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Last are layers of . This file is an excerpt from the foam sandwich boat building instructions supplied with our plans. The hull is hand-laid using a mixture of isophthalic and orthophalic resins with S-glass and woven rovings. In the other thread on this issue, some authors were claiming that motor oil is not tacky, and will not stay on the filter, but I don’t remember that ever being an issue. The combination of fiberglass on the outside and foam on the inside creates for a board that is durable yet also lightweight and fast. H80, 5 LB. You name it, someone somehwere has tried it. It was glassed only on the exterior. . Not to dogpile this or anything, but in a typical Marske type spar the shear web consists of three plies of cloth, typically 9oz 7725 "Rutan BID," over a stiffener of 1/4" Divinycell H60 PVC foam. the 30-year-old previous foam. You fill it with drinks and ice and when you pick it up it falls apart in your hands. Thanks! While gatorboard and foam core are both types of foam display boards, there are some differences in their design and durability. Top Divinycell H? What weight and . Metals. a Divinycell) was used a lot to toughen the skins. The new Performance foam core hulls have 8mm Divinycell foam with a layer of fibreglass on each side. I have never seen a core sample in which all the kerfs were filled and the core /laminate joint was void free. In fact, a hot drink in a plastic-lined, paper cup loses twice as much heat as the same drink in a foam cup over the course of just 10 minutes. I have been researching a good deal on this subject with a view to having a 22 - 25 metre performance cruising boat built. LAST-A-FOAM® is unaffected by water, fuels and most solvents, and paint finishes are easily applied. A repair made with marine foam cost almost twice what a plywood cored repair does. He sent the thicker, less compliant light grey type instead of the darker, more compliant version (pic attached of the two). Our knowledgable staff can help you with all your boatbuilding and composite needs. 1 day in normal conditions). PU foams tend to be the most economical of the foam cores since manufacturing process yields are higher than for other foams like PVC. 75" Divinycell foam core. However, if your dog is large or heavy, this thinner foam may not be as durable or supportive for his needs. It is almost as stiff as the 13 layers of carbon fiber, less than 1/2 the weight. Fibreglass/foam: The Standard Weta has 3mm resin filled honeycomb cormat. OVERVIEW of Last-A-Foam® FR-4300 Series Thermoformable Board: Last-A-Foam® FR-4300 Series Thermoformable Board is a unique flame-retardant structural polyurethane foam. Chris, 1) This heat and vacuum drying process is taking time, but it really isn't that much effort. We are a family business and we would love to help you with your next project. 1 lb nominal Cut, 1/2in, 4 lb. If it rots, it can spread to the rest of the boat and create a terrible, dangerous mess. com, along with other boat building supplies. Hull lines, underwater appendages and rigs were drawn by Jim Taylor Yacht Design. This page was last edited on 16 September 2019, at 14:02 ( UTC). My 20 ft all glass garvey, [except for the transom which is starting to swell, where we thru bolted the motor] reminds me of how good that coosa board is for its intended purpose. top: 5oz carbon x 2 + 6 oz E, bottom: 5oz kevlar + 6 oz E. Once derided by traditionalists as being PVC Barge Board Specification Perth WA - WA Smart Solutions. . Download with Google Download with Facebook I choose for Corecell foam from former Canada's ATC-Chemicals but nowadays SP-Systems, to be the structural foam. The stringers are foam-cored and, in fact, the only wood in the ZX is the Baltek balsa coring of the hull and deck. foam rolling (passive) vs. I keep thinking I am quite well informed until I learn something new -which is often! If you check Savage river and Wenonah you will see that their soo racers are 30# plus and very pricey. The last jobs Similar to 345 Bond-A-Lite’s consistency, 945 uses vinylester resin to create a highly water, chemical & heat resistant bond. Highlights Application of lightweight aluminium sandwich structures in the shipbuilding. Aluminum Super mileage Chassis and Body –Design Team 16 12/4/2009 9 Last years harness will be Divinycell H 60 3/8“ Rigid Foam Now, just because the wood and foam is a little wet doesn't mean the boat isn't safe, just that at least it's on the way to getting there. Egg crate foam is less expensive than therapeutic foam. Quasi – static indentation tests were carried out using indenters with different shape. Last A Foam, Urethane Foam: Cut 1/2in. It’s here – the Last Foam Party Of 2018! At 10 pm, DJ Monica Parker Spins as the foam drops from the second floor, getting up to 10 feet high! This is your last chance to get in the foam until next summer! Cover for this Saturday’s Foam Party is $15 for 21+ and $25 for 18-20. For orthotropic materials with three planes of symmetry oriented with the coordinate directions, if we assume that = and that there is no coupling between the normal and shear stress terms (and between the shear terms), the general form of the Tsai–Wu failure criterion reduces to Carbon Fiber vs. Paying someone to repair Over the millenia people have built boats out of all kinds of stuff. Plain Divinycell cross-linked PVC foam core. This foam is as solid as rock below about 30 degrees and takes about a half hour to get soft using body heat. My layups will be 1708 and csm using polyesters resin with a 1/2” divinycell core. Saatva Mattress. None of these foams will melt from epoxy or polyester resin. With density under 0. What price can you get GOOD marine ply for where you are vs foam ? If there is a big difference then there is your answer. Received a small sample from CST this morning and will do some experiments with it this weekend. Manufactured by DIAB, the Divinycell range of polymer structural foam cores is the most comprehensive available. 7 January 2013 — I ordered a fairly new-to-the-market 2-speed trim controller from TCW which was made specifically for heavier duty trim actuator motors (read: NOT Ray Allen servos!). The instructions supplied with the plans are more detailed and contain information specific to the boat. When I have tested - CA glue makes a superior glue joint when skinned with plywood vs epoxy glue - on Divinycell H series that is The last finish that is applied to every Hatteras hull bottom is an ablative anti-fouling paint. I originally planned on a Gypsy but the bunk size is what made me go for the Tamar. balsa and quickly decided to use balsa. Can I add that Carbonco uses closed cell foam, similar to divinycell as a core rather than polystyrene. PU foam will tolerate styrenated resins, but, it's very brittle stuff. Divinycell won't make it a one step ordeal. Look at the large sportfishers, many of them are still balsa cored. Although the boat we sailed is built from vinylester resin and fiberglass vacuum-bagged over Divinycell foam, the Barcelona-based North Wind yard has plans to offer post-cured epoxy hulls within the next year. /cu. I decided to return to using Vintage-AR for a AR90 complete kit. Divinycell is good for this because it can be heated and formed to make the shape. 