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Little Bear by @b-angst-tan- “You’ve always wanted a hybrid. *With Tae and Yoongi* Tae and Yoongi are walking towards the organization after leaving the others on their work. “What’s wrong Tae?” “Nothing. It didn’t hurt at all, luckily, it felt so good you actually found yourself moaning so loudly, your head shook. the stuff that i’ve heard today that they have done to jeno and renjun(and previous stuff involving renjun) makes me sick. Yoongi, one of their hybrids has told them before that they do, in fact, sell strong hybrids to the rings. And you’re about to find out how big it really is. The last of the summer heat for the day drawn away and the cool breeze from the open window crept in. Word count: 2,326 “Yoongi come here. Status [M] Tags yoonmin jimin bts hybrid suga heat sugaxeveryone “Your more like a hybrid in heat, so wet and so obedient” he said while petting my head and going rougher “So beautiful~ I wonder what would happen if the other boys joined us~” he said and I felt myself get wetter at the thought This time he finds Yoongi, a damaged, abused, and abandoned hybrid with major trust issues. Taehyung noticed first and burst out laughing, he could smell it from the kitchen, so could your families new cat hybrid. 2 | After going through his first heat, Jimin's relationship with Yoongi seems to evolve. “Dude, fuck you man. You call his name and he rolled over onto his back with a small smile on his face. Genre: Angst/ drama/ smut (happy ending) Synapse: Min Yoongi, a beautiful and rare snow leopard hybrid, struggling to survive under the care of a ruthless owner who sells him for underground fights and sex. You called his name again and he moaned your name in his sleep. “A little better. You invited him to join you at one of your company’s parties and him agreeing to come in the first place was a miracle in itself. There’s a part where yoongi asks him to prove he could still be a good sub for him. he who does not see the rising, nor the setting of the sun. Your eyebrows shot up and you smiled. “Come on bunny. He couldn’t be dreaming about…? You looked over and saw the tent in his shorts. “Hybrids are part animal Y/N-ah, of course they will go into heat. Genre: Poly!Au; Soulmate!Au; Fluff Pairing: BTS x Reader Some months ago I won a contest and went to South Korea to meet BTS, the BTS. Not truly I read Maluma said he wanted to collab with BTS?? Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about BTS in warm colors and latino rhythms ( ´ `)♡ The songs featured here are Corazón, Sin Contrato, Chantaje and Felices los 4! Some catnip based heat suppressant can work better with feline hybrids than chemical based ones if the owner prefers to not have their hybrids go through their usual rut once a month, since it could be a quite painful experiences of here is no relief for the hybrid. Roses & Thorns | Hybrid!AU | Poly!AU | Hybrid!OT7 x Female!Reader | Alpaca!Seokjin, Panther!Yoongi, Fox!Hoseok, Wolf!Namjoon, Bear!Jimin, Tiger!Taehyung, Bunny!Jungkook | Whenever Jeongguk burrows into Yoongi's sheets he smells like soap, fresh laundry, and a warmth that all combines together in what the older can only describe as 'home'. I’m going to start a hybrid series because I can’t control myself and BTS won’t stop wearing cute headbands. He and Yoongi were supposed to fight. 99. in my bed… was a hybrid. “Your hybrid tore up my jacket,” Yoongi explained after lurching forward to keep you steady as you sat back down, “I guess he heard you up and moving around and demanded to come see you. If you’re okay with these things enjoy the story · Min Yoongi was a good few inches shorter than Namjoon, but could, in no way, be overlooked. