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ImhTime - The text editor functions as a time field. For restricting input  This element was introduced in qt-components 4. Sequence is void QDateTimeEdit::setCalendarWidget(QCalendarWidget *calendarWidget) void QDateTimeEditPrivate::initCalendarPopup(QCalendarWidget *cw) then either: QCalendarPopup::QCalendarPopup(QWidget * parent, QCalendarWidget *cw) void QCalendarPopup::setCalendarWidget(QCalendarWidget *cw) or just void QCalendarPopup::setCalendarWidget Qt performs key event compression only for printable characters. I dont know whats wrong with my mail client now, a control C just sends the message In particular, Qt grabs the mouse when you press a mouse button, and keeps the mouse grabbed until you release the last mouse button. Ввод текста. List of All Members for QMainWindow. 1 Qt. =>> Building audio/mumble build started at Tue Jan 2 21:06:03 GMT 2018 port directory: /usr/ports/audio/mumble package name: mumble-1. Contribute to RavenKyu/OpenTutorials_PyQt development by creating an account on GitHub. AlignJustify 0x0008 Justifies the text in the available space. InputMethodHints,  void, setInputMethodHints (Qt::InputMethodHints hints). Platforms other than Mac and X11 do not support this raw download clone embed report print C++ (with Qt extensions) 1. onAccepted signal is rised Generated while processing qt3d/examples/qt3d/basicshapes-cpp/main. The resizedialog module provides a dialog box providing essential GUI for entering parameters needed to resize an image: guiqwt. InputMethodHints QWidget. Page Deepin Tool Kit is the toolkit used to built deepin style Apps (10 replies) Android 4. I'm working on a Qt 4. Qt. grabMouse() when shown, and PySide. 6. SymbolWidget shows all symbols from a map's symbol set. Qt provides the QFrame class which can be use to make a frame around the widget. 1 Generator usage only permitted with license. WindowFlags, Qt. まとめ• APIが大きく変更(主に以下のケースに影響) • Input Methodを実装する場合 • 細かな制御が必要な場合• 実装は? The PySide. g. ShortcutContext. [in] _values: Vector of possible values for the enum. import VPlayApps 1. Holds true if the bounding rectangle of the selection anchor intersects the exposed input item rectangle. 5. 1. This is only relevant for input widgets. 0. focus = true } TextField { id: upperCaseField width: parent. resizedialog. xdbcb8. WindowType] = Qt. QT4 editor of tesseract-ocr box files. 0 or (at your option) the GNU General ** Public license version 3 or any later version approved by the KDE Free ** Qt Foundation. widgets. 垂直方向: Qt. Sets the current input method hints. AbstractMplRoi method) AbstractMplRoi (class in glue. onVisibleChanged: console. This is the complete list of members for QMainWindow, including inherited members. qt. ring programming language book - part 60 of 84 Как определить InputMethodHints для колонки у QTableWidgetItem? Или отдельной ячейки, на крайняк? Допустим, одна колонка у меня должна принимать только ImhDigitsOnly (числа) Добавлено через 5 минут qt5学习之控件功能篇_d调搬砖_新浪博客,d调搬砖, 如何得到QML中的TextArea的slider的位置信息 几天以前,有一个开发者问道如何得到TextArea中的slider的位置信息. But, Qt documentation is not a tutorial on how to use Qt. cancelButtonText when set both echoMode: TextInput. ShortcutContext context=Qt. mobile phone software keyboards, Qt Virtual Keyboard, etc. Escape, Enter, Backspace, PrintScreen) will stop key event compression, even if there are more compressible key events available. How it works. cpp Qt::InputMethodHints inputMethodHints const virtual QVariant inputMethodQuery (Qt::InputMethodQuery query) const void insertAction (QAction *before, QAction *action) void insertActions (QAction *before, QList< QAction * > actions) void installEventFilter (QObject *filterObj) bool isActiveWindow const bool [in] _key: Property key value, such as "type", which will be displayed next to the dropdown which holds the enum options. This adds qml-module-qt-labs-folderlistmodel and qml-module-qt-labs-settings as runtime dependencies for webbrowser-app. ImhPreferNumbers - Numbers are preferred (but not required). pdf), Text File (. inputMethodプロパティ 11 12. Code Browser 2. Eu já tentei usar o Flickable type mas não funcio 建议多看看Qt自带的manual inputMethodHints : Qt::InputMethodHints This property holds what input method specific hints the widget has. AlignTop 0x0020 Aligns with the top. To set the item's polygon, pass a QPolygonF to QGraphicsPolygonItem's constructor, or call the setPolygon() function. It lets the user select symbols and perform actions on symbols. This class is used with the DeviceBrowser to draw wire connections on the array of tiles. 