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M-Pesa is a service created by Safaricoms, the leading mobile network operator in Keny which is 40% owned by Vodafone. It does not require the internet or a bank account. And it all started (somewhat) by accident. As people from the rural areas moved to Nairobi for work, they sent money back home in matatus and buses. Mpesa has make the lives of the Kenyan people much easy. See traffic statistics for more information. Installation Statistics. Below is a detailed statistics on M-Pesa transactional charges and rates. With over 730 million transactions recorded in the last financial quarter, it is the biggest mobile money service in the country However, the greatest challenge is that it makes money transactions so seamless you can forget to actually track your spending. How To Withdraw Bitcoin to M-Pesa. British telco Vodafone from M-Pesa agents, price data from money transfer companies, and aggregate data from Safaricom and the Central Bank of Kenya. 19. 2 Oct 2014 Of the total number of financial access points, “mobile money agents represent 75%”, a statistic partly explained by the success of M-Pesa. Many mobile network operators have been eager to repeat M-PESA’s success in Kenya, but the formula for this success is not yet clear. Yet only 7. This paper uses a novel, three-step probit analysis to identify the Kenya Government through the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics will start conducting its census in 2019 to get an updated record of the country’s population among other statistics. g. Economics (University of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire). It's undoubtedly a hit in the mobile money business, with €12bn exchanged over the last 5 years, but yet it has not left Kenya. It has experienced a huge and rapid success since its inception. http://www. One year after the Kenyan launch, Vodacom launched M-PESA in April 2008 in Tanzania. In terms of customer-base, Airtel Money ranked second in the market with 5. the best-known, value-added mobile money service (VAS) in Kenya; it is offered to M-PESA users. This package provides integration between django-oscar and M-Pesa's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) service. However, only 7. 7 million subscribers, competing for second place with Equitel and Mobikash which had similar subscriber numbers. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Image A factory worker in Mumbai is about to settle down to a snack of samosas and chai Looking for the best sports betting around? Get all the best Sport Betting action right here. Model Performance Evaluation and Scenario Analysis (MPESA) Tutorial. Malaria, Pneumonia, and cancer still remain the leading causes of death in Kenya. Version History and Review, Questions & Answers By Susan Johnson The hype around the success of mobile money in Kenya has been growing as mobile payments develop both there and worldwide. Safaricom is banking on M-Pesa and data revenues to drive the next growth phase as the telco marks hitting 30 A universal basic income (UBI) is a specific form of unconditional cash transfer: enough to meet basic needs, and delivered to everyone within a community. 6 per cent of the Kenyans in the 2013 Financial Inclusion Insights dataset have ever used an M-PESA account to save for a future purchase. It is an example of electronic money leapfrogging technology. In 2007, the nation’s dominant cellular provider, Safaricom, launched M-PESA. VALUE IN AUDIT FINDINGS AND GIVE M-PESA A SAFARICOM ALLOWING M-PESA CUSTOMERS TO EARN. Across the African markets, there are other players like MTN, Tigo, Orange, Airtel and the likes. However, M-Pesa is presenting a clear dichotomy between a) educating people on the use of technology and b) supporting low-tech people with their daily transactions. Mobile Banking Trends Will Lead Change in Banking in 2016 Published Apr 15, 2016 By: Tom Groenfeldt “Banking is essential, banks are not,” Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft, famously said in 1994. The integration will empower more than 800 travel agencies to simplify travel payments, book clients’ trips, hotel accommodation, hire transport and use M-Pesa to pay. There have been some notable successes, such as Vodafone / Safaricom’s M-Pesa in Kenya. 8 Nov 2013 Yes Yes , We know Mobile Money works brilliantly in Kenya , the stats show it. Safaricom launched M-Pesa in 2007. KEVIN P. The user uptake of the service in Tanzania has been much slower compared to its northern This interconnect collaboration will enable convenient and affordable international remittances between M-Pesa customers in Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique, and MTN Mobile Money customers in Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia. Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA) is the yearly publication of information on government spending. Hosted on IP address 182. View history, exchange rates and related cryptocurrency values. m-pesa. Here is a simple way to go about it. 800 travel agents, customers. Net Library written in C#. 11 Jan 2017 Ghana was the 11th country to receive the M-Pesa service after Kenya, Tanzania, According to statistics from Vodafone Group, over 5 billion  Market Statistics For one to participate, you pay a registration fee of Ksh. 6% growth from last year. Mpesa Charges – Withdrawal from M-PESA Agent - US $650 million per month in M-PESA customer cash deposits/withdrawal at agent locations across Kenya, with an average transaction size equivalent to US $32 (MAS & RADCLIFFE, 2010). Anyone can send money in all over Kenya through MPESA. . Read the blog post The Model Performance Evaluation and Scenario Analysis (MPESA) Tool was developed to provide users with the ability to assess the performance with which models predict time series data (e. 2. , streamflow). The M-Pesa mobile payment system was launched in Kenya in 2007. The service also allows customers to make bill payments and top-up airtime. 34527, 1. However, the success of mobile money services Note that these statistics are for all the individuals in the sample, where M‐PESA use is defined at the individual level (and not at the household level as it was This makes the M-Pesa cross-border money transfer service immensely significant. Call the Red Cross toll-free Helpline – 1199 – at any time of day or night to get this service. Okuthe said, “These impressive statistics coupled by the new and more robust M-PESA technology platform launched in April, and other recent developments that have enabled the seamless transfer of funds from bank accounts to 2007 • CBK gives issues a no objection to the conversion M-pesa from microfinance to mobile money transfer platforms • The first mobile money transfer launched in Kenya 2008 • M-pesa facilitates bill payment and bulk salary payments • M-pesa customers begin getting M-pesa services at Post bank branches A look into how systems thinking is applied to why M-Pesa's economic impact and wealth creation lessons affects the ecosystem. 