Evap monitor not ready

I know it is an old car but it runs great. tryed o b d two drive cycle tryed numerous times. Second, make sure that you have enough fuel in the car. Put 140 miles on the car since the first "not ready for testing" from the inspection station. If the monitors are not set to ready, this does not mean that the  Aug 14, 2007 1997-2006 Expedition & Navigator - Evap System Not Ready - Hello all FTE is a as to respect with the completeion of the OBDII monitors. The scan tool shows all other monitors have run except the EVAP. I then brought my car into a shop for an engine diagnostics test, which came back saying nothing is wrong. ”. Find a shop with a OBD-II scanner and have them make sure the OBD-II monitors (aka emission tests) specific to your state (check with Bureau of Automotive Repair) are set to incomplete or not ready. Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra Using Cold Soak Bypass to run Evap Monitor on Fords is by far one of the easiest ways to get the Evap monitor to set to ready. As of now no light is on, runs rough and only monitor needed to clear is the EVAP. An incomplete evaporative monitor will not cause a smog check failure. In California all monitors must say complete, ready, pass or something like that. If it does not, check for any temporary codes. driving really make the difference for the computer to reset? When I went back to retest after having the evap-valve Anybody has the enable criteria for running EVAP Monitor test on 99 Honda Odyssey? I just completed the EGR passage cleaning. If the EVAP is the only monitor that hasn't passed yet, some states still let you pass testing. Other posts have said if anything is disconnected the check engine light would be on. The monitors are two types: continuous or non-continuous. 5L 170K. The requirements for running the EVAP monitor vary depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. So this weekend i drove over 300 mins and tested EVAP and it still not ready. 5L. My friend runs the smog test station and he ran some diagnostics for me. No way for me to know if they were working prior to the battery change. I have performed alot of drive cycles but it still wont send the ready signal. The only monitor that doesn't have to run to completion is the EVAP monitor. I have a check engine light on befor and I have fixing all the problem and the light off now but the smog test still fails. Especially since it's usually one stubborn monitor that keeps cars 'not ready' for an extended number of miles. The I ran into a similar problem with a 2000 Monte Carlo the evap wouldn't go to the ready status he had a short somewhere and the ac compressor would work intermittently. Monday is the last day for the free recheck and not sure if code will clear by then so clearing codes on just the evap system monitor will pass the recheck. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. But if I have to hook up the egr back up and if I get JJ to turn on the EGR, I hope to get the Ready part done with. (Note: Since Oct 2008, Texas increased the requirement that only 1 readiness monitor could show "Not Ready" on 2001 and later) www. This test verifies if a vacuum can be achieved in the EVAP system. Also, the EVAP needs about a 1/2 tank of fuel and a overnight cold soak to run. One of the monitors set to "Incomplete" will be the Evap Monitor (this is good) the other will be the Catalyst Monitor. that have not yet turned on the malfunction light, the monitors will not become ready. First, the MIL light must be out. no codes in system evaporator monitor reads incomplete. up to another computer and DMV can monitor all inspections. I know each time I have gone for emissions testing here in CT that the EVAP monitor has not run and I still pass. Browsing forums turns up anything from Evap pressure sensors being bad to charcoal cannisters to crusty lines on filler necks The ECM commands both the EVAP Purge Solenoid and the EVAP Vent Valve ON when the conditions are met in order to apply an engine vacuum to the EVAP system. The previous owner had recently replaced fuel pump and had an exhaust leak fixed (included all maintenance records with sale). 2013 ford explorer oxygen sensor monitor will not run, 2016 ford fusion failed pennsylvania emissions sensor bot ready, catalist system not ready 2003 ford f150, emissions not ready, focus st failing o2 sensor, focus st will not set o2s and heater, ford 2013 f150 drive cycle o2 sensors, ford focus st evap monitor drive cycle, ford not ready So I found a local inde shop. Recapping: The State Of California will give a pass on a smog check to any OBD vehicle with an incomplete evap monitor. Pending Code Check and EVAP Monitor "Bypass" Check 13. But will only allow the evap Replaced Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid and CE light went out but code is still reading on OBD scan tool and evap monitoring system is not ready. TIA _____ OBD-II indicates I have three monitors stuck in a not ready condition. Julius February 2, 2016 at 12:42 pm. ' Here in AZ, the evap readiness monitor can not be ready and it will still clear emissions. I have not gotten the P0450 code in quite some time (months). After completing the cycle twice over 2 days and a week of regular driving I still have CCM and EVAP at not ready. You can have one monitor in a "not ready" state, usually the Evap System, and pass smog. I drove it for ~~ 500 miles and it is still in the Evap monitor not ready state. Mechanic said, let engine cool off for 8 hours, idle for 2 mintues and drive around 50mph for 20 minutes, did that still no good. I just completed a drive cycle and my EVAP system monitor is still not ready. state inspection 2 weeks after that and it failed as EGR Monitor, Catalyst Monitor and O2 Sensor Monitor were not ready. All Onboard Diagnostic Monitors are cleared when the battery is disconnected or when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is cleared with the Scan Tool. Discussion in '1st Gen. Julius February 2, 2016 at 12:25 pm. No more Evap MIL codes since. And pissed. is not ready (2005 Buick LaCrosse) Repaired coolant leak and reset codes and monitors. Emission results are: readiness- fail, monitor comprehensive- not ready, monitor EVAP not ready,monitor O2 not ready. All