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Dudley Dursley thinks he is an ordinary wizard - until he is rescued by a midget of a man, enrols at Smeltings School of Ordinary Things, learns to play rugby and does battle in a small scuffle. Emerald (Lazuli Book #2) Harry Potter Fan Fiction (Draco Malfoy) Fanfiction. K. Harry Potter One Shots Fanfiction ****I DO NOT SHIP ALL THESE COUPLES***** Here are some Harry Potter ship one-shots. Draco wants to date Harry Potter because Harry is one of the few people in the wizarding world who treats him decently. Rip it or Ship it - Hinny - Wattpad harry potter fan art wizarding world wizard witch hogwarts magic fantasy jk rowling potterhead ginny weasley quidditch cup house cup ron weasley See more Draco wants to date Harry Potter because Harry is one of the few people in the wizarding world who treats him decently. Harry Potter fandom out there giving me the best headcannons that ever existed:'D *laughting so hard, rolling on the floor* #wattpad #fanfiction Harry Potter is 6 years old. Demoted to Extra : He is one of the captains of Hermione's army and has a battle with Neville but is ultimately a minor character in this story. After the nightmare start to the summer where she was imprinted with the Dark Mark by Voldemort himself, Juliet Weasley is certain that her life is over. ” Ron said. Notes: I honestly thought I'd moved on from Harry Potter, but Wolfstar is just not something that's easy to let go of. And if Dumbledore got there too late…” “He’d have to kill Potter,” Snape finished. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. linkffn(Emperor) ), using fic title and . More information Find this Pin and more on Me by Harper Hageseth . If a Potter is in a fight there is a Longbottom at his back. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter has yet to unlock the powers of the Deathly Hallows. He had read the article in the Daily Prophet and found himself conflicted; the boy seemed to share a similar childhood to his own. Summary: Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. Hermione is unexpectedly swept into a dystopian world of opposites where Dumbledore reigns as Dark Lord and Muggle technology and the Dark Arts have revolutionized Britain. She leaned into him again, pressing lips to his, pushing him onto his back. Draco was actually crying. The court found him guilty, as the guards where pulling him up. Harry Potter, the twin brother of the so called "girl who lived", Ivy, runs away from his godfathers Sirius Black and Remus Lupin at nine when he gets fed up with the neglect and abuse. In which I spork overrated Harry Potter fanfiction by a wanky author. Harry and the rest of his family had to go to Gringotts. Crookshanks was locked in Hermione and Amisty’s dormitory, occasionally a muffled spitting and scratching making its way down through the closed and, to Ron’s angry orders, locked door. " Harry retorted. He had been watching along with the rest of the school as three champions from three separate magic schools had been selected by the magical Goblet of Fire to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Aurors, are forced to join a televised global race in order to provide some free positive publicity for the Ministry. With Harry being against the tournament from the start, it could mean that Ron believes him immediately. After Harry prays the Sinner's Prayer and rejects Evolutionism and birthdays, he is whisked off to Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles to learn how to be a Christian. His was growing weak, and he always assumed Harry’s power came from their connection. - Harry must have sex from this young age, and impregnate women. Those 19 years: A Harry Potter fanfiction - Wattpad Read Chapter 70 from the story Those 19 years: A Harry Potter fanfiction by MtkaSwimmer (Rachel) with reads. Wether this love is sisterly or not she does not know. Harry being a hogwarts professor is literally the most flawless thing ever, and I refuse to accept that it isn't canon. Gryffindor would be allowed to forgive him and she could go back to  3 Jan 2014 After begging him to forgive her for her mistake, he looked at her strangely . “You betrayed me, I will never forgive you. But when Harry refuses, with his refusal focused on Draco’s creature blood, Draco sets out on a different journey than he ever expected. Because Harry Potter had been banished from Gryffindor after his name came out of the cup, under allegations of unbecoming behaviour for a Gryffindor and being an honourless fool and attention seeking prat (accusations rendered useless after the first task, when Harry swore an wizard's oath on his magic that he hadn't put his name in the cup, humiliating the school and the staff in the process, refusing also to take part of Gryffindor house ever again), he invited Daphne to be his date at Harry Potter was sitting at the Gryffindor table of the Great Hall and had, till a few seconds ago, been thoroughly enjoying the Halloween feast. livejournal. Rowling or Warner Bros. “And Dumbledore… he couldn’t do it. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. html#cutid1">Rock and Freaks Festival</a> by kubrick041087<br />as well as the sequel <a href="http://kubrick This is by far the best vampire Harry Potter fanfic I've ever seen. Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. Teachers. Seamus had brought whatever punishment was coming on himself, without a doubt, but if it was going to be too much, Neville was prepared to fight to save his fellow Gryffindor’s life. Dudley Dursley and the Ordinary Stone by Iceduck 14 reviews. ” Harry Yelled. Harry nodded. Fanfiction Recommendations I write, and have a great preference to read, erotica. Author’s Note. Conflict with her peers and an inability to grasp her Transfiguration lessons are only the beginning of Calista's problems at school. The Mudblood. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, have joined forces with Iris Brooks and it couldn't have paired better. He refuses to have an unwieldy amount of hair on his chin unlike a certain Saint Potter™ (but internally Draco quakes at how good Harry looks with a beard - it suits him). We Slytherins are very selective of friends and allies so it makes sense that only Slytherins or friends of Slytherins would be allowed to enjoy the luxury of the Slytherin common room. If he could learn enough he might be able to get a job in the muggle world, who had no idea who Harry Potter was. ". Not only had some guy stolen Pansy from Draco, but that guy was no one less than Harry Potter himself, and Daphne had never seen Harry in the kind of context she was now. Perhaps an inch and a quarter wide, it had both the Potter and Gryffindor crests etched into it as well as what looked like a grim, a werewolf, a lily, and a stag. Advertisement: At Hogwarts, the students are divided up into four Sorting Hats, each of which believes differently about the Bible. The meeting was a mere formality as they all knew Harry was the heir of the Black and Potter titles. It's an extremely long story (over 500,000 words) but it's not slow paced and a lot of stuff does happen once the story gets going. Exclusion: During his fourth year, Gryffindor house is not as accepting of Harry's participation in the TriWizard Tournament, and use an old tradition called exclusion to force him into complaisance. Harry Potter is abused. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. K. 10K WIP. The innate goodness of Harry Potter is without question and would prevail over all harsh tribulations. Harry entered the room. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Mr. Peeves dove out the other side of Percy's chest immediately and grabbed the robes of the former head boy and drug him backwards toward the stairs to the A Champion's New Hope: Beginning during the Goblet of Fire, Harry looks to different friends for support after both Ron and Hermione refuse to believe that he did not put his name in the Goblet. harry: but the task’s not until tonight! *spills scrambled eggs* mcgonagall: i’m aware of that, potter. His audience included, among others, a werewolf, a ghost, a senior auror with fifteen years fighting against the worst the wizarding world had to offer, and a junior auror. Including one unexpected friend: Daphne Greengrass. James falls head over heels for this girl and will stop at nothing to get her, the only problem is… She's just as headstrong as he is! (I don't own anyt If I let a Potter, any Potter go into a fight without going along, my Gran would skin me alive. Browse through and read malfoy potter fanfiction stories and books . Headscratchers / Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past. When I was in FF. Her family refuse to believe her story about how she was forced to take the mark, and having no #wattys2014 Harry refuses to participate and is willing to give up his magic at which point the Goblet explodes and Harry walks away supposedly now a muggle. All submitted "FanFic" stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent. Whether she would forgive them or not, was yet to be decided. It was exactly nine months after Harry was sentenced to life in Azkaban for killing Neville Longbottom. Rowling's Harry Potter series. This is when he hits puberty, which must be around 10-11 years old, just before Hogwarts first year. “My name is Harry Potter and I want to sell you information about Lucifer. Then Harry cast a much more powerful version of the Obliviate charm so that no Muggle will remember a boy named Harry Potter, closed his no-longer-guardians room's door and walked down the stairs. Unfortunately Harry, neutrality is far harder than simply saying 'I refuse to fight anymore'. C Forgive me, I don't recall ferrets being on the list. . are the property of their respective owners. Voldemort Kills Harry -- Everyone weeps, wedding, finds out everyones true feelings for the boy, Hermonine and ron avenge him, including the Order. You never saw yourself as a ravenclaw. by Hieronymus Cosh. "Are you in pain?" Snape moved back to study the parchment. The Road to Freedom: After two startling revelations, Harry has decided that he has had enough. He had been living at Hogwarts since the final battle—there was no way he would be returning to the Dursleys—and a handful of other students had remained at the castle as well. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Voldemort found himself entertaining thoughts of one Harry Potter only this time there was no urge to maim or kill attached to them. html#cutid1">Rock and Freaks Festival</a> by kubrick041087<br />as well as the sequel <a href="http://kubrick All Draco wants is sleep, but his bed won't stop talking. "Sorry about my lateness," said a breathy Harry. He arrives at Hogwarts already powerful, refuses to be led, and doesn't trust easily. "No I will not go to Divination and I will give Dumbledore the respect he deserves – namely  29 Jul 2012 "No, I will not forgive you, you little whiny know-it-all. HHr. Mar 21, 2017- Explore carolineakloste's board "Harry Potter Fanfiction Ideas" on Pinterest. "Harry please" Lilly begged. Harry resuces the remaining Horcuxs and finds Voldemort they get into a battle and either Voldemort kills Harry/Harry Kills Voldemort. looking for fics where Harry abandons the wizarding world I read this really good fic where Harry basically moved to Canada, stopped using magic and had a normal life but the wizarding world ended up finding him and dragging him back, I was hoping to find any fics with a close theme if anyone can help. “We’ve got some news,” Kingsley said grimly. Harry looked up and said, "You must be Bill, I'm Harry, Harry Potter. the most romantic line in the whole harry potter series is “i have seen your heart and it is mine. Jedipilot24 created the Harry Black series, which was an AU version of the Harry Potter stories in which Harry was raised by Sirius. Chapter 1. harry expecting the dursleys to turn up for the third task and it turns out to be mrs weasley and bill and they spend the day wandering around the castle. com/3026. . The fact that she's best friends with Harry who looks like James can't help much, nor does the fact she's a muggle-born inexplicably sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw. Harry Potter is a wizard. Then I lost it (FORGOT TO BOOKMARK IT!) Basically it takes place in the Starblazers White Comet empire bit (or something similar), when the Argo (I like Space Battleship Yamato, they retained the name of the ship instead of doing what they did in the American version) is reserected and the Starforce is called upon to Based on an original new story by J. unfortunately, it is also spoken by horcrux locket tom riddle to Summary: Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. "Don't be silly Harry, you are not late. Hogwarts is finished for the famous trio, except one friend will not be joining in the  Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by J. After discovering magic at a young age, he practices to become stronger to protect those weaker than him. To Fight The Coming Darkness <a href="http://kubrick-potter. ” “I refuse to accept that,” Snape barked. The burly, scruffy Gryffindor was methodically and quite calmly breaking Pansy in two, her legs up over his shoulder and her back on the bed as he railed her hard and fast Standing in the threshold of the room, the brown haired Gryffindor took in the sight of Harry bound to a chair, and the imposter just now recovering. I love the Harry Potter world, and I also adore many of the ships present in this universe. I looked up and for some reason, so did Draco. More importantly, it refuses to stop looking like Harry Potter. Padma slurped down the hot cum eagerly, still honoured that Harry Potter would want to fuck her. Harry had a split second to see Percy's look of absolute horror before Peeves dove into Percy's chest, leaving a wide, wet stain on Percy's robes that looked like some kind of green slime. Harry only spoke with one person since his name came out of the goblet of fire. Aliya Rose Malfoy, the sister to Draco Malfoy, but 4 years younger, starts her first year at Hogwarts as her brother starts his fifth. Instead of hanging out with her friends she hung out with the Mararders, earning the love of all of them. Harry and Snape get into an intense battle, Harry kills Snape. If a Longbottom is attacked, a Potter takes revenge. ” I felt my eyes brim with tears as Harry poked his head into the bathroom. Here, Snape's willful blindness is much more damaging to himself, seeing another James Potter where, in fact, he is faced with a genuine threat. Harry stared at Dumbledore for a long moment, mockingly awaiting an explanation that never came, before looking around the office for a moment, his eyes stopping at an ancient hat. “Dumbledore isn’t weak!” I sent him a glare for daring to yell at Hermione in her current state, but she defended herself. Gryffindor wins because Harry has an adventure! but they belong at Hogwarts and i refuse to believe they are all bad. Her family refuse to believe her story about how she was forced to take the mark, and having no #wattys2014 - Harry runs off primal instincts, and as soon as he starts to produce sperm, the animalistic part of his brain screams to breed. net/s/3299794/1/Goodbye-Hogwarts I'm looking for any stories where Harry is betrayed/cheated on/rejected etc etc Pretending to be an author and making comments on an authors' behalf will not be tolerated. Calista Snape Year 1: a Harry Potter Fanfiction Series After surviving a traumatic psychic battle with her dangerous and sadistic mother Bellatrix, Calista Snape thinks she has nothing to fear. To Fight The Coming Darkness All Draco wants is sleep, but his bed won't stop talking. She tried her best to forgive her friends and move on, though she finds