3). 刚刚使用qt的时候基本上很多都不会,我们就从简单的如何创建一个工程,和按钮与输入框的实验开始吧。一. Добавляем в заголовочный файл (. QtGui. More When the property is Qt::LogicalMoveStyle (the default), within a LTR text block, 1063 increase cursor position when pressing left arrow key, decrease cursor position List of All Members for QTreeView. 0-1335-gd914a5ba4e Powered by Code Licensees holding valid Qt Commercial licenses may use this document in accordance with the Qt Commercial License Agreement provided with the Software or, alternatively, in accordance with the terms contained in a written agreement between you and Nokia. QFrame is used as a base class for numerous widgets of Qt: QAbstractScrollArea, QLabel, QLCDNumber, QSplitter, QStackedWidget, and QToolBox. I have a input type="text" field inside the QWebView and I would like it to accept only digits (like native input fields work - you don't have to hold the alt/fn arrow to type the numbers in). This is the complete list of members for QTreeView, including inherited members. It is a collection of all information related to classes, as well as some examples. qtクイックコントロール2は、アイテムの階層(ツリー)で構成されています。 カスタムルックアンドフィールを提供するために、各項目のデフォルトqml実装をカスタム項目に置き換えることができます。 不好意思,翻到这个,我对qml非常不了解。不过我曾经碰到过焦点问题,我是通过遍历的方式找到原因的,也就是说,我是遍历了目前应用的所有可以获取焦点的组件,看焦点到底在谁身上然后找到原因。 Qt中对象已经包含了许多预定义的signal(基本组件都有各自特有的预定义的信号),根据使用的场景我们可以添加新的signal。Qt的对象中已经包含了许多预定义的槽函数,但我们也根据使用的场景添加新的槽函数。 信号: ring programming language book - part 60 of 84 - Free download as PDF File (. Constructs a new input dialog with the given parent and window flags. cpp Generated on 2019-Aug-01 from project qtbase revision v5. 6 app for Maemo using a QWebView. Note that only visible items can grab mouse input. 6, GtkInputPurpose) and Qt toolkit (4 and 5, Qt::InputMethodHints) are support such hint. void, setMatrix (const QMatrix . Description of the change Add settings page, per design specification. 13. ImhPreferLowercase - Lowercase letters are preferred (but not required). QtWidgets: class QPushButton(QAbstractButton) | QPushButton(parent: QWidget = None) | QPushButton(str, parent: QWidget = None) Qt提供了一个QInputDialog类,QInputDialogDialog类提供了一种简单方便的对话框来获得用户的单个输入信息,目前提供了4种数据类型的输入,可以使一个字符串、一个Int类型数据、一个double类型数据或者是一个下拉列表框的条目。 Qt. It is used by the input method to retrieve hints as to how the input method should operate. Inherited from PyQt4. Connections {. core. Qt:: InputMethodHints enum and Qt::ImHints Qt::InputMethodQuery. inputMethodHints: enumeration. mobile devices, where the amount of shown keys is more limited and the usage of a subset of keys or different keyboard makes sense. Estou tentando usar um TextField que receba apenas números QML. inputMethodHints: Qt. html Parameters : void. I need some help with adding elements into a qml listview, i have a textarea and a button that will add the textarea text into a listview item when is pressed, here's my attempt: 關於Qt嵌入式Linux的標誌,只有當一個頂級窗口部件集和它依賴於支持活動的屏幕驅動程序工作。此標誌設置或清除小工具的作者。為了使Qt的油漆系統之外,比如,如果你需要本機繪製原語,你需要重新實現QWidget. WindowFlags flags, Qt. Os elementos ficam em cima da barra de status do dispositivo como nas imagens. Popup widgets implicitly call PySide. ImhLowercaseOnly } Detailed Description. Wayland QPA platforms p. The default size is defined by the GUI style. anchorRectIntersectsClipRect: const bool. QtによるSleepメソッド実装方法を記します(ほぼ参考資料の転載です)。 Sleep は指定時間の間、処理の実行を中断するメソッドです。 実装により次の2種類が存在しています。 Qt 4. gui. Without echoMode: TextInput. Export QInputDialog. ) for the tintColor; borderWidth: 2; inputMethodHints: Qt. 4 Necessitas alpha 4 (27 Aug 2012) phone: se neo v, standard keyboard There is a strange bug which I dont think it was in previous versions of necessitas. ImhNoPredictiveText 注:输入的字符只能为0到100的整数TextField实现拼写检查 需要设置其errorHighligh属性,具体代码如下: Gossamer Mailing List Archive. QSizePolicyを使うとウィジェットが画面上でどう表示させたいのかのサイズ調整ができます。例えば、ウィジェットを画面いっぱいに表示したければ次のように使います。 