fuses in car under the fuse It has now been at least 3 months since I noticed that the EVAP monitor on my 06 Chevy Impala LTZ is showing not ready. I went to get it tested at emissions (Arizona) but they would not test it as apparently the ECU was cleared and not all tests (O2 sensor heater) had rerun. What do I do? I have a 2002 Audi TT, I went in to do emissions inspections and the mechanic told me that my car didn't pass or fail emissions. I did that last year as I can't get my Catalyst to ever ready. This condition will not throw a code, but you may need to check the monitor ready before your next inspection. EVAP and CAT Monitors not ready-- have tried almost everything 09-12-2013, 01:23 PM Hi, before I start just wanted to say thanks for this forum I've been researching and troubleshooting with it for months now since I got My 2000 Contour SVT 2. Past owner did zero maintenance hence a failed smog test. Did you ask if all monitors have to be set? In many states you can pass with one not set. Note that it is possible for a vehicle to fail the smog check for Monitor Readiness even though the MIL or Check Engine light is not on and there are no obvious indicators of a problem. Share Thread. Nothing could be further from the truth. They were EVAP, O2, O2 Heater and Cat. About 7 minutes at 60-65mph (trying to juggle traffic so that there was no one behind me). No repairs since a new battery mid December. Here is what works for me on Ford and other vehicle, you need 1/2 tank of fuel (This is for the EVAP monitor),From a cold start to a warm up engine driven a certain way is 1 trip. ) Is the aftermarket gas cap still throwing this new code or do I actually have a leak somewhere in the EVAP system? Also, would a leak in the EVAP system cause the Cat MIL to come back not ready. However, a periodic inspection of the unit and vent hoses is advisable. So what could be the issue. Using the configuration utility Comprehensive monitor is a catch-all category that is not well defined. There is no EVAP bay test available only a purge and seal test. I cannot get two monitors to be ready and I can only have one not ready to pass. If your climate is below this temperature at night, the evap monitor will not complete. However, after driving the car for about 5-days and over 100-miles, i'm still getting 'EVAP not ready' in the readiness monitor. ing “not ready”. Having stored DTC faults or even pending diagnostic trouble codes active may prevent a monitor from running to completion. … read more The GM EVAP monitor procedure is a known trouble spot for all GM vehicles (regardless of any tunes or the AFM Disabler being installed). See State and Federal Laws. Failure to drive that pattern and the test will not complete and the I/M will not be ready. On the scan tool or code reader with readiness monitor feature, check the status of the readiness code for the EVAP System Monitor. 0L 200SX models. However, if you want to fix this concern, check if your fuel cap is tight and the fuel is between ¼ to ¾ of a full tank. I failed inspection because my evap system and the 02 sensors systems werent reading ready. readiness monitors - is anyone absolutely positive u are allowed 1 readiness monitor not ready??my evap  The procedures detailed below apply to many but not all 1996-newer Jaguar through and passing the evaporative system monitor drive cycle found below. Now I can't get the catalyst monitor to become ready before the evap monitor. I have meet temp and fuel level conditions for hundreds of drive cycles but still not ready. Other vehicles that often have a "not ready" condition for the EVAP and catalytic converter monitors include 1996-’98 Volvos, 1996-’98 Saabs, and 1996-’97 Nissan 2. In order for your car to pass the smog check, you need to do a drive cycle to get the OBC ready. The engine coolant and intake air temperatures must be within a tight range to complete all of the OBD II monitors during the drive cycle. what is wrong. I just replaced a vacuum hose that was causing a leak and the check engine light to turn on, I have driven the car for almost 300 miles and the Catalyst and the Evap monitors are not ready yet. 5 months back after the battery died. Didn't know at the time, or I'd have done it that day. The car runs a little rough right now but no check engine light. 6 wouldn't pass emissions testing last week due to the OBDII not being ready to test. Catalytic readiness monitor not ready. Non-continuous monitors include the Catalyst, Heated Catalyst, Evaporative If more than the allowed number of monitors are “not ready,” the vehicle will be . What can I do? evap is impossible to get ready on almost every car. The readiness monitor test is a "Fail" because the vehicle's computer hasn't tested itself. truck it a 4 cylinder 5 speed manual trans. If it does, return home turn off the ignition key. The GM EVAP monitor procedure is a known trouble spot for all GM vehicles (regardless of any tunes or the AFM Disabler being installed). If all the other monitors are ready, then do a couple more "cold" starts. S. Monitor Status Helping set Monitors . Please help. This doesn't make sense since the seller has been driving it regularly for over two months. I tryed to be clear that the problem with the Canadian cars is the monitors will never go ready until the dealer installs a program patch not a upgrade. No less than a 1/4 tank or it wont run. If the IAT input is not between 32 and 86 degrees F at the beginning of the drive cycle, the EVAP monitor will not run. The correct function of the I have no actual emissions issues, but Illinois Air Team has rejected me twice due to my EVAP monitor not being in ready mode. the evap test is one of the longest monitors to run. Catalyst (CAT); Heated Catalyst; Evaporative (EVAP) System; Secondary Air System Incomplete or not ready meaning the test is not completed. What are most common causes of "evap not ready"? In my car, all other monitors are ready except the evap system monitor (tested Obd-II scan tool). Volvo's tools don't use that term. P. After disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, the same command was sent again and the following response was received: 486B1041010007E5E5FA. Some monitors, for instance the EVAP monitor, may require the fuel level to be between   Mar 10, 2017 1999 Chevy Blazer EVAP Monitor Not Ready. 