6 lb. SUPs today are made from EPS foam. A friend of mine had a boat he once owned involved in a drunken boating incident after he had sold it. In retrospect, the savings in using XPS foam (blue/pink) as the core were more than eaten up with the cost of epoxy, the quantity of which I had underestimated. 5 lb, and 2 lb density. I think I'd want a 12" x 15" bottom to deck cassette installed at least on a non-production board. Foam Sandwich construction - Part 1. Serving the boating and marine industry in many ways, Foam Supplies, Inc. After the first year, they have to go through this process annually to maintain certification for every type of foam they wish to have certified. H-80 is a 5lb per cubic foot density and is commonly found in marine and transportation applications. cause the foam to break down. I am more convinced that the box was simply floating in the foam. Every questions gets answered. 21 size sponsons. All components including the frames are vacuum bagged to get an excellent laminate bond and to eliminate any excess resin. Air mattresses will over time either develop leaks or generally become less effective at retaining air Class B foams usually last longer in the environment and have more significant environmental impacts. Am I right to conclude that the PVC foam crushes under impact or dents more than the San foam and that PVC foam is stiffer but less tough than San?? Stiff is good and tough is good but can I have both. To pick the best material for your sign, picture frame backing, or any other project, you’ll need to know the difference between the two, so read on! How To Clean Your Memory Foam, Poly Foam, Mattresses. Last, foam wears out and gets hard. My small patches of Gorilla Glue are sticking like Mad to the divinycell. Getting into boats of this size, deck layouts become ever more important for sailhandling. Divinycell H60 closed cell PVC foam core material. Divinycell is a  Can any of you that have worked with either corecell or divinycell as a skin they are better suited to the application, despite being "weaker" foams. I couldn't recommend it for coring in good concience unless it is of high density, wich mitigates the benefits of sandwich construction severely. Vinyl Foam: Divinycell 3 lb. The advantage vs. (Call for specific applications). this foam core in place of Divinycell 80 How Long Does a Certi-Pur-US Certification Last? Foam producers are required to go through the entire certification process every 6 months for the first year. The cuddy top was added as a !/4" ply, then the hatch frame, and a couple of internal stringers that were used to screw the top sheet of ply down while the epoxy set. The foam provides the support and lines up with the seams in the depth, width and boxing of the cushion. PVC Foam. Experimental Mechanics, 2011. I had this situation last year. or are particularly fond of the color blue, you'll need a finish layer of something. Insulating expansion foam (“spray foam”) is measured by how much the liquid form of it expands once it’s dispensed out of its container (hence the terms “high expansion” and “low expansion” foam). The reason for the gaining popularity of the memory foam is their level of comfort that they provide when compared to the spring mattress. Anytime you find a boat with soft spots you should expect the worst, because about 90% of the time it's worse than it first looks. How to build a foam sandwich composite boat. I want to keep her light in case I ditch the motor and battery to paddle around on small water so I've got my eyes on 1/2" divinycell for deck and bulkhead material. Partly just because I always wanted a wooden boat. What are the pros and cons from a structural and weight stand point? What are the performance differences as well? Thank you in advance. com, and I've found these things to be a bit difficult to track down. Just remember that the fit is critical- any extra space around your face or skull means the mask will slam into your head and concuss you. Instead of a flat layer, the foam looks like a very large egg carton. DIVINYCELL has become the largest provider of closed cell foam in the . The lay up from bottom to top is peel ply (dacron fabric), 5. Remember that there is a difference between stiffness and strength. Divinycell F went into production late last year in Texas. bubbletop debate is like color schemes or cg location - it's personal preference. Please advise density when requesting a quote for this material. The mold is clamped shut and sealed tight with belt clamps which can be purchased from Burman's. It not only helps with soreness , but also prevents injury. 2. Due to its high processing temperature it is particularly suitable for structural designs in light aircraft, private and business jet applications. In addition, some manufacturers of saddles with foam panels will do a panel replacement if your horse changes shape. The experimental procedure herein is carried out for Divinycell H100 PVC foam in room temprature using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) in a configuration with one camera on either side of the specimen. We cut H-80 Divinycell foam to the shape and placed it on the table including heavier foam in hi-load areas. Marine grade plywood, properly sealed will last forever. Fiberglass is lightweight, corrosion resistant, economical, easily processed, has good mechanical properties, and has over 50 years of history. However, when I started riding back in the 70s, I’m pretty sure “air filter oil” didn’t exist, and we just used a heavy-weight motor oil on the foam, and it worked fine. per cubic foot foam. Sawfish, an Unsinkable, Lightweight, Foam Kayak (23 Lbs). I found the specs on compression strength of commonly used foam cores vs. WOVEN ROVING 24 OZ. Your last stab went a little higher, right through the clavicle, going to tear through sensitive muscle tissue and get at the blood vessels, another bleed out. My boat has a hard top with isinglass on alum tube frame. Tickets Hi Joe: I'm selling powder coating in South America. That’s about $5. It's tough to overcome that density differential 5 lbs/ft^3 vs 22 lbs/ft^3 (foam vs western red cedar) Just think how light a fully foam cored canoe can be! My only issue is that I'm still homeless, with no dedicated work space, and I know some of you guys will build it first! Says Koehler, “We can get away with very few ribs because of the composites’ stiffness. Commercial, military and composite manufacturing companies use LAST-A-FOAM ® rigid and flexible foam sheet stock for its proven mechanical properties and extraordinary versatility. Choose one based on your preferences and your needs. Make sure you have read the previous articles and you have got some Divinycell H60 structural foam cores. Re: Foam Core VS Balsa Core - no stringers I don't know a lot about balsa core but I found out a while ago and have researched other composite materials (poly core for one) but the bottom line is if it isn't recommended for marine use DON'T use it. Because the transom has a number of openings for exhaust and engine systems, Donzi uses Divinycell foam for reinforcement there, to prevent any possibility of water absorption. Ft. Originally I wanted to do a pilothouse on my 225 explorer but opted for a hardtop for weight reasons. cycling + foam rolling (active + passive) on hamstring stiffness as well