigam and @astrialcrow, who all asked for Harry/Draco Angst Recs This is a tumblr for reccing the best dark and angsty Harry/Draco fics. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Worm fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. hi, my dash is dead and i need people to follow!! like/reblog this if you post a lot about: musical theatre (heathers, rent, jesus christ superstar, hadestown, the great comet, falsettos, spring awakening, hair) It's a freaking niche despite its seeming popularity. cause-a-gay-has-got-to-slay:. While they wait for Bones to arrive in The City on the Edge of Forever", Kirk and Spock discover the joys and frustrations of living together. All posts tagged #spirk Fic-Recs to Inspire You on Masturbation Monday: Week 211 Posted on September 17, 2018 May 30, 2019 Author annestaggadmin Posted in Erotic Fiction , Erotic Wordplay , Erotica , Musing , Uncategorized Leave a Reply To participate in this round, there’s still only one simple rule: Your fanwork needs to be about Old Married Spirk. Think industries like porn and actually going out to vote like the ones that have a huge effect. I kinda want Tilly and Kirk to meet. AOS Spirk Fanfic Rec List. tagging @cinnaminsvga and @workofteaguk as a thanks for the support and my relentless screaming! When a fic you thought was abandoned finally gets updated: 1 day ago, ; 3,241 notes fandom fanfiction fanfic marvel mcu avengers:endgame the 100 good omens supergirl supernatural stucky pepperony bellarke ineffable husbands supercorp destiel ao3 fic rec fanfics fanfiction. @ajroach42 @ aldersprig And if you're looking for long form work Desperately Seeking Ranma takes end of series Ranma and pushes him to the point he realizes there is no way to cleanly resolve the situation he's in and also makes him decide He Has Had Enough. What are your best Star Trek reaction pics/gifs? I can’t chose one, but these are some favs. B. it might be easier to view the lists in your browser or on a computer, rather than on the app. first of all thank u so much!!! (shameless self promo: read my fic here) i have so many recs and tbh my whole life has been leading up to this point. Feel free to leave a rec of your own in my ask Summary: Follow-up to Dear Spock and Dear James. Fic Recs Crazy is most definitely genetic- By CaliCocoa Taste Of Ink- Sugamins House Of Cards- Sugamins fic rec not my work marvel avengers Bucky Barnes bucky barnes x reader x reader Steve Rogers Peggy Carter please check it out this is so cute!! im excited for the updates!! 9 notes Jul 24th, 2019 Open in app Lumione Fic Recs I had some requests for Lucius/Hermione fic recs. I write plenty of slash — lol — just not in fandoms you apparently read. I remember basic plots but not the titles. I’m not sure how many fanfiction there are in this list but I’d guess at least a Note: Some of these belong in multiple categories, or don’t quite fit in any. Mostly Finn/Poe or Jyn/Cassian, but gen and fics from the original triology will also appear. Bitty watched Jack as he drove, how he maneuvered the streets, the intense look on his face when he merged lanes, the anxious tap-tap-tapping of the steering wheel when they were at the red light. This is a mostly SFW Hartwin dedicated blog, with the occasional smattering of other pairings and a bit of general Kingsman. Star Trek - Spirk - Fic Rec List Hello, I decided to make a list of my favorite Spirk/Space Husbands fanfiction. . When Jim winks, it always means trouble is coming. Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winning actor in a career slump, John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in date movies. the app tends to kinda smoosh everything together. spirk fic rec list not complete at all omfg give me time ♥ Must read General Bases Loaded [AOS] ♥ - As the Enterprise begins her voyage, Kirk tries to deal with the loneliness of being Captain. I’m not sure how many fanfiction there are in this list but I’d cinderella au actually ever after au but shhh no one knows that movie and it's my fave so it makes me a bit sad spirk spirk fic rec fic recs space husbands k/s au spirk fanfiction complete fic i'm actually really proud of this also it helped me dig my way out of a super deep depressive episode so! it means a lot to me lol domestic fic; spirk; Summary. Feel free to submit any of your own fic recs, fan art, challenges, etc! It's hard to find really good fanfics, especially when the platform you use hosts a lot of fandoms. hey! if you don’t mind maybe you/one of your followers can help me find the fic I’m looking for? I’m pretty sure I read it on AO3. FIC Sansûkh by determamfidd (Thorin/Bilbo, Gimli/Legolas) Phil Coulson is not a crazy cat lady by nyargles (The Avengers are all cats) Chosen Man by Sineala (Marcus/Esca, The Eagle) Leave no soul behind by whochick (Spirk) BOOKS EAT ME by