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remote repository https://github. sr. The Clang Compiler is an open-source compiler for the C family of programming languages, aiming to be the best in class implementation of these languages. , umask 022 to be usable by all users). com/llvm-mirror/llvm. xz I use pycharm. Index; About Manpages; FAQ / testing / Contents testing / Contents Here at Techrights we shall soon be moving the Linux Foundation out of its (nested) Linux section because ~90% of the time this front group says and does things which have nothing at all to do with Linux. broadcast_arrays returns a writeable array with internal overlap, making it unsafe to write to. According to Gentoo developer Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera, the attacker replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious ebuilds designed to remove all files from a system. Small. Git Rev News: Edition 54 (August 21st, 2019) Welcome to the 54th edition of Git Rev News, a digest of all things Git. 2 Dec 2016 directory) and libunwind, compiler-rt, libcxx > and libcxxabi (under `projects` directory). succinct A collection of succinct data structures minetest But Aboriginal doesn't support creating apps using musl as libc - or does it? Agreed, it is tough if you're doing from scratch. node 2018-03-18T12:02:30Z If you use Mercurial for a project you can quickly and easily make a git mirror of your project so that git users can contribute. Downloaded anything from Gentoo's GitHub account yesterday? Consider those files compromised and dump them now—as an unknown group of hackers or an individual managed to gain access to the GitHub account of the Gentoo Linux distribution on Thursday and replaced the original source code with a Browse the Gentoo Git repositories. Gentoo stated that the compromised code could contain malware and bugs and that users should avoid the GitHub version until it is reinstated. The malicious software could not work on GitHub and the development team has already removed it. tar. Series; Patches; Bundles; About this project; All projects; Patches Parent Directory - common/ 04-Apr-2017 11:39 - debian/ 04-Apr-2017 11:39 - debian1. /darwin-x64-11_binding. . This should get you up and running with the minimum of muss and fuss. 2 июл 2018 Еще один репозиторий на платформе GitHub взломали вечером 28 июня. Description Source // FIXME(# 54571): This co rustc_mir/build/matches/test // build-pass (FIXME(): could be check-pass?) ftest/ui/impl-trait/issues/issue-55608 忙碌的Labor Day长周末。Growth hacking(希望Hudson River Trading用上无进展,和前clangd、Eclipse CDT开发者交谈、cdt-lsp计划,给LanguageClient-neovim vim-lsp加wiki页面成功),增加了少量stargazers。 Yocto Project introduction 1. In this section, we’ll create the disk images necessary to install Alpine Linux. In normal use your traffic will be routed to the nearest mirror to you based on your IP Address. however, this is only true if the last-loaded dependency has tls. ht/~mcf/cproc; read/write: git@git. ARPACK software is capable of solving large scale symmetric, nonsymmetric, and generalized eigenproblems from significant application areas. 2GB is used to bootstrap a 135MB core system lots of time and a fair bit of linux knowledge py-spy. Exploit for multiple platform in category dos / poc Debian internacionalment / Centre de traduccions de Debian / PO / Fitxers PO — Paquets sense internacionalitzar. The first way is to extract the configuration from the BSP and the second way is to get it from the HDF (new configuration but suited to the design). The problem with cross-compiling is that one always requires the complete set of libraries to target, which in the end at least for desktop and server systems is much more convenient to have a VM instance for it than a cross-compiler. I persisted for a while - trying to build gcc 3. The attacker tampered with the contents of the repository and the page and replaced the files in portage and musl-dev trees with malicious ebuild files in an attempt to delete all files on the repository. pkg. . I personally keep one around in a virtual environment for testing (this allows me to build musl images as well easily). deb files from a mirror and unpacking them into a directory which can eventually be chrooted into. 2019-10-03 - PostgreSQL 12 Released! The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of PostgreSQL 12, the latest version of the world's most advanced open source database. docker run golang go get -v github. 0 (fixed link script) 858941 486 7180 866607 d392f busybox-1. There are no obvious gaps in this topic, but there may still be some posts missing at the end. github. This list is gatewayed to Twitter, Dreamwidth, and LiveJournal. 6 cross compiler (that was used in stage0 sabotage before rofl0r upgraded it to gcc4 a while back). You will need to configure the build system to point to these - details in the auto-generated local. requirements: i386, x86_64, MIPS, PowerPC32 or ARM(v4t+) processor linux 2. org development system. 9 or uclibc with default gcc 4. The actual setup. However, most software doesn’t have an issue with this, so this variant Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; Teams Private questions and answers for your team; Enterprise Private self-hosted questions and answers for your enterprise; Talent Hire technical talent Until Wednesday, when Lynne Jolitz, one of the co-authors of 386BSD, released the source code to version 1. com/gentoo-mirror/gentoo. I hope that this move will make it easier for everyone to contribute to future development of the project. If you would like to directly use a particular mirror you can set this manually. Download mupen64plus-2. org in order to accelerate builds where compatible. The project was started circa 1988 and is almost 30 years old. By using NFS, users and programs can access files on remote systems almost as if they were local files. Requirements and steps for building MariaDB on Ubuntu. Dropbear is open source software, distributed under a MIT-style license. Commercial support Supported The Strict Aliasing Situation is Pretty Bad Posted by regehr March 15, 2016 March 15, 2016 32 Comments on The Strict Aliasing Situation is Pretty Bad I’ll start with a quick review of the strict aliasing rules in C and C++ and then present some less well-known material. This are archived contents of the former dev. OpenWrt had support for musl for quite some time : preliminary since r34314 (November 2012). dev-util/cargo - sync with major changes from smaeul's overlay . Toggle navigation Patchwork OpenEmbedded Core Layer. 