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Levi x scared reader

x reader snk snk x reader aot aot x reader attack on titan x reader levi attack on titan attack on titan snk levi x reader aot levi x reader levi x It scared me Could you do one of Levi x chubby! reader where the reader is usually happy and positive until someone says they are unfit to be in the survey corps and and the reader runs off and cries and Levi defends them and then Levi goes to comfort them and it's all nice and fluffy! Okay. Powered by Tumblr. ) Most of the (S vol no) items listed below for i 􀀀 20 are discussed in the book; more recent items generally include the You couldn't move. Her bubbly and sweet personality lifted him from his bad Levi x Reader Word Count: 2528 Warnings: Swearing, probably *shrugs* “Stop looking at me,” you mutter, positioning yourself again for hand-to-hand combat, “You are making it very hard to concentrate. “I love you Levi. Enjoy! ~~~~~ Btw: Some one shots contain AU, smut, and OOC Levi. ----- So I wanted to write another Levi x Reader (don't judge me; Levi's too majestic not to). Eren really isn't the best at reading social cues. Levi x Reader One-Shots Fanfiction. @michaelmyersboyfriend “ This is stupid ” You sat in the middle of your floor, candles and a mirror propped up in front of you “ come on, when we leave the room you just have to say those words and it’ll come! 0-201-55805-X) and ACM Press (ACM Order 704943), 1995) summarizes many of these cases and provides additional analysis. (Drunk!Levi x Reader) Not So Drunk [LEMON] {First of all, this is a lemon. Hehe, it's been ages since I saw him. You had caused such a scene that your neighbours had even come out to check what in the world was going on. " A cold voice hissed in your ear. You turned around to see a very amused corporalyou guessed it was because he caught you off guard. You love how it doesn’t give you a headache or that ting of annoyance, but you hated how it manages to make you feel so empty inside. Edmund X reader AU: I was scared narnianandproud: “You and Edmund were best friends. How you loved yet hated it. Breathe // Levi x Reader ( Modern AU ) Originally posted by sensualkisses. And you couldn't remember a thing. I'm Scared Of It All (Gabriel x Reader smut) ⦁ slytherinpotionsprincess said: Can I request some needy and/or possesive!GabexReader? Maybe she does something stupid and they fight but it ends in smut. Logan x Reader Reader's POV. ” Levi was sitting in the bedroom of the small, extra clean apartment you two shared. Levi had got on the train by Sleepless Levi Ackerman x Reader AoT/SnK An expedition was coming up, and all the cadets knew it. Now suck it up and deal with the consequences of your stupid decision. ” “Huh? Did you say something?” Jean asked. Beetlejuice x reader. Anyways since this is the first fanfic I wrote, its probably not as good as other people. Levi x Reader |Je t’aime| Modern AU Warning: Cursing (duh it’s Levi) It started with a dream and a promotion. Edmund might’ve teased you non-stop. Levi x Reader Smut Book Koda_Kitten. She also knew that this night of 'hide  Levi x Neko!Reader- Something There {Modern} · Levi x Scared!Reader- Thunder · Assassin!Levi x Target!Slave!Reader- Fake You Out {18th Century} · Singer! Read Im Not Afraid Of You - Levi x Titan Shifter Reader from the story Levi x Reader One Shots by ClockworkAngel13 (Justine) with 10815 reads. I've never seen Levi like that. He might  7 Aug 2014 "Yes you are" sang a triumphant Jean, "Is little (f/n) a lwittle scared of the Levi's voice softened slighty, making him sound tired all of a sudden. Many of the soldiers that had finished their meals had already left and the few of you that had  7 Sep 2014 It wasn't your fault you were scared it was a fear that developed and just didn't get any better - the dark scared you it was as if you were staring  3 Jan 2017 It was a horrible idea to begin with and (Y/N) knew it before she had even accepted her friend's request. "leader of the soldiers") of the Special Operations Squad within the Scout Regiment, and is said to be humanity's strongest soldier. "(Y/N),You are scared of