020 inches on most 2000 and newer vehicles. The evap monitor never reset. Snap-on has done an excellent job of not only adding this functional test to the scanner line-up but also incorporating data into the test. IIRC the evap not ready can be fixed by starting the car with an obdII connected and run the evap test. Has anyone ever checked what values the ecm is looking for from the egr stuff so it is in Ready mode? You need to complete a drive cycle for the car to evaluate the evap system and mark it "ready". I erased the code but it also set the system to not ready. Three of the OBD II monitor flags still show "not ready" on the scanner after three days of driving every drive cycle that I know to work on other makes of vehicles. Apr 1, 2018 and by conducting a Toyota Drive cycle, you can activate and ready the Toyota You should not need to perform all 11 procedures – just those Toyota Drive Pattern 5 – EVAP Monitor – Internal Pressure – Non Intrusive  Sep 4, 2014 A readiness monitor is a test that your OBDII system runs to ensure that a particular emission said to have a “not ready” – or “unset” – monitor. Per everything I've read from my state DMV's requirements and the EPA's, it's either good or you've got an issue. The EVAP system monitor checks for fuel vapor leaks by performing either a pressure or vacuum test on the fuel system. In my state TWO monitors can by "not ready" and the OBDII test can still be run. The last time that the DTC was done, all of these issues were "COMPLETE", however, now on this cycle it is NOT READY. For my 07, in order for the evap monitor to initiate its tests, not only must the car be driven in a certain way (cruising, time) but the fuel level must also be between 3/4 and 1/4 full. What it means is it has not met it's criteria in order to run the monitor in order to give a pass/fail flag. Who cares about EVAP monitor. The drive cycle to make them go ready is pretty complex. My 04 Yukon has the same issue with the "not ready to be tested" fail for emissions in MA. I'm very frustrated. So, I could have smogged it right after the secondary air system passed its monitor. Although the factory does not give recommendations here, you should inspect the unit at least every six months or 6000 miles (9600 km). OBD codes - 02S and EVAP not ready. If you have the dealer install a computer upgrade to the latest programming it will not correct the problem, the monitors will never go ready until the patch is installed. I'm not too suree about the drive cycles needed to make evap ready, I know it consists of more than just putting on a few miles though. EGR and EVAP Emissions Systems nonsense. Normally this is not a problem, unless it delays your NH State Inspection. But still the evap system reads not ready. It also may not run in extremely hot or extremely cold weather. The status of the Check engine came up, got oxygen sensor replaced, drove around 40 miles, evap isn't ready along with issue with catalytic con. . Here’s how to pass a smog test even if EVAP Monitor is not ready. If your smog technician tells you the specific drive cycle to perform, you can focus on just triggering that drive cycle. If the P1000 code must be cleared in these conditions, the PCM must detect them once (twice on some applications) before the EVAP monitor can be "bypassed" and the P1000 cleared. SCT changed one setting in the tune which was the P1000 enable. Readiness Monitor Status; What does "Ready" vs. Getting ready to sell my Ody and I had my mechanic replace the bank 1 cat (was throwing P0420 code previously) After installing the cat. What if the EVAP monitor is not ready? You can still pass even when your EVAP monitor is not ready. This year my vehicle will not pass state inspection as the OBD2 monitor status for both the Evaporative System and O2 Sensor continually show "Not Ready. Midwestern Members - illinois emissions question. Repeat this procedure if necessary. Disconected the battery over night, and now my Evap is not ready. It means your car is not ready and is neither a pass nor fail. These two mandates are what makes EVAP diagnostics difficult because to pass the test, automakers are left on their own to design the EVAP system and software to control it. Inorder to pass inspection your car needs to complete a full drive cycle so that all (8) internal monitors have a status of "Ready". On diagnostics, mechanic says that the Monitors for CAT,EVAP,O2,and Heated O2 are all "NOT READY" for the current cycle. Determine whether all non-continuous monitors have completed. thanks Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Leak Check Monitor The EVAP leak check monitor is an on-board strategy designed to detect a leak from a hole (opening) equal to or greater than 0. If these conditions have not been met since the last time the monitor ran, or since the last time the battery was disconnected, or since the last time fault codes were cleared from the PCM memory, the EVAP monitor will NOT be ready. The Ready-or-Not test tool is very easy to use: just plug it in, as shown on this diagram: Normal connection time (the time it takes to determine the "Ready/Not Ready" status) is between 1 and 25 seconds (depending on the protocol). Good news. Driving Procedure: (this is the same driving trace used by the EGR monitor). As each system completes its own self test, the monitor will set back to Ready. It passed today. RE: EGR and Evap not ready errors? P0445 and P0442 ia a large and a medium evap leak, check all your emmision vacum lines from the charcoal canister under van, to purge selenoid (underhood), especialy two lines behind air filter box. bought a peake reader expecting some weird codes that would diagnose the problem but after plugging it up ive found that there are not any codes being thrown Now I am getting a P0455 (EVAP leak detected. I get one more "free" test, if rejected again I'll be forced (by law) to spend big bucks at an authorised emissions repair joint. O2 and HTR are still not ready. i have driven locale every day for two weeks and two long highway trips. It failed because of the Evap system not being in a ready state. com Essentially, doing that puts the readiness monitors back to 'not ready. I usually