Bill Schutt The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson A Darker Shade of Magic by V. Old Married Kirk and Spock go camping for a much needed chance to get away from it all. Here are some stories I’ve read where Mobile version of the world's largest fanfiction archive where fanfic writers and readers unite. There's Spirk, Merthur, Drarry, and Johnlock. then the rat goes to paris and meets the bastard son of a dead chef and almost dies. Allison makes Scott wear a fake pregnant belly so he knows what she's gonna go through. Cinco diferentes momentos en que Spock se ve en la situación de aceptar lo que le acarrea su biología mixta como Vulcano y Humano, yendo desde sentirse menos que los demás, hasta sentirse especial. 2019, repost from tumblr) TAGS kirk/spock, fake relationship , fake dating, fic rec, fic rec list, spirk, space husbands, star trek, previously on  November 1-3 2019, Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center that you use this warning if you do not put other warnings on your fic, particularly if the story is   So, if you're picky about reading certain 2 Jun 2019 The BookCon panel For Fans Multi-fandom fanfic recs with a focus on long, well written stories TNG, DS9, VOY, . 71 matches, showing 52 results: ask my edits fic recs shirt designs. I decided to put this together after going through rec page after rec page on multiple sites and still not being able to find what I'd like easily. 1. Almost everything I’m going to reccomend is rated M/NC-17/E, etc. Anonymous said: spirk w/ rimming? im too shy to ask off anon for this but fic recs? Answer: Ah yes, the most important thing ever. of Nine spock Star Fleet star trek timeship atlantis Just a bunch of spirk fics that I . This story actually started and evolved from this anonymous writing prompt on tumblr: “Old Married Spirk where Jim teaches classes at Starfleet and Spock is an ambassador. You can also call 1-800-HILTONS and use the group code: KIS19. I gotta say that this is probably one of the most beautiful fics I have ever read. We got a new movie, so you know what that means… new fic!!! Here are just some of the great fics we’ve got so far - feel free to comment with more! I will be re-blogging this list later with more additions in the future. #spirk; #k/s day; September 15, 2016 – 1124 notes; Share. The problem I guess is that I'm kind of fussy. Meanwhile, their developing affection for one another slowly becomes more apparent, even as Kirk falls for the kind and beautiful Ms Keeler. Tweet; Facebook; Permalink; Reblog; Embed link; skullmoon: Right now I’m failing (via pintoinlove) #spirk; #k/s day; September 15, 2016 – 622 notes; Pin it Share. Sam tells Pepper all about it. Please make a Share. It’s premise was that the Enterprise was making first contact with a new species and, for Diplomacy™️, were invited to undergo rituals that new men passed through and I remember that one of the rituals was painting your fears/negative thoughts on Dan: So Star Trek and Next Gen are about a resource rich society that is in such a creative rut they will send the Enterprise, humanity's finest ship out to unexplored corners of space just to find new life and new civilisations. Don’t Stop Believing (E | 205,901 words by kianspo) - the perfect fic for those who love spock - an in-depth character study of his journey from his cadet days through the five year mission. Scott Positive rec blog Finding quality Scott-centric fanfics is unfortunately very challenging in the Teen Wolf fandom -especially due to obstacles like AO3’s tagging system, which does not differentiate between minor appearances and main characters, treating all fanfics tagged with a certain character equally. I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow These three ceiling fans run off of one motor dirkstriders:. Jared’s pregnancy has been good so far, he just wishes that his husband, Jensen was able to be home with him to experience it all Anonymous sent — idk if you still take recs. 2019) (26. in the first 20m a woman points a shotgun at the protagonist and tries to shoot him multiple times, brings down the roof of her own house, and subsequently gasses it. for his second Magnus Chase book, due to the inclusion of the character Alex Fierro who is gender fluid. Click HERE to see my tumblr tag with all of my recs across fandoms. this time for the prompt of Kirk and Spock's relationship developing while Spock is still . 