it hard to look past what Goodbye To The Firebolt (Year 3) It was a very tense in the Gryffindor common room that snowy Christmas morning. Draco’s chin fuzz does grow back however, and sometimes, when Draco isn’t fully awake yet, Harry does the finger wiggle under Draco’s chin fuzz just for fun. Harry Potter Life Quiz Harry Potter Stories Harry Potter Quotes Harry Potter World Hp Book Alisha Newton Sirius Black Amber Marshall Black Books Silver Black and Harry Potter were best friends at the age of a month old, but when James and Lily get murdered by the dark lord and Sirius thrown in Azkaban it all turns upside down. Even when Voldemort attended Hogwarts in the past, he lied and cheated to earn many of his awards. Harry Potter is leaving Privet Drive for the last time. Harry shows a capacity for forgiveness and justice when he refuses to allow a character who betrayed his parents and thus led to their eventual demise be killed in revenge. Her office became darker, gloomier, as if all lamps started giving out 40 Volts less. What did she want to see – that I don’t know, but under her look my balls just clenched. ” Anila looked at me without blinking for half-a-minute. I believe it. Strangely enough, though Severus Snape plays both sides of the war, he is actually a neutral individual, as is Lucius Malfoy, on this bizarre playing field called life. The look on their new teacher’s face certainly suggested it might come to that. Dudley refuses to acknowledge the abuse at first, not wanting to believe his parents Harry has a very forgiving and introspective nature, and that's something I  5 days ago A Harry Potter blog cataloguing all of our thoughts and opinions on the world of https://www. today. In Harry Potter And Teammates, a rare fic that pairs Harry with the three Chasers, Molly confiscates and refuses to return the key to Harry's Gringotts vault (suggesting she's going to take the money for herself). 62 · Rating details · 2,036,983 Ratings · 56,129 Reviews. "Aye, you'll take care of Helga for me won't you? by no means discouraging, some wounds run deep and I doubt there would be many willing to forgive and forget. Harry Potter sat at his breakfast table, reading the letter that Pigwidgeon had just delivered. a. However, he caught a glimpse of Harry. 27 Jun 2007 Harry is betrayed with her, but the fic is more about him than her. Hogwarts is a great few years, well until Harry Potter realises who she is Harry Potter giving Malfoy's younger sister a hard time is not going to end well. Peeves dove out the other side of Percy's chest immediately and grabbed the robes of the former head boy and drug him backwards toward the stairs to the My Little Annabelle »»» Harry Potter fanfic [Book 1] Fanfiction. It was almost like he'd seen it before. ” that shit is unbelievably dramatic. Hermione refuses Dumbledore's suggestion of writing to Harry and keeps in contact with him throughout the summer, and even meets up with him a couple of times. The Order of the Phoenix, Fudge, and a chained Percy Weasley sat in Albus Dumbledores' office. But as he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid’s motorbike and they take to the skies, he knows Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters will not be far behind. Fanfiction (Harry Potter) - Hate You, Hate Me - Chapter 13. The silvery-grey material, Harry knew, was not silver but rather a platinum and mithril alloy. If only because he was a little afraid that Potter would refuse to protect him if he knew that Draco had been betraying him all along, that Draco had never loved him. " Harry Potter » Scion of Gryffindor. " Bill looked at the young man for just a moment before simply putting an arm around Harry's shoulder and leading him inside. They burned it right in front of him, Harry cried as they did. Harry Potter x Reader Fanfiction. The meeting was at 11:30. They did not know anything about the-boy-who-lived. He disarmed all three of them and bound them with ropes. He actually cared. so nice and funny. A year after the disappearance of Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter, Voldemort and his supporters marched onto the grounds of Hogwarts and blasted the doors to the Great Hall off its hinges as the Leaving Feast had just gotten underway. Hermione finds the very foundations of her beliefs rocked when she comes face to face with her Fate in the form of Harry James Potter, the current Earl of Gryffindor. You also never thought that Volde Myrtle if something happens to her because I f-failed then I will never forgive myself. "Mr. A half-hour later, Harry sat alone in the Gryffindor common room, trying to think of what to say to Hermione. , will be deleted as well. Harry Potter is abandoned in Gotham City by the Dursleys after failing to make a business deal with Wayne Enterprises. Kiss Me (Under The Light Of A Thousand Stars (Iwao, Sophie_French) Harry Potter - The Marauders "James! Your child is broken and needs to sort out its priorities" The marauders meeting Harry i don't know why i found this funny. A gazillion stories have i. Faithwood NC-17 10,000 EWE Fidelius The person sitting in front of Harry looks like someone he hated for years, but the memories don't fit anymore. "Hello, Alistair. During his fourth year, Gryffindor house is not as accepting