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Pairing: Hybrid!Yoongi x Human!Reader. Originally posted by jiminxh “This project is worth 75% of your grade this semester and will be performed at our school’s annual winter showcase” Your professor continued what the unknown professor had begun saying, interrupting his rather harsh tone with her gentle, but stern one. It isn’t fatal, but if the bitten is not the mate then it becomes painful. . Undeniably, part of you wonders what it might be like to drink straight from the source but deep down you know it’s probably best that you never get the chance to find out. He was a Siberian husky hybrid with small ears peeking out from his head of fluffy black hair, but that was just about the only thing anybody could label as cute about him. Yoongi asks, walking up to you. Timid by @jincherie. ) marched right up to Jungkook who was watching Jin clean with a slightly dazed expression; eyes following the pretty ermine tail) looked him dead in the eye and said. bts bts x reader bts hybrid jungkook bunny bts hybrid au jungkook x reader jungkook bunny kook hybrid universe hybrid au bts smut jeon jungkook bts fanfic bts au “That’s right,” You could make you Yoongi’s smile through the darkness. Army Soulmate. It was busted down and everyone was extracted. Summary: after helping out a koala hybrid, you bring them home with your other hybrids to adjust. As a dog hybrid it happened quite frequently and every time was just as intense as  Min Yoon-gi (Korean: 민윤기; born March 9, 1993), better known by his stage names Suga and Suga also received the "Hot Trend Award" for his work on the track. Upvote Upvote (24) Subscribe Unsubscribe Published Aug 4, 2015 . • 1/7 of @OLYMPIANVII. jhope, unlimitedpride, imagines. Predictably, no answer. It was late evening. You can feel the heat leaving the house, and you want to whimper. A tiger hybrid whom Jimin managed to make friends with although that wasn’t very hard. Yoongi hates dealing with heat cycles and suppressants and life in general. Being a hybrid, for him, is all in the way that his physicality works, not his mentality. “The guy over there is Taehyung. You shot a glare at Taehyung while your mom performed the check up on Jimin. Hybrid!Jungkook Au. bts x reader bts hybrid au bts polyamory bts poly au bts hybrid fanfic hybrid! namjoon hybrid! seokjin Hybrid! jungkook hybrid! taehyung hybrid! jimin hybrid! yoongi bts poly fic kim namjoon jung hoseok jung hoseok x reader hoseok x reader bts bts fanfic bts fluff bts angst bts hurt/comfort kim seokjin kim taehyung min yoongi park jimin OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. They had talked Namjoon in to going to get the hybrid and bring him home since Yoongi only trusted other hybrids. ” Your father introduced you to him and Jimin. "wah wah ternyata ceritanya seperti itu ya," 547 words, cat hybrid!yoongi. “Yoongi, if you ditched me to sleep I’m gonna shave your head,” you said to his answering machine. You never walk alone Happy birthday Suga/Min Yoongi/agust D/Min Suga from halogencrafts with lots of love and blessings 180309 I want to play messy twister with Min Yoon gi Oppa we Already knew suga was a legit teddy bear, he ain’t tuff! I swear my poor heart will fail someday! bts you never walk alone Yoongi is honestly so ardor able. It’s against hybrid law for a hybrid in heat to be on the streets unguarded, to make matters worse he attacked someone. ” Yoongi says, giving the guy a little push against his chest. What the fuck, (Y/N). ” You patted your hand on the cushion next to you, signaling the sulking male on the completely opposite side of the couch to come and keep you company, but he just kept staring at the TV in front of him, straight up ignoring you. But anything is a big word. ” (It already has three pats!) Daddy!Yoongi Au. I assume it’s the fact you smell too good for any of the others too handle. Everybody wants to be a Cat (Yoongi Hybrid!Au) Part 1. Jeff Benjamin of Fuse said that Suga's mixtape "showcases the star's ear for hot productions, hardcore rap style, and how he can make his vulnerabilities a strength. Call Me Oppa by @yoongisbrat - “You become Min Yoongi’s assistant and decided that you’ll do anything for him. Yoongi pulled his threadbare blanket out of his bag and shoves his backpack underneath his head so that no one will be able to steal it. Yoongi reckons it’s because you’ve never had a taste of the ‘real thing’ that you’ve been able to curb your appetite so quickly. Everything is a terrible mess, and then there’s Jimin to make things a tiny bit brighter. If you live in an area without access to natural gas, pay special attention to this type of home heating. He has the ears and the tail, goes into a heat once a month where he bucks his hips desperately against his duvet for two days and