test the heater circuit first as it will not set a code if it is working, but just not reaching the right temperature. It happened one time 2 weeks ago when I was out of town (Murphy's law). The compressor finally worked one day with defrost on and the evap went to ready. Drive the vehicle at a steady speed between 43 & 56 mph (70-90 km/h) for three to five minutes. Maintain smooth throttle inputs, avoiding sudden accelerations. Upon hooking up my OBDII scanner I see that the EVAP monitor is the only one left still under pending not complete status. Monitors are required to make certain that systems are not checked that have not reached proper operating temperature or other param- this is the most redicules procedure ive ever seen lmao, were would you even be able to do this? cant exactly get to 55 and slow down to 20 on the highway and you certainly cant stay at a steady 55 in the city (unless your extremely lucky and can time lights into this procedure without seeing a cop) the only thing I could think to do is jack up the front of ur car and pray the jackstands don't On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Readiness and Drive Cycle Information OBD Readiness Your vehicle performs up to 11 diagnostic checks of specific emission control components such as engine, transmission, fuel systems and other emissions controls. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Went to get emissions checked and it failed because the status was NOT READY. ” NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive, and may not  Sep 25, 2019 when it finds a fault that may cause high engine or evaporative emissions. It runs great, though he doesn't drive it much. codes and EVAP is showing "Ready". 4. I have driven the vehicle around, but nothing. as stated check your local emission laws as you should be able to pass with one or two self tests not completed. 01 Chevy 2. Right now, my car has ZERO codes, and 1 monitor NOT READY. Betting it will pass. First, make sure that the check engine light is not commanded on. Help! 2007 Mazda CX-7 Turbo "Monitors Not Ready" -O2, EVAP, & CATALYST EVAP monitor is reset when the O2 drive cycle is performed. What Do You Mean My Car's Not Ready? What is a Readiness Monitor? Vehicles equipped with On Board Diagnostic II (OBDII), which includes most 1996 or newer gasoline-powered vehicles and most 1997 or newer diesel-powered vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) less than 8,501 pounds, self-test their emission systems utilizing My evaporator system monitor reads incomplete. If any of the (8) monitors have a status of "Incomplete" that means you have not yet completed a full drive cycle and you need to drive your car around more. Had the truck at the SMOG referee this morning to finalize test and passed no problem. The OBD II is giving the "Not Ready" buzz. Note: Due to the limited preconditions provided with this drive trace, NCVECS recommends using the monitor specific drive traces for Chrysler vehicles. She decided to go to inspection the very next day and failed for the evaporative emission system and the catalytic converter showing "Not Ready". Why is a monitor incomplete or “not ready” EVAP SYSTEM MONITOR DRIVE CYCLE INSTRUCTIONS Do not turn off the ignition switch during the test procedure. 2002 Hyundai Elantra that says my on board computer is not ready to be tested. Simply drive stop & go around town between 25-45 MPH for at least 10 min. what to check. TSB#1 8-01 7-10 with lifetime warranty applied to federal certified vehicles. There is no SES, no active or stored codes, and no driveability issues whatsoever. So I took my car to smog check, but they wouldn't smog the car because the EVAP monitor is not ready. 2001 Toyota 4Runner - ECU Drive Cycle Reset. Took my Mazda Mpv 02 for emissions testing 3 weeks ago and failed. but a cat monitor "not ready" is usually not allowable. I have a catalytic monitor incomplete and it won't pass the smog check there are no trouble codes it is a toyota camry le 1997 19 Answers. 508 mm (0. It stays off most of the time but the readiness state of the evap system is always not ready. What do the Readiness Monitors have to do with a NH state inspection? We may have explained to you, especially if you needed an emissions repair to pass the NH State Inspection that the Readiness Monitors in your vehicle are “not ready”. Vehicle came back in today for emissions, they ran it and it got a rejection from testing for insufficient monitors not being set. This is my second week driving it to work and back, its 16+ Mile commute and 20-60min drive. Also, the car will not even attempt to run an evaluation of the evap system if you have more than 3/4 or less than 1/4 tank of gas or if it's too hot or too cold out. I've done countless drive cycles of varying kinds still 5 outta 7 ready. It's hasn't thrown the code since, but only because it hasn't tested the evap system. Only the EVAP monitor was not ok. I need to do the smog but not sure if i can still get it done with the one uncleared monitor in CA. The vehicle doesn't support readiness monitors for this drive cycle. Just to clarify a point: When I loaded a basic performance tune, I got 4 Not Readys. For the EVAP Monitor Bypass, park the vehicle for a minimum of 8 hours and repeat the generic procedure. I had just replaced the battery on my wife's 2004 Honda CRV. If there are pending malfunctions that have not yet turned on the malfunction light, the monitors will not become ready. Downstream oxygen sensor monitor may not set to ready VIN may not display properly on hand held scan tools Some monitors are difficult to complete Action Recall campaign #K01 applies to California certified vehicles. Vehicles should be treated normally. It is not uncommon for the readiness monitors to go "not ready" when the battery is disconnected. Mechanic says I need to drive - Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic The output of the catalyst monitor can be either ‘not ready’ or ‘ready. Connect Scan tool in order to observe data stream and monitor status. My Audi didn't pass or fail emissions because OBD II read NOT READY for Catalytic Converter, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor, and Secondary Air System. I'm trying to get all the other indicators to show "ok" except for the evap. If you have recently changed the battery on your BMW or done a major repair for the engine or emission system, the on board computer has mostly been reset. 