of Harry's participation in the TriWizard Tournament, and use an old tradition called exclusion to force him into complaisance. See more ideas about Harry potter, Harry potter universal and Harry potter fandom. hungry mouths), Hermione was 'refusing to speak to Harry and Ron, but Thankfully, all seemed to be forgiven after Harry and Ron rescued  5 Oct 2018 Owner of the Lonely Heart has a funny premise where Hogwarts is divided as Sadly there are more fanfics where Harry isn't friends with Ron because Why did Harry forgive Ron when he left him and Hermione in the tent? Read Chapter 2 from the story Forgive Me ~Harry Potter FanFic~ by I will not be threatened with magic," he snarled before pushing Harry down the stairs. It was marketed as the "eighth story" of Harry Potter, taking place after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. “Come, your father and mate wish to see you. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. I need to read Read Those 19 years: A Harry Potter fanfiction. Can he gain this power to resurrect Draco? Goodbye To The Firebolt (Year 3) It was a very tense in the Gryffindor common room that snowy Christmas morning. 1 Jul 2015 So not only was Harry Potter kicked off the Gryffindor Quidditch team (which . *Warning* It starts out kinda cheesy. Harry is fed up and takes things into his own hands and discovers a way to end the war on his own terms. Dumbledore – who knew absolutely everything that went on at Hogwarts – knew that Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom had been hiding in the Room of Requirement because Dobby the house elf had told him so. Then Hermione and Ron got out his parent album and his Firebolt. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) 4. Under attack from more than thirty adult assailants, aided by large numbers of werewolves, banshee’s and dementors, his magnificent defences failed. 22 Apr 2013 Harry Potter was sad yet relieved that it's finally over and there would be no surprises, back as a ghost as your soul is so very much broken," one of the Gryffindor's fourth year girls said. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. They burned all of them. Reverse by Lady Moonglow. Hermione, as minister, orders the reporters to stop harassing her nephew. To Become a Muggle: After the events of GoF Harry decides to give up on magic. Poison Ivy adopts the poor kid. The author goes into a huge amount of detail regarding vampires and their culture. The Gryffindors kept saying things like 'get over it', 'it's done and you need to move on'. The Challenge of the Goblet: Harry knew that Fourth Year was going to be a challenge. Of course the good and famous Harry Potter would overcome the hellish world of a song of ice and fire/Game of Thrones. But the story gets much, much better once you push thro. Thus both Harry and Neville were thrown out of Gryffindor and even had the House colors removed from their robes and ties and were forbidden to sit at the Gryffindor table. Cho was from another House, so the trio would have been weakened if Harry and Cho became a couple. "No I don't and I won't forgive him. When Harry reacts slightly more realistically to the death of his peer and the return of his parents killer, these reactions worry Hermione more than he could have thought. Potter is a special case and needs to remain at Hogwarts. it sounds like something out of wuthering heights. ” Ragnok said. 18 Nov 2016 Ron still refuses to talk to Harry since his name game out of the goblet of Most of the Gryffindors laughed at him each time, the Slytherin smirked and I'm not asking you to forgive me especially the way I have treated you. Which was a huge deal in the story. Pet the Dog : He is one of the few people who actively helps Harry save Hermione. I do this for Emerald (Lazuli Book #2) Harry Potter Fan Fiction (Draco Malfoy) Fanfiction. 4 Harry Potter and the Hero's Path by Justin52 AU Ritually abused by the Dursley's, young Harry Potter learns to count on himself. There has been an alliance between the houses of Potter and Longbottom for most of five hundred years. All rights to the amazing JK Rowling! As the daughter of a death eater, you wouldn't think that you'd be friends with the Golden Trio. He is an exceptionally skilful wizard whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish. All related data, including stories, reviews, etc. Barty Crouch Jr raised his wand to dispose of the newcomer, but Hermione was more than ready to put an end to this and save Harry. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione disappears. Linking by fic title will usually work (eg. Harry did not answer, and Hermione rushed on, "Harry, I know you really want to go to Godric's Hollow, but I'm scared, I'm scared at how easily those Death Eaters found us yesterday. Then inhaled deeply of her own personal, private Amortentia. Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. 15 Feb 2016 It wasn't unusual for him to seek out the Hogwarts chef. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two is the official script book for the play of the same name written by J. “Well Potter you guilty. Harry laughed happily at the spectacle as he felt himself starting to fall asleep. even worse than Voldemort? But all I know is that she is totally my most hated character out of all the books I've read in my li When I was in FF. " Pansy's voice come from no where and Draco stares at her. To Fight The Coming Darkness Draco wants to date Harry Potter because Harry is one of the few people in the wizarding world who treats him decently. harry working out the sphinx’s riddle and being ‘amazed at his own brilliance’ Harry being a hogwarts professor is literally the most flawless thing ever, and I refuse to accept that it isn't canon. and bad behaviour, and is most often used facetiously to poke fun at fails. He recently scrapped the series due to lack of interest, so he kindly let me revive and revamp it. Butt-Monkey: Harry refuses to take him seriously. “I refuse to accept that,” Snape barked. Draco is forced by Snape to stay in Hogwarts for his own protection, but he can't leave . Also, the MC is confusing me a bit here. 0800-Rent-A-Hero Chapter 1: Ring-ring! Hello?, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction It's one of my favorite fanfics. Snape's character becomes more layered and enigmatic as the series progresses, and a central mystery concerns his loyaltie Harry and Snape get into an intense battle, Harry kills Snape. Vernon Dursely and Mrs. Harry Potter Fan Fic Best Harry Potter Fanfiction Harry Potter Stories Harry Potter Quotes Severus Snape Fanfiction Hp Fanfiction Ron And Hermione Fantasy Movies Raspberry Smoothie When Eloise Flora Peverell’s parents are murdered she has to move to her godfather Severus Snape at Hogwarts. “If we do call you to testify, you will have to leave out anything about me being Lord Gryffindor. It has a lot of plot points I enjoy reading. It was a long explanation that had Bill angry and upset. But when Taylor is offered a job ahe cannot refuse things take a drastic twist. He will refuse to use condoms, and contraceptive charms, as he wants to impregnate them. net I found a Starblazers-nBSG during the New Caprica bit. As he is Harry Potter’s son, his transition is followed closely by the media- Harry receives lots of criticism for allowing his son to transition at such a young age, but he vehemently defends his son no matter what, screw whatever Rita Skeeter has to say. What’s more, the ghosts had refused to show themselves just yet, and all had the same voice. But they were the only people you trust. Please forgive me. I do this for This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J. By the time of the story he's fully embraced the Voldemort persona, and Voldemort is possessing the real Quirrell and dropping hints that he's secretly Monroe in disguise. Following this, the Potter twins, Harry and Ella Potter, were placed with the Dursleys to keep them safe from the machinations of a magical world that had been stuck in war for too long. archive. m harry potter Harry Potter au Harry Potter headcanons Harry Potter aesthetic Harry Potter imagine hogwarts hogwarts houses gryffindor ravenclaw slytherin hufflepuff ilvermorny ilvermony houses thunderbird wampus pukwudgie horned serpent ilvermony school of witchcraft and wizardry ilvermorny headcanons But there were indeed eight ghosts in the cellar, and they all claimed to be the remains of a dead Dark wizard. Three years later he attends Hogwarts with his sister, who over the years has become an even worse person than before. “You may not understand what it’s like to love someone, but Dumbledore loved Harry very much. He refuses to take his schoolwork seriously enough, and according to him, I take it too seriously. Harry Potter everyone lives AU with James and Sirius sending their boy congratulatory howlers whenever he got in trouble and Lily reaming him out and commanding Severus to give him much detention. She’s drawn to his magical power and intelligence even as people around them try to interfere. net user proudhousewife published a piece of Harry Potter fanfiction titled "Hogwarts . Thank you. The following year, when Harry was selected as Hogwarts' champion along with Cedric, Harry felt Cedric was sceptical of Harry's claims that he was not to blame, but he still disapproved of students wearing Support Cedric Diggory/Potter Stinks badges and discouraged it. Lol actually im probably going to re-read it now that you have brought it to the front of my mind. "No, I refuse to believe it" he yelled. Conclussion: Harry didn't end with Cho for the same reason that Ron and Hermione didn't get together before the end of book 6. Rowling On August 24th, 2014, FanFiction. When she broke the kiss Harry emitted a quiet “meep-no” and she chuckled. Without a soul, Harry isn’t Harry anymore. She falls blindly into a relationship she’s emotionally ill-prepared harry potter reader insert Malfoy fic Draco Malfoy fanfiction Harry Potter fanfiction Draco x Gryffindor Draco x Gryffindor!reader Draco will never forgive Harry Potter The son of James and Lily Potter, Harry was raised on the Pokémon-hating island of Little Surrey until he was 11 years old. I actually read a Harry Potter fanfic Harry Potter though looking at the weird, misshapen little construction in the bottom of the Durlley’s was the headmaster’s idea of a solution? A small shack on the back of a muggle backyard? The building was poorly done, not even one of it sides was straight, looking at it, there was doubt he would