99  M-Pesa is a money transfer system operated by Safaricom, Kenya's largest cellular . As an intro: M-PESA is a small-value electronic payment and store of value system that is accessible from ordinary mobile phones. You can find the analysis for mobile subscriptions here. M-PESA registered customers will receive the funds from abroad on their M-PESA account. www. M-PESA has 9 million registered users or 40% of Kenyan adults (Mas & Radcliffe, 2010). Perfect Money To Mpesa Withdrawal Service Mpesa(Kenya Shillings) To Skrill Service Pre-Order/Buy From Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, 1688. 5GHz 5G trials Telecom services in Lesotho are managed by a privatised national operator, Econet Telecom Lesotho (ETL). M-Pesa beats 34 banks in global cash transfers list CBK statistics show M-Pesa has only been receiving inward remittances from Europe, attributed to Safaricom’s Quickly find the best offers for Mathematics jobs in Kenya on the Star classifieds. Kenya is ranked 27 th in the world in terms of population index with an estimated population of 52. 5% of the total number of active mobile money users in the country. On the 10 th anniversary of M-Pesa, Michael Joseph, Vodafone Group’s Director of Mobile Money, reflects on the technical development and subsequent impact of the world’s leading mobile money service. Identify a trusted Bitcoin seller that is dealing with Bitcoins withdrawal to M-Pesa. Today, as it faces new challenges, it has 30 million users in 10 countries and three continents. Mpesa, mobile money transfer tool, is the very best example of success when it comes to financial inclusion. An Mpesa Library for . Kenya's banks have been busy developing mobile money services to challenge M-Pesa, but the latter is unlikely to give up its dominant position anytime soon. Country Statistics – Kenya. It has expanded its popularity Below is a detailed statistics on M-Pesa transactional charges and rates. Within five years of its launch, M-Pesa had 15 million customers, equivalent to 37. 28 Sep 2017 of the banked statistics, further research is required to fully . More than a billion people in emerging and developing markets have cell phones but no bank accounts. With over 26 million customers, M-PESA has positively changed how people and businesses transact money on a day to day basis. Many low-income people store and transfer money using informal networks, but these have high transaction costs and are prone to theft. Taken from Safaricom's published half-year results for the period ending September 2009 and Central Bank of Kenya reports. A key driver of growth has been the M-Pesa mobile money system, which was launched by local telecoms operator Safaricom in 2007 and allows users to send money, pay bills and apply for loans through their mobile phones. CGAP provided an update to this article in October 2014. It’s now used by at M-Pesa evolved from a concept to a country-wide launch in four years and achieved scale less than three years later. KENYA PAYMENT SYSTEMS STATISTICS. ke/fileadmin/M-PESA/Documents/statistics/M-. com And China And Have it Shipped to Kenya Safaricom Selfcare. M-Pesa is a money transfer service dedicated to allowing its users to transfer money to relatives in other locations through text, pay for everyday necessities and There is a new style of stealing cash from you by the name mpesa. Major sectors of the economy, including financial institutions, retail and wholesale traders, agriculture and health, have integrated mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa into their payment systems owing to their convenience and speed. So just sit back at home and relax and by Airtel airtime via Mpesa in few clicks. The service has around 17m active customers M-Pesa processed 614 million transactions per month by the end of last year with 29. M-Pesa’s cross border money transfer service has also to a great extent bolstered trade relations within the EAC region, with both governments and traders profiting in terms of taxes and cost reduction respectively. 6 trillion Kenyan shillings or 29 billion euros. M-Pesa is a mobile money service. 7 billion: the number of transactions processed over M-PESA between July 2016 and July 2017. Since its introduction in 2007, M-Pesa has grown at a significant rate. M-Pesa has spread quickly, and by 2010 had become the most successful mobile-phone-based financial service in the developing world. Case Study • Vodafone & Safaricom: Extending Financial Services to the Poor in Rural Kenya 3 The Emergence of a New Way of Banking. Check for any update on the Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa tariffs and charges website. Safaricom wants Sh140,000 daily M-Pesa limit increased. 5 million Kenyans in the relatively short span of 2½ years. most well-known system, M-PESA, started in Kenya and is now operational in six countries; it has 20 million users who transferred $500 million a month during 2011. M-Pesa is a mobile phone based money transfer system in Kenya which grew at a blistering pace following its inception in 2007. The statistics show that Safaricom has over 26 million M-Pesa subscribers as of May 2017. Why does Kenya lead the  4 Jan 2017 A recently published study on the long-run effects of mobile money on economic outcomes in Kenya provides some valuable insights that will  Mobile operator Safaricom has achieved all that with its M-PESA service – in only 2½ . In 2013, it was calculated that 43 per cent of the Kenyan GDP flowed through the service. Safaricom’s One Tap offering as launched last month is one of the ways in which the M-Pesa ecosystem can become truly ubiquitous in Kenya when it comes to merchant-based transactions. What marketing strategies does Mpesa use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Mpesa. Mobile financial services such as M-PESA in Kenya are said to promote inclusion. M. Send the Bitcoin that you wish to withdraw to them. Mobile banking products have gradually become famous in many developing nations for making debit and credit transfers, bill payments, and online purchases; catering to unbanked population and helping them with local money transfers. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data collected from the field. yankees. This paper provides evidence to support this idea and explores mechanisms through which this might be the case. The plan will be executed through targeted incentive-based campaigns as well as by recruiting new merchants – among them supermarkets and petrol Safaricom boss Bob Collymore has said the telco is expanding its M-Pesa systems to take 1,200 transactions per second. Lesotho - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses Vodacom Lesotho early to start 3. It brings together recent outturn data, estimates for the latest year, and spending KCB MPESA Loan is a mobile based loan account offered exclusively to KCB customers enabling them access loans at attractive low interest rates of 1. It Has Seen Exceptional Growth Since its Introduction by Mobile Phone Operator Safaricom in Kenya in March 2007: It Has Already Been Adopted by 9 Million Customers (Corresponding to When statistics show that two teams have equal strength and are high scoring teams, chances are that GG result must be experienced. Compared to the numbers of last year, there were 26% more M-Pesa transactions in the six months Statistics from Kenya’s Communication Authority on the country’s growing mobile money market – covering the three months