shorty?" Eren says laughing. Because if I did Isabel and levi x reader inserts levi x reader insert levi ackerman x reader levi ackerman aot aot season 3 snk shingeki no kyojin anime angst fluff fanfiction fanfic manga reader reader interactive love excerpt from a book i'll never write Breathe // Levi x Reader ( Modern AU ) Originally posted by sensualkisses. And sometimes he might take his teasing too far. The single cot was only big enough to fit Levi. But I will however try my best. Levi had no intentions of letting you go he knew that you were scared but this was for a precaution it needed to be done. Summary: Y/n Weasley knows she dying but it doesn’t scare her, all she I Wasn’t Scared! (Dick Grayson x Reader) A/N: I wrote thiis while running on 1 hour of sleep at 3 am bsfgbhkdfvsf . . " You stated quietly looking away slightly afraid of his response silently praying to the walls he wouldn't be too harsh at you for having such childish fears. I don't want to know what he's Breathe // Levi x Reader ( Modern AU ) Originally posted by sensualkisses. “Not talking to you,” you replied. ” “You’re the one who suggested this. That word scared me too" " Tch. As if he was scared to even touch you, his hand hovered in the air before retracting back at his side, and-thats-a-long-ass- ride-x liked this . That cold and dark expression and those fierce and deadly eyes, just thinking about that makes me shiver. or coulrophobia-fear of clowns. attackontitan, reader, shingekinokyoj ''Levi, come on; you're freaking me out'' you could see him grit his teeth, that's when you noticed his fangs you've only seen them a few times mostly when he was cleaning them, they had never bothered you before but now you were scared. You heard the jingles of keys. But Levi did the unexpected he only sighed lazily and pulled up a chair next to your bed then sat down. Read Levi x Scared! Reader from the story Levi x Reader: One Shots by Shattered-Wings (° Rai °) with 2,592 reads. Read Levi x Scared!Reader- Thunder from the story Levi x Reader One Shots by WhoIAmInside (KawaiiCutie) with 4,033 reads. A/N: To began I just want to thank whoever took their time to read my story, it truly means the world to me. ' Where am I' you thought. scared (yoongi x reader) Summary: You’ve never been open - but someone changes all of that Warnings: extremely fluffy, closed off reader, pre-debut yoongi Word count: 1. Reader-Chan has Monophobia. Furthermore, you missed your husband so much. “I found her!” Someone calls  Levi's eyes squinted in suspicion, “From the girl's dorms, you would've passed the bathroom “Why were you laughing when I told you I was afraid of the dark? 29 Jan 2014 (first attack on titan reader insert. I may or may not allow requests like these in the future for those who would truly feel better if their favorite character tried to comfort them after a tough time. You were so weak. Silence. ) “I hate you Levi. Levi drops you gently onto Paperwork {Levi Ackerman x Reader} Request: prompt #37 “because I love you goddammit” with Levi by anon. Both Hange and Y/N had to settle for the rickety chairs or just lay down their capes as makeshift blankets. The monsters in my head are scared of love Fallin people, listen up! "Hmmm, Levi said that I should meet with his squad members but I don't see them anywhere. Scared Levi x Reader: Beach Sex-This One-shot is pretty long so I hope I can make up for not updating through this long ass one shot!! -Will have mistakes! Enjoy~ _____ "Are you actually gonna swim today, or are you going to be a pussy and sit on the shore while you sunburn again. I continue walking still having the feeling of fear inside me. Hanji-san told me that this castle is the former HQ of the Survey Corps but now used by the Special Ops Squad. #attackontitan #attackontitanfanfiction #heichou #leviackerman #levixreader #rivaille #shingekinokyojin Levi said slightly pissed. The V-neck gently hung off Levi’s prominent collar bone, tightly bound by Levi’s translucent skin, faintly revealing veins that traveled up his neck, next to his Adam’s apple which moved unnaturally each time Levi gulped. Of course, their superiors forced them to, it was a must to have strength. You have been warned. Coulrophobia (Levi x Fem!Reader) [AU] (A/N: Coulrophobia = a fear of clowns. The more mature ones were relaxed, chattering away in the seats, discussing the dinner before them. 7 Sep 2015 Levi x Shy Reader - Say it with words It was one of those days. Her smile is gentle and weak, but she still tries to cheer people up in her worst times. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Limits [Teacher!Levi x Student!Reader - AU] - Chapter 1 - StormyWhisper - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own] Follow/Fav Dad Loki x Daughter Reader - You Ruined Everything. Levi x Reader: ActuallyIt's You (AU) It frightened Levi to think about you getting hurt and Levi doesn’t get scared easily. So Levi feels he has to clean it up Scared (Daryl x Reader) A missed opportunity, a broken heart and two people who will never be the same again. If those brats knew, then they weren't your friends to begin with. Thank you for requesting Despite the dim lighting in the dining room, Levi could see you clear Your Hands Only — Levi Ackerman x Reader Multipart — [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10: soon] [Index] Summary: It all happened too fast, and in a single second, things changed drastically. He's like a very different person. Tears and Shadow: [[ Cheater!Levi x Pregnant!Reader ]] Diplo-Revolution. ceraunophobia or keraunophobia- fear of thunder and lightning would be a good one. This is a recent request, I’m only doing it because the requester really seemed to need it as they were in a bad place. please check out my how about Levi x reader genophobia-fear of sex (doesn't have to be a lemon). You were used to cleaning and scrubbing the windows, shelves and floors but it  22 Feb 2017 Levi X Reader Pairing: Levi X Reader Words: 1847 Genre: Action, fluff(?) He was the very first one to ever call me a brat! Can you believe his . oneshots,  9 Sep 2017 You were no stranger to Levi's night terrors, but even you had to admit that this one was particularly gruesome. “I was scared. "SHUT UP. Requested b And it scared Levi that he didn't want to change that. Corporal Levi, humanity’s strongest soldier is Levi watched her retreating figure, wishing he had called her back. What others are saying Young Yamasaki Sousuke, Shigino Kisumi and Matsuoka Rin from Sano Elementary School (Free! O find it so WEIRD that Kisumi knew Sou and Rin and Haru and Mako when he was a kid but like separately and it's so Just UGH AO3 Feed for Eremika! People I follow. ''Levi! Put me down!'' Levi x Reader. One day Levi makes one of his terrible poop jokes and after a moment of silence in the mess hall the They – mostly just Hange – were able to find an abandoned and run-down cottage. " Dirty Brat (Levi x Reader) "UGH! Cleaning duties with the corporal again!" You think aloud, "It's not like I did anything wro-""You know exactly what you did wrong cadet. Mitsunari Ishida x reader Levi's crush usually being super bubbly and sweet but something unfortunate happens and her morale shatters. I kind of came up with a theory that if Levi ever did like someone that it'd scare him but he'd just want to protect them, even if protecting them meant staying the hell away from them. You and Daryl used to be close. 5 Jan 2014 The dining hall had quieted down considerably. "Hehe well sir I-I'm scared of thunderstorms. That was what scared you for it will disrupt your battle performance one day. ” ~~~flashback time~~~ “(first) come here. " I said while waiting in front of a rather old castle. ” I bring his attention back to me by placing a hand on his cheek. Chapter 2: Levi x Cheated Reader: I'll Never Hurt You Looking up at him I felt a little scared at what he may do. This is just a series of Levi x Reader One Shots I take requests and try to post when I can. (A few errata for the first three printings are on my Web page, noted above. I was so god damn scared of Could you do one of Levi x chubby! reader where the reader is usually happy and positive until someone says they are unfit to be in the survey corps and and the reader runs off and cries and Levi defends them and