even fit inside. ” Harry stopped him. Add to library 6,499 Discussion 12,741 Browse more Fantasy Harry Potter Romance. The sacred trio had to stay. The Storm | The Sister book #3 | A Harry Potter Fanfiction Fanfiction (Book Trailer First Chapter) Clara struggled through a summer with the Weasley's, doing her best to recover from her ordeals at the hands of Umbridge. Rumor has that the Deathly Hallows gives the owner the power of life and death. The Ravenclaws also couldn't help shaking their heads in dismay at the stupidity of the Gryffindors. So at Hogwarts when Taylor expected things to go back to the way they used to Taylor found herself dead wrong. Her hand came to Harry's neck and her fingers carded into his hair, pulling him into another kiss, a bit fiercer than the previous. Harry Potter is the victim of a deadly poison that nobody can recognise or cure, and Snape is called on to help as Harry comes home to die. I hope you enjoy! ♥️ ~I am not trying to write perfectly. Harry Potter's parents were murdered. it sounds like an agonized confession delivered in a thunderstorm from one conflicted lover to another, acknowledging the way their fatal flaws mirror yet complement each other, a desire to reflect and to perceive and ultimately to forgive. This is pretty heavy, so be wary of that. 25 Aug 2015 No one cared even when he went to Hogwarts. Probably the most hated character in Harry Potter. " To Dumbledore's wide-eyed amazement, the Sorting Hat responded, "Harry Potter. your child need to clear out his priorities jajaja The Marauders- LOL! Harry looked up and said, "You must be Bill, I'm Harry, Harry Potter. He generally favoured the students in his own House, Slytherin, including Draco Malfoy. This shocking sight is witnessed by none other than Lord and Lady Holmes moments before they were about to apparate back home. "Stay away from me" he shouted. Both McGonagall and Dumbledore had refused him permission, her arms and beg his forgiveness that she had been unable to take him with  14 Sep 2017 How adorable were Harry, Ron and Hermione in Philosopher's Stone, his second-least favourite person on the Hogwarts Express (after Draco Malfoy, of course). The one Harry realised never once turned his back on Harry, Neville Longbottom. Petunia Dursely refuse to take in Heir Hadrian Potter-Black. Harry finds out who his true friends are and uses cunning to get his own brand of revenge. Harry entered the room where is aunt and cousin were waiting. Instead, the Durselys abandon the baby in a decrepit alleyway and never look back. Chaos reigns as Dumbledore finds his plans falling apart, Voldemort loses his supporters since everyone knows about the prophecy and assume if he comes back it will be as a muggle. Which Marauder name could Harry say first as a baby. Harry Potter and the Connection Reversed by hermyd "Clear your mind!" wasn't actually the best advice. Incredibly sad it never got finished. Draco hated Harry Potter but he knew the threat and power that Voldermort had and so he sided with an enemy to help save the wizarding world. "We're not lying to you Harry, it is us" Lily said, and she stepped toward Harry and lifted a hand to his face, her fingers grazed his cheek slightly before he jumped back. Saved from Harry Potter is abandoned in Gotham City by the Dursleys after failing to make a business deal with Wayne Enterprises. She does not know who her real parents and family are when she asks her father Lucius about them he wou - Harry runs off primal instincts, and as soon as he starts to produce sperm, the animalistic part of his brain screams to breed. A Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Snape is hostile to Harry due to his resemblance to his father James, who bullied Snape during their time at Hogwarts. Unfortunately, the Potter twins grow up unloved and mistreated, barely surviving while they huddled in their cupboard under the stairs. To Fight The Coming Darkness 8 Dec 2018 Harry decides things need to change, or this year at Hogwarts . In addition to being strict, he was not always fair. "I did warn you Draco. “Yes,” Hermione whispered. With his only true friend, Harry decides to leave the war and magic behind forever. But some souls will not be broken by horrible circumstance. "Harry, please forgive us" Hermione Granger squealed. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all found themselves in a large, rather warm and comfortable room that reminded Harry forcibly of the Gryffindor common room. Our hope, our hero, our saviour Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, fell yesterday. Probably because she was adopted. Annabelle has always felt the odd one in the family. Myrtle if something happens to her because I f-failed then I will never forgive myself. Annabelle Malfoy is going into her third year at Hogwarts. No one was expecting this of the Gryffindor Golden Boy. harry working out the sphinx’s riddle and being ‘amazed at his own brilliance’ All Draco wants is sleep, but his bed won't stop talking. Harry fell back onto the bed exhausted, watching the girls fight over each other as they tried to lick as much cum off each other’s faces as they could. Harry Kissed Her by uknow-who on DeviantArt (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) Harry and Ginny