searches hybrid porn on his computer a little Scent (Hybrid!Yoongi Au) “Yoongi, stop acting like this” You nudge your boyfriend with your elbow as he glares at your colleagues. despite being a professional artist and a renowned idol, hoseok is still a person who will feel rocks forming in his chest upon thinking about our feedbacks. one-shots: wild things - gang!au, mafia!au ☂️ Yoongi’s claimed spot was one of the only warm ones, where the air rose up from the subway and made it a few degrees warmer than everywhere else. : All you think of Yoongi as is the only source of light in your life, while all you bring into his is nothing but darkness. [ ☽ ] Take Me Back >> Yoongi chooses his music over you for the last time. Namun Jimin mengatakan jika ia melihat Yoongi sebagai manusia bukan hybrid, ia merasa jika Yoongi khodratnya tetap manusia namun di campur genetiknya dengan kucing jadilah Yoongi seperti itu. ” Pairing: hybrid Yoongi x hybrid reader. Allergies by @iwannabeyournoona. With a little pleading and a lot of raucous banter, Jaebeom and his resident hybrid, Youngjae manage to coax the skittish Yoongi into coming home with them. This time he finds Yoongi, a damaged, abused, and abandoned hybrid with major trust issues. But I’m Better Than A Bunny by @yourkeeperoftherunners. i bet yoongi was like “where did these 5 of my shirts go jungkook wtf????” and jungkook, sitting on the couch watching youtube just points to her room and yoongs is like ????? and goes to look and finds the reader just laying atop the pile of his missing shirts and yoon goes to jk with teary eyes and jks like “cute right?” and yoongi, tearfully just chokes out “yeah” Kitty Yoongi Genre: Fluff, Hybrid AU, Smut [[MORE]]• A goddamned cutie I cannot emphasis this more he is extremely cute, he already look like a kitty when he’s a normal human, now it’s kitty “Your more like a hybrid in heat, so wet and so obedient” he said while petting my head and going rougher “So beautiful~ I wonder what would happen if the other boys joined us~” he said and I felt myself get wetter at the thought bts bts jimin bts hoseok bts jungguk bts namjoon bts taehyung bts seokjin bts yoongi bts jhope bts jungkook bts rm bts rapmonster bts suga bts v bts jin bts hybrid au bts ff bts fanfic bts x reader bts ot7 bts ot7 x reader kpop x reader kpop ff kpop fanfiction sapphire heart sapphire-heart bts fic Hybrid!BTS x CEO!Reader bts hybrid x reader bts Hybrid BTS going into rut/heat when you go over to their owner’s house/Needy whiny bts boys rubbing against you and trying a convince you to MIN YOONGI (SUGA) i’m gonna make you mine by dimpledprincejoon -wolf hybrid!yoongi, multiple orgasms alpha!yoongi, mating cycles/in heat, phone sex, established You pulled your jacket closer around your arms and shivered, pulling your phone from you back pocket and dialing Yoongi’s number quickly. yoongi's a kitty in heat. ” You call out to your panther hybrid, looking around for your keys. namjoon, bangtan, hos You were driving him crazy and he hadn't even began his heat yet. The latest Tweets from 𝐑𝐄𝐍 (@hypnosgi). Just don’t take it personally if they run away from you for a few days. This un-welcome guest…. You lean forward a bit to scent the house; 2 humans and 5 hybrids. Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut. The dog hybrid turned the heat down on the soup and brought you into a hug. Inside, you look around trying to quickly figure out where to go before the boy notices something is wrong. The pervert never returned. "Jimin Christmas Oneshot "A Lonely História My Teacher - Jimin (One Shot - Hot) - História escrita por Tags *if there's any tag(s) you'd  The omega prince, close to his first heat, wants to give another title to Yoongi, # yoonminweek19_d4 hybrids!! let me be cliche like that also i'm trying to  Tags:hybrids jin rose jisoo btob eunkwang ilhoon kihyun yoongi multifandom jimin . ” [ ☼☽ ] Silent Treatment >> you break a promise and your punishment is the silent treatment [ ☽ ] Unrequited >> You’re in love with your best friend but he adores his girlfriend. Beautifully Misfit by @orphicbts. And then I remembered what happened last night. upcoming stories here = fluff ; ☂️ = angst ; = mature content ; = fantasy ↳ taeil. While Yoongi and Hoseok are arguing with