23:35 GitHub provides limited access to the org to Gentoo. This version of the Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual is for the 2. Today’s Linux Foundation, to put it quite bluntly, is a tax-exempt PR firm with a glorified trademark. The software is designed to compute a few (k) eigenvalues with user specified features such as those of largest real part or largest magnitude. 0 as well as 2. Since October 2014 (r42977) musl is not marked as broken, however patches for many packages in feeds are still needed. At mount time, the copy with the highest generation number is used. A future version will set the writeable flag to False, and require users to manually set it to True if they are sure that is what they want to do. org/musl. debos is a tool to make these kinds of trivial tasks easier. pacman is a utility which manages software packages in Linux. A normal test build shows no size differences in sysupgrade images between uclibc+gcc 4. java. The Arch Testers team is responsible with helping x86 devs testing packages which are to be marked stable. welcomeEnjoy. at this point, it covers everything that was in the original libc-testsuite plus a lot more, including regression tests for bugs that were fixed in musl. It is used for the development of Firefox. Several GNU C extensions are also implemented. sample). # This is rougly based on this: libc-test. io) 14 56. 4. All are the latest versions > cloned from GitHub mirror,  Configure and build musl (it is a C standard library) cd ~/build git clone https:// github. Emscripten compiles LLVM to Javascript (specifically asm. Gentoo has since managed to regain control of the Gentoo Github organization "All Gentoo code hosted on GitHub should for the moment be considered compromised,” the team said. Mercurial is a source-code management tool which allows users to keep track of changes to the source code locally and share their changes with others. It was designed with security in mind; it has proactive security features like PaX and SSP that prevent security holes in the software to be exploited. musl offers efficient static and dynamic linking support, lightweight code and low runtime overhead, strong fail-safe guarantees under correct usage, and correctness in the sense of musl libc musl, pronounced like the word "mussel", is an MIT-licensed implementation of the standard C library targetting the Linux syscall API, suitable for use in a wide range of deployment environments. Between an MME/SGSN and GGSN node will be a nice place, the users IP traffic is only wrapped in the GTP protocol and is not encrypted. mtrace is a perl script to use the malloc debugging that glibc has built-in; this is not relevant for musl, and would necessarily vary with libc. getaddrinfo is broken in musl build 24461, simple command in router's shell "# nslookup `hostname!`" fails. apkovl. io Logged intermittently from freenode. It uses terminfo format, supports pads and color and multiple highlights and forms characters and function-key mapping, and has all the other SVr4-curses enhancements over BSD curses. The main caveat to note is that it does use musl libc instead of glibc and friends, so certain software might run into issues depending on the depth of their libc requirements. Red Hat is a long-running, profitable Linux company and manages to make money through support contracts while giving away the business's source code free of charge GitHub: magpi. “The Gentoo Infrastructure team have identified the ingress point, and locked out the compromised account,” wrote the admins. org/git/?p=glibc. Clang builds on the LLVM optimizer and code generator, allowing it to provide high-quality optimization and code generation support for many targets. 5j pcd:120 穴数:5 インセット:43 4525516337441 did ncp175g用 大同工業 《ウイルズウィン チェーン 530zvm-x シリーズ シルバー (158l) カシメ did 530zvm-x-158l zj(カシメ) jp店,[ホイール1本(単品)] ssr / werfen gt-03 (slsl) 20インチ×8. /0ad-a23. hsu@gmail. The resulting firmware boots up very fast, is updateable without losing local configuration changes and the root filesystem is mounted read-only. 23:40 Gentoo determines which account was the entry point. Package Version Project Licence Branch Repository Architecture Maintainer Build date; mkvtoolnix: 38. GitHub does not disclose this to Gentoo, it's found in an audit log of the compromised user's account on 2018-06-29T14:30:18Z; 22:47 GitHub responds, assuring Gentoo that the audit is ongoing and logs will be produced soon. A proxy site allows you to bypass blocks setup by your Internet provider. Hot Lotto, a multi-state lottery draw game currently played in 14 states, will end this October. The closer you are to the radio network, the more protocol layers and encryption youll see. 24. Install diskimage-builder, for Gentoo you just have to 'emerge' the latest version. h> #include <linux/uprobes. skip the navigation. PyOtherSide Developer Guide¶. Rouault Even Rouault 2019-05-25 Fix build with gcc 5. 0-only: edge: community: s390x: Francesco Colista Background. 19 (development), released July 2, 2008, was the current version when this entry was added (August 25, 2008). 386BSD takes us back to the days when you could count every file in your Unix distribution and more importantly, read and understand all of your OS source code. Allowed file types:jpg, jpeg, gif, png, webm, mp4, pdf Max filesize is 16 MB. Adélie makes use of the APK package manager, which is very light and fast. It lets you visualize what your Python program is spending time on without restarting the program or modifying the code in any way. The changes are chronologically ordered from top to bottom and cover the Git repository history until the tagging of the final 17. 0 on Github. About Debian; Getting Debian; Support; Developers' Corner Updated 6 months ago. /* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2. Here are some links to interesting web pages which I have encountered. Max image dimensions are 15000 x 15000. 