11th, 2019 06:24 pm. In route, Jim meets Spock, who he had a less than friendly first meeting with during his first few months in Spirk Fic Rec List Star Trek - Spirk - Fic Rec List Hello, I decided to make a list of my favorite Spirk/Space Husbands fanfiction. “Wrong boy,” said Crowley, his words laced with the hope of uncertainty. Hey Chekhov, what do twinks eat? Chekhov: ass Endgame Stevetony Fic Recs. And against all laws of the Universe, and all my personal scruples, I like it. amazonziti is a fanfiction author that has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, High School Musical, Leverage, Star Trek: 2009, Suits, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. i absolutely still take recs, but yeah lol my to read list is quite long. For the start of 2019 we have improved the performance and reliabilty of app access (android/ios) significantly and are still hard at work to make sure it gets even better. August 2, 2019. wellcometothedarkside:. Honeymoon on Vulcan continued. Click the links to enjoy! art-of-ame: “Thank you @fantom-ftnoise for commissioning me ! ♥ I had lots of fun ! ” Wow, I sure do love this military!AU. I've read 2 fics that were kind of like the movie groundhog day. So many fics, not enough time You have found @thisbitterbisexual fic rec blog. For reservations by phone, call the hotel at 206-244-4800. May 11, 2019 Co-editor of The Rec Center, a weekly newsletter for fanfic . This was the speech he gave, and it really distills why I love this author and his works so much, and why I will always recommend his works to anyone and everyone. It’s just a little drawing on my part, but I did it in the hope it would raise some awareness with regards to an issue that weighs on my mind every day: Climate Change. Schwab AU Spirk Fanfic Rec List. What is federated social media? Federation is the act of uniting in a league. They smiled as their hands lightly brush against each other while they both reached for the suitcase. Do you think I should put out snacks? Scotty: hm, I don’t know. Veja mais ideias sobre Star trek, Tudo sobre star wars e Vida longa e prospera. Tweet; Facebook; Permalink; Reblog; Embed link; pintoinlove: So, this is an actual scene written for the 2009 Star Trek hey i see that u like fake married fanfics have any good spirk recs?? ive only ever read one fake married one and i want more I WANT MORE, TOO!!! I haven’t found nearly enough to satisfy my literally insatiable desire for fake relationship stories, but by god I will share with you the ones I have! Page generated Apr. I lost this fanfic. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. We are currently resolving a website issue regarding stats. @flamingbluepanda has commissioned me to draw this pic for @victorian-sexstache. Wouldn't mind rereading. Fic-Recs to Inspire You on Masturbation Monday: Week 211 Posted on September 17, 2018 May 30, 2019 Author annestaggadmin Posted in Erotic Fiction , Erotic Wordplay , Erotica , Musing , Uncategorized Leave a Reply Captain Spanky/Supernova Series - Everyone recs this fic, and with good reason. I also use this blog for my fanfics and my original works. It has mystery, action, suspense and of course all the feels! News and updates. again. 00 for triple or quad occupancy (plus hotel taxes). one day i’m finishing up a 28k jungkook enemies to lovers fic and suddenly two weeks later i have another 22k jungkook enemies to lovers fic on my hands. Magpie by waldorph. AO3 and links found in 'Extra' to the left! Hi everyone! This blog is where I'll be posting my fanfics and any fic recs, fan art, writing prompts/challenges and tips, etc. Like Partners In Crime But Gayer And Better 💖 I love Star Trek TOS so much I had to make a side blog for it • Jill • she/they • Lesbian • follows from clio-is-amused • send me fic recs pls 🖖💙 May 5, 2019 May 5, 2019 faradheia Leave a comment Vidding is an artform: the fan labor practice in media fandom of creating music videos from the footage of one or more visual media sources, thereby exploring the source itself in a new way. maybe I did it wrong :D semperama:. More often than not, however, humour or “wackiness” is an important feature of AU stories. See more ideas about Spock, Star Trek and Bones. Hawking is the only person to ever portray himself in all of Star Trek history. Authors let me know if you’d prefer your fic listed in a different category! Also if you have a Tumblr and I didn’t tag you, please tell me! Note 2: I’ve only been collecting the fic I read for a little over a year, so this list should be much longer. God I miss the days when you could show up to a stranger’s farm and he’d say “What’s your name, boy?” and you’d take off your hat and hold it to your chest to better let him see your face and reply “Why I ain’t got none, sir, on account of my mammy passed on before she could give me one” and he’d tell you he’s real damn sorry to hear that and ask what Friending Policy: All of my fic and recs are unlocked, so you don't need to friend to view those. but i wanna rec pedal/gimmick/sure thing by highsmith. In any case, if you are looking for pwp/smutty fic recs, this probably isn’t the list for you. ye asked and ye shall receive: this is Lise’s Loki!whump recs list. ) Clint needs money so he challenges the Avengers to a cooking contest. Bởi vì cặp này quá hiếm, số lượng fic chiếm chưa đến 5% tổng số fic của Hannibal nên recs cũng có giới hạn mà thôi. Click the links to enjoy! Fic Recommendations: February 2019. he has some other hot fics. Welcome to the Stucky Library, where you can browse the tag collection, look through the catalogue of group asks and mod reads, ask for help identifying lost fics, get recommendations from fellow readers, and even find a few official fic recs. several times. They could bond over their shared hatred of health food. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Spirk recs for ya’ll because I’ve been in this fandom since the days of yore and have practically read everything. Just a bunch of spirk fics that I found that I think people should read :) feel free to send an ask/submit with more! This mainly features fics that are AOS (since I haven't gotten around to watching TOS yet) but there will be a few that are TOS, so feel free to recommend those too! Tagged: star trek xi, spirk, spock/kirk, kirk/spock, fic, fanfic, Slash fic recs for a variety of fandoms and pairings. June 09, 2019 261 notes jimothy-and-spockums asked: I love that no matter what fandom you draw for there’s always a tall beanpole and a shorter one with those rockin tiddies lol like Jim Kirk is my #1 but gimli is coming for his thicc boi status Yeah, not my fav lol Although I think there's something amiss because I'm not that into vampire/werewolf fic and yet there it is, at 7 In fact actual unrequited pining should be much higher, and friends to lovers and found families. There’s a tag at thyla-recs. escape from new york (12092 words) by beardsley Slash, I didn't really care for the pairing but it's funny in a smutty kind of way! They Are. uk Kirk and Spock fight over email. A WIP that is a popular lengthy fic on FF. These are some of the best fics/prompts that I have read this month, you should definitely check them out! If there’s something you think I should be reading (of yours or someone else’s), my inbox is open so just drop me a message and I’ll check it out. 00 for single or double occupancy; $149. 2. K/S pre-slash, with a lovely example of new!Kirk proving to be better at this Captain thing than he thinks he is. BBC!Sherlock. "Just keeping my roommate happy. Hi! I've been looking for this fic for what feels like forever and have finally broken down to ask you for help. Someone rec it to me on twitter and i read it a while ago and it was so good, so soft and beautiful fzfheuf. That’s it! I wanted to make this challenge very flexible so that everyone who is interested is able to join. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. They held hands the entire drive home. I prefer eventual happy endings. So I’ll start with a few of my ultimate favorites. Spock has a little more understanding of human customs than Jim Kirk gives him credit for. Jim is trying to figure out how to be Spock’s first officer and husband while dealing with the lasting consequences of nearly dying. spock · kasey1939; September 3rd, 2019, 02:50 pm  Feb 20, 2017 AOS Spirk Fanfic Rec List Key – ☆ means I really liked it – means I loved it – ✇ means it's crack and/or hilarious – ¢ means it's cheesy or  Spirk Fic Rec List Star Trek - Spirk - Fic Rec List Hello, I decided to make a list of my favorite Spirk/Space Husbands fanfiction. I'm not sure how many fanfiction  (7. China will be trying to censor this, we need to get the word out and let the world know the atrocities going on in Hong Kong. Tagged: star trek xi, spirk, spock/kirk, kirk/spock, fic, Slash fic recs for a variety of fandoms and pairings. KIRK/SPOCK Fic Recs AKA SPIRK AKA "I will finally make a fic rec. (Previous fic has Stuckony, as this is in the same universe, they are in a relationship but this fic has 0 shipping content, the relationship isn't even mentioned. For iPhone, iPod, Android, Web OS, Blackberry and Opera Mini. hey hey hey you remember ratatouille? that movie was fuckin wild. These fics are focused on or deal with Jim's trauma AFTER Tarsus IV. Feel free to leave a rec of your own in my Having a surprisingly hard time finding pregnant Spock fics where Kirk is the dad. Harry is still up in arms over Sirius’ death and Snape’s role in it and to Snape Harry is a lazy and disgusting child. Click HERE to see my tumblr tag with all my favorite fics across fandoms. Vote for my next fic to release! Cherryguuk’s Top Fic Recs Masterlist My blog is starting to become a void of fic recs…which is why I feel compelled to create a masterlist of my all time favorite fics I have read thus far. Powered by Dreamwidth Studios. Make sure you check out my Fandoms and Pairings or Tag Cloud pages for your favorite ships and tropes. He Gets Me Along. Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. Spilt on the Ground like Water by tisfan (just finished this one, love it) Hazy Shade of Winter by lantia4ever A Sliver of Remembrance by Simurgh Out of the Shadows by CognizantCatastrophe ineffable husbands fic recs (part two) I thought it was probably time to do another fic rec roundup! This is (I think) everything I’ve read and have recced in the past few weeks since this post. anyway, have a nice day :) hp fic recs Hey! :) I'm looking for a fic that happens in a non magical universe in college, h meets d and doesn't like him in the begining i think she even spils coffee on him, but the get together and have a relationship kinda like friends with benefits, she dumps him after some time and in the end they get back together and date "for real As far as fanfictions with the premise of Snape becoming a Mentor to Harry go, I feel that Harry Potter and the Enemy Within is a fairly realistic fic. THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) 3955 Feb 9, 2019 But. My fic on AO3 and the K/S Archive My epic recs list of d00m The Royal House of the Seven Kingdoms. Star Wars fic recs October 12, 2018 October 12, 2018 bokormen89 Various Star Wars recs. Join GitHub today. The blame for Admiral Pike's death, for Jim's death, and everything that happened after. At the beginning tensions are high. Search though the tags on our tag list to find your perfect fic, suggest a fic, or ask for a certain fic. i love fics and playlists and am always down for recs! never hesitate to message me if you have any questions or just want to chat!! If you don't think Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is the most romantic movie ever made, we will not get along. you probably have a huge backlog. You can also add to Writer, RCL co-curator, EQD prereader, dramatic reader, VA, fic reviewer. UFO VPN | Unlimited, Best, Free VPN Service for Private Network Screen Protector for Huawei Y6 Just rebloggin’ some art n fanfics. NSFW content will be tagged. Jim can feel Spock trying to break the bond during his studies, and gets headaches. " "As we do not share a single room, but rather an entire dwelling, surely the term housemate would be more appropriate?" "How about friend?"I loved this story and if this is indicative of the rest of museaway's writing then I think I have another go-to Star Trek author; not quite up there with the fabulous Seperis or MornMeril, but still high up. Game of Thrones: The Good, The Bad, The Fic Recs We are so sorry for leaving you guys hanging yesterday, our normal posting Monday, but we hope you’ll forgive us – we needed the extra time to collect all our thoughts about Game of Thrones and the series finale that aired Sunday night! Fic Recs. slightly triggery at times, so read with care. peter & tony fic recs A blog made for reviewing and categorizing Peter & Tony fanfiction. hey y'all! on my blog you'll find mostly star trek and marvel content although i am big fan of kingsman, scrubs, and it's always sunny in philadelphia, so those make an appearance as well. AO3 won the 2019 Hugo Award for Best Related Work! Here’s the speech given by Naomi Novik when the award was accepted: All fanwork, from fanfic to vids to fanart to podfic, centers the idea that art happens not in isolation but in community. It is a random female villain who kidnaps and held all the Avengers in an ingenius type of cage in which if Bruce decides to Hulk out, he will instantly kill Steve. I just finishing a big Stargate: Atlantis fic (McKay/Sheppard) What others are saying #wattpad #fanfiction bao gồm hình ảnh và cả các dj ngắn về 2 Anh già và các couple khác trong team cực cute phomaique của chúng ta =))))) hình ảnh và dj chưa có sự cho phép của tác giả vui lòng không mang khỏi đây. PopCross Studios 745,434 views Loosely connected to the previous fic, do not have to read it to understand. Net is one of the oldest and one of the most popular fanfic sites, but it can be hard to find high quality stories. many times! almost gets locked in an oven Kirk/Spock, commonly abbreviated as K/S and referring to James T. @thedowntroddenwebseries pilot was a blessing to mankind. I thought we were gonna fight side by side, forever. Seriously, I resisted so, so hard, for a while. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Since I’ve been binge reading Merthur fics recently (yes, that’s a thing), I thought I’d share some of my favorites! As always, please send any of your recs my way if you have favorites of your own! I also have a list of Johnlock ficrecs and Spirk ficrecs. Anonymous said: Got any Thor/Bruce fic recs? Answer: oh yeah!! lemme justtttt Kisses by TeenySweeney Thor’s day by My2browneyes(M) Calm down fool by angelheartbeat Honestly anything by angelheartbeat Fics: (all on AO3) I prefer longer, usually angstier fics for WinterIron, so that’s literally all of my list. Jinkies, Spock! Main blog: @nimi-shi A Star Trek side blog that is honestly just here bc I lost five followers for reblogging too much fanart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Spirk is my ship, fic recs will be common. post tarsus iv trauma fic recs. Doctors!J2 fic recs. To take away the honor I spent a lifetime earning. John relives the day over and over and uses it for self-improvement. net by Lady Cleo, “fate takes a turn and Simon is unable to liberate River from the Academy, Jayne finds himself accidentally rescuing the crazy girl from her tormentors”. Sherlock Holmes. The five year mission is a go. Just a bunch of spirk fics that I found that I think people should read :) feel  geminiocean; June 17th, 2019, 01:00 pm Looking for Spock/Kirk kid fic I'd also like any recs for stories where Kirk and Spock are bonded before/at the  Mainly TOS Spirk, please follow my fic rec blog @tosthylafics. I honestly don't 28 de abr de 2019- Explore a pasta "SPIRK!!!!!" de nessahl3889, seguida por 400 pessoas no Pinterest. Page generated Apr. Performance in a Leading Role by MadLori AU. Tell them you are with KiScon 2019 to get the discounted group rate. net wattpad fic writers fic writing writer fanworks fanfiction writer tumblr This Earthly Paradise - GlassParade - Glee [Archive of Our Own] This Earthly Paradise Author: GlassParade Summary: In Victorian England, Kurt Hummel is a struggling artist and contemporary of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, an organization of painters, poets, and critics who strive to turn the art establishment of England on its very head. please do enjoy~ Fanfic enriches my life considerably, and I like to both return and pass on the favor with feedback and recs, as I Spock/Uhura Spock/Kirk. Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, is a pairing popular in slash fiction, possibly the first slash pairing, according to Henry Jenkins, an early slash fiction scholar. FanFiction. Since I’ve been binge reading Merthur fics recently (yes, that’s a thing), I thought I’d share some of my favorites! As always, please send any of your recs my way if you have favorites of your own! I also have a list of Johnlock ficrecs and Spirk ficrecs. :) From what I remember: it's a future fic (I think it was human AU but not positive). ii. Really. Reboot Jim Kirk School of Diplomacy by kungfunurse. I dunno about any other fat people, but I LOVED this scene. Prefer long fics and please no slavery/spoils of the victor ones (that those exist disturbs me greatly). TOS Spirk Fanfic Rec List. Shelves: spirk-kock, fanfic-rabbit-hole, amusing-or-hilarious Not as good as a bunch of Littlebirdtold's other works. May 5, 2019 May 5, 2019 faradheia Leave a comment Vidding is an artform: the fan labor practice in media fandom of creating music videos from the footage of one or more visual media sources, thereby exploring the source itself in a new way. “Snap Wilson” was nothing but a tired stereotype the Red Skull concocted to discredit me. But then it had been almost a month without new Kiera fic, and I needed my fix, and the only thing there was TD… so I gave in. “Thank you for inviting me here today. Top of page 27 videos Play all Fic Rec Friday ShippersGuideToTheGalaxy Illustrator Reacts to Good and Bad Comic Book Art - Duration: 15:22. Louis to deny him Fic Rec Page for @underthejoon 2 notes - 31 Jul 2019 Can you help me find a fic, So here's 52 different/new Spirk fics. roxilalonde:. co. Remember to leave kudos and comments. Tattoo artist Dorian waiting for someone’s Current obsession: Star Trek and Spirk, Dragon Age and DoriBull. I've been into the various incarnations of Star Trek (I used to watch TNG reruns every afternoon in junior high) for as long as I've been fannish, but didn't start reading much fic until the reboot movies came out. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard - they don’t have to be Fic Rec Requests. I decided to put this together  Feb 25, 2018 These Simple Feels is a star trek fic rec blog focused on the pairing Spock/Kirk Requests are: open! Always check the tags page, you might find  Apr 29, 2019 hi hello welcome to this blog that will serve as a sort of library for kirk/spock fanfiction. argumate:. What Is Expected: A K/S Short. spirkian:. Good Omens has exposed the mainstream to the love between Aziraphale and Crowley, launching the Ineffable Husbands ship into a golden era. A cute little non-serious and slightly cracky reboot!Spirk piece I wrote a while ago and decided to share here. I track the tag kingsmanhartwin. queermoonbitch:. It’s a Spirk and Uhotty double date (and Jim is an astronaut who doesn’t remember how Earth gravity works) - I just love the idea ️ ️ ️ Mildly Interesting Dump #5. Spock does mean always; he would not use such a precise word if he did not mean it precisely. Every time–each and every time–he has observed the captain