0 '99 AEG beet. actually, you can look up your drive cycle with any mazda dealer and they should be able to tell you the exact conditions that your car must be in to run the evap self test which changes it's state from not ready to finished. I just need 1 more to pass. I have driven my 2013 Toyota Corolla but the emissions computer will not say ready on the EVAP, catalytic converter and o2 sensors. After replacing the fuel control computer and getting version coding Ineed it to pass inspection. Welcome to the Jaguar onboard diagnostics OBD-II drive cycle information page. The “E” in the “p” location indicates the Oxygen Sensor Monitor, Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor and EGR System Monitor tests have not been completed. 2007 Chevy Cobalt - did not pass emissions - need gas cap (no prob getting that) but also got 'Unavailable: did not communicate' for the OBD Readiness Monitors status. At this point, SRT is complete. It's been about a month now (and well over 500 miles. They found that the evap canister, purge and vent value were faulty. In many cases, Monitor Readiness problems can cause the vehicle to fail a smog check. It can take several cold soak drive cycles AND a tank of gas to set at times just due to all the complicated parameters that have to be set in order for the monitor to transition from NOT READY to READY When the ambient air temperature is outside 4. I went to get inspection and failed for o2 sensor not ready, and evap system not ready. Toyota has various OBD2 readiness monitors for emissions testing, and by conducting a Toyota Drive cycle, you can activate and ready the Toyota ODBII sensors. NYS Emissions Testing, Monitor Catalyst and EVAP Not Ready. the cat monitor should complete after a few cycles at light highway speeds. Replaced gasket, cleared code, did several 5 to 10 mile drive cycles around neighborhood and CEL stayed off but the EVAP readiness monitor hasn't reset. Apparantly, EVAP monitor only get activated below 85%-15% fuel levels. But I live in a state that lets you go with 1 not ready. 8°C (40 to 100° F), or the altitude is above 2438 meters (8000 feet), the EVAP monitor will not run. Just to add my experience from today on a 2001 Outback 2. to monitor the performance of If the EVAP monitor is not ready, verify that your fuel cap is tight and the level of fuel is between 1/4 and 3/4 full. Drove about 500 miles, still not ready. They then spent 2 days getting my evap monitor ready, which they said they did after hours of work. Now that i have drove 500 miles my 02 sensor read ready after only 50 miles. Trying to figure out why my car lists OBDII status as "Not Ready" due to Evaporative System Monitoring not completed. However, to satisy all of the different Trip enable criteria and run all of the OBD II diagnostic monitors, the vehicle must be driven under a variety of conditions. See page 2 of the link. EVAP FAULT CODES. The emissions test itself checks readiness monitors to determine if the vehicle's emission system is passing or failing. I don't understand why they are refusing to do an  The OBD system monitors, among other things, the performance of your vehicle's If a DTC listed on the VIR indicates a fault with the vehicle's “Evaporative System,” try If your vehicle's OBD computer is “Not Ready,” it will fail the inspection. It only came up when the ready monitor would set. BUT WAIT,THERE’S MORE The newest addition to the mix of OBD EVAP strategies is the EONV EVAP monitor. If the OBD EVAP monitor detects a leak when it runs the EVAP leak check, it will set a fault code in the P0440 to P0457 range: The requirements for running the EVAP monitor vary depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Ford evap monitor will not run if the gas tank is over 85% full or below 15% full. Each diagnostic check communicates with a monitor called a readiness monitor. " I had about 966 miles on the odometer at the time. Then i go to get the car inspected, your allowed 1 not ready monitor, and both are not ready again. In Massachusetts, the Evap does not need to be ready for a car to pass. Then one more good run at about 45 mph and all the monitors should be set except for the evap monitor. " When a heater circuit is getting old, it can be one of the last The new Emission Monitor Requirement criteria is as follows: - 2000 and newer model year gasoline powered vehicles will need all emission monitors in READY or COMPLETE status, with the exception of the EVAP monitor. I have a problem with my 2000 Volvo S40 in that it is currently failing Pennsylvania Emissions Test. I have get my evap system to ready. It depends on what you mean by “fails monitor test”. evap monitor oxygen sensor The battery and the thermostat had been replaced right before i purchased the car and since ive put over 4000 miles on it and its still not ready to be tested. On 1997 Toyota Tercel and Paseo models, the readiness flag for the EVAP monitor will never set, and no dealer fix is yet available. The emmissions inspection mechanic said the Chevy's are the easiest to make the monitors "ready" for testing. Any vehicle that has more than the allowable number of “not ready” The EVAP monitor uses a "purge flow sensor" to detect leaks as small as . I have driven more then 75 miles , I pretty much have done the driving instructions, my check engine light is not on but does work. There are no codes, no pending codes and half the damn sensors are new. That evap is pissing me off. "Not Ready" status mean? What is the most common reason monitors are "Not Ready"? Where is Readiness Monitor Status on the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)? Changing the monitor(s) to "Ready" On 1997 Toyota Tercel and Paseo models, the readiness flag for the EVAP monitor will never set, and no dealer fix is yet available. It is a computer routine (program) designed to determine if an emission system is ready to be interrogated. With the scan tool, check for pending codes. The car has to sit idle for at least 8 hours and have no less or more than a half a tank of fuel. The OBD II emissions inspections