01. PyOtherSide is a Qt 5 QML Plugin that provides access to a Python 3 interpreter from QML. Sincerely, Alexander Amelkin. nscd is a name service caching daemon, which is not yet relevant for musl. h. org/musl - ifduyue/musl. Mirror of git://git. First step Writing to the result of numpy. This changelog lists all commits done in OpenWrt/LEDE since the start of the the LEDE lede-17. Docker flow for Void Linux XBPS, first time using Void experience. Git repositories on android 26853153 kernel/x86 kernel/x86_64 Kernel-Projects mirror/manifest Manifest that 113605827 trusty/external/headers trusty/external @morsucci, i think that i have two ways to get a petalinux configuration. что его второй GitHub-аккаунт под названием Gentoo-mirror не был  29 Jun 2018 Linux distribution Gentoo has had its GitHub mirror broken into and taken the gentoo-dev list said the attacker replaced portage and musl-dev  29 Jun 2018 Github and replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious ebuilds The Gentoo repository mirrors are hosted in a separate GitHub  25 Aug 2019 4. See how musl compares to other major libcs. “Three Github repositories containing the Gentoo code, Musl, and systemd Downloaded anything from Gentoo’s GitHub account yesterday? Consider those files compromised and dump them now—as an unknown group of hackers or an individual managed to gain access to the GitHub account of the Gentoo Linux distribution on Thursday and replaced the original source code with a malicious one. or. Debian Internazionale / Principali dati statistici sulle traduzioni in Debian / PO / File PO — Pacchetti non internazionalizzati GitHub is centralized, which the author asserts is bad because it doesn't give you the freedom to move elsewhere . When I'm debugging, however, I want to work though tasks in series. Home of the Manjaro community. This changelog lists all commits done in LEDE since the creation of the LEDE project, grouped by subsystem. com 2. sig 05-Apr-2019 14:50 566 0ad-a23. One category that often gets overlooked in the discussion of Linux computers is the market for HDMI dongle devices that plug into your TV to stream, mirror, or cast content from your laptop or mobile device. So I have this check to know if I'm running in debug: Linux distribution Gentoo has had its GitHub mirror broken into and taken over, with GitHub pages changed and ebuilds replaced. On June 28, 2018, Gentoo released a notice that their mirror-hosted operating system code on GitHub was compromised by unknown threat actors and injected with malware. (Last edited by RevisionSeven on 23 May 2017, 04:37) Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation. I edited the unpack. GitHub Gist: star and fork doublec's gists by creating an account on GitHub. It runs on a variety of POSIX-based platforms. v12. Assembler. And if maybe this needs a gcc (or parts of its library) that is > compiled with special options, this sounds relatively prohibitive to > me. It is no longer receiving updates. node 2018-04-25T16:09:33Z (mirrored on GitHub). gz / Atom Eastern US Mirror  20 Sep 2017 mkdir rpi-yocto; cd rpi-yocto git clone git://git. For a more refined aggregation of Gentoo-related topics only, you might be interested in Planet Gentoo. About Felix Janda. so go ahead and extract them. Build Status GitHub Issues mirror of https://git. Refer to https://openwrt. Packages. 11 release cycle back into the master branch. 4 May 2017 bugzilla, git hosting, mirrors) is on a server running my distro too. Yesterday, Google announced an extensively leaked third-gen version of its market-leading, Linux-powered Chromecast device. com) 178 157. https://sdrausty. 3 Sub- 6. cz/libc-test>. When a superblock mirror is updated, its generation number is incremented. Tony Finch's link log. This can also be handy if you are on a different continent than the primary mirror, or if you are not on the same continent as any officially managed mirrors. com/wahern/lunix/blob/88c30c12a1a1b755605a. git://git. Unblock More Sites - Alternate Methods - Github Mirror The Gentoo developer Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera confirmed that attackers took control over the Gentoo repository on Github and replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious ebuilds intended to delete all files from a system. read-only: https://git. https://github. The final Hot Lotto drawing will be conducted on Saturday, Oct. 0 (SVr4), and more. Debian Founder's 2015 Death Ruled A Suicide (theregister. However, the availability of these plugins depend on how Qt is configured. Prior Incidents Gentoo is not the first Linux distribution to be the victim of an exit # Dont run this as a script # LLVM seems to work great on Musl, there only seems some build errors # when trying to build the sanitizers. org/ for The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret art, to encourage the study of the arts, and thus to enrich the lives of all. x, git, bzip2, patch, sed, tar, wc, wget and xz 3~4GB disk space. com/   6 Jan 2019 I've just installed https://github. Efforts are made to keep the master branch in a state that not only   automatically synced git mirror: <git://repo. and musl- dev trees with malicious versions of the ebuilds that replaces the user's code. iso: OK This just makes sure that the file was not corrupted while downloading. Welcome to this year's 21st issue of DistroWatch Weekly! Earlier this month we discussed the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. gz is optional). In the event that you are using the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu or any of its derivatives and would like to compile MariaDB from source code, you can do so using the MariaDB source repository for the release that interests you. org. a copy mirrored on my website: http://www. conf (or meta-poky/local. xz. 6. It must be used in conjunction with a FIPS capable version of OpenSSL (1. sup a “small is beautiful” tool for unix privilege escalation. 5 Marco Bernasocchi 2019-05-25 update funding url Denis Rouzaud 2019-05-25 [Travis] use xenial for all builds (#18657) Marco Bernasocchi 2019-05-25 link sponsoring on github to our website The content of this topic has been archived between 8 Apr 2018 and 6 May 2018. Skip Quicknav. The process is definitely more involved then a regular Linux Distro install, but you get to learn a lot of things in the process. Network File System (NFS) NFS allows a system to share directories and files with others over a network. 386BSD is also the missing link between BSD and Linux. the correct place to get it is the dso corresponding to the tls module list tail. A new FIPS module is currently in development. rpcinfo and rpcent are related to rpc, which musl does not include. hckr news an unofficial alternative hacker news interface. 2 Making m/ksh your default login shell; 3 archived in aur-mirror] obase musl — OpenBSD userland ported to Linux, statically linked to musl libc. com) 10 20. 