Adds the available languages to the language combo box, and sets the current element. Every widget's constructor accepts one or two standard arguments: QWidget *parent = ullptr is the parent of the new widget. I tried with Qt::InputMethodHints. QGraphicsItem. target: Qt. Access functions: The functions below are used to dynamically load and unload the component. Controls 1. QuDateTime * setCustomFormat (const QString & format, Qt:: InputMethodHints input_method_hint = Qt:: ImhNone); // Offer a "set date/time to now" button? A common thing to set. InputMethodHints  2018年9月17日 Normal,text: str = '', flags: Union[Qt. 14 The default platform context uses the keyboard provided by the compositor via the "text-input" protocol Next official version in wayland-protocol will be "text-input-unstable-v3" Feature layer query Sample Viewer View Sample on GitHub. ImhExclusiveInputMask - This mask yields nonzero if any of the exclusive flags are used. ). The QGraphicsPolygonItem class provides a polygon item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene. Also, Qt. – itsnevertoobadtoaskforhelp Aug 2 '16 at 14:16 It doesn't even matter that these are hints, unless you're set up for input of Japanese or Chinese etc. 承蒙各位学友们的支持,《Python图形界面编程》课程后推出后得到了1万多的学习量。课程推出后通过与广大学友的交流,本着对先前的课程进行进一步改进的想法(如:数据库操作、网络传输等均没有涉及),并结合当下Python3学习人员的日渐增多的情形,决定再推出一个PyQt5的教程,希望大家一起 Qt Quick 2• inputMethodHintsプロパティの追加 • TextInput • TextEdit• Qt. 7. It is the place to find everything related to Qt. Qt for beginners — Finding information in the documentation. ImhPreferUppercase - Upper case letters are preferred (but not required). title: i18n. From the documentation I understand that one can restrict user  Next onAccepted: upperCaseField. QGraphicsLineItem. The documentation provided herein is QInputDialog Class Reference. Attaching a QGraphicsVideoItem to a QMediaObject allows it to display the video or image output of that media object. . Generated on 2019-Aug-01 from project qtvirtualkeyboard revision v5. __init__ (self, QWidget parent = None, Qt. For example to pop up it when the user has entered at last 3 chars or unload it when TextInput. resizedialog¶. QColorDialog Class Reference. ©2019 The Qt Company Ltd. Also, as a Desktop keyboard usually covers all available keys, the input hints are more focused on e. Qt delivers events to widgets by calling specific event handler functions with  27 Feb 2019 Felgo leverages Qt (Qt Creator, QML, Qt Quick, JavaScript, etc. This patch basically: - Makes sure that all access goes through these objects - Reorders signal connections to make sure we are connected when the: signal comes - Makes sure that no QObject in the WebCore thread is a Data descriptors inherited from mplayer. log("OSK visible: " + visible). Shows all symbols from a map in a scrollable widget. ImhDigitsOnly | Qt. I already contacted the Qt Support for this, but as we are not using the Qt Device Creation Image they are not really able to help - but they think it has Licensees holding valid Qt Commercial licenses may use this document in accordance with the Qt Commercial License Agreement provided with the Software or, alternatively, in accordance with the terms contained in a written agreement between you and Nokia. h) строку ok = 0, Qt:: WindowFlags flags = 0, Qt::InputMethodHints inputMethodHints = Qt::ImhNone)  (QString, bool ok) getItem (QWidget parent, QString title, QString label, QStringList list, int current, bool editable, Qt. GrabGesture (Qt. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 Thanks for the comments. __init__ ()InputMethodHints. The QInputDialog class provides a simple convenience dialog to get a single value from the user. Gtk3 toolkit (Later than 3. AlignHCenter 0x0004 Centers horizontally in the available space. Qt. QT Box Editor is tool for adjusting tesseract-ocr box files. h. 二、 QFileDialog Qt я использую достаточно давно, начиная с версии 4. 1 Reference Documentation: List of All Members for QWidget. inputMethodHints (self) QVariant QWidget. validator is used to match the key presses to the regular expression pattern, so that unwanted input can not be entered to the field. roi. Hello, I don't understand how use the inputMethodHints property of TextField. ImhDigitsOnly } RAW Paste Data We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Ces articles d'une grande qualité technique sont rédigés par des experts Qt. As a practical example, the numerical keyboard on harmattan allows entering characters such as '+', '-' and '. So validator is the way to go. 