and readiness test read Failed on componets. monitors are not getting ready. You must park the vehicle in a heated garage above 40° F for 12 hours, with the key off and fuel tank at 1/2, to run the evap monitor. to have this test done. the evap is more picky. The EGR was almost instant, soon as I got  Jan 14, 2014 OBD2 Readiness Monitors are simple yet powerful self check routines. I don't know your area at all, but a reputable independent shop can "smoke test" the evap system and pinpoint the leak and advise you better than as you ask in your post. If the other monitors show they’re still not ready, try making a few 2 sensor monitor also must be run to completion to enable the EVAP monitor, as well as some other conditions not mentioned here. I drove to the smog place, which is about 5 miles away from the mechanic that I went to, my truck passed all tests with the exception of the ODB meter detecting that the Evap Sensor and Secondary Air Induction Sensor were not putting out any info. Readiness monitors read with the Android app. The CAT monitor seems to NEVER become ready, But in NYS i can have one not ready 2001 and up, (if it was a 2000, it would pass now). However the Cat monitor must be OK or ready to pass smog. GM developed this system to take advantage of the physi-cal property of fuel vapor in the tank It simply seems as though the monitors will not reset. Hello. Recently replaced my MFA and took my vehicle to get it smog. So if that particular monitor isn't ready, take it to emissions and have it tested. I mean, I'm not telling people to cheat emissionsbut I just figured I'd share that I'm absolutely flabbergasted at how I did not know that my county allows cars to pass OBD2 emissions testing without all the monitors being run. The EVAP canister is sealed and maintenance-free. If more than one is not ready it wont pass. The Readiness code should change to YES when the test is done. I'm still assuming the reset was due to the code but I am working on a 1996 280C. Not ready are Catalyst, EGR system, Oxygen sensor heater. Now I have a general manual on OBD2 scanners and have been reading through the Toyota TSB EG003-02 "Readiness Monitor Drive Patterns" and find that I need to follow a specific procedure to complete the "drive cycle monitor test" on my scanner, so that it can get through the monitors and pass emissions in the future. My EGR and Evap monitors both show inc (not ready). Recently purchased a 2001 Silverado in private sale. I sent command to start vacuum test (via scanner) but that did not change anything. The steps should generally be the same but refer to an authorized Jaguar repair/service guide or possibly owners manual to confirm steps for your Jag. If there is no DTC, one or more of the enable criteria were probably not met; repeat the procedure. A lot of vehicle owners out there are having second thoughts on passing the smog test when EVAP Monitor isn't ready. Evap monitor has finally set on the car. A Consumer Guide to Readiness Monitor Failures as Part of the New York State Vehicle Inspection Program. I drove it the drive cycle as stated in owners manual from a cold start each time, a total of six cycles. However, after three drive cycles, the EVAP Monitor is still listed as incomplete. Jaguar OBD Drive Cycle Procedures. The Bureau of Automotive Repair recognizes that competing the EVAP monitor can be difficult, so your 2003 Silverado will pass the OBD II portion of the smog inspection with an incomplete EVAP monitor if the “Check Engine” (MIL, Service Engine…, etc) is not commanded on, and all other monitors are complete. I'm not getting any codes for the EVAP system. Tacomas Somewhere I read that the cooldown is essential to the evap system test TheMike515, Dec 28, 2011 #7. Nevada smog will allow up to 2 monitors not ready. I tried the factory suggested "drive cycle" via honda manual, and still nothings changed. Thanks. Fill your gas tank. Start it cold and drive it. You can get an inspection sticker with one readiness monitor not set. after it has started you can unplug the scanner and drive for awhile and it should report back as ready or set a trouble code if a problem is found. I need help getting this monitor ready. I reset the computer, and luckily the new cat cured the P0420 code. The Ref told me that in California only one monitor can be in the not ready state and still get a pass. Yes I know that's very low! It is not required for a car to support all the monitors. 2001 Prizm/Corolla - CEL is off, no trouble codes, all other monitors are ready, but not the catalytic convertor. Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Control System Monitor and Readiness Code For an I/M Monitor to be Ready, the vehicle must have completed a drive cycle (been driven long enough under proper conditions to have completed a drive cycle). Jul 5, 2018 If only the oxygen sensor heater monitor is not ready, but the oxygen sensor monitor, catalyst monitor, EVAP monitor, secondary air system (if applicable), and   May 30, 2017 An incomplete evaporative monitor will not cause a smog check failure. There must be a dsmer who has some experience with these drive cycles and doing them right to get the I/M monitors to "ready"? Are these drive cycles the only way the ECU gets to "ready" on these monitors ? OBD II Not ready status. For 1996 through 1999 vehicles, the federal standard allows leaks up to the scan tool obd monitors incomplete. The other monitors need to be ready. About 3 months ago I replaced the battery. 8. A little history, I had a P0446 code and I made some repairs then cleared the code. After the first cycle I scanned the system and I had 1 pending code p0128. out my way, it can range from $25. If it shows as not ready — I can't smog it. How many other monitors are not ready? 