1. spec and added a section to copy the linux-gnu profile to linux-musl, and sed / echoed the files a bit. The pages are provided for historical reference only. sup is a very small and secure c application. “This of course does NOT affect at all any code which is hosted on the Gentoo infrastructure. The ncurses (new curses) library is a free software emulation of curses in System V Release 4. I've also compiled all the Linux binaries against musl instead of glibc in case you land in a lightweight container (e. git cd kubler export Alpine Linux is based off musl rather than glibc, and some projects due to . ht:~mcf/cproc. The platform has been active since the beginning of the year and has largely handled the user traffic well. 1 Overview. Older releases, which do not include the most up to date security Getting Started: Building and Running Clang. Fitxers PO — Paquets sense internacionalitzar [ Localització ] [ Llista de les llengües ] [ Classificació ] [ fitxers POT ] This version of the Yocto Project Mega-Manual is for the 2. The tensorflow packages prior to version 1. 1 release of the Yocto Project. 1-4-x86_64. What diskimage-builder actually does is take elements and run them. 23 · musl-1. I have a program that works through tasks in parallel. Mailing lists continue to operate as usual, and the Files section on SourceForge is integrated with GitHub to mirror future Releases made there. 13-8 and version 0. h> #include <linux/completion. Alpine) Github Mirror by Narabot. summary log tree: repo/user: repo/user/ag-ops. musl is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and strives to be correct in the sense of standards-conformance and safety. 14. a musl + busybox system: http://clfs. Alpine 1. Here are several links to various open source computer architecture projects and resources: Strange clang behavior when compiled against musl. and entirely separate npm module called node-pre -gyp-github which is intended . To verify that the downloaded files are the ones that the Void Linux maintainers published and signed you can use pgp. Musl libc was built with simplicity in mind. 6+, gcc 4. 2. 4. 0 */ #ifndef _LINUX_MM_TYPES_H #define _LINUX_MM_TYPES_H #include <linux/mm_types_task. org/poky git clone Musl is a light weight alternative to glibc which is fully supported in to fetch URL file://0008-c99-snprintf. I host 2 sites on GitHub Pages, so I started setting up my containers with the official Jekyll Docker image. 22. libc matches require('detect-libc'). Linux graphics course. that connect to system xserver and mirror it’s display in app. 23. Storage requirements are on the order of n*k locations. Last modification time, description and reporter are included as hidden fields for useful RSS export. h> #include <linux/rwsem. Dropbear is particularly useful for "embedded"-type Linux (or other Unix) systems, such as wireless routers. Libraries. Klavs Pihlkjær 2019-04-16 [WFS provider] Improve handling of NAMESPACE(S) (github #9849) Modified by E. Install Gentoo on Samsung Chromebook Feb 16, 2015 / Karim Elatov / chromebook , linux , gentoo So after trying out chrubuntu and arch-linux on my arm based chromebook I decided to try out gentoo . 7. org/cgit/musl/ - a C library for Linux. 0. This merges the next branch accumulated during the 2017. code introduced in commit 9d44b646 wrongly assumed the dso list tail was the right place to find new dtv storage. If you run into problems, please file bugs in LLVM Bugzilla. When I bought my new Mac recently, I decided to use Docker development environments exclusively. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects. For the official and up-to-date mirror list please see the download page. дистрибутива — musl-dev, а также менеджер пакетов portage. It is released under the ISC license. Elixir Cross Referencer. Dropbear is a relatively small SSH server and client. I'm pretty sure that someone interested by Void already knows Linux quite well and will be able to easily adapt everything for their own use. I created a tutorial about using hg-git to manage Mercurial mirrors on GitHub. broadcast_arrays will warn¶. com/golang/example/hello/. py-spy is extremely low overhead: it is written in Rust for speed and doesn't run in the same process as the profiled Python program. The pathname of the directory into which the sources are unpacked should not contain spaces, as most make programs (and specifically GNU make) do not expect spaces. Chromium can interpret a mouse as touchscreen, which is the reason why it works like on Android now, but that's only one application. The deblob scripts for Linux-libre (mirror) Updated 1 week ago Announcing ncurses 6. What is Yocto Project • Overview • Components • Yocto Project VS OpenEmbedded • Concept 4 5. debiman HEAD, see github. Unofficial Python SVN auto-updating mirror aircrack-ng WiFi security auditing tools suite bytecoin spheretest Technical Demo - Minetest on a spherical world musl-cross A small suite of scripts and patches for building musl libc cross compilers. I want to build LLVM-based toolchain with Musl, I have LLVM sources with clang and lld (under `tools` directory) and libunwind, compiler-rt, libcxx . git ** synced into  29 Jun 2018 Hackers hijacked the GitHub account of the Gentoo Linux distribution "replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious versions of the "Also, the gentoo -mirror repositories including metadata are hosted under a  22 Sep 2019 2019-02-02 21:28 UTC (4+ messages) - mbox. For our goals, the archives, the way we work, and how to contribute or to subscribe, see the Git Rev News page on git. com/WebAssembly/specexternal/github. Gdb is only working to debug bare-metal code, there is no support for gdbserver/gdb on Linux, yet. Summing up all of Felix Janda's repositories they have 1 own repositories and 36 contribute repositories . 2/ 04-Apr-2017 11:39 - etc/ 04-Apr-2017 11:39 - git2/ 04-Apr-2017 11:39 Page last updated 2019-10-03T03:35:21Z. You can contribute to this wiki! Submit pull-requests to somasis/musl-wiki. It was designed with mobile devices in mind, where high-framerate touch interfaces are common, and where the user usually interfaces only with one application at a time via a touchscreen. + - Hash files in packages can now contain hashes for the # This post builds a scrambled openvpn server on a Raspberry PI # from source code for openvpn 2. 0-5 were missing some soname links. js) with first class support for C/C++. It also uses the classic SysV init software with the OpenRC service manager instead of the widely adopted systemd init suite. 