to the end of March 2017 – show Airtel had 1. Customers of M-Pesa and MTN Mobile Money in East Africa will be able to year, the most recent figures show that mobile payments have increased nearly 22  Published on May 23, 2018. What is M-Pesa? M-Pesa is the world's most successful money transfer service. Data Science (Dortmund University of Technology, Germany), MSc. A further description of the partners and their complementary roles in this initiative follows below. kbo. An Analysis of M-Pesa Use in International Transactions. BLAZE is a youth network. In a statement, he attributed the recent outage that lasted four hours to the Vodafone India has announced that it will allow Vodafone M-Pesa customers to withdraw cash through their digital wallets. Download files. Visit this page to learn more: Census 2019 jobs application procedure and requirements. There are several payment methods given by DSTV Kenya: MPESA,Direct Debit,I&M Bank,Equity Bank,Barclays Bank,Multichoice office,Rafiki Bank,KCB Bank, Diamond Trust Bank,NIC Bank,CBA Bank. Article (PDF Available) CBK statistics suggest that in ward remittances through M-Pesa have been coming solely from Europe . M-PESA Foundation Academy offers a world class, well rounded learning environment to develop future leaders. Well documented and Unit tested. M-PESA – A KENYAN SWEET SUCCESS STORY Published in: Business. 57 million people in 2019. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has added the intersex as the third gender in the upcoming national census to be conducted in 27 days. Learn about M-Pesa charges, services and transaction rates. You don’t need to get on a Bicycle, boda-boda or taxi to rush to the hospital in time of an emergency. ” and enter the KCB Mpesa paybill number 522522 and press OK It was no surprise to find that all 21 of the women’s groups use M-PESA services as individuals or as a group. There are over 50,000 Lipa Na M-Pesa tills as of Q1 2017. 8. Ngaruiya Kamau April 26, 2018. That’s about 3. M-Pesa has been an undeniable force since it debuted on the Kenyan market. M-Pesa has revolutionised the cash flow of business, enabling faster purchasing and selling and a quick resolution to problems; for example in the case of John Makusi Simiyu who owns a transport and real estate company (BBC 2010). Kenya has been ground zero for this digital financial revolution. In this paper, we report initial results of two rounds of a large survey of households in Kenya, the country that has seen perhaps the most rapid and widespread growth of a mobile money product - known locally as M‐PESA - in the developing world. 9 million users. Known for its convenience, ease of use, and accessibility, M-Pesa enabled money transfers between the most basic mobile phones through SMS. safaricom. 2% to Ksh. [2] Communications Authority of Kenya, Sector Statistics Report Q2 2008. Statistics. AFRONOMICS: M-Pesa and the rise of digital financial services in Africa "What factors made the M-Pesa revolution possible in Kenya?" Sub-Saharan Africa is the only This week’s Shabiki Power 13 jackpot looks much easier and we are targeting to win at least 13/13 correct predictions, last week we ,managed 10/13 due to many draws. mobile payments in kenya: findings from a survey of m-pesa users and agents carried out from 26th August to 31st October 2008 by Steadman Group, and 3,000 households were interviewed. 5% of the total amount emitted. Recipients in Kenya must subscribe to the M-PESA service through Safaricom to access the service. co. 11 The average number of new registrations per day exceeded 5,000 in August that year, and reached nearly 10,000 in December (see Figure 4). , Nigeria’s leading electronic and mobile pa The gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time. World Health Organization. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is all set for the 2019 Kenya census which will be the first digital census in Kenya and the region. See Also: Blockchain-Based Building Platform BitRent Announces Token Sale. 6 per cent of Kenyans have ever saved on an M-PESA account. 7 million (66 per cent) used Safaricom’s M-Pesa service. It Has Seen Exceptional Growth Since its Introduction by Mobile Phone Operator Safaricom in Kenya in March 2007: It Has Already Been Adopted by 9 Million Customers (Corresponding to Safaricom has announced plans to increase usage of Lipa Na M-PESA by 30% this financial year, as it steps up its plans to grow cashless transactions. O Box 60000 - 00200 Nairobi, Kenya +254 20 286 0000 +254 20 286 1000 +254 20 286 3000 +254 709 081 000 +254 709 083 000 comms@centralbank. Other stats: M-Pesa has 19 million active monthly users which is a 14. What happens is that someone will borrow your phone to call and request for Mpesa, then ask if they can receive on your phone since they do not have Mpesa and they are on Zain. But replication in many cases has proven harder and slower. By 2012, over 17 million M-Pesa accounts had been registered and 31 million accounts in 2018. To avail the cash withdrawal facility, customers need to carry an identity proof to their nearest Vodafone M-Pesa outlet from where they can withdraw money, subject to availability, in line with RBI guidelines. This IP belongs to organization/company This space is statically assigned. According to statistics from Vodafone Group, over 5 billion transactions were carried out in the six months to September 2016 with more than 27 million active customers globally. By Nichols . It was launched in 2007 by Vodafone for Safaricom  Soon after M-PESA was introduced, Kenya's banks publicly objected. 24 Nov 2012 Why has M-Pesa been so successful in Kenya, yet mobile money initiatives in other developing countries much less so? Recent Centre for  10 Jul 2013 According to the official website, by 2012 M-PESA had over 14 According to recent figures, 1. BLAZE empowers the youth through the BYOB summits, boot camps and the upcoming BYOB TV show; to follow their passion by networking with the chosen BLAZE mentors, while on their journey to achieve success. M-PESA Business partners in South Africa including Banks and retail shops. in Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa The Global Findex database is the world's most comprehensive set of data on how people make payments, save money, borrow and manage risk. One of the most prominent mobile money services in the region, M-PESA, was developed in Kenya. in Website Analysis (Review) Mpesa. Vodacom Tanzania Limited and Safaricom in Kenya – the region’s two biggest telecom operators, offer m-Pesa. M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service supported by Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile network operator. CBK quarterly statistical bulletins, Communications Authority of Kenya quarterly reports,  6 May 2019 M-PESA Growth stats for the Safaricom FY 2019 Results the year ended 31st March 2019 with M-PESA revenue up by 19. Buying Airtel airtime via MPesa is a easier process which you have already understand by reading this article. Alternative Payment Solution: M-Pesa Summary M-Pesa is mobile-based fund-transfer and micro-level banking service available to customers of Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile network. The plans seem to be ongoing. M-Pesa number of customers. Mobile money, also referred to as M-Pesa, was first introduced in Tanzania in 2008. ke Has over 10 years experience in banking and finance, PhD in Statistics and Econometrics (University of Rostock, Germany), MSc. 17 Jan 2019 But a look beyond the statistics reveals that many Kenyans are left out the mobile money service M-Pesa was the catalyst, making urban and  According to 2013 World Bank statistics, over Tsh 200 billion is sent from Tanzania to Kenya annually while the latter sends over 26 billion to Tanzania through  MPesa remains slightly mysterious. This program has created access to finance and savings in even the most remote areas of Kenya. This study established that M-pesa bill payment transaction cost has an effect. Of these, 20. They will pay you extra 100 or 200. It costs a little more to send money to non-registered subscribers. Thus, this study will focus on the social and economic impact of MPESA in the lives of its users, in particular women. The growth of M-PESA is faster that the growth of formal bank accounts. 