as maximal ROM at 5 min and at 30 min after treatments were applied. , The Gill Corporation, Plascore, Inc Valid points by mike! I’ve decided to use a core. Its LAST-A-FOAM brand of rigid, closed-cell foams is widely used in boat decks and transoms, as well as for pattern and tooling applications and aircraft interiors. or two. So this time it was their turn. of metal, a full furnace of molds is equivalent to 2. is a full service foam fabricator including design and testing capabilities for Polyurethan, Polyethylene and Polystyrene foams. Diab provides a wide range of core materials for use in sandwich composites. Density also effects foam durability, with higher densities lasting longer. The LAST-A-FOAM ® FR-6700 is a polyurethane that meets requirements of Boeing BMS 8-133, McDonnell-Douglas DMS-1937, and Federal Aviation Regulation FAR 25. ( a) da/dN vs БKI curves for Divinycell H60, H100, and H200 (left to right) and. General Plastics has been meeting the stringent requirements of engineers and design teams in diverse industries for over 75 years. Memory foam mattresses mould to the body’s shape; it responds to heat and pressure in just a few minutes. Both Divinycell HCP and Syntactic Foams are used in Argus. The builder & plumber said that Foam Core is they typical product of choice and that we shouldn't worry about it. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License;  Sep 17, 2018 We stock Divinycell PVC foam, balsa core, coremat, and marine grade Density Last A Foam, closed cell flame retardant polyurethane foam. Reasons to Leave Your House: Be Thankful and Enjoy Life Edition Stephanie Harris Stephanie is a mom of two rambunctious boys, spends her days submitting research grants, spends her nights as adjunct faculty, and loves to share fun things to do in Hampton Roads during her "free" time. Plenty of space with privacy and plenty of space for lounging as well has having a great sailing platform. This is a medium density structural foam with very high strength to weight ratio. Heavy composite materials are not recommended as cores. $20. The gel foam allows for a special memory foam design fashioning the mattress to allow for a comfortable cool night’s sleep. I chose wood partly because I am working alone 99% of the time and thought it would be easier. Her deck is also cored with Divinycell. I had a high end saddle that fit my horse perfectly when I bought it. Unless you like the look of raw divinycell. Plain sheet, not contourable. , and Fleck, N. Even the bulk, slab pricing will require a substantial investment so we will need to start collecting a list of names of folks that are seriously interested and are willing to help financially launch the effort in the states. A lot of bankruptcies followed thereafter, and foam cores were tarred with a bad reputation. My secret to amazing fall decorations that last from mid September through Thanksgiving is using foam pumpkins because they are the pumpkin that never rot! I carve them, paint them, drill them, rust them and so much more. 5 mat). Additionally, it is an amazing material for screw retention. Closed-cell PVC foamboard is a lightweight rigid material used primarily in the manufacture of . It is available in a broad range of densities, from 3 lbs. WA Smart Solutions PVC foam barge boards system were the perfect replawpc for traditional materials. "For domestic use it may not make a difference whether a foam or liquid soap is used because cleaning of the hands is the main purpose of washing them. NASA test pilots initially used it as a cushioning inside the spacecraft due to its pressure-relieving properties. The Razorback vs. 247 Sports: Allstate Sugar Bowl vs LSU It looks like the majority vote has Texas back in the Sugar Bowl this season, with all but one placing the Longhorns in the same bowl they played in last season. Progress so far is second layup of 1. Republic [1965] E. Re: Foam Core VS Balsa Core - no stringers just came across this thread by accident. Typical cross-linked PVC products include the Herex C-series of foams, Divinycell H and HT grades and Polimex Klegecell and Termanto products. Injection Foam For Enclosed, Existing Walls. Divinycell is a PVC structural foam core for composite sandwich construction. Simplified theoretical models were applied to explain the collapse modes observed during the static bending tests. Say “memory foam,” and most people flashback to that ’90s-era commercial featuring a woman jumping on one side of a bed and a glass full of red wine not spilling on the other. And for the last 3, helping my boyfriend run Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, a seriously special spot on the west side fo Ambergris. net Abstract: Energy absorption is an important and necessary topic in aircraft engineering and relevant for several transient, dynamic load cases in terms of foreign object impact, explosive blast or crash. 5 lb/ft3 to over 30 lb/ft3, giving a wide range of properties. This is a common foam for thicker versions of foam flooring as it is much lighter weight than most other alternatives. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone or live chat at saatvamattress. A. Search all info and get help from thousands of users worldwide. It comes in different thickness and you will need to glue it up to get the needed block size. It’s a must to break up some of that lactic acid and lengthen the muscles. the first wooden version I had built (above) is lighter weight and not having to worry about water seeping into the wood or the air (flotation Fiberglass Supply Depot is the premier one stop store for all your marine, auto and aviation fiberglass and related supplies. February 2015: The last 2 months, the work has been slowed down by chilly temperatures ( 3 days to harden vs. Which one you use will depend on the application of the foam, how long you intend to use the foam, and even cost considerations. Hard points: Ply > Foam (Foam is more work because you need to know where you want to place winches etc and need to use a high-density foam there instead of the normal foam. Last seen: 3 years 4 months ago Joined: 03/09/2008 Can any of you that have worked with either corecell or divinycell as a skin material for watercraft weigh out the pros and cons between the two,it would help to have some opinions on which is better. Can be used as a trowel-in-place core, or for core bedding with balsa, plywood or PVC Foam. Images including the strain field derived from the DICs are shown in Fig. World’s largest kite forum for every level. , with 5-10 lb. Lineal provides weightless zero-g support with a whisper-soft motor and wall-hugging design. The Schedule 40 PVC vs. I believe it runs about $400 but that's still less than a new saddle. 