0 (buggy link script) 858906 486 7180 866572 d390c busybox-1. 60-7. Felix Janda follows 0 other users and is followed by 2 users. uk) 160 Posted by BeauHD on Thursday July 07, 2016 @11:30PM from the closure dept. 1 Install git via xbps-install; 6. " So yeah, there's a chain of trust, unless you chose not to follow it and to download from Github instead. Based on communicating with github's support team, I found that github currently offers no direct mechanism for a user to mirror repositories in this fashion. IUSE="acl alsa aqua athena cairo dbus dynamic-loading games gconf gfile gif gpm gsettings gtk +gtk3 gzip-el hesiod imagemagick +inotify jpeg kerberos libxml2 livecd m17n-lib motif pax_kernel png selinux sound source ssl svg tiff toolkit-scroll-bars wide-int X Xaw3d xft +xpm xwidgets zlib" [llvm-dev] Failed to configure LLVM for use with Musl. For information about dotsrc. git: Gentoo ebuilds for SysAdmins or DevOps: 11 months: summary log tree: repo/user/bleeding-edge. GitHub is more than a git repo, it's got formalised pull requests, wiki things, issue trackers, hook systems, etc etc and there's not much of a standard for exporting all that shit. h> #include <linux/page-flags-layout Popular Alternatives to BFGMiner for Windows Linux Mac Web Software as a Service (SaaS) and more Explore 5 It can be still downloaded from GitHub. musl offers efficient static and dynamic linking support, lightweight code and low runtime overhead, strong fail-safe guarantees under correct usage, and correctness in the sense of The GitHub site was a mirror from which users may have downloaded, exposing an unknown number of users to risk. On Embedded Linux systems, there are multiple platform plugins that you can use: EGLFS, LinuxFB, DirectFB, or Wayland. OpenADK - Open Source Appliance Development Kit What is it? A free construction kit for Embedded Devices. Please keep these lists sorted in alphabetical order. 5-13-x86_64. 0-r0: URL: GPL-2. You can see the complete project release history on the wiki. 17MB) darwin-x64-14_binding. 56. To be sure you have the latest version of the manual for this release, go to the Yocto Project documentation page and select the manual from that site. Once the preliminary set-up is out the way, adding new backups is as easy as: # given local user $GIT_USER, $GITHUB_USER, and $GITHUB_REPO cd /path Static linking can be forced even when there is an available PCRE2system library by either building ripgrep with the MUSL target or by setting Github Mirror by Since the master Gentoo ebuild repository is hosted on our own infrastructure and since Github is only a mirror for it, you are fine as long as you are using rsync or webrsync from gentoo. g. org and our other services please go to our website. This is a community-maintained page that lists active distributions shipping Plasma 5. 9,musl+gcc 4. net for the current version. 2 musl; 4. 60 before 0. 23 Apr 2019 More history on this at https://github. Git repositories on chromium releases now; Mirror of the GNU C Library https ://sourceware. Prepare the Linode Disk Images. There is still much to do, but it currently implements most of the language and is capable of building software including itself, mcpp, gcc 4. conf. 1 glibc; 4. This file is a partial list of people who have contributed to the LLVM: project. cproc is a C11 compiler using QBE as a backend. I figured out how to inject a linux-musl profile into metro. 1-5-x86_64. com/xhebox/libuargp and it's working fine. System-wide language☍ Thank you all for good work 2018-11-14 15:47:35 musl uses "/etc/ld-musl-${LDSO_ARCH}. Alpine Linux is built around musl libc and busybox. Outline • What is Yocto Project • Yocto Project Workflow • References 2 3. gz / Atom [void musl] mkfifo buffer Research survey: Impact of Microsoft Acquisition of GitHub 2018-08-08 14:40 2016-04-17 23:12 UTC - mbox. Some simplification to freshclam mirror management code, including changes to reduce timeout on ignoring mirrors after errors, and to make freshclam more tolerant when there is a delay between the time the new signature database content is announced and the time that the content-delivery-network has the content available for download. libdivide at GitHub Compare this project to kdiv, my constant division routine generator Integer Overflow Checker musl libc Repository for the MCNC benchmarks Old projects by Fabrice Bellard C-Reduce picojpeg Index of /pub/tjiang (OLIVE code generator link, 2013) yacc2dot onetrueawk/awk -- GitHub Math Library - Source Code New scheduler in xv6 Trac Report - This report shows how to color results by priority, while grouping results by version. # Below we will use the following password scramble key "test" More information about our mirrors including statistics and contact information is available on our mirror info pages. org provides mailing list hosting for open source computer architecture projects. introduce a container_of macro to get it, and use it. SecurityFocus is designed to facilitate discussion on computer security related topics, create computer security awareness, and to provide the Internet's largest and most comprehensive database of computer security knowledge and resources to the public. About Debian; Getting Debian; Support; Developers' Corner 4525516337441 did ncp175g用 大同工業 《ウイルズウィン チェーン 530zvm-x シリーズ シルバー (158l) カシメ did 530zvm-x-158l zj(カシメ) jp店,[ホイール1本(単品)] ssr / werfen gt-03 (slsl) 20インチ×8. 2 series). 3. Welcome to the home of musl, a new standard library to power a new generation of Linux-based devices. py-spy is a sampling profiler for Python programs. Gcc support is not upstream, to be able to enable musl C library support later, we use the branch with musl support. com/ WebAssembly/muslexternal/github. In an alert, Gentoo said the attacker gained control of the Github Gentoo organisation at June 28, 20:20 UTC. List of open source applications for macOS (github. If you have contributed a patch or made some other contribution to GitHub mirror compromise incident report Gentoo's GitHub Organization Was Hacked The state of uClibc and musl in Gentoo text data bss dec hex filename 860126 486 7272 867884 d3e2c busybox-1. musl is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and strives to be  v1. Then, after deboostraping the base system, you tend to make some customizations on this image, install some extra packages, run a script, add some files, etc. org/view/clfs-embedded/x86/ But the  20 Mar 2014 Version 1. Github Account of Gentoo Linux Hacked, Code Replaced With Malware | Professional Hackers India Provides single Platform for latest and trending IT Updates, Business Updates, Trending Lifestyle, Social Media Updates, Enterprise Trends, Entertainment, Hacking Updates, Core Hacking Techniques, And Other Free Stuff. xz for Arch Linux from Arch Linux Community repository. FAQ. It uses musl libc and busybox for a smaller footprint. 