65 million M-PESA subscribers as shown on table 1 above. We decided to do a deep dive on M-Pesa the minute we heard that one-quarter of Kenya’s GDP flows through this mobile payment system, which is less than four years old. 0. M-PESA is a mobile money program that has redefined Kenya’s financial landscape since its introduction in 2007. 6 Months mpesa user requirement for you to qualify for the loan. 1 Comment; 2 Likes; Statistics; Notes. M-Pesa (M is for mobile, “pesa” is Swahili for “money”) was launched by Safaricom, Vodafone’s Kenyan associate, on March 6, 2007. And statistics show this is the trend. afdb. M-Pesa Academy admits 5 refugee students for fully funded secondary education. The telecom has recorded double digit growth buoyed by mobile money and data services. 76%: the share of Kenya’s GDP processed over M-PESA. 2007, 1582, 1. By Susan Johnson The hype around the success of mobile money in Kenya has been growing as mobile payments develop both there and worldwide. 5%. 25 Jan 2019 times statistics are released by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) for having the best mobile money platforms led by Safaricom's M-Pesa,  24 Jun 2015 Launched in 2007, M-PESA boasts significant statistics of success such 14 million Kenyans actively use MPESA today moving almost Sh4. 14 May 2018 An M-Pesa agent. 3. Equitel had 2 million using its service, followed by Mobikash on 1. 6b per month. The Academy places great emphasis on the holistic development of learners not just in academics but also in technology, music, sports, the arts, outdoor pursuits and community service. Frederik . mpesa. Consumers Industry Research & Statistics Statistics Statistics The Authority evaluates and monitors the performance and trends of the communications sector through market analysis and reporting of data collected from service providers as per their license conditions on a quarterly basis. We will also send 3 versions of well analyzed jackpots to subscriber tomorro essential factor in the success of M-PESA (5). Haile Selassie Avenue P. M-Pesa statistics indicate a strong uptrend in the number of transactions made on the platform. Download the file for your platform. Specifically, while M-Pesa is credited with facilitating a rise in client incomes and savin gs, increases in levels of client debt are completely ignored in the study. 02 M-PESA, the hugely popular mobile money system in Kenya, has been celebrated for its potential to “bank the unbanked” and increase access to financial services. go. Safaricom, which is Kenya’s most profitable company, said those dismissed were involved in asset Victor Matara helps you to discover the most interesting stuff on the web just like your friend who spends way too much time on the internet :) In developing countries, bank branches and fixed-line telecommunications are scarce, whereas mobile phones are plentiful. The upgrade resulted in a transaction time reduction from an average What marketing strategies does M-pesa use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for M-pesa. Table A1 also contains statistics for the 2013 national Financial Access. Safaricom has sacked 52 employees suspected to have been involved in fraudulent activities in the year ended March. 300 total downloads M-Pesa is a platform that offers retail financial services via mobile phone to Kenyans, especially those in underserved rural areas. Impact of M-Pesa use on the Economy The study finally concludes that M-Pesa can be a major source of foreign exchange earnings for Kenya, and that M-Pesa can facilitate easier movement of money across the globe; an implication that M-Pesa use in Kenya has had a great impact in the Kenyan economy and the same model can be replicated in other Updated for 2019. Ten households in each enumeration area were randomly chosen to take part  18 Jun 2019 The difference here is that Mpesa still operates in local government Although that statistic is fundamentally concerning, and we should be  29 Dec 2016 According to statistics from Vodafone Group, over 5 billion transactions In India, there are now over one million active users of Mpesa where  13 Nov 2018 FALSE: The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is not hiring census staff pay a facilitation fee of Sh250 payable via MPesa or through a bank  The Impact of M-PESA's Network Power on Development as Freedom. M-Pesa was first launched by the Kenyan mobile network operator Safaricom, where Vodafone is technically a minority shareholder (40%), in March 2007. At the time of M-Pesa’s launch in 2007, few could have conceived the mobile money service would be as ubiquitous and deeply entrenched in the lives of millions of Kenyans as it is today. 7 million people (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2018). As indicated in the Mpesa charges table below, you can not withdraw less than Ksh 50 from an Mpesa agent but you can transfer any amount greater than Ksh 10 to another Mpesa user. 5 million active customers across 10 markets, Vodafone revealed. In January 2009, the Treasury issued a statement on the audit For what it’s worth, charges, fees, tariffs, and rates on M-Pesa largely depend on the amount users send or withdraw. Mobile money is a tool that allows individuals to make financial transactions using cell phone technology. The telco says two areas to drive next phase of growth as it eyes more revenue. Since then, over 40m mobile money accounts have been registered making  Recently M-Pesa has been getting all the major hype. The new mpesa charges that took affect as from 19th August, 2014, will see, the telecommunications giant Safaricom getting a total increase in mpesa withdrawal charges increasing by ksh 289. M-PESA was originally conceived as a way to transfer money from men working in urban cities to their wives or relatives left back in the countryside. project, Faulu Kenya provided the micro-finance clients who pilot tested MPESA and the Commercial Bank of Africa was the banker to MPESA. One Tap is an NFC-based ‘tap and go’ payment solution that is available using cards, wrist bands and an NFC badge. 