5 mat to 1708 to 1708 to foam core to 1708 to 1708 to 1. Matrix 7-7 foam core is said to provide low weight and good mechanical properties, making it well suited for marine applications and wind turbine blades and nacelles in particular, relates DIAB. The leader in PVC foam cores is DIAB, and thier two biggest types are called Klegecell and Divinycell. if he was building his home what would he use and the answer was Schedule 40 PVC. Cross linking makes the foam more rigid and helps it rebound quickly to its original shape when stretched or squished, giving it more bounce than other foams. In addition to their superior insulation properties, foam cups also hold carbonation better than paper alternatives. potable water? IMO this is one of the key questions. Structural Foam Core. In mattress-speak, the wineglass trick illustrates the absence of “motion transfer” in memory foam mattresses How to Make a Soy Lecithin Foam Click here to get great modernist content via email. Safety Issues Many believe that fiberglass insulation is in itself a hazardous material, citing the fact that it had been found by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as "possibly carcinogenic" in 1988. Density This item is sold by the unit. Thought Id try making this a little more visible. Density, Last A Foam, Rigid Polyurethane Foam, suitable for core material or modeling. Simple as that. density, last a foam, sheet 24" x 96" (16. 5 lbs fully rigged. Klegecell is a cross-linked foam that is extremely rigid. With over 30 years of experiance in it's San Francisco Bay Area location. Last thoughts on foam: The densities of these foams are critical since they carry structural and aeronautical loads of the aircraft. is used rather than honeycomb core in the wingskins. The fact that it is made of many laters of 2" foam made it very easy to get a flat deck 2" down from the surface. Description. Foam foodservice packaging excels at keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. 80. 85 oz tooling glass, 1/8" divinycell foam (perforated from both sides with a porcupine), tooling glass, peel ply,and absorbant breather cloth. So now I have many questions in regards to powder coatings. The boat floor is arguably the most important part of your boat. More than the cross-linked PVC-foam (like Divinycell) but less than the linear foam (like Airex) this SAN-based foam is more flexible to suit the hull lines and curves necessary for Farriers vertical foam stripping method. 75-ounce chop strand mat and 18-ounce mat sandwiching a . While some anti-fouling paints lose their effectiveness with age, an anti-ablative paint sloughs off inactive components of the aging bottom paint. ROVs. supplies foam systems for the insulation of built-in coolers, live wells and more. Divinycell foam is expensive, so it's worth applying at least one fiberglass coat to avoid dents or deterioration. Both are closed cell foams made from polyvinyl chloride, but each has different characteristics. The products offer high strength-to-weight ratios, excellent What resin and adhesive for pink foam insulation board? redid my overhead in the dark down on the water last spring. Saatva offers exceptional customer service. My friend Chris Butzen spent last Saturday testing out boards 3 & 4, he had very kind words to say about them. thick, Cut blocks are 24" wide and sold in increments of 12". A block made out of cork or foam isn't necessarily superior; it depends what you want out of your prop. I am curious about the differences between a solid glass and foam cored hull, like divinycell. Anyway, I can't be bothered getting into a foam vs balsa debate. The last two digits of FR-4300 product numbers describe foam density in pounds per cubic foot. The Epoxy job was either 1) Poor or 2) Just DID NOT ADHERE to the Divinycell. Don't look at the necessity of gluing the foam sheets only as a nuisance, this glued up block has a very big advantage. Expanded PVC foam board is a lightweight, rigid PVC sheet that is used for a variety of applications including signs and displays, exhibit booths, photo mounting, interior design, thermoforming, prototypes, model making, and much more. I can't comment on the ply vs foam problem, it's personal preference. Next, five to eight layers of uni- and bi-directional fiberglass with Kevlar reinforcement are laid in stress areas on the bottom, at the daggerboard trunk, and at bulkheads, all bonded with polyester isophthalic resin. PET cores can be heated and conformed to specific shapes and are growing in applications as more manufacturers are realizing its consistent properties and benefits. Do a google on "anaerobic, balsa, decay" just for fun. Nor can you use the R-value of a foam insulation if it is in sheet form and compare it to the R-value of spray-in-place foam insulation. (2001) Multi -. The high-density foams may make for a stiff panel, but the weight advantage over plywood is lost. Foreign-built boats often use Divinycell, a Scandinavian version of Klegecell. Too bad you didn't mention the grid or blue board in your 1st post when initially asking for advice. While none of the studies states which preparation is better, you may find that liquid is more comfortable to use. Tsai–Wu failure criterion for orthotropic materials. Order online at wholesale prices. Divinycell is a semi-rigid PVC foam used as a sandwich core material when strength, stiffness and low weight is desired. 5 chopped strand matting and a coat of Duratech surface primer to allow laminating resin to cure and fill in some Increase the your rig’s buoyancy using floats or float arms March 15, 2014 interceptor121 11 Comments As you add up lenses and accessories to your underwater photography or compact video rig you start experiencing an increase in weight first on land and afterwards in water. As a reference point/ benchmark it will be good to include the winner from the last foam shoot out, the BH autofoam PixelVogue says: July 7, 2019 at 6:44 pm Latex resists excessive sinkage irrespective of your weight. The densities of foam can range from 2. Click Here. However, a good quality foam mattress potentially could last you 12-15 years if you care for it properly, which includes a breathable, slatted platform or base, waterproof, breathable protector and occasional rotating of the mattress. fiberglass supply - carbon fiber and composite supplies for the 21st. Each grade has been developed so that it meets a specific set of performance criteria. Built using vacuum bagged Divinycell closed cell foam and with Kevlar in high stress areas the Catana 411 is not simply a diminutive bay cruiser but rather designed and built to be sailed offshore. We went with a bubbletop because our last foam P-47 (the E-flite bird) was a Razorback, and back then the bubbletop lovers were complaining, too. It did make be sit taller in the saddle by about 2 vs. Liquid for Long Hair If you have long hair and you’re trying to choose between foam and liquid, you may want to consider the application logistics. I got the halftower off last weekend and started building the mold this weekend. Chapter 17 – Pitch & Roll Trim Systems. 