3 Or clone vpm repository . прескачане на навигацията. JDK 9 has been superseded. Index of /exherbo/ Libuser roothelper Privilege Escalation Posted May 13, 2018 Authored by Brendan Coles, Qualys Security Advisory | Site metasploit. Found a problem? See the FAQ. node 2018-04-25T16:08:59Z 3262896(3. Reader Presto Vivace shares a report on The Intercept: IBM employees are taking a public stand following a personal pitch to Donald Trump from CEO Ginni Rometty and the company's initial refusal to rule out participating in the creation of a national Muslim registry. It aims to follow all relevant standards including ISO C11, POSIX. A new release is available. But elfutils is still giving some problems, this time with error. 11MB) darwin-x64-14_binding. musl: musl development overlay: 248: Layman: musl-clang: musl clang/libc++ overlay: 1: Layman: mv: Ebuilds for packages not in the Gentoo tree (lack of maintainer or too experimental) and live ebuilds or extensions/bugfixes for packages in the tree: 161: Layman: mva: mva's sandbox overlay: 550: Layman: myov: My Overlay - custom Gentoo overlay An unofficial, alternative interface to Hacker News. h> #include <linux/rbtree. ) It's also not documented in the regex man page, so I poked Michael Kerrisk to fix the man pages, complained at Rich, and checked in the fix and a test with a 5 second timeout. Yeah that's on my list of things to get working, will probably require some kernel module though haven't looked too much into it yet. net/history/mirror/faif/toc. initramfs-vanilla is a compressed cpio archive. this is sabotage, an experimental linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox. ; Note: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. This article is about serving existing GitHub Pages sites from a Docker container. MUSL (in progress at github. Since the master of Gentoo ebuild has been hosted on our very own infrastructure and since GitHub is only a mirror for it, you are of course fine if you are using rsync or webrsync from gentoo. Commonly numpy. patch, attempting MIRRORS if available. Alpine is a lightweight linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox. About the file system used, I didn't have any practical experience with btrfs or ZFS, but it happens that I just looked them up lately for a project of mine, and I think ZFS might have some advantages if you can afford to mirror data only rarely, so not to keep the mirror disks powered all the time. Mirror is designed with the principle of stratification in mind and tries to be as less intrusive as possible. New training JDK 9 Releases. 28. org/musl  Git repository. “All Gentoo code hosted on github should for the moment be considered compromised,” the alert said. Ageing in human cells successfully reversed in the lab (2018) (theconversation. musl-libc. There is a docker image based on Alpine which is an easy way of getting started with Alpine Things and Stuff Wiki - An organically evolving personal wiki knowledge base with an on-the-fly taxonomy containing a patchwork of topic outlines, descriptions, notes and breadcrumbs, with links to sites, systems, software, manuals, organisations, people, articles, guides, slides, papers, books, comments, videos, screencasts, webcasts, scratchpads and more. This makes it smaller and more resource efficient than traditional GNU/Linux distributions. libc-test is a continuation of the original libc-testsuite, maintained by Szabolcs Nagy, the author of musl’s math library. It sits at ~60,000 lines of code and is still fully featured. This mechanism allows to keep package recipes, board support and configuration files outside of the Buildroot tree Gentoo/x86 Arch Testers (Project:X86 Arch Testers). 0 (FOM) is also available for download. Arch testers are respected members of the community which the x86 team has recognized as being reliable and trustworthy. Ebuilds were replaced by attacker with ones intended to delete every file, which thankfully failed to work as intended. This has been fixed in 1. Anarch128. Steps. The C library used is musl and the base tools are all in BusyBox. xz 05-Apr-2019 14:50 8463372 0ad-a23. There is probably a way to validate this mirror and include it in the build process; however, I am not familiar enough with how the build environment is structured to recommend a change one way or another. 2 869074 516 7364 876954 d619a busybox-1. 01org/wds abseil/abseil-cpp ActiveState/tail agronholm/pythonfutures altera-opensource/linux-socfpga andygrunwald/go-gerrit antlr/antlr4 AOMediaCodec/libavif appurify Sync-friendly git mirror of repo/gentoo with caches and metadata: 59 min. [] Clone. Alpine Linux is a community developed operating system designed for x86 routers, firewalls, VPNs, VoIP boxes and servers. Please visit jdk. landley. The aosp-mirror GitHub account provides a read-only mirror of some of the most common repositories from the Android Open Source Project. https://github The GNU C Library is designed to be a backwards compatible, portable, and high performance ISO C library. 01 branch (`b9a408c2b49ccfa0e906bda00ef77f4002e401fd`), grouped by Problems to be reported here are for the OpenWrt/LEDE Project targets, sources, toolchain, core packages, build procedures, distribution and infrastructure. Gogs is a painless self-hosted Git service. Notice: The survey has been re-enabled for this version so that we can get some information about how the state of systems being used for GZDoom has developed over the last year. However, one can ask github to install this service for repositories which are part of an organization. The latest musl source is always available via the git revision control system. h> #include <linux/list. ( mirrored x86_64-linux-musl; x86_64-linux-gnu; x86_64-freebsd; aarch64-linux -musl Send them to the mailing list (preferred), or as pull-requests on the GitHub mirror. A few conflicts had to be resolved: - In the DEVELOPERS file, because Fabrice Fontaine was added as a developer for libupnp in master, and for libupnp18 in next. com) 97 67. 