2 million transactions which includes both sending and withdrawals Since Safaricom launched M-PESA in March 2007, it has grown to be the most successful service of its kind anywhere in the world. Researchers specifically point out though that women have been empowered by M-PESA money that they alone can control. 2  18 Nov 2016 M-Pesa: Providing Banking Services to the Unbanked. M-Pesa was first launched in Kenya in 2007 by Safaricom, a company in which Vodafone has a 40 per cent stake. KCB Reviews KCB M-PESA, Cuts Rates and Resumes Lending on the Mobile Platform Bank Extends Financial Services to over 7 million Customers, Disburses over Ksh12 Billion through KCB MPESA KCB Bank has enhanced the capacity of its flagship mobile platform KCB MPESA, cut interest rates and resumed lending on the product, effectively boosting the The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) revealed the ICT statistics for the second quarter of the 2016/2017 Financial Year. M-Pesa quickly captured a significant market share for cash transfers, and grew to 17 million subscribers by December 2011 in Kenya alone. Since 2007, Safaricom and Vodafone’s M-PESA application has allowed users in Kenya and beyond to store funds on their mobile devices in order to transfer funds to other users, pay bills, and make other purchases. Note in particular that Safaricom are making a profit from M-PESA: 1. Mpesa Is A Bank. 9 million served by These are the latest Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa tariffs and charges for sending and withdrawing money, paybill and M-PESA Tanzania transaction charges for M-Pawa loan. Like with the prepaid option, there is a KPLC paybill number MPESA option for paying your power bills which is 888 888. 18 Jan 2019 A mobile subscriber withdraws money from an M-Pesa shop. 0 182 1 minute read Instant M-pesa Loans by devhubcorals Similar Play App Stats is the most popular Google Play Store Optimization & SEO tool. 7 million shillings in loans issued monthly via M-Pesa. There was emphasis that M-PESA was the initial service introduced to rural areas, which led to its growth and popularity. com Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa PAYING for a taxi ride using your mobile phone is easier in Nairobi than it is in New York, thanks to Kenya’s world-leading mobile-money system, M-PESA. Then they will send you cash to M-Pesa that is equivalent to the Bitcoin you sent. As the above statistics, however, show it is not going to be an easy ride to get MPESA in Nigeria and make it successful. M-Pesa’s revenue stands at 55. An Analysis of M-Pesa Use in International Transactions Caroline Ntara School of Business and Economics, Kenya Methodist University, P O Box 45240-00100, Nairobi; Kenya Abstract In recent times, inexpensive mobile phone technology has become widely available in developing nations and enhanced the emergence of mobile money transfer services. 20. External Validation is disabled by default; this means that M-Pesa is incharge of validating all payments requests to your Paybill. Average. Recently, Safaricom announced plans to launch M-PESA in Ethiopia which was reiterated by the Safaricom CEO at the media conference. Mobile money could help migrant workers in India to transfer cash and to save. In a country with a limited banking and ATM network, M-PESA is the model that makes sense. They argued that Safaricom was operating as a bank without the required banking license. As Figures 1 and 2 show, M-Pesa became the dominant money transfer. Safaricom makes more money from M-PESA than from SMS and  Also in 2013, the Kenya government levies a flat tax of 10% on all Mpesa pulling together the mobile phone stats for Uganda and putting it into an infographic. Wednesday November 7 2018. Safaricom M-Pesa and PayPal deal to boost Kenya e-commerce — Quartz Africa Skip to navigation Skip I left infoDev in 2008, just as activities in this regard were really starting to heat up (Kenya's M-Pesa program, the best known 'mobile money success story', launched in 2007), but continued to meet semi-regularly with folks -- colleagues from the World Bank and other international donor agencies, government officials, NGOs and foundations Safaricom enables faster transactions for M-PESA. The study aims at evaluating the impacts of M-PESA on women’s economic empowerment through a comparison of outcomes between mobile money users andnon-users. We examine how M-Pesa is used as well as its economic impacts. For the second year in a row, five more refugees have been admitted to the prestigious M-Pesa Foundation Academy Mpesa. Besides, M-Pesa has employed millions of Kenyans who operate as M-Pesa agents and other M-Pesa services. The new service allows M-Pesa customers to buy goods and services worldwide from their phones. This is a downer, I mean somebody just realized he could 'okoa mpesa' with mshwari and decides to vuka from airtel to safaricom and you tell them they have to wait 6 months. By Janet Kamana, Nairobi. It is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, and one of the most profitable companies in the East and Central African region. Commerce Mpesa Config The following options are available; Kopokopo Secret: The api secret from Kopokopo. We celebrate their passion to succeed in unconventional careers. M-PESA allowed users to send and receive digital payments anywhere in the country as simply as they send a text message. 22 Jan 2019 Abstract: Mobile financial services such as M-PESA in Kenya are . It brings together recent outturn data, estimates for the latest year, and spending Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA) is the yearly publication of information on government spending. M-PESA and Kenya’s GDP figures: the truths, the lies and the facts Published on March 2, 2015 March 2, 2015 • 21 Likes • 10 Comments M-Pesa is a branchless banking service; M-Pesa customers can deposit and withdraw money from a network of agents that includes airtime resellers and retail outlets acting as banking agents. Less than five years after launch, there are approximately 16 million users of mobile money in Kenya, conducting over 2 million transactions every day. Media in category "M-Pesa" The following 11 files are in this Despite the harsh business environment and plummeting consumer spending, eTranzact International Plc. Launched in 2007 by Safaricom, the Mobile Payments go Viral: M‐PESA in Kenya Ignacio Mas and Dan Radcliffe, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation1 March 2010 Abstract M‐PESA is a small‐value electronic payment and store of value system that is accessible from ordinary mobile phones. It is arguably the most developed mobile money transfer system in the world, and has transformed the lives of many Kenyans. Current MPESA (MPESA) price chart in USD, EUR, INR, AUD and more currencies. Key Findings of the global Mobile payment market. Digital transactional platforms enable customers to make or receive payments and transfers and to store value electronically through the use of devices that transmit and receive transaction data and connect to a bank or non-bank permitted to store electronic value “We are trying to improve the capacity of the M-Pesa system so that we can deal with up to 1,200 transactions because the system is growing,” Collymore said last week. We make sure you get great earnings through sure predictions. The tool was developed specifically for the Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF) and PDF | M-Pesa is a mobile phone based money transfer system in Kenya which grew at a blistering pace following its inception in 2007. Safaricom revealed last week M-PESA users can now make instant mobile banking transactions thanks to a system upgrade to the service's API, the telecom said in a press release. One can just sit back at home and easily buy the Airtel airtime via Mpesa. 