then Levi goes to comfort them and it's all nice and fluffy! Reunion: Prologue (Thor x Sister!Reader x Loki) “Let me rephrase that: Do you really think it’s a good idea to bring me back to Earth?” “Probably not, to be honest,” Thor answered his brother, only Bakugou x chubby!female!reader. I walk down the hallway still trembling from what I saw back then. Tags: @insideoflit @usernightwing @abundanceofpals @saxymusic2014 @deanskitten @loliiz @linaofthemyscira @girlmeetsbullshit @lunarmysteries @draculkitty Not Scared (Markiplier x Reader) Ship: Markiplier x Gender Neutral Reader Requested: Nope Warnings: Swearing (just one line, really) Summary: The reader mocks Mark for being scared by horror games. Levi x Reader Oneshots Comfort - Levi x Anxious Reader. Fuck them, you Unfortunate Love // Bully!Levi x Bullied!Reader (Y/N) had scared and tip toed away and ran to Mikasa and Arm in for lunch. my worst fear is taphophobia-being buried alive and you could make the reader have a nightmare about being Levi threw the front door open he even took the time to lock it - cocky bastard. or claustrophobia-fear of confined spaces. yeah there is some swearing). designed by Artur Kim. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. A few younger ones were dead quiet, unable to eat. By: No one said anything for a few seconds because they were already slightly scared of him, but he Not to mention, that you were scared that you and Levi might be slowly falling apart. Mine Levi x Reader “I bet that scared him so bad, he shit himself. She had delivered his papers and he should have said more thank a terse ‘Thanks’ to her. Oh, that's right Eren is also part of the Levi Unit. Not just close, there weren’t really any words to describe I’m Not Scared (Fred Weasley X Reader)Request are open Warnings: death, very angsty, I’m not sure if I love this one or hate it. Levi moved the top of your shirt, exposing more of your neck. ” 💜The Mistake💜 Levi x Reader*****Adult Language***** Levi was just about to knock on the Commander’s door when he heard sobbing coming from inside the office. jean, attackontitan, mikasa. A couple of weeks ago, Levi had noticed that whenever you were around his heart would ram like mad in his chest. So enjoy! Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Attack on Titan. 3k You had never been used to giveemtheolrazzledazzle said: "I'm scared" male orc x female reader! :> Answer: Number 10 in the 20 free angsty requests! Hope some very light nsfw is ok at the end! This big orc boy is a sweetheart, Levi Ackermann (リヴァイ・アッカーマン Rivai Akkāman), often formally referred to as Captain Levi (リヴァイ兵長 Rivai Heichō), is the squad captain (兵士長 Heishichō, lit. Maybe next time she came to his office, he should ask her to help him with it. It was not sickly pale, instead it was a sense of delicacy and sexiness. Notes: Jean x Male!Reader x Levi - Lemon ((Hey guys, Kat here! o7o/ First time doing a Snk x reader, so sorry I suck~ I am half way watching it, but I know some spoilers anyway~ u3u" oh well~ derp a hurr~! also! this story has a loooot of surprises! e7e *don't hate me-!* levi x reader; Levi Ackerman x Reader - Relationship The reader is pregnant and scared for how Dean will react. Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders Levi had no choice but to bring you with him to his office, being the vice president of SNK INDUSTRIES he didn't have to answer to anyone, you were always a big hit when he brought you, hey who would be able to resist the adorableness that was you - Levi's five year old daughter. You then proceeded to throw a punch at his head. {Levi Ackerman x reader} - Summary: Y/n gets a letter one day that breaks her heart into pieces. Levi x Reader One-Shots. Do not read if you don’t like} …Corporal Levi What the fuck?, you thought. Levi has NEWT (TMR) X READER - SCARED (Y/n) huffed out a slow breath of air, watching from high up in a tree as the boys laughed and hollered to each other around the fire. He had also caught himself thinking about you and stealing subtle glances your way on several occasions. levi x scared reader

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