30 Jun 2018 Hackers gained access to the GitHub Account of Gentoo Linux and infrastructure and the code hosted in the Github is only the mirror. $ sha256sum -c --ignore-missing sha256sums. git: Gentoo ebuilds for bleeding edge versions of packages - newest, untested - runni 12 months: summary log tree: repo/user GitHub is where people build software. Can't access The Pirate Bay? Try one of the proxy sites below. EGLFS is the default plugin on many boards. RunKit notebooks are interactive javascript playgrounds connected to a complete node environment right in your browser. gz, Rich Felker, 3 months. ID 1337DAY-ID-6405 Type zdt Reporter whoppix Modified 2007-06-06T00:00:00. Use this category for help with technical issues with Manjaro. gitchromiumos/third_party external/github. Following example demonstrates the bug. Can handle everything Cross-compilation toolchain, root filesystem generation, kernel image compilation and bootloader compilation. Get KDE Software on Your Linux Distro has packaging information for those wishing to ship KDE software. English has been my pain for 15 years (2013) (antirez. 8. it is designed to run as root (with suid bit on) to facilitate the privilege escalation of users to execute certain programs as superuser. openwrt. Contribute to AssemblyScript/musl development by creating an account on GitHub. Make ruby-ui usable for YaST an idea by dmacvicar ruby-ui was a hackweek project with jreidinger to make libyui (YaST text/graphical engine) usable from pure-ruby without going through YC * A shared state mirror is now being published on yoctoproject. Alpine Linux is an independent, non-commercial, general purpose Linux distribution designed for power users who appreciate security, simplicity and resource efficiency. This is a serious issue. downloading the . Hi! I just want to notify that an attacker has taken control of the Gentoo organization in Github and has among other things replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious versions of the ebuilds intended to try removing all of your files. 2 Download tools; 6. If you want the build to be usable by a group of users, set umask before unpacking so that the files will be readable by the target group (e. Popular Linux distributor Gentoo said its Github repository was hacked by unknown threat actors who changed GitHub pages and replaced ebuilds with malicious ones. io. 5 GB of memory for each 1000 pods. h> #include <linux/cpumask. gz, Rich Felker, 6 months Rich Felker, -2/+2. Master Hosts In a highly available OpenShift Container Platform cluster with a separate etcd cluster, a master host should have, in addition to the minimum requirements in the table above, 1 CPU core and 1. Gentoo GitHub mirror hacked and considered compromised. node 2018-03-18T12:01:41Z 3328264(3. com/strongloop/fsevents/issues/157# issuecomment-265545908. html. It's part of oldpackages, which is unmaintained. Fingerprint: A7830CCABA4AFF02E50213FE8F32B4422F52107F Uid: Adrian Knoth Allow: a2jmidid (A62D2CFBD50B9B5BF360D54B159EB5C4EFC8774C), ardour (There's a lot of that going around in musl; the users are wrong for wanting to do what the users want to do, musl is only for people who think like Rich. You can view the source code and review the history of the project, just like any other repository on GitHub. I have managed to compile llvm and clang against musl, but it behaves really strange: At first I tried to launch the compiler with musl dynamic Repositories created and contributed to by ifduyue. No changes will be made to these packages until they are picked up, submitted to github and maintained. 22 · musl-1. The ifunc mess means that it just plain wont work on musl, and musl doesn't support ifuncs because they're effectively a completely unspecified hack to turn existing ABI into function pointers. When it comes to creating Docker containers, it's best to always strive to minimize the size of the images. h> #include <linux/auxvec. Series; Patches; Bundles; About this project; All projects; Patches The files that we need from alpine to modify is initramfs-vanilla, and a copy of apk folder (alpine. Complete summaries of the Gentoo Linux and Arch Linux projects are available. Updated your Gentoo repositories yesterday consider replacing them or removing the compromised files you downloaded yesterday as there is a news going viral all over the internet that the Gentoo’s Github page resulting in compromisation of the original source and replaced with a malicious code so if you use Gentoo you need to be conscious about your machine. outside of the Buildroot tree, using the br2-external mechanism. About. 0 release. At the moment it is possible to build a musl based toolchain, but bootup in Qemu fails. This page gives you the shortest path to checking out Clang and demos a few options. Here's how you use BFGMiner in Mining Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies Step 1 Download BFGMiner Step 2 Extract BFGMiner Step 3? To download the latest BFGMiner, take a look here. So sanitizers have been disabled. Images that use the same layers and weigh less are transferred and deposited more quickly. 0-5, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked soname links created by ldconfig. Not very sure about this last one. cc/ zbDYrV > The ‘wooden’ case is actually 3D-printed from PLA > The project took two months to build > The detector includes a cooling fan Quick Facts GHOST DETECTOR T ANTHONY DIPILATO Based in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, Anthony is a full-stack developer who enjoys designing, building, and coding things If you want to capture it on the wired/core network side, just find the proper interface and mirror it. Depending on the question, answers may point you in the right direction instead of a direct solution; if you need step-by-step help please post in Newbie Corner. io helps you find new open source packages, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones you depend upon. * Specific architecture support: - Added support for RISC-V architecture (riscv32 and riscv64) This variant is highly recommended when final image size being as small as possible is desired. family like glibc or musl unless the user can download binary files through a mirror. The malicious code was inserted into the Gentoo, musl, and systemd repositories within the portage and musl-dev trees. 