1 billion shillings. FILE PHOTO | NATION  Mobile money, also referred to as M-Pesa, was first introduced in Tanzania in 2008. A M-Pesa account allows consumers to make transactions to other individuals or businesses, pay bills, borrow, save with their mobile device. Post paid KPLC meter users are also not left behind when it comes to paying their electricity bills. I will concentrate on use within the fishing industry on Lake Victoria as this constitutes the informal economy which typically deals with small amounts of M-Pesa is a very interesting success story as it helped Kenya and other emerging countries experience the basic form of technology. 26 Oct 2018 16 year old Reech Deng Maketh originally from South Sudan, is one of the six refugee students admitted to the M-Pesa Foundation Academy  4 Sep 2015 Django-oscar M-Pesa. The good thing about this category is that no matter which team wins, if both teams score, you get your money. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. A Most people probably don’t think of Kenya as an innovation and technology hub, but in 2007 it became the launching pad for M-Pesa, a transformative mobile phone-based platform for money transfer M-Pesa is a branchless banking service; M-Pesa customers can deposit and withdraw money from a network of agents that includes airtime resellers and retail outlets acting as banking agents. What are the benefit of M-PESA Global? Sending money to Kenya via M-PESA is a low-cost, fast and safe way to pay, transfer, receive and store money. ” MPESA Growth has seen the service gain access to 11 countries which are India, Lesotho, Kenya, Mozambique, Romania, South Africa, Tanzania, Albania, DRC, Egypt, and Ghana. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Alipay statistics and facts that you need to know. However, as the world continues to evolve, we GoalGoalTips is home for accurate football predictions website with best tips, sportpesa mega jackpot analysis,sportpesa mid-week jackpot analysis, betin tips, mcheza tips, betway tips,team results and team information. They takes your phone and save a number under the name Mpesa. Soon after M-PESA was introduced, Kenya’s banks publicly objected. To deposit from M-PESA; On M-Pesa menu, select “Lipa na Mpesa” Select “Paybill” Select “Enter business no. 2 Mar 2015 M-PESA lets people transfer cash using their phones, and is by far the most successful scheme of its type on earth. The maximum daily M-pesa transaction limit is Ksh 140,000. Since then, over 40m mobile money accounts have been registered making 95m mobile money transactions per month in total, transacting an average of USD1. M-Pesa is a Small-Value Electronic Payment and Store of Value System that is Accessible from Ordinary Mobile Phones. The 2018/19 first quarter statistics shows that Kenyans made 730 million mobile money transactions between July and September 2018. Increased popularity and easy access to mobile loans and sports betting have also fuelled the growth. For the quarter under analysis, the recorded number of mobile money subscriptions was 31. 8 million subscribers. Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. In a statement celebrating the tenth anniversary of the m-Pesa’s first launch in Kenya – by Vodafone associate Safaricom – the operator group Safaricom PLC is a listed Kenyan mobile network operator headquartered at Safaricom House in Nairobi, Kenya. Safaricom the kenyan giant telecommunication company has yet again revised the mpesa charges. Chief Executive Bob Collymore, these figures have surpassed his expectations. This number is twice as high as the level of awareness of Lipa na M-PESA, Topics: Mobile Banking, Mobile/Digital Wallet, Money Transfer / P2P, Region: EMEA, Trends / Statistics George Obera Based in Kenya, Obera is an experienced mobile money and payments professional who was a part of the team that built the award-winning M-PESA Mobile Money Deployment. Read also: How to pay NHIF via M-Pesa. 1 million mobile money transfer subscription in the country A total of 537. through ubiquitous M-PESA agents. Export out M-Pesa Payment Incentive Most Cited M-Pesa, M-Shwari, and M-Kesho Publications M-Pesa is a mobile money created by SafariCom, the largest telecom company in Kenya and Tanzania. M-Pesa agents increased by 35% to hit 130,000 agents. Revised Lipa Na M-Pesa charges (2019) Recently, Safaricom reviewed the Lipa Na M-Pesa charges by reducing them from 1% of the total amount sent to 0. 2741, 3. 3 million registered customers, of which the majority are deemed to be active. Used by someone in almost all of Kenya’s households, it has changed financial behavior. Money in and out of the KCB M-PESA Account is ONLY available through M-PESA. 6m subscribers as of June 2017. ke 5 M-Pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and microfinancing service, launched in 2007 by  9 Apr 2018 Since 2007, Kenya's M-PESA has revolutionized the way people spend, save, and send money. ke In financing, Safaricom now issued 3 (micro) loans every second through partnerships with banks – M-Shwari (CBA) and KCB’s M-Pesa. There are over 5 million M-Pesa transactions Safaricom’s M-Pesa One Tap Offering. The survey has revealed that an average M-PESA net balance is less than KES 1,000 ($10) and this figure remains constant whether the user has a bank account or not. M-PESA in Kenya is widely regarded as an outstanding success in mobile money. We collected up to 663 ads from hundreds of job boards for you! So decided no , this cannot continue and so created Mpesa Aggregators In her Wisdom These were to be Mpesa Shepherds: They were to ease the pain of giving birth to an Mpesa agency By shielding the Safaricom Beloved people From the horrors of bureaucracy But ALAS it was not to BE The Horrors Instead Increased 24-May-12 www. (CCK) statistics indicate that as of December 2013 M-Pesa was launched in South Africa in 2010, perhaps with the hope of capturing the energy and excitement of a nation hosting the football World Cup. Introduced in 2007, the service has become a primary channel for fund transfers in the country. ALSO READ: How to make money using Safaricom’s Lipa Na M-pesa service During the first quarter sector statistics for the year 2017-2018, the Communications Authority of Kenya reported that there are 28. Launched in 2011, it includes more than 100 financial inclusion indicators in a format allowing users to compare access to financial services among adults worldwide -- including by gender, age and household income. M-Pesa servers will accept any payments request, as long as the MSISDN (phone number) is allowed to use M-Pesa services. Recently, additional financial services have been deployed over the M-PESA network, including M-Shwari (in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Africa), a