the boy, you decide to slip past him to look for Jimin, you’re smaller than him, so you go unnoticed. Hello! I do have a couple bc yes, I enjoy hybrid fics too. Yoongi’s getting cranky because sex work ain’t happening ☼♨ Min Yoongi and his cravings ☼ ♨ Yoongi becomes a dick after having sex with you and regrets it later on: Part 1/Part2 ☼☾ Hot mess: Part1/ Part2 [Yoongi x reader x Jungkook] ♨ ♨ ♨ When you are on your period and in pain but Yoongi is there for you ☼ “No need to apologise. (based on that one question and answer interview where Yoongi admitted that Jeongguk was the one most likely to crash his room) Hybrid heat pump systems are comprised of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. Guy’s got a real hard on for you. He breathed out something like a sigh of relief, enjoying the warmth from your hand. → summary: your heat is coming up and jungkook and yoongi decide on a way to help you through it. Kasian udah pada nyiapin suprise taunya bukan ultah jimin ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Tpi aku masih mikirin, itu jimin bisa ngarti omongan yoongi pas yoongi pake bahsa kucing Yoongi didn’t bother looking at you he returned to his post carrying on with his job. You haven’t felt warmth in so long, you can’t even remember. Jungkook and Taehyung get their first heats, and it hits them stronger than  May 15, 2018 YOONMIN KITTEN HYBRID AU | Ch. Paring->Rag-doll!Cat!Hybrid Seokjin, Lynx!Hybrid!Yoongi, Wolf!Hybrid!Namjoon, Red!Panda!Hybrid!Hoseok, Siamese!Cat!Hybrid!Jimin, Tiger!Hybrid!Taehyung, Jersey!Wooly!Bunny!Hybrid,Jungguk x CEO!Fem!Reader Yoongi can get rather possessive over one of his mates being so close to another hybrid,” Seokjin snarled, snapping his head back to glare at Yoongi, who glared back. Jan 9, 2018 It's normal for Hybrids to be obsessive over the scent of their partner and Yoongi climbs into the bath first, sighing happily at the heat, before  Dec 30, 2017 Can I get Yoongi hybrid fic recommendations??? -Sanctuary (Hybrid! . Yoongi sensing the tiger hybrid mood hits him playfully with his tail making Tae smile just a little for one second, feeling proud Yoongi asks him. “I have every fucking right to be possessive, you’re all mine and I don’t want this filthy pet to be touching what isn’t hers!” “Jiminie,” you said, shuffling over to him. Now I’m in their practice room, the room I saw many times on Youtuber never thought I would be here, well I never thought the seven members of BTS were my soulmates. While Yoongi was happily skipping ahead with Tae hot on his heels, hands inside his pockets and had a deep thoughtful expression on his face, you were having a mental breakdown. directory search by member • jungkook • jimin • yoongi • jin • hoseok • namjoon • taehyung • poly pairings • ot7 search by genre • baby boy au • birthday au • bodyguard!reader au • boyfriend au • Hybrid!Yoongi !!Masterlist is officially closed, will no longer be updating or taking requests for fic recommendations!! Kitten Yoonie (series) aristocat My Name on Your Neck a spoonful of sugar makes An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works The second ordeal of the day came in the form of a mink hybrid named Yoongi. Warnings: Explicit, Oral Sex, Hybrid Hoseok, Hybrid Yoongi, Cursing. (prepare yourself for a heavy hea · Min Yoongi was a good few inches shorter than Namjoon, but could, in no way, be overlooked. Little does he know, the cat will be in heat in 1 week. There are five main types of Bryant heating and cooling systems: HYBRID HEAT ® dual fuel systems, split systems, geothermal systems, packaged systems and . the amount of disrespectful shit sm management has done makes me fuming. Your hybrids smell something odd and things get a little heated to say the least. A sigh left your lips as you shuffled into your apartment, closing the door behind you softly as you dropped your umbrella on the wooden floor. 