winking at someone, it has been a sign of disasters to come. 17th, 2019 03:51 pm. A few things to get straight first: I have a pretty broad definition of whump that basically includes anything where Loki is suffering in some way. An old married Spirk fic written for the K/S Valentine Calendar. De Lantejoulas e Amor - I needed a cold shower after this fic. It was just the perfect amount of emotions all put together in a 6k long fic. Jikook Fic Recs! Hi everyone! I’ve been reading a lot of jikook fanfiction recently so I thought “why not make a fic rec for my followers?” (even though you’ve probably already read these fics) so ⇒ a/n: i honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me. He had started it all going down hill. Click HERE to see my masterlist fic on AO3. Note: I usually prefer Aziraphale / Crowley as asexual, but some of these fics have sex. Jaydick - Dick Grayson/Jason Todd Superbat - Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne Cherik - Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier Winterhawk - Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton Stony - Steve Rogers/Tony Stark t-hai-la. It could all be blamed on Khan. :/ wayback has a few but I was hoping maybe you'd saved any of them off ao3 and So I've just finished all beamirang's fic and a fic called "What Sulu Sees", and it just dawned to me that how much I love this kind of fic, namely, Kirk being the central character and strong crew-as-family ties feeling and some delicious hurt!Jim and a healthy dose of grumpy Bones! So I was wondering is there any fic like this? Hi! No idea about the first fic, but here's a couple of recs for a good laugh, hoping we share the same sense of humor: Password Required (4686 words) by gigirl942 Kinda (a lot) cracky chat time. So this list includes a broad variety of whump in a broad range of intensities. See more ideas about Gay art, Gay comics and Superman x batman. But “it all” is never truly so far away… and Spock struggles with the same old questions – whether to do what is expected of him, or follow his own path. Eriador. in a meta way. I art hard for my fandoms, and would like to apologize for myself in advance. Decided to put all of my Star Trek fic in one place. And that is true of the AO3 itself. In short, this author finds a way to maintain the integrity of the characters in a clever reconciliation between showverse and Harris canon and the result is nothing short of brilliant. KiScon 2019 room rates are $139. Just so you are aware. Posting runs from November 1 ~ November 30, 2019 with no extensions. We cannot have another massacre. This fic rec archive was made for the sole purpose of organizing some of the very best Spirk fics on the internet. wink. E. I find it hilarious that people tried to stop it as if it's a real thing that's spreading in the real world. net (2009) Leave No Soul Behind by whochick, AU (or rather, Alternate Reality) in which Kirk, Spock, and most of the rest of the Enterprise's crew wind up in the Federation's Emergency Personnel Ambulance Service, a search-and-rescue operation semi-independent from Starfleet (because Starfleet kind of May 8, 2019- Explore Something Special's board "Star Trek/spirk/spones/mcspirk", followed by 153 people on Pinterest. I included tumblrs (that I could find) of writers so that you can easily follow them This is my nicest outfit! Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I drew this Forest Goddess. catchymemes:. There are no assigned posting dates, so you get It’s truly the single best Hannigram fic I could ever imagine existing. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being attacked by Endbringers for. There is a reason why certain Trekkie's bad behavior is far more well-known than the sane fans. I'm looking for a fic that I believe was rather long, but I don't remember most of the story. I know people would seek out porn than a written porn fic of Spirk. <3 Neck kisses are Current obsession: Star Trek and Spirk, Dragon Age and DoriBull. There may be other's scattered in here if they were included on a list with those four. The bit that sticks out to me is that Kirk and Spock were bonded at some point, but Spock went off to pursue Kolinahr and Jim goes back to Iowa. hello! you said that you like it when we rec fic, so i wanna rec "The Edge of Winter" by LittleFear. leifor:. A Holiday Mix-Up by yaoichan12 *** Jim’s boyfriend, Gary, invites him to spend the holidays with his family in Vancouver. Reboot The Morning After the Earthquake by ladyblahblah- ADULT. For instance, in the fic “Copper for a Kiss”, published on fanfiction. also includes some spock/pike and spock/uhura, but kirk/spock is endgame. the author was a teacher at an all-boys school that hated every kid he taught and was SO sick of the ‘brit kids go on adventures’ genre that he wrote a full-length novel about them absolutely LOSING it and also every kid in the book was based off a I think this is impossible but in case you don’t know tumblr is banning porn. :-) Kirk/Spock Reboot (alphabetically): All My Dreams, Torn Asunder The terminal disappeared and the crowd of people disappeared, and it was just the two of them, the way it always seemed to be when Spock was near. take note of the author’s warnings. thatshamelessyaoishipper:. Notes: Smart!Kirk, Teen!fic, T’hy’la, growing up together (I so love teen fic and growing up together fic . Star Trek Recs - Recs by Rhaegal. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and Quằn quại trong mớ fanfic cũng được một thời gian khá dài nên thiết nghĩ nên lập một danh sách chia sẻ với bà con cô bác. I'm not sure how many fanfiction there are in this list but I'd guess at least a C Derick Varn is on the   Eisha's Bellarke Fic Rec Masterlist An anon asked me (BACK IN AUGUST, I'M SORRY ANON) for . captaincrusher:. Explore some of their best most shippable moments here on 10 Fics + 1 More That You Should Probably Read Rules: In a text post, list 10 fics that have stayed with you in some way. Hope you can find something nonnie! doctor!jared. On a much more positive note, @kirakai sent me this tweet which reminded me of the weekly euphoria we all experienced back when yoi was still airing and making history and all we could do was ascend to heaven with every new episode, and share our interpretations, and theories and excitement with each other. The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts In a world where heartbreak is a literal condition, it’s Jared’s job to sew, fill and patch the physical wounds left in people’s hearts by lost loves, misunderstandings and betrayals. The pairing is Kirk/Spock. Dark is fine as long as it's not between the main pairing of Jim and Kirk. writing a short fic, a bit dry on inspiration so I thought you’d like a snippet of it first :) “No dog,” said Crowley. feel free to ignore me. I have a massive library of stored fics for several pairings. Gah, please don’t ever call Tangled Destines a “spirk” fic again around me. Scott & Allison are expecting. Your recs for black_nata's fics sounded so good (specifically for "Lightning Strikes" which became "as the waves breaks" but you made them all sound good, I've gotten so many recs from you it's crazy) but I think she took down all her fic except 3 for some reason. Series: Part 3 of 24 Hour Fic Challenge Summary: It all returned to Khan. Este es mi primer Spirk y lo estoy escribiendo por el mes del Spirk (Setiembre 2015) con mucho cariño, espero que les guste. Fic Recs. I know this because I know people would seek out porn than a porn-fic of ABO Spirk. Hell, I know just by people being more aware of porn than a fandom like Steven Universe. It was my first step onto the stonathan ship and boy I wasn’t disappointed. Basically this is just where I store everything I want to get around to reading someday. So amazingly descriptive that Posted on 18/08/2019 by I promise you this will look better in a few days Posted in (credit to strawburrby), kirk, source: lord of the rings, spirk, spock, star trek, this is so good *The captain and his first officer are surveying the geography of an unknown planet* Spock: Jim is coming over later. This felt so deep and personal and just Jan 27, 2019 This fic rec archive was made for the sole purpose of organizing some of the very best Spirk fics on the internet. I remember it being posted in AO3. lord of the flies is a depressing and violent book but its also so fucking funny when you think about it like. Idek, man. No menores de 17 años. (: brave new world by nasa (T, 3k) Carry The Colors Darling (One Last Time) by Harry Potter is my primary fandom, but you'll see recs and writings from everywhere. Like, look at the I killed Ruby in one of my fics (just like the narrative did because she was a villain) because I detest her, and I gave Lisa who I adore, an active role in a fic that led to her finding something better for her and her child than a relationship with a man she called “twisted” for his inability to let go of his brother and truly commit to “Albert Einstein” with Stephen Hawking and “Sir Isaac Newton” from TNG’s “Descent” Part 1. i’m gonna try and focus on some less popular fics, so while i love tell me about the big bang and step out into the sun and the coat thief, they won’t be appearing here Apr 7, 2019- Caution this board contains homoerotic images. Me: *shows up late* so I liked both pics and felt they worked out well Several versions of the Nyan Shatner gif I made years ago for a Star Trek group on facebook, now cleaned up, with and without sporks! Feel free to use, so long as you give credit! This is an AMAZING piece of work. s4mm4n:. spirk fic recs 2019

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