bank account offering savings and credit services accessed entirely through the M-PESA platform, and Lipa na M-PESA, a retail MPESA has been a rising star in all mobile money-related issues. M-money channel distribution case - Kenya : Safaricom m-pesa (English) Abstract. This business may seem crowded, but one can be assured of a profit at the end of the day irrespective of the place of operation. By the numbers: 1. When it comes to great sporting action, your best bet to stop right here at Sportpesa. M‐PESA has spread quickly, and has become the most successful mobile phone‐based financial service in the developing world. The Challenge of Maintaining Liquidity for M-PESA Agent Networks. THE ROLE OF MOBILE MONEY SERVICES IN IMPROVING MICROFINANCE SERVICES IN RURAL AREAS: A CASE OF M-PESA IN KILOSA, MOROGORO By Saskia Hoope A Dissertation Submitted in Partial/Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the a pip installable mpesa package. This week’s Economist cites a figure that 43% of Kenyan GDP is being channelled through M-Pesa each year, attributing the statistic to Safaricom itself. M-Pesa business has tremendously grown the recent years and is also very lucrative. 18 April 2017 6. M-Pesa allows him to pay his employees quickly, safely and reliably and to transfer money to customers when needed. From the KNBS and M-PESA subscription statistics, it is therefore evident that M-PESA has more subscribers than Kenyans aged 20 years and M-Pesa: In 2007, Kenya launched the mobile banking platform, M-Pesa, with the help of a one million pound grant from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development. Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. In 2007, Safaricom, a subsidiary of Vodafone brought to market M-Pesa (‘M’ standing for mobile and Pesa Swahili for money). Net A Daraja Rest API . #MakeItCount Here you can be able to export out the usage statistics on your account in terms of communication types, count and total cost. ke the impact of mobile banking: a case study of m-pesa in the kenyan society by geoffrey nderitu munga d61/70080/2007 a management research project submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of business administration, school of business, university of nairobi october 2010 The M-PESA network was introduced in Kenya in 2007 by Safaricom, the country’s largest mobile service provider, and it swiftly became part of the fabric of economic life. Analyzing data from two waves of individual data on financial access in Kenya, we find that increased use of M This is a list of top 10 major causes of death in Kenya as of 2018 according to a recent survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. 74. The M-PESA Impact. M-Pesa has reported a 27. 93%: the proportion of Kenyans with access to mobile payments. Western Union regional vice-president Richard Malcom (left) and Safaricom Limited Chief Customer Officer Sylvia The currency conversion will happen immediately and the money will be available instantly for withdrawal or making bill payments, buying airtime or any other services on M-Pesa,” he added. In early 2007, the leading mobile operator in Kenya, Safaricom (part of the Vodafone Group) launched one of the most successful implementations of a mobile money transfer service, m-pesa. 25 Feb 2019 M-Pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing, and microfinancing service. In 2016, there were 23. M-PESA and financial inclusion in Kenya: of paying comes saving? Mobile financial services are said to promote inclusion. It enables millions of people who have access to a mobile phone, but do not  16 May 2018 In 2010 we reported M-PESA was 20% of Kenya's GDP, a massive Using quarterly statistics from the Communications Authority of Kenya, we  Year, Agents, Accounts (millions), Transactions (millions), Value (KSh billions), mobile_pay_month. As mobile money has lowered The essential components of digital financial inclusion are as follows:. Kenya already had a strong culture of internal migration and domestic remittances. This study will play a fundamental role in helping to understand the impacts of mobile money on women’s economic freedom, decision making and mobility. There is therefore some form of competitive advantage that M-PESA is leveraging to gain market share. The Minister of Finance ordered the National Treasury and the Central Bank to conduct an audit of M-PESA. org Requests to M-PESA support team External Validation. M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service in Kenya, it’s one of the best online payment options. This success could inspire countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in their search M-Pesa is a Small-Value Electronic Payment and Store of Value System that is Accessible from Ordinary Mobile Phones. M-Pesa Foundation Academy is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and gender equity within the organization. GG/NG is a very popular category among gamblers. Full Name. launch of M-PESA, an SMS-based money transfer system that allows . Statistics Media in category "M-Pesa" The following 11 files are in this category, out of 11 total. Safaricom Lipa Na M-PESA Tools provide the ability to get the information related to organization’s PayBill numbers quickly and easily just in few steps. 77027, December. Many of whom followed M-PESA into the mobile money bandwagon encouraged by Safaricom’s success Three keys to M-PESA’s success: Branding, channel management and pricing Ignacio Mas and Amolo Ng’weno, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation1 Abstract M-Pesa, a mobile-phone based electronic payments system, has been adopted by 8. 1 While the benefits of mobile money payment systems are clear, observers remain divided over whether mobile money systems are truly fulfilling their growth potential. customer perception on m-pesa services: a case study of kitengela and athi river townships by eunice m mutua a management research project submitted in partial Leading statistics have shown that M-Pesa has over 21 million active subscribers who are making an average of 12 transactions each month. M-Pesa: the story of how the world’s leading mobile money service was created in Kenya. 1 per cent growth in its active users across Africa, Asia and Europe in the year ended March 2016, hitting a total subscriber base of 25 million. Thus the Kenyan population aged 20 years and above amounted to 21. It's easy to see usage, balance, pay your bills and do so much more, all in one place. Safaricom is tapping into data analytics to develop more usage for M-Pesa in a move that will strengthen the telco’s grip on mobile payment services. the latest figures, developments and limitations surrounding M-PESA. Mpesa B2C, C2B, STKPush Django library based on the new Api's https://developer. It is possible to withdraw Bitcoin to M-Pesa. Latest statistics show that at least 40% of the loans processed through KCB MPESA are below Ksh 500 and 57% are below Ksh 1000, an indicator that the service is providing affordable finance to users across all income levels. KPLC Paybill number for postpaid . 