4 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - Twin Full Queen King USA. So it’ll be difficult for them to hold themselves back. “Yoongi, take your clothes off,” you whined, not enjoying the feeling of his denim jacket on your fingers. Owner Training by @hybridfanfiction. Dec 31, 2018 Summary: You have never meddled with hybrid affairs, not until the the heating system for cold-blooded hybrids quarters had been installed  Dec 29, 2017 Yoongi was secretly excited every time you went into heat. He makes him wear a vibrator to school and stuff and the rule is that he can’t cum. Yoongi hybrid oneshot. You emerged from your room first, unaware you were limping. This blog posts from the yoonmin tag on A03. His scent was tinged with something muskier, something that had you mouth watering. PREVIOUSLY//\NEXT. Bookmark 3062 words. Mainly in the fact that the hybrid (a dominant predator based hybrid. You huffed and crossed your arms. Remember him?” Taehyung. The cold was crisp, but you were a welcoming heat. My Hybrid|Yoongi x Reader|Chapter Seventeen~You~You three finished your lunch and started your trek back to your respective cabins. Yoongi imut bgt . the day when hoseok releases his mixtape, please shift your schedules and save the day for appreciating him in every way possible. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Everybody wants to be a Cat (Yoongi Hybrid!Au) Part 1. Most episodes have 51+ things. We came to make sure and check that the bite doesn’t have any wolf venom. “How’re you feeling?” he asked. You look at his eyes and see he’s patiently waiting, knowing that you’re hesitant. You felt your cheeks heat up a little at your best friend hearing your hybrid sucking on  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Share URL Promote Dan begitulah awal cerita bagaimana Jimin memelihara Yoongi sebagai peliharaan. 11. “This is Yoongi. Well, their mate, they resort to masturbation. yoongi's a kitty in heat . He would get aggressive to anyone that came close to him, and he was violent and just, hurt. nsfw — A story in which everyone is a poor college kid, Min Yoongi is a pianist who never seems to sleep, and you are a plucky young art student with some eccentric friends… WHEN THE PARTY’S OVER – (anonymous!yoongi x anonymous!taehyung) ♡♔☾ See, that’s what the app is perfect for. You look back to Yoongi, and he offers his hand to you again. is similar to what a cat being in heat. Half of Yoongi is a part of the big cat species and Sep 12, 2019- Explore somayan's board "fandom things" on Pinterest. Enjoy. coming soon Boy Meets WHAT 〚 parallel universe!au , wings!au , hyyh!au , coma!au〛 : Your doctor, Namjoon is more than willing to help you in your new life. $239. 1969-D Collectors Lincoln Memorial Penny One Cent Copper Coin US Denver Mint . If Namjoon and Jin didn’t find the grumpy panther when they did Yoongi would for sure been sold off to the rings, and they knew the unknown-white haired hybrid could easily be sold off underground. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find hybrids fics out there when we clearly have plenty of them made by spectacular authors, so I decided to make this and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do! The second ordeal of the day came in the form of a mink hybrid named Yoongi. Upvote Upvote (24) Subscribe Unsubscribe Tags yoonmin jimin bts hybrid suga heat sugaxeveryone. Yoongi put of this pretense of being an aggressor, a force to be reckoned . BTS Fanfics Recommendation (hybrids au) Originally posted by dangered. “You’re burning up babe,” he said, more to himself. But when tables turn, the both of you would learn so much An automated AO3 feed for the Min Yoongi/Park Jimin ship from BTS. Here’s ep two sorry its late I’ve been have panic attacks and mental break down you probably don’t care but anyway sorry here the ep, no ones gonna watch this 😂 “You probably don’t smell bad. The first time you noticed a change with Jungkook was towards the end of summer before classes started again. Of course they’ve denied all accusations. Jimin accidentally on purpose collects a cat hybrid named Suga. Yet, it leads him to  Overview of Carrier Innovation, Infinity, Greenspeed, Hybrid Heat, Idea Humidity, Comfort Heat and other technology. Heat rushed to your cheeks and you quickly averted your eyes. Most likely gonna have 81+ scenes in the future, it has curse words, this story also talks about sensitive topics. " Yoongi set you down slowly and placed his hand on your forehead. ” “It doesn’t look like nothing Hey could find this fic where Jimin cheats on yoongi with Jungkook and yoongi finds out and punishes him. You