kissing right after the Quidditch cup. " Fenrir Greyback/Harry Potter Summary Turned into a werewolf at fifteen, Harry, afraid of what he now is and the lack of control he has, runs from the wizarding world, right into the territory of unmated alpha werewolf Fenrir Greyback, who is overly eager to find the submissive wolf in the heart of his territory. Harry Potter needs help Mar 21, 2017- Explore carolineakloste's board "Harry Potter Fanfiction Ideas" on Pinterest. After his defeat, and Harry arranging the scene, everyone believes Monroe, pretending to be Quirrell, died heroically fighting Voldemort. "Now we must discuss your classes for your next year at Hogwarts. Of course, he could also think that Harry lied to everybody from the start of the year in an attempt to gain an advantage, so he could end the friendship for good. fanfiction. All Draco wants is sleep, but his bed won't stop talking. Instead we have Draco Malfoy, one of the first Wizards we see, becoming the first Slytherin to help Potter. The great bird had been sent by Dumbledore to drag back Harry Potter from wherever it was he was hiding. This fanfic shows the foils of people who believe good versus evil can't exist in GRRM's world. Harry pushed the door open as Draco raised his wand. His having been bullied so much as a child may have fuelled his oppressiveness as a teacher. “It might come to that. Harry refuses to participate and is willing to give up his magic at which point the Goblet explodes and Harry walks away supposedly now a muggle. Harry left the common room, 'He won't forgive Ron anymore, they've had too  26 Sep 2015 "Here we were ready to forgive him for lying and cheating his way into the Oh yes Harry Potter knew a lot about what went on at Hogwarts or be defeated and some wouldn't refuse to believe such a thing could befall them  1 Aug 2015 "Harry, I was only following orders – Professor Dumbledore's orders – she acknowledged as the best flyer at Hogwarts while Hermione refused to get . The Boy-Who-Was-Kidnapped… Or Not Many of those who have stuck with Harry until the end, refuse to give up just because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is where the official story came to an end. Manipulative!Dumbledore. What if one day Severus Snape comes to the Dursley's on the behalf of Professor Dumbledore and finds the famous thirteen year old without his concealments? 30 Sep 2019 Some Harry Potter fanfiction stories are truly brilliant. + the fireplace in the pub and Severus said loudly "Dumbledore's Office, Hogwarts. In canon, Snape refuses to see that Harry does not share the arrogant, bullying tendencies of young James. The Story of Harry Potter-Black. Ginny wasn't a threat to that. It's not enough for them just to get an NC-17 rating! And erotica isn't limited to just Plot-What-Plot. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. ” “We are happy to help you. This story takes that redemption away from Draco and the Malfoys. The walls were trimmed in red velvet and an elaborately patterned old wool rug of red, green, blue, and gold covered the floor. It just makes me feel more than ever that we ought to avoid the place where your parents are burried, I'm sure they'd be expecting you to visit it. The reported loss of Harry Potter to the magical world emboldened Voldemort to strike fast. Many of the following HP fanfiction recommendations are stories that I'd classify as erotica, though not all, by any means. During Harry Potter's years at the school, Snape particularly enjoyed taking points from Harry's House, Gryffindor. Or shall I call you Milord Gryffindor? No matter. Summary: When Vernon Dursley dies in a car accident at the end of Harry’s first year, Petunia refuses to have Harry back, and the Hogwarts staff draw lots to see who will take him in for the summer. He has no idea that Harry and Hermione aren't together that way, from Snape's point of view, James and Lily are happening all over again, a version of James is dragging down a version of Lily. Harry Potter and the Founders' Portrait #2 Rowena Ravenclaw was in the midst of a gobletful of her favorite mulled mead, her long lace-trimmed blue robes billowing about the chaise on which she rested, her long black hair pulled into a long braid resting on her right shoulder, when she heard a knock at the door of her office/study. Fanfic / Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles. Throw in the fact the Draco and Harry don't exactly get along (at all) and you've got a great story. Harry is the Heir of Salazar Slytherin and one of the last Scions of The House of AZ and as such he has been targeted by the Spiritomb Voldemort to be his new body. What waited for him at the bottom surprised him. 25 Jan 2019 A carefully collated selection of the best Harry Potter fanfiction out there: the Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. Oh, so sweetly hilarious and sad! Harry Potter Lovely Nails lovely nails yucaipa #Harry #Potter See more Harry Potter, the boy-who-fell. webpage capture. Adopted by Remus and later Sirius. Harry Potter's aunt and uncle don't like wizards. They kept trying to make Harry Potter forgive them on their timetable and not on his. fanfiction harry potter refuses to forgive gryffindor

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