新建工程步骤如下:点击NewProject然后第二步下图:一般情况下默认第一个然后下一步:在这一步里 The documentation for this class was generated from the following file: QtGui/qlabel. Password and inputMethodHints: Qt. ImhDate - The text editor functions as a date field. WindowFlags flags = 0) The parent argument, if not None, causes self to be owned by Qt instead of PyQt. Enter part of a USA state name in the text box and select the Find and Select button. , you're not even using an input method editor. import QtQuick 2. List of all members, including inputMethodHints : Qt::InputMethodHints. AlignRight 0x0002 Aligns with the right edge. If inputMethodHints is set to ImhNone, everything that what I'm typing is Uppercase. bool blockSignals(bool block) QObjectList children(void) void dumpObjectInfo public class WireConnectionLine extends com. txt) or read online for free. ImhPreferLowercase - Lower case letters are preferred (but not required). ungrabMouse() when hidden. Password shows up right keyboard I think that inputMethodHints is for virtual keyboards (e. Conception QtQuick - QML près avoir installé correctement QtCreator avec les différentes librairies de Qt ainsi que tout l’environnement Android, je vous propose dans cette étude, sans être exhaustif, de comprendre le fonctionnement de QML. h; Please send us your comment about this page Active Qt ActiveX in Qt Android Services Building Qt Sources CMake Manual Debugging QML Applications Debugging Techniques Desktop Integration Differences between String-Based and Functor-Based Connections First Steps with QML Getting Started Programming with Qt Quick Getting Started with Qt Glossary Of QML Terms High DPI Displays How to Create 由於Qt的4. GestureType type, Qt. AlignVCenter 0x0080 Centers vertically in the available space. The input value can be a string, a number or an item from a list. Instead I get the console output: "input method is not set" When I attach a USB-Mouse and click into the TextBox entering Text with the QVirtualKeyboard works and the console output is gone. Layouts 1. aastex_factory() (in module glue. Player: __dict__ dictionary for instance variables (if defined) __weakref__ list of weak references to the object (if defined) replace the original Windows_t with the grabbing id and re-caclulate the mouse coordinate to respect the new Windows_t id if any TQtWidget::Save(const QString &fileName) is a public Qt slot. ImhMultiLine - The text editor doesn't close software input keyboard when Return or Enter key is pressed (since QtQuick. Definition at line 100 of file seekslider. QDoubleSpinBox allows the user to choose a value by clicking the up and down buttons or by pressing Up or Down on the keyboard to increase or decrease the value currently displayed. Lire l'article. 59 KB import Felgo 3. 1: QWidget Class Reference macCGHandle O const macODHandle O const Page 4 ot 77 QPoint QPoint QPoint QPoint QPoint QPoint QRegion int QSize 用inputMode,不过只能设置text、number和doubble三种方式。 -----编程问答----- 建议多看看Qt自带的manual inputMethodHints : Qt::InputMethodHints This property holds what input method specific hints the widget has. QWidget主窗体容器 在Qt设计师中新建文件,选择QWidget QWidget属性 enabled 窗口部件是否有效geometry 窗口部件相对于其父窗口的几何图形,并排除窗口框架sizePolicy 窗口部件的默认布局行为minimumSize 窗口部部… PyQt - QMessageBox - QMessageBox is a commonly used modal dialog to display some informational message and optionally ask the user to respond by clicking any one of the standard but PyQt - QMessageBox - QMessageBox is a commonly used modal dialog to display some informational message and optionally ask the user to respond by clicking any one of the standard but QObject Class¶. \li Qt. paintEngine( )返回0 ,並設置此標誌。 Detailed Description. In Qt, QMainWindow and the various subclasses of QDialog are the most common window types. 2. Method Documentation InputMethodHints. ImhNoPredictiveText - Do not use predictive text (for example, dictionary lookup) while typing. (Some side notes, I'm a input method developer under Linux). This sample demonstrates how to query a feature layer using a feature table. QInputDialog class provides a simple convenience dialog to get a single value from the user. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree Qt::InputMethodHints inputMethodHints const void setInputMethodHints (Qt::InputMethodHints hints) Public Member Functions inherited from QObject: Q_INVOKABLE QObject (QObject *parent=0) virtual ~QObject virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *) QString objectName const void setObjectName (const QString &name) bool inputMethodHints: Qt. inputMethodQuery (self, Qt. WindowFlags(),inputMethodHints: Union[Qt. It stores  font : font; horizontalAlignment : enumeration; hovered : bool; inputMask : string ; inputMethodComposing : bool; inputMethodHints : enumeration; length : int  27 May 2018 I think that inputMethodHints is for virtual keyboards (e. rgba(1, 1, 0, 0. For example: Qt:: ImhNone  2016年4月14日 Page {. wordSpacing : real; horizontalAlignment : enumeration; inputMask : string; inputMethodComposing : bool; inputMethodHints : enumeration; leftPadding : real  Hello, I don't understand how use the inputMethodHints property of TextField. More #include <QInputDialog> OpenTutorials 만들면서 배우는 PyQt 예제. 3 . 第1章 第一个c程序第2章 c语言基础第3章 变量和数据类型第4章 顺序结构程序设计第5章 条件结构程序设计第6章 inputMethodHints instructs the virtual keyboard to open in numerical mode only. User can enter numbers and '+' or 'p' characters in the field. Qt::InputMethodHints inputMethodHints const virtual QVariant inputMethodQuery (Qt::InputMethodQuery query) const void insertAction (QAction *before, QAction *action) void insertActions (QAction *before, QList< QAction * > actions) void installEventFilter (QObject *filterObj) bool isActiveWindow const bool Absolute File Name: /home/qt/qt5_coco/qt5/qtbase/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog. C++ Reference : http://doc. You can make your application more attractive by using one of the type of frame given in this class. 0-43-ge342f13 Powered by Code Browser 2. Do you have any more ideas on the password hint (Qt::ImPasswordInput)? This is kind of a bummer because the inputcontext will now need to poll for a password input box on each micro focus change (at least that's how I envision this working). By example, with : TextField { inputMethodHints: Qt. I'm not sure if this is a change on purpose, even if so, this should be reverted until firefox is ported to gtk3/qt and implement such hint. This function was introduced in Qt 4. The settings may have different effect on different platforms. The QGraphicsVideoItem class provides a graphics item which display video produced by a QMediaObject. 目前在QML中的TextArea中并没有这个信息,那么我们如何得到这个信息呢? 1)通过遍历TextArea中的child来得到这个信息 我们可以通过研究TextArea的代码,我们可以发现其中是有一个叫做Flickable的child在里面 enum, InputMethodHint { ImhNone, ImhHiddenText, ImhSensitiveData, ImhNoAutoUppercase, , ImhExclusiveInputMask }. ImhPreferNumbers . it saves the double buffer of this object using the default save format defined the file extension If the "fileName" has no extension the "default" format is to be used instead The default format is "PNG". }. Estpu usando a propriedade inputMethodHints para fazer o dispositivo mostrar apenas o teclado numérico. id: page. Aim of this project is to provide easy and efficient way for editing regardless file size. trolltech. The documentation provided herein is ©2019 The Qt Company Ltd. Qt::DirectConnection bindings, while in the other case they will use: Qt::QueuedConnection to carry requests accross threads. inputMethodHints Qt Quarterly est la revue trimestrielle proposée par Nokia et à destination des développeurs Qt. io/qt-5/QObject. inputMethod. AlignBottom 0x0040 Aligns with the bottom. Modifier keys, cursor movement keys, function keys and miscellaneous action keys (e. InputMethodHint inputMethodHints Hi, the inputMethodHints feature of AppTextField is based on the TextField QML Type by Qt. 0 , QWidget Qt. This is the complete list of members for QWidget, including all inherited members. GestureFlag flags=0) new void GrabKeyboard new void GrabMouse new void GrabMouse (QCursor arg1) new int GrabShortcut (QKeySequence key, Qt. InputMethodQuery) Qt 5. Не сказать, что я «профессионально» его использую, но опыт был разный — и работы с виджетами и эволюции до версии 5. QLineEdit doesnt work properly. 7, I : QRadioButton Class Reterence QRadioButton Class Reference The QRadioButton widget provides a radio button with a text label. import QtQuick. Qt 4. com,转载请注明出处。 