5 mm concave, H80 divinycell core, 5. You stuck it on a shelf for three years then needed it for a party. Although strictly they are a chemical hybrid of PVC and polyurethane, they tend to be referred to simply as ‘PVC foams’. While stocks last. The DIAB Group, based in Laholm, Sweden, manufactures a broad variety of structural polymer foam materials in the Divinycell range. Now that you’ve learned the 5 best foam roller exercises for a stronger knee recovery, let’s review the many benefits of using a foam roller: Ability to break down and massage out muscle adhesion and knots, which helps to increase blood flow for better circulation. For this reason, I’ve greatly minimized the use of urethane in my Long-EZ . It comes in 1 lb, 1. I have had my heart set on Baltic Birch, which is available to me, right up the street (theyre claiming 12 ply for 1/2 I tested the scored vs drilled foam, and found that the scored foam infuses better with the rest of my layup, but retains more resin (weight) after infusion. Also, the shell must be as stiff as possible. " Advertisement Best Kind Of Soap- Foam Vs Liquid Helmet foam and such degrades over time. Characterization of Anisotropic Polymeric Foam Under Static and Dynamic Loading. A closed-cell material, it is easily bonded and will accept a variety of adhesives and coatings. These resins can last longer than our 3 month guarantee, but we recommended testing a small cup of the resin before using it on an important project. These flame-retardant, durable, self-skinning foams (also referred to as integral-skin foams) are used extensively in aircraft flight decks and cabin applications. Pricing is per square ft. Using a firing furnace with a substantial afterburner makes foamcast - lost foam casting process a very clean process with no emissions. Your last slash cut right into the man's shoulder and is going to sever more vital blood vessels. Free DIY Kayak Plans, the Hardware Store Boat: Do you really want a kayak? Want one so bad you can taste it, but can't afford one, or think you don't have the skills to build one? Rivets. With very large strength properties, this carbon fiber foam core laminate is an excellent choice for heavier duty applications where lighter density foams struggle. It cuts foam like butter. On significant drawback on urethane foam is that it has a higher propensity for the glass to delaminate (or separate) from the foam. ft. Closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foams are one of the most commonly used core materials for the construction of high performance sandwich structures. Rohacell is a PMI closed cell foam and is considered the lightest weight \ highest strength rigid foam in the world. -Get better quality sleep with the Queen Size Kelloway Cushion Firm Foam Mattress-Cool Action Gel Memory Foam and Comfort Last Foam Core provides targeted support to pressure points-Cool Balance Technology combines heat and moisture-regulating fabric for increased airflow-TrueSense motion-isolation and Ultimate Edge Foam Encasement add an extra level of comfort-Cushion firm comfort makes it With the invention of gel memory foam this no longer is a problem. A deep-water subsea syntactic foam used for depths from 700 to 10,000 meters Divinycell CY A core with excellent insulation properties, for low and cryogenic temperatures DIVINYCELL FOAM PVC Divinycell is a closed cell medium to high density foam which has high compression strength, durability, and excellent fire resistance. It is very hard so gives excellent impact resistance. Closed-cell Divinycell foam core material supplied by DIAB Sales Inc. Foam core stringers need weep holes with PVC pipe runners, so the . LAST-A-FOAM® DIVINYCELL FOAM PVC. Some mixed-foam mattresses contain a combination of latex and polyfoam/memory foam comfort layers, along with a high-density polyfoam base. One of the changes will be to use a coring foam like Divinycell or Klegecell and polyester resin in a more conventional layup. Learn more about all Protektive Pak foam options. PET foam core features ease of use and cost efficiency advantages. Description: water, and is largely unaffected by solvents and paints Fiberglass laminating resins bond readily to LAST-A-FOAM® TR-Series Marine FRP Foams; no mold-release contamination to inhibit bonding Special surface treatment is available for high-density transom shapes, to allow I have insulated many buildings and I know what results you can expect. Read the Patient Information Leaflet if available from your pharmacist before you start using tazarotene and each time you get a refill. ” Wing skins are typically 3/core/3, with slightly thicker skin buildups in the root area, and 2/core/2 toward the wingtips. The closed cell foam is also an excellent thermal insulator. For example: FR-4320 is a 20-lb. S. A cork block feels more substantial, but can be a little too hard-surfaced for some bodies. to 25 lbs. I wanna see the result that is the Divinycell really so much better, and worth of paying  LAST-A-FOAM Rigid, Polyether Polyurethane foam with fine closed-cell structure, light cream-yellow color. Not too interresting to watch, so mostly timelapse. PVC crosslinked and non-crosslinked foam is a mainstay of the composites industry and performs well across a wide range of applications. But by far the most popular contemporary boatbuilding material is a strange substance known as fiberglass. Note: PVC skinning (a. 13 minutes ago, spankoka said: I wouldnt go off half cocked here. In turn, this exposes new anti-fouling agents. Rogaine Foam vs. For a bit more you could go with Divinycell foam which will not absorb water and rot like unsealed marine ply. and am using 1/2 blue styrofoam (dow product) and i put it on the table saw to cut half through the sheets in both directions, brush epoxy resin into the voids. LAST-A-FOAM® is wonderfully versatile for sandwich-core applications. I used (the grey stuff) didn't seem to drink much resin on my last board. What type do you have? For instance, is it air, innerspring, memory foam or latex? Each one has its own life expectancy; air and innerspring being the shortest, memory foam being mid length, while latex types are known to last the longest. A foam block is cushier, lighter and more portable. I want to remove it and build an enclosed pilot house. Building a Mini, the DIY option. After cutting out the foam, bind in divinycell. 555, and Tomasi Omukono & Another vs. "Real" skimboards are made out of Divinycell (PVC foam), Corecell (SAN foam), Nidacore (PET foam), or Polyurethane foam (like Clark foam, or Ultravac foam). Last edited: Apr 9 or is the original question only referring to drain and waste in the walls vs. A good quality core, usually a one between 2- 2. To use foam instead of plywood requires much more fiberglass and resin and this affects the cost of the repair materials. While they are associated with modernist cuisine, foams have been used for centuries and range from meringues and whip cream to bread and quiche. Marine’Composites’ Core%Materials%and%Adhesives% Webb%Ins4tute% Senior%Elec4ve%–Spring%2013% page%9% Core“Plasc”Behavior Properestobemeasuredonanonlinear The last panel is two layers of 6 oz carbon fiber on either side of a 3mm piece of divinycell h80. Click here for details/pics. It cuts and shapes easily with common woodworking tools, and bonds to itself and other materials with most epoxy, polyester, or urethane-type adhesives. bad idea. Water will travel much more slowly horizontally through the balsa if the ends are near perfectly encapsulated and all the kerfs in the balsa are filled with resin. and yeah; any number of people assumed that he was the one throwing beer bottles at passengers on the Bluenose. Evonik Roehm GmbH (formerly Degussa) in Germany introduced a new high-temperature polymethacrylimide foam core called Rohacell HP. Last a Foam exhibits excellent strength to weight ratio because of high strength polymer and cellular structures. Carbon Fiber vs. Used the tri-layer to replace the seat bottom foam in my C172F in the summer of 2016. A year later it was making his back sore. Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foam: Which Should I Choose? Trying to decide what type of spray foam insulation you should use for your jobs? It’s trickier than it seems – though closed cell and open cell foam both insulate a home, they do it in different ways. We may be able to special order a custom size, but the minimum order may be 20 pieces or more. High-density foam can have a soft comfort level, and vice versa. The influx of product offerings has left many consumers scratching their heads and wondering what the best gel memory foam mattress to buy is. Thanks Les, there is a treasure trove of information over there. Browse Aircraft Foams in the Wicks Aircraft Supply catalog including Variable Transformer,Instafoam. Attempting to calculate the difference, I estimate the total boat weight scored foam will be 9oz heavier than a boat with drilled foam. The cellular structure of the board's core makes it extremely lightweight and tough, while the Amalfi Decking vs Merbau; Gallery. There are ways that you can repair a rotting boat floor, but doing so may make the problem worse if you don’t know how. i myself am working on replacing the deck on a 24ft pontoon. If you are ready to screw up a few times, then applying the FB shouldn't be too difficult or expensive. A. Foam Sandwich for amateurs - Part one: Overview. They were for AR94 8" drivers. Cross-linked PVC cores are Divinycell® and Klegecell®, both marketed by Diab Group of DeSoto, Texas. That is the ony way the impact can be distributed throgh your entire head and not just the point of impact. T2-21 Build-Series #8 Maybe the most important part of the KEP's T2-21 build and the most different to other outrigger designs are the symmetrical shaped sponsons. Isaac M Daniel. Since the 125 x 38, 4. Many folks I'd prefer plastic because coring can accidentally get wet which harms the balsa. Nonetheless the work went on, thanks to the tolerance of Resoltech resin (1020-1026): we could made epoxy joints and bonding in temperatures of 4. I'm getting the majority of my materials from FiberglassSupply. Airex is a PVC closed cell foam. Last a Foam, a closed cell, flame retardant, rigid, unicellular polyurethane foam that can be supplied in densities from 3 to 40 pounds per cubic foot. cycling (active) vs. Memory foam rose to popularity not long after its inception in the late 60s. Press Release Global Core Materials Market 2018 Analysis By Top Companies like Diab, AIREX AG, Hexcel Corporation, EURO-COMPOSITES Corp. Divinycell HT is an aerospace core with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. High Expansion Foam vs. It just wouldn't hold up at 6mm thickness. If you were born in 1960 and was a Yankee fan from the get-go, as I was, then the Yankees basically sucked while you were a child. As such the cost is approx. With either, it's recommended you practice where the foam is allowed evaporate. High resilience cores are considered to be the ideal ones. In this case for building a pair of . EPS (Exspanded polystyrene) is the white "beadboard" type of foam that breaks off into tiny white ball. With the explosion of closed molding methods over the last few years, new The company also produces a linear PVC foam, Divinycell HD, used mainly in  1: Finnfoam(xps) + fiberglass or carbonfiber skins. we stock divinycell pvc foam, balsa core,. – Woven Roving is a loose fabric that drapes easily, conforms to compound curves, and has a heavy weave pattern that transfers through gel coat when placed near the surface. At this stage, this frame allowed us to see the final shape of the boat, and several  FOAM. If carrying a 35# boat is an issue vs a 30# you might want to consider more pushups and running to help. At Last, Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained! This is done because foam latex rubber has a kind of ammonia base, which smells bad and causes corrosion on metal. Always wear a face mask when working with foam. One of the most popular methods in molecular gastronomy is the creation of foams. They also depend on us to Can the Divinycell foam PVC be purchased in longer lengths above 48"? The sizes we offer are stock sizes with max length of 48". Poly resin to laminate the foam core and epoxy to bond everything in. If you have any questions, ask your Memory Foam Mattress. Lexan Foam for Construction Material? - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: I asked this question on another thread (buried 5 pages deep) and had no takers for opinions. Each material provides specific characteristics suitable in various conditions. Looking down from the copilot’s seat of the Kenmore Air Turbine Single Otter, I watched in wonder as our plane’s silver floats broke loose from the waters of Departure Bay, fascinated as we climbed and banked out the entrance, where a large passenger ferry approached the harbor at the north The Prowler 31 comes standard with plenty of custom touches — LED lighting in all compartments, for example, and your choice of color-coordinated upholstery — but owners have an unmatched level of input on other design decisions too: Spec your own T-top, hard top or tower. I am currently testing ways to get proper initial bond to XPS using epoxy. Many parents still prefer innerspring because it’s the design they sleep on. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam sheets are produced by expanding the reactive liquid in a controlled space and under tightly controlled conditions. CoreLite PET is the next-generation closed-cell PET foam core with high mechanical properties, at a fraction of the cost of other foam cores. View Next Unread 200 etec vs 250 etec. The outside of the board is made from fiberglass with a gel coating, while the inside features a Divinycell high-density foam core. Then winter came. A high-quality innerspring mattress typically weighs 30+ pounds due to the thicker gauge coils and extra padding. Actually Firefly's quoted description of the Hardy (well known to be a very strongly built boat) could be applied to most of the mainstream builders too, except that most use plastic coring (divinycell, airex, etc) rather than balsa. Re: Spray Foam vs. The chemical vapors in your garage, van etc. Expanded PVC foam sheets in a variety of colors in stock and ready to ship. 5oC. Different Types of Polyester Wraps around a Foam Core The most basic cushion construction is a foam core with a polyester wrap. The most widely used composite material is fiberglass in polyester resin, which is commonly referred to as fiberglass. Marine’Composites’ Core%Materials%and%Adhesives% Webb%Ins4tute% Senior%Elec4ve%–Spring%2013% page%9% Core“Plasc”Behavior Properestobemeasuredonanonlinear To make the piece easy to attach, it will have a peel ply finish on both sides. Foam--Includes sheets of vinyl and polyisocyanurate, as well as mix-and-pour foam; all are closed cell and resist water, gas, and oil. I'm sure it would be nicer than EPS. Loved it. LAST-A-FOAM ® WSF-1121 (IMPACT ENERGY ABSORPTION). Anyway back to corecell vs divinycell. From the breathable cover, down to the last foam layer, Hybrid Latex mattress has remarkable airflow. Great for decks and flat areas of hull. Up to 15kg of polystyrene patterns can be fired in each batch. You cannot get a R-value from a fiber insulation and compare it to the R-value of a foam insulation. Of course, a foam core eliminates any risk of rot. density. Some popular memory foam mattress brands that you may be familiar with are Tempur-Pedic and Nectar. I don't know if all foam boat is that much lighter than a strip. This keeps your dog cooler. You will save weight with foam vs plywood, however the material cost is higher. The foam used is the ordinary insulating kind from Home depot. Or then there's the idea of a sort of poor man's sandwich around the boxes on the bottom where you'd glass under and over a 1/4" layer of HD foam around the plate as well. Last edited by R Alternatives to Marine Plywood Search Profile Log in to check your private messages Register : Board repair supplies Goto page Previous 1, Previous 1, Foam Distributors, Inc. The last foam surrounds I ordered were from Rick Cobb. The following table compares some of the leading all-latex, latex hybrid, and blended latex/foam mattress models sold today. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with another successful client of AchieveIt. Navy to insulate walk-in refrigeration units on aircraft carriers — with each carrier using more than 5 million pounds of foam. The New Ranger Tug 27 Has The Amenities And Performance You Want For Comfortable Coastal Cruising. While each foam is made of the same material (polyurethane), they have very distinct differences. Aug 18, 2016 The board size is 142x42 cm and I start with a 10 mm PVC-foam (60 kg/m3). Woops not divinycell, apparently that's now too hard to get hold of in WA, I'm now using GURIT 80kg/m3 pvc foam, properties seem about the same, it comes in smaller sheets, but looks to have finer cells. Some brands refer to these as latex mattresses while others do not. Rizov [14] carried out an experimental and numerical study of the local crushing of Divinycell HCP100 structural foam, used mainly in marine applications, due to low- velocity localized impact, in order to develop a damage tolerance design methodology of the inves- tigated foam. 9 oz bi heel reinforcement, fully wrapped rails. I have made some beautifully-carved foam pumpkins and it is super easy thanks to a woodburning tool. Schedule 40 Foam Core. 853 (a) and (b). The cross-linked is brittle and, if bent too much, it breaks. These types of mattresses tend to last the longest, depending on the manufacturer; they can also be slightly less expensive than comparable foam mattresses. DragonPlate’s carbon fiber Divinycell foam core utilizes Divinycell H100 high performance core. It was a little pricey ($210) but is the kind of foam that professional boat builders use. Low Expansion Foam. Divinycell PVC Foam Core, H-80 and H-100 - Fiberglass Supply. Edges are secure and hold the weight of heavier individuals well. A good quality memory foam will usually have at least 4-5 pounds per cubic foot (PCF) of density, though it may have a short layer of lower density foam on top of that, to make the bed feel softer. Airex is a non cross-linked PVC, making it more flexible and resistant to damage. We would just need the exact material and size you need and we can submit a request for a quote. Sale - While Qty's Last! Boatlife Products Clearance - 45% Off: 3m Caulking & Sealants Sale: Fiberglass - Knitted: Fiberglass - Cloth: Product Focus: Epifanes Varnishes: How to use Fabior Foam. Peter, I used 3/4" Divinycell, and faced it with 6mm (1/4") marine ply on both sides. May not be an update for a week or two. There is SIMPLY NO WAY WITH THIS TIGHT FIT THAT GORILLA GLUE WILL FAIL like the epoxy did between divinycell and EPS. 100 g/cc, it offers high creep resistance at up to 355 F and 10 bar pressure. These need feeler gauges to get right, and the foam is too soft to use feeler gauges with, So I'll wait until the divinycell is on. 5oC, and glass epoxy laminates in temperatures of 7. Is spray foam insulation worth the cost vs traditional fiberglass? I am considering my options on a basement renovation, and am just wondering about the cost of spray foam vs the benefits of using it. I do think you could make a good case that just wasting the skin and replacing the core would be faster and possibly end up with a stronger end result, particularly if the core is well on its way to mush. H80 is stiff enough to use it as it comes out of the box though. Our injectable USA Premium Foam® Insulation for homes is pumped into wall spaces in a liquid form with the consistency of shaving cream, where it flows freely throughout the wall cavity – getting behind wires, pipes, electrical outlets, and into cracks and crevices that other insulation can't reach – and then hardens into a solid, but Gel memory foam burst onto the market in late 2011 to much fanfare as it was touted for being the answer to memory foam’s main drawback – heat retention. Yes, my most tender years were the end of a great dynasty, the last foam to get washed down the drain, but I - and others born in 1960 - had to wait a mighty long time for good baseball. I have read somewhere in a tread somebody saying that carbon fiber would make to much tube currents when cooling down and when tempeture is The hull is constructed using Divinycell foam core above the waterline with pockets of kevlar added to the forward sections for additional strength and stiffness. CoreLite PVC is a closed-cell, cross-linked polymer PVC foam formulated for durability, strength, and high processing temperatures. It is ideal for composite panel cores and other structures where compound-curved surfaces or other details can be made with low-cost heat-forming methods. 5 Elevated Temperature Test Setup Energy Absorption in Aircraft Structures Sebastian Heimbs EADS, Innovation Works, 81663 Munich, Germany, sebastian. Think of your helmet like the last foam cooler you bought. You can also use 4 oz cloth on outside to shave a lb. heimbs@eads. Foam density should not be confused with firmness. Polystyrene insulation is commonly known as foam insulation or by its brand name, Styrofoam. [1] Deshpande, V. Memory foam is a type of petroleum-based material that reacts with pressure to slowly compress and contour around your body. Thanks. Look, too, at the foam’s Indention Force Deflection (IFD) or Indention Load Deflection (ILD) number. I recently mounted a new mud motor on my hunt boat, when I drilled the transom , to thru bolt the motor, I was reminded of the high density coosa board in the transom. But it is pricey. Oct 18, 2007 (Almost like very hard Styrofoam, with tiny little air spheres). Aerospace Flame-retardant Polyurethane Foam -- LAST-A-FOAM® FR-6710 TDS from General Plastics Manufacturing Co. Given that each kilogram of polystyrene is replaced by roughly 160-200 kgs. I spent a full year deciding if Belize was right for me, over 3 years managing a sometimes gritty bar & restaurant and now 5+ years travelling, living and writing this blog. densities being the most common in boat building. Class A in a waterway will stick around for awhile before it leaves the ecosystem; Class B could very well cause a fish kill or similiar problem if it gets into a I used a Conair hot foam lather machine (it was like $20 when I bought it, not $80-100) with some Gillette Foamy Sensitive yesterday and today and it hasn't been a bad shave for a quick shave. Works very well with normal CA glue if "right" technique is used. com with any questions about our products or your order. Probably start a thread on this but I think the HD foam is a start for sure. Comparison of static and low-velocity impact response of aluminium foam and honeycomb sandwiches. 