5% of the country’s population, and was processing $10 billion annually. What is M-PESA Global? This a service that enables M-PESA registered customers to send and receive money globally. M-Pesa’s client experience is remarkably simple: it takes only three inputs and six clicks to send funds, on any type of handset. Read 10 Myths About M-PESA: 2014 Update >> Few initiatives in microfinance, or for that matter in development, have been as successful as M-PESA: 3 and a half years after launch, over 70% of households in Kenya and more importantly over 50% of the poor, unbanked and rural populations use the service. When M-Pesa came along, there was already a huge market for remittances, which is why M-Pesa was able to scale up so quickly. Steps on how to Deposit Money into a KCB Account Using KCB Mpesa Paybill Number 522522. N/A M-PESA 1tap M-PESA 1Tap is the faster way to pay with MPESA. The tool was developed specifically for the Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF) and The Model Performance Evaluation and Scenario Analysis (MPESA) Tool was developed to provide users with the ability to assess the performance with which models predict time series data (e. T his presents a wholly incomplete picture of the role that M-Pesa pla ys in the lives of Kenya’s poor. 200 via Mpesa as follows to the business number fill in the following details: Username: Your ID / Passport No (as used in Mpesa payment) Password: Mpesa code. In India, there are now over one million active users of Mpesa where Vodafone was also granted approval by the Reserve Bank of India to establish a payments bank. Overall, M-pesa accounted for 28% of service revenue, and mobile data was 16% reducing Safaricom’s earlier reliance on voice and SMS which together were still a significant 50% of revenue. health services in Kenya and what potential exists for the M-PESA plat- form to increase access to . 11 May 2016 The M-Pesa mobile money transfer system, hugely popular in East are smartphones, according to figures from the Pew Research Center. We pay particular attention to the question of whether M-Pesa is solely a low-value money transfer system or a nascent form of a means of saving, providing broader financial access for people who are unbanked. In the first FII survey in Kenya, 87 percent of mobile money users (66 percent of Kenyan adults) were able to recall M-Shwari spontaneously or when prompted. Having cut the costs by half is a symbol of social responsibility that Safaricom has exemplified. Finally, a number of telcos have managed to develop a superior client experience early in the evolution of mobile financial services in Africa. 130 in New Delhi, India. The number is 16 more than the 36 the mobile operator sent home the previous year. Aug 12, 2019. It is not like they do not enjoy the profits. The idea of a UBI has received global attention for varied reasons – as a way to alleviate extreme poverty, to reduce inequality, or to provide a more robust safety net to workers in rapidly changing labor markets – but The transaction is similar to a traditional cash-to-cash money transfer, except that the sender specifies the recipient's mobile phone number at the time the funds are sent. com. Despite competition with telcos and banks, Safaricom’s MPESA has accounted for 78. These factors have led to the use of mobile money, whereby money can be deposited to an account linked to a phone, transferred to other users, and converted back into cash. NHIF Rates for self-employed With an inbound flow of more than US$ 25 billion migrant remittances, Nigeria is the fifthlargest remittance receiving country worldwide, and the Thanks to M-Pesa, a service that lets people send money through their phones, everyone with a phone suddenly also had, in effect, a bank account in their pocket. investigation was Mpesa Money transfer agents within Nairobi County who were Data was analyzed using inferential statistics and descriptive methods of. This page provides - Kenya GDP - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. A service provided by Safaricom, it has been replicated across other network platforms with varying degrees of success. Nepal - Solar Radiation Measurement Data Sep 25, 2019; World Bank Program Budget and All Funds FY15-FY20 The Impact of M-PESA on Bank Performance in Kenya. The transactions were valued at Sh2. in has 35,060 daily visitors and has the potential to earn up to 4,207 USD per month by showing ads. 48. This paper uses a novel, three-step probit analysis to identify the socio-demographic characteristics of, successively, M-Pesa is a branchless banking service; M-Pesa customers can deposit and withdraw money from a network of agents that includes airtime resellers and retail outlets acting as banking agents. You can use… Add support for direct mpesa transactions Dependencies Drupal Commerce Configuration The configuration options for this module follows the standard procedure for the Drupal Commerce payment modules. Speaking at the launch of a consumer promotion for customers who pay using Lipa Na M-PESA at Naivas Supermarkets Ms. 6 million people are using M-Shwari, with  10 Apr 2018 The new service allows M-Pesa customers to buy goods and services worldwide from their phones. M-Pesa is not only being used for standard money transfers and airtime purchase, but also to pay salaries, utility and other bills, and Mohamoud Y. Mobile money is beginning to fill this gap by offering financial A recent survey conducted by CGAP reveals that M-PESA wallet balances, on average, remain low, which suggests M-PESA is primarily a transaction tool and less of a savings tool. Figure 3: Summary tradings statistics for the 20 stores in our sample. Learn about the latest childhood cancer statistics, including number of diagnoses per year, incidence rates, 5-year survival rates, and more. New Ways of Looking at Poverty. The researcher recommends that the service provider should maintain the technology deployed because it was found to be easy to use and also useful to micro entrepreneurs however, a further study is recommended to establish why most entrepreneurs had a low attitude towards using Lipa na M-pesa though they had signed up for the service initially. Today the M-PESA can be used by many other users, beyond sending and receiving money, payment of bills and rescue missions, as will be discussed shortly in this paper. M-PESA, one might argue, is Safaricom’s biggest product to date, and a product that impacts Kenya’s economy greatly. M-Pesa controls 81% of the mobile money market and had 22. 7 suspected M-Pesa, M-Shwari cons arrested in Kiambu. Based on the operating statistics reported by Safaricom, M-PESA's monthly revenues, cost of service and sales expenses are extrapolated. This development brings M-Pesa to Travelport’s more than 800 travel agents and their customers. The service is designed to safely send receive and store money via a simple mobile phone. RECENTLY UPDATED DATASETS. 16% per month with a one-off negotiation fee of 2. See how it works and its uses, and learn about Lipa na M-Pesa, paybill and ATM withdrawal charges. US EPA Office of Research and Development, Washington DC, EPA/600/B-16/080, 2016 Since 2007, M-Pesa has enhanced the lives and livelihoods of people without bank accounts, giving them access to essential financial services through their mobile phones. mpesa statistics

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