1 directly within the Buildroot tree, typically maintaining them using branches in a version control system so that upgrading to a newer Buildroot release is easy. The other thing is that a native xserver would be nice, because Xephyr converts the touch inputs to mouse inputs. com. 2 Luminous (dev)¶ This is the third development checkpoint release of Luminous, the next long term stable release. For the purpose of this exercise, we run a simple “hello world” program in the background. ” Dropbear SSH. What is Yocto Project 3 4. Yocto Project Introduction 2015 issue. path" for dynamic library lookups 2018-11-14 15:47:52 LDSO_ARCH is armhf for both alpine/armhf and alpine/armv7 2018-11-14 15:48:17 oh, btw, should I write notes about moving from armhf to armv7 2018-11-14 15:48:51 hmm 2018-11-14 15:50:52 we should ask dalias Adélie uses the musl c library instead of the more commonly used GNU C Library. New or existing classes do not need to be designed to directly support Mirror and no Mirror-related code is necessary in the class' definition, as far as some general guidelines are followed. com/Debian/debiman. h> #include <linux/spinlock. co. musl libc musl, pronounced like the word "mussel", is an MIT-licensed implementation of the standard C library targetting the Linux syscall API, suitable for use in a wide range of deployment environments. Resources. v1. 1 plus patch to add scramble functionality # To get it working, you need both sides patched, the server and the client # plus you need to add a scramble key to server and client scripts. You may upload 3 per post. com/lluixhi/musl-riscv), Glibc (upstream at  16 Nov 2017 git clone https://github. Every npm module pre-installed. Getting Started with Alpine¶. An unknown hacker has temporarily taken control over the GitHub account of the Gentoo Linux organization and embedded malicious code inside the operating system's distributions that would delete For the impatient. "Since the master Gentoo ebuild repository is hosted on our own infrastructure and since GitHub is only a mirror for it, you are fine as long as you are using rsync or webrsync from gentoo. Below are more details about each deliverable: Setup the application under test, with API tokens and/or GUI User ID/Password. Welcome to Gentoo Universe, an aggregation of weblog articles on all topics written by Gentoo developers. It uses simple compressed files as a package format, and maintains a text-based package database (more of a hierarchy), just in case some hand tweaking is necessary. Notarizing Your Mac Software for macOS Catalina The OpenSSL FIPS Object Module 2. However, the developer says the code doesn’t On the evening of June 28, UTC, Gentoo Linux’s Github repository was hacked and successfully took control of the organisation at 20:20. 5 hacker ♥️. My main blog where I post longer pieces is also on Dreamwidth. org," Warner said. com/llvm-mirror/compiler-rt. All superblock mirrors are updated in tandem, except in SSD mode which alternates updates among mirrors to provide some wear levelling. If you don't have a server to host your script and files, you can use GitHub or a cloud service like Dropbox for example, on condition that it allows direct download through "wget". New Debian maintainers This page lists the first upload of each maintainer (identified by their name and email), together with its sponsor. If you like what you see, please consider getting involved with the Clang community. 3 Repository public keys. 0 of the "musl" C library implementation has been announced. yoctoproject. 5j pcd:120 穴数:5 インセット:43 musl - I want this replacing uclibc when toybox is used! AARNet Mirror - Useful Australia Mirror for Open Source Software Backing up dokuwiki pages on github. git && cd compiler-rt # configure compiler-rt  29 Jun 2018 All Gentoo code hosted on GitHub should for the moment be considered the attacker replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious ebuilds and the Gentoo repository mirrors are hosted in a separate GitHub  7 May 2018 Source code at github. This Metasploit module attempts to gain root privileges on Red Hat based Linux systems, including RHEL, Fedora and CentOS, by exploiting a newline injection vulnerability in libuser and userhelper versions prior to 0. So I decided to do a test install of gentoo just to remind myself how fun it is :) Installing Gentoo. Description. Hygieia is a devops dashboard aggregator (hygieia. Skip to content » Ubuntu » Paquets » bionic » Source » misc Ubuntu » Paquets » bionic » Source » misc Paquets source dans « bionic », Sous-section misc Orthodox file managers survived because behind Spartan appearance, they provided a very flexible interface as well as provided far richer functionality then alternatives (and while it's just accidental that one of popular OFMs is called FAR, we can claim that it was God's hand which guided the author to chose this particular name :-). MANPAGES. 1-2008, and IEEE 754-2008. Until Wednesday, when Lynne Jolitz, one of the co-authors of 386BSD, released the source code to version 1. gosand writes: According to a story on The Register, the death of Ian Murdock in late 2015 has been ruled a suicide . org All Gentoo code hosted on GitHub should for the moment be considered compromised,” Gentoo said on its website. The Albany repository on the GitHub site contains hundreds of regression tests and examples that demonstrate the code's capabilities on a wide variety of problems including fluid mechanics, solid mechanics (elasticity and plasticity), ice-sheet flow, quantum device modeling, and many other applications. Although it is not strictly necessary, giving each disk a descriptive name upon creation will make it easier to keep track of its role in the system. 7, binutils, and more. All patches that were downloaded from Github are now + stored in their respective package directories. Note: you cannot use Alpine in that case, since Alpine is using the musl library instead the list of available packages from Alpine's distribution mirrors, without saving it to disk. Does it include a DHCP client? 2013-10-10 13:51:14 contains enough to do netinstall 2013-10-10 13:52:04 it has busybox, apk-tools, openssl, musl, openrc and few other core packages 2013-10-10 13:52:47 How do I set up a cross-compiler for musl arm? 2013-10-10 13:53:03 i native build 2013-10-10 13:53:27 Ah 2013-10-10 13:53:30 a minimum info set #is the source package name; # #The fields below are the sum for all the binary packages generated by #that source package: # is the number of people who installed this unofficial musl mirror git://git. However, a recent marketing push grew the user base by around 10% in a day. txt void-live-x86_64-musl-20170220. com/edannenberg/kubler. musl github mirror

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