上期我们介绍了PyQt5软件界面的搭建,主要涉及到了以下几个知识点: Qt的嵌套布局由QDockWidget完成,用Qt Creator拖界面得到的dock布置形式比较固定,不能得想要的任意组合形式,要得到如下图所示 Help on class QPushButton in module PyQt5. Public Types | Signals | Public Member Functions | Static Public Member Functions | Protected Member Functions | Properties the icon size used for the mute button/icon. data_factories) abort_selection() (glue. For restricting input when a physical keyboard is in use (though it can also be used when a virtual keyboard is in use), you can use inputMask and validator. ResizeDialog. File browser dialog with custom sidebar. If it is nullptr (the default), the new widget will be a window. ImhDigitsOnly in Android for TextField, I get not Digital Keyboard, but AlphaNumerical. Qt::MouseButtons QGraphicsItem::acceptedMouseButtons, (, ), const   SimpleFillSymbolStyleSolid color: Qt. 文章来源:www. Deepin Tool Kit is the toolkit used to built deepin style Apps field strip depen ds scali ngs bedla mises crack s tonne s capit ates errat as gastr ulate chann el washb asin expro priat or inter laken finli ke musta ngs nonst Hi, I want to create a phone number field (QLineEdit) in my configuration widget. This is the complete list of members for QWidget, including inherited members. __init__ (self, InputMethodHints) Qt; QTBUG-34827; inputMethodHints not propagated after keyboard is opened once. ImhNoPredictiveText validator:  def inputContext (); def inputMethodHints (); def insertAction (before, action) . 6) // default property (outline) a state name to select" inputMethodHints: Qt. tr("TextField Input"). width placeholderText: "Upper case field" inputMethodHints:  enum, InputMethodHint { ImhNone, ImhHiddenText, ImhNoAutoUppercase, The InputMethodHints type is a typedef for QFlags<InputMethodHint>. __init__ (self, int f)InputMethodHints. '. enum PaintDeviceMetric; ** ** GNU General Public License Usage ** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU ** General Public License version 2. Virtual Keyboards are integrated in Qt via the Input Method API: . I did some more digging on inputMethodHints for Widgets. Qt documentation is a very valuable piece of information. ImhExclusiveInputMask Estou tendo um problema quando o teclado do dispositivo é mostrado. QAbstractItemView: AboveItem, AllEditTriggers, AnimatingState, AnyKeyPressed, BelowItem, CollapsingState, ContiguousSelection Qt 对这些标准对话框都定义了相关的类,如: QFileDialog 、 QFontDialog 、 QColorDialog 、 QInputDialog 、 QMessageBox 、 QPrintDialog 、 QErrorMessage 、 QProgressDialog 等 . QuDateTime * setOfferNowButton (bool offer_now_button); // Offer a "set date/time to null" option? A rare thing to want. Documentation contributions included herein are the copyrights of their respective owners. 19_5 building for: FreeBSD Note: The flags are only hints, so the particular input method implementation is free to ignore them. roi) acceptDrops Qt提供了一个QInputDialog类,QInputDialogDialog类提供了一种简单方便的对话框来获得用户的单个输入信息,目前提供了4种数据类型的输入,可以使一个字符串、一个Int类型数据、一个double类型数据或者是一个下拉列表框的条目。 Qt::InputMethodHints inputMethodHints const void setInputMethodHints (Qt::InputMethodHints hints) Public Member Functions inherited from QObject: Q_INVOKABLE QObject (QObject *parent=0) virtual ~QObject QString objectName const void setObjectName (const QString &name) bool isWidgetType const bool signalsBlocked const bool The QDoubleSpinBox class provides a spin box widget that takes doubles. flags, InputMethodHints. QString QInputDialog. Download qt-box-editor for free. This class name was changed from QFileDialog to FileDialog because PyQt on the Mac OS uses Mac native dialogs instead of the class object if the class name is QFileDialog. \endlist property alias inputMethodHints : textInput . Provides hints to the input method about the expected content of the text edit and how it should operate. If you want to be sure that a certain type of characters are entered, you should also set a QValidator on the widget. WindowShortcut) new QGraphicsProxyWidget GraphicsProxyWidget new void Hide new Qt. Log In. A label must be set to tell the user what they should enter. ImhNoAutoUppercase - The input method should not try to automatically switch to upper case when a sentence ends. From the documentation I understand that one can restrict user input but it does not work for me. inputmethodhints qt

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