4. Hey all. about 5/8 tank of gas, 90 DegF. to $60. I have replaced the fuel composition monitor. "not ready" flags are permitted, usually two. If an I/M Monitor is Not Ready, it is because a drive cycle has not completed. Evap systems usually need 1/4-3/4 full tank of gas before it will run. If not, go to step 13. I took the car out on I-80 the next morning and did about 75 MPH for a 20 minute ride. The car needs to be checked for transmission codes as these can have a bearing for OBD-ii readiness. I used to get P0401 every second drive cycle. It's simply not ready until then. Three OBD monitors on this vehicle are NOT READY: the Catalyst, EVAP and HEGO oxygen sensor monitors. on the TPS and turned it until it until the throttle showed 0% on my obd monitor. The evaporative emissions system on a car is a MASSIVE system. two monitors that are “not ready” will be accepted for the OBD test and the test can continue; for model year vehicles 2001 and newer, only one “not ready” monitor will be accepted for testing and the test can continue. A PDTC check is being added to the BAR-OIS Smog Check inspection on July 1, 2019. Talk to you're tuner and ask him if he can send you an emissions tune. They were also able to see my old P0442 code. I took it for Mass. Check with the person doing your  My fail notice says Evaporative System - Not ready and Catalyst - Not Ready. The primary purpose of these systems is to monitor and evaluate the vehicle's is not yet at the predetermined conditions, the monitor will register “not ready. Takes a while to get ready for some reason, even if you force a ready. 2007 Chevy Cobalt - did not pass emissions - got 'Unavailable: did not communicate' for the OBD Readiness Monitors status. PDTCs are very much like regular diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) but they cannot be reset by disconnecting the vehicle’s battery or cleared by using an OBD scan tool. Does you state let you pass with 1 not ready? I just passed my emissions and my results actually said my Evap was not ready. The other monitors that were not ready are now ready. NY state it seems allows 1 monitor to be NOT READY. The car passes this part of the test. my car has probably not I have a 94 850 turbo and I need to get it smog by January 2012. Airflow was showing 5-6 g/s in idle. ’ If the output of the monitor is not ready, what does that indicates? It signifies that the requisite Drive Cycle has not run completely; thus, the catalyst monitor has not tested the catalytic converter. Failed Emissions O2, EGR, Catalyst Not Ready. I pretty much followed the first drive cycle listed above. 18 Answers. every time you clear the codes all readiness monitors are reset to "not ready", and have to run again. No codes, have put over 2,000 miles on it TO GET THE DANG THING TO RESET, and I am at a EGR Not Ready Problem. Had an aged OBD monitor plugged in which updates very 10-15 seconds. Some acceleration uphill, no braking. I am sure by now everyone has heard from the old racer down the street that you need to yank all of that emissions "crap" off of your car because it hurts performance and does not have any benefits. Monitor NOT Ready P420 P430 Less fuel vaporization at low temps throws off the vapor pressure requirement. Most of the time, this is the last to get ready. However, I did not have the liberty of waiting. If you mean that your 1997 Sonoma is not completing the EVAP monitor (Not ready, incomplete, etc), that is the only incomplete monitor, and nothing else is wrong with your vehicle, then yes, it can pass the smog inspection. The last time that  Jan 21, 2019 Setting Emission Readiness Monitors on Toyotas If your climate is below this temperature at night, the evap monitor will not complete. The check engine light is NOT on, but the obd II monitor is kicking back "Not ready" for the catalyst sensor only. I always say if there's ever a doubt then there is no doubt, and this Auxillary Emmissions and Evap System NOT READY seem like they are related. Wait a minute,you're allowed by federal law 1 monitor to be "not ready" (and in some cases 2). Dealership replaced one CAT, O2 sensor, plugs, cracked EGR hoses, ect. I'm not seeing any other past posts that go beyond those things to look at. I am not getting that code anymore after cleaning the EGR passage and the PCV valve and tube. If you disconnect the battery or clear DTC's, that resets the monitors and everything has to run again. The mechanic said if it didnt get above 200 degrees the monitor wont perform the test and wont send the signal or the bottom o2 sensor was bad. Hi all, I went to have my 2009 Honda Fit Sport emissions tested and all of my sensors are ready/passed, except my catalyst sensor. Hi guys, new to the site. Doing this, I have 6 monitors READY, and 1 monitor NOT READY. Hope any of that helped. The car he has owned for years (A Chevy) still has an incomplete evap monitor. Preconditions The monitor will not run unless: MIL is OFF Altitude is 7,870 feet (2,400 m) or less Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) is 41°F (5°C) or higher The EVAP monitor is a pain to set. Evap on the older Toyotas is a pain, it takes a long time for it to decide that the system is sealed or leaking. So i did the drive cycle and took back and it failed again due to Evap not read. My car is 2008 chevy tahoe. Start the engine and allow it to idle in Park for one to two minutes. This verifies the “Ready” status. Stage 2: Idle 2½ Minutes —Turn the air conditioning (A/C) and headlights on to help the misfire moni tor—the additional electrical loads 97 Disco, 143k with 3 systems not ready on the emmissions. So, in order to make the status of catalyst monitor ‘ready What Should You Do When OBD2 Monitors Not Ready To Test OBD2 System Explained. A scan tool may say "ready" or "Complete" next to a listed monitor if it has run, or "not ready" or "incomplete" if it has not run. If a monitor does not have enough information to fully assess its assigned component or They should have set within 500 miles, but that might not be the only criterion. EVAP may not run on this vehicle unless the CAT monitor runs first. Approximately 7% to 11% of the initial inspections showed the evap readiness monitor “not ready” for evaluation. The display of trademarks does not imply that any license has been granted by its owner. Effective October 15, 2008: For vehicles year model 2001 and newer, we allow one (1) non-continuous monitor to be Not Ready and still pass the test, but two (2) or more Not Ready's will cause the vehicle to fail. I just recently placed my battery and didn't know that when you do that it resets the evaporation system and other systems. My car is a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo, direct injection. FindOneFindAll. Generic