50 per square foot of 1” thick core. I spent all that time and when tested, it wouldn't support even 10 kg before bending to the ground. But the stuff had lots of fancy names like Divinycell, Termanto, Airex and Kledgecell, and it was easy enough to sell the public that the second coming of the messiah had finally occurred. 0 tonnes of poured steel. In the following study, the objective was to compare the effects of nothing vs. A higher foam density means a mattress uses more foam material and can support a greater amount of weight before experiencing fatigue. Third…. Just about to dive into my first EPS shapes and I'm intending to put HD inserts into 'em for around the fins and leash plugs. 5 lb. Cutting last pieces of XPS. The core or the support foam layer beneath the layer of memory foam acts as a supporting structure to the mattress. The Sabre 386 hull is built using vacuum bagged, closed cell, cross linked PVC Divinycell foam and structural E Glass, which gives her one of the strongest, lightest, most durable structures available today. All the Sandwich Core materials in this category are compatible with epoxy, vinyl ester, and polyester resins, and can be used for most lay-up techniques, including vacuum bagging and infusion. a band saw and the last 2mm of the crack (the tip) was formed by cutting . Divinycell PVC foams are orthotropic, and the full both directions (TT and IP) obtained in the last iteration . Nivia Foam Hand Grip/Fitness Grip. I did very little research when I was starting my recore, with the assumption that synthetic foam coring material would be better than organic balsa wood. Page 1 of 4 - Cost no object ; whats the best tube material? - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: The titel says it al,if cost would be no object what would be the best material to make a tube. 3 cubic meter) of 100 kg foam core costs $65, bought in bulk. I'm guessing that ply-wood would be a good choice but I'm thinking that maybe a foam core product like divinycell would be the best choice in terms of weight while maintaining strength. It is considered a lower grade PVC foam and available in 3 types of densities. To switch from balsa to foam you need to make sure the different core properties don't compromise the design. I used a bunch of microbubble to make sure there were no voids. Epoxy SUPs are generally more durable than the surfboards of the past. Also nicely packaged and looks to be good quality. When designing composite parts, one cannot simply compare properties of carbon fiber versus steel, aluminum, or plastic, since these materials are in general homogeneous (properties are the same at all points in the part), and have isotropic properties throughout (properties are the same along all axes). It will just be a crappy repair, because polyester resin really doesn't bond well to epoxy. SABIC also manufactures Ultem foam from Ultem resin at a 10-30 times density reduction as lightweight core material for composite sandwich structures. I have printed to a paper the full Last edited by jcres on Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:02 am, edited 1 time in total. Hope that Honeycomb Core and Plascore Board™ for Boat Building Plascore's commitment to the marine industry is evident in our wide range of honeycomb cores, Plascore Board and assemblies engineered to meet the unique demands of naval architects and design and manufacturing engineers. The wool or foam padding at the top makes sleep surface soft enough for lightweight individuals. Also, if the resins sit for over a month, we recommended shaking the sealed can or stirring the contents to ensure all solids are properly distributed. The hulls are oven-cured. Hopefully post some positive results. The foam is cut to create individual ridges across the surface. Uganda, CAU (1978 Holy crap, what a change. Im specialy interested in thermal behavior of materials. Moreover, they might have long wait times to get. 2x that of PVC foam blocks but the quality is far superior. ---Had to scrap that High Density Poly Etheline (HDPE) only splitter. All about kiteboarding. Sheet, 1/8", H-80 Divinycell Plain Sheet 48" x 96". I did a quick search of the differences between Gillette and Barbasol and both are almost identical ingredients. Divinycell is a cross-linked rigid cellular PVC foam and it is produced in a variety of . Blown-in attic insulation sabo4545 I used spray foam insulation when I redid my house a few years ago and while it is more expensive if it is a house that is a long term investment it might be worth it. Bamboo, leather, paper, concrete. The simple fact is, with SOME designs, if you simply switched cores from balsa to foam, and changed nothing else, you could run into trouble. But the most important is this: Can powder coatings be used past the expiration date given by the supplier? But it is, generally speaking, very unsafe to base a conviction solely on the dying declaration of a deceased person, made in the absence of the accused and not subject to cross examination, unless there is satisfactory corroboration: see Okethi Okale & Others vs. 4 lb. Divinycell HCP Last year, OpenHydro successfully deployed the first commercial scale  Jan 20, 2015 Epoxy/fiberglass/core cell foam composite the exposed edges to protect them from damage and to provide a good surface for the final finish. A new core material from Swedish supplier DIAB recently joined the Divinycell family of structural cores. they expand into a rigid closed cell foam of 2. PVC has always been closed cell and urethanes have been for the last 20-30 years, depending on the foam mfg. 5 lbs offers good support to the body and doesn’t soften or compress easily making the mattress last longer. The best for last – foam roll and stretch. The last time I checked, a cubic foot (0. Or even Brett's boat, much of it is not marine plywood, coated in epoxy & fiberglass. I called Charotte yesterday and asked the rep. 0 cm rocker, 3. 20 Items . For my project I used XPS (eXtruded polystyrene), not EPS. When I was in the states, I bought a sheet of 1" thick H80 Divinycell foam to re-do the seat. We have supplied foam to the U. I think both are good choices. cored vs single skin hulls Thanks for your comments. 4-3. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic that produces a lower cost, yet structurally sound core product. During our day of discussions, one topic came up that made most of the individuals in the room feel slightly embarrassed. S. Also being closed cell, if you puncture the skin, which is unlikely, no problem, the board won't take on water so your session isn't spoiled. You will find Core Materials and Core Materials products competitively priced on Noahsmarine. Most likely gonna go with 1/2” divinycell foam with 3 layups on each side (1. Trim - All Colours R250 Sizes: N/A Prices are subject to change without notice. k. Going with old-fashioned plywood on the transom rebuild. Quantity discounts per sheet are available when five or more sheets are ordered at one time. You might want to look into the Divinycell and Airex/Herex products, or even balsa, for price differences. last a foam vs divinycell

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