grabbed his jacket collar and pulled him towards you, wanting the sensation of skin on skin. Particularly, he credits the former's reggae-hiphop hybrid album Ragga Muffin (2005) and its title track for igniting his interest in the genre. We’ve never had a female hybrid live with us, or be with us long enough to experience her heat. Here are some series if you’re interested in that too! Agape and Pragma by @uwugalore. Usually, if a dog or hybrid are in heat and can’t mate with. That was the plan. → preview : As you passed Kook’s room, you felt your mouth drop open at the scent permeating through the air. Pairing: hybrid Yoongi x hybrid reader. updated 04/08/2019. ” “It’s already dinner time, I hope you’re bts bts jhope bts jungkook bts hybrid au bts scenarios bts angst bts rm bts suga bts hobi bts hoseok bts jeongguk bts fluff bts seokjin bts smut bts angst!au bts mafia!au bts masterlist bts series bts namjoon bts scenario bts taehyung bts min yoongi bts v monsta x bts au bts reactions bts yoongi bts min suga bts mafia au kpop Yoongi reckons it’s because you’ve never had a taste of the ‘real thing’ that you’ve been able to curb your appetite so quickly. warnings ⇁ language | rough, explicit smut | hybrid x human smut | restraints | oral . If there's an issue with the feed, send me an ask @NyanNyaYuuri The first time you noticed a change with Jungkook was towards the end of summer before classes started again. A slight burn was met as Yoongi pushed into you, but your heat welcomed Yoongi’s cock, much like his fingers. Yoongi can get rather possessive over one of his mates being so close to another hybrid,” Seokjin snarled, snapping his head back to glare at Yoongi, who glared back. He's A Hybrid | YOONMIN FF Fanfiction So, he doesn't know much about Hybrids, Huh? ⋆YOONMIN⋆ Yoongi hides a Hybrid in his room after meeting him in a dark alley. This, this was much different than Yoongi’s previous actions. You breathed in his scent mixed with laundry detergent. “I have every fucking right to be possessive, you’re all mine and I don’t want this filthy pet to be touching what isn’t hers!” “Yoongi, come closer. Yoongi was curled up on his side, lying on top of the blankets. there’s this particular science behind how if you release or sell something personal, it forms a deep Bts Pregnancy Scenario Tumblr Read Chapter Twelve from the story Dangerous Love // Hybrid!BTS AU - Hybrid! Yoongi x Reader // by _bangtan_sonyeondamn with 13334 reads. Now, as Yoongi pulls you closer by your waist, you understood why. But he doesn’t seem to get the concept of being cared for without a catch. Affinity by before. Particularly, he credits the former's reggae-hiphop hybrid album Ragga  Jun 25, 2016 celebrity dad AU where Yoongi is a solo rapper/producer, Jimin is a star vocalist, and they live together with their Jimin's first heat comes as a surprise. ” “Ah-Ah, okay,” Y/N stuttered, rubbing her neck in pure awkwardness. Yoongi was one of the bad ones, he didn’t want to listen to anyone. You were left there questioning what happened, but your stomach was doing flips on its own accord. Cover By @jeonsgarden COMPLETED 4/1/18 Highest Rank: #6 in Fanfic An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Read Part 42: Yoongi's heat from the story Bts Hybrid Au by ash_1103 (Ash) with 1,386 reads. ” “Shut up!” Your cheeks burned bright pink at his teasing, “He’s just worried after what happened, is all. You almost drifted off in his arms, but he pulled away. Mainly a BTS writer, but i’ll also dabble in other fandoms from time to time! BTS // GOT7 // MONSTA X series will be illustrated with a header image whereas oneshots and drabbles will not! Hybrid!BTS x CEO!Reader(9) Originally posted by cactunnamed. It’s just really too bad Jimin likes someone else. Good thing is Yoongi’s heat doesn’t occur for few months, so you’re good but if he goes into sudden heat, then you need to immediately contact me. In fact, it felt so much better, more intimate and Namjoon rolled his eyes. [ ☽ ] Sleepless >> Yoongi has a panic attack and you calm him down. A Hybrid. Her closest friend, Namjoon, convinces her to rescue a hybrid so that it can be safe from harm, and her perspectives changes entirely. hybrid yoongi heat

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