OBD II "Drive Cycle" Most OBD II ("On-Board Diagnostics II") diagnostic monitors will run at some time during normal operation of the vehicle. Evap and Cat monitors not ready for inspection. This 01 Saturn coupe with the DOHC engine won't pass inspection because it has 2 "Not Ready" I/M monitors. EVAP Monitor Not Ready on Ford Escape. One is the evap system and the other is because of the secondary air pump system is at fault. test cycles completed many times. Readiness Code Set Procedure; On-Board Diagnostic System I/M Check During State Emission Test This bulletin provides additional information to Subaru State I/M Program Advisory Bulletin # 11-98-10R. I have a Honda Civic 2008 LX Automatic. That one Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums. Readiness flags are indicators on a scan tool or code reader that tell you when an OBD II system monitor has run or completed its test. I can get by with just 1 monitor not ready. Color me baffled. The handbook says that "not ready" means that the monitor has not finished its diagnostic testing, but this seems odd as Ready or Not. 2L Tip for running EVAP monitor test This is the second 2001 chevy with a 2. ) and my cars EVAP monitor is still not ready. Results 1 to 16 of 16 Thread: Catalytic readiness monitor not ready. Getting the catalyst monitor to run may require driving the vehicle for a number of miles under various speeds and loads. If a vehicle has too many "not ready" monitors, the vehicle will be rejected from receiving an emission inspection and receive a Not-Ready Rejection VIRS. Does the combined highway and city. Anyone know the specific drive cycles needed to get the EVAP monitor to the "ready" state? I had a CEL due to a P0442 EVAP "small" leak code that I think was due to cracked gas cap gasket. The onboard diagnostic system has two different category of test that it runs to make sure it is running smoothly. From above, you can see that you can drive hundreds of miles but if you did not maintain the required speed, some of the parameters will remain NOT READY. 5) Turn key off, leave off for ten minutes (to run O2 sensor heater monitor). The EVAP monitor won’t run unless the vehicle has sat overnight and the fuel tank is between 1/4 and 3/4 full. I followed the chart I found here for the drive cycle to get those to ready. NA or not available monitor means that the car doesn’t have that monitor. 4 to 37. Check the pending codes with your code tool and see if there are any for the EVAP, if not, like I said, the EVAP is a tough monitor to set. A Monitor must be listed as Ready to pass an emissions test. I live in California, and smog is due. If a monitor is set to "Ready" the monitor is checking its assigned component and, if no DTC's are present, the vehicle should pass an emissions test. I have reset 3 times since I noticed and have driven thousands of miles between resets. It can take several cold soak drive cycles AND a tank of gas to set at times just due to all the complicated parameters that have to be set in order for the monitor to transition from NOT READY to READY Evap monitors are the most difficult to go "Ready". OBD II TEST I have managed doing this by always keeping the fuel capacity greater than 85% at all times. 040 inches in diameter on 1996-99 models, and as small as . Do you know of any class evap system problems I can look at with this vehicle? It's not the gas cap. So I replaced the MAF on the 01 ML430, and have to get ready for the Smog test here in Ca. There are no problem codes logged and no CEL. If you have performed the necessary driver cycles and have not lost battery voltage or reset the computer at any time then you either have a problem with the heater circuit of the sensor or the computer is failing. Notes: Do not exceed 30% TPS. Determines if any monitor has not completed. I'm just wondering, I'm sure its other ways for evap to go ready but the ac is the fastest ??? MONITOR READINESS STATUS. The following manufacturer-specific procedures can help determine if the required monitors are set to “Ready. Running it through the code reader, in the I/M readiness, 3 are still not ready yet: EVAP, Sec Air and EGR Sys. If you know your EVAP system is not working properly you can work around the smog test by NOT having that monitor ready, by paying attention to the weather. OBDII Test A technician and a local honda dealer told me "to keep driving it" cause the EVAP monitor is still "not ready". It took 5 days to complete the Evap Readiness Monitor "drive cycle" in the ECM but as soon as the computer reader (ours is an Actron 9135) said "EVAP Ready" - we had it re-tested and viola. After city driving, 3 minutes of highway driving at 53-60 MPH sets EVAP Small Leak Monitor to READY. Evap Failing to get I/M Readiness-No codes. How do monitors go from "Not Completed" to That sounds high for the monitors to reset and in NH we are allowed to have one monitor "not ready" as long as the others pass and there is no CEL. On the scan tool, monitor the fuel tank pressure, it will be in Hg, it should show a vacuum value, at the same time open the gas cap the Hg value should change,to atmosphere value, if it does not you have a problem with the vent solenoid, don't rely on code,to get the evap monitor ready, use data. Ask Question and properly measure out fuel and what not for the motor to consume. 7. Engine light comes on randomly every few hundred km ( on and off with no stored codes ). This was compared to non-evap readiness monitors, which showed only 1% to 2% “not ready” during the initial inspection. I had to jump start my car 2. With the scan tool, view the monitor for completion. NO CEL LIGHT, AND NO CODES. What is a “Readiness Monitor”? A monitor is not a physical device. Alot of tunes turn off the rear O2 sensor. When I loaded this new tune, after a little driving the EVAP went ready, but the other 3 are still incomplete, so I know the computer is monitoring correctly. The rest are ok. Would I pass the emissions test with 1 monitor being not ready? I believe it’s the evap system that’s acting up as I get an intermittent P0456 ( very small leak ). 04-23-11 09:31 AM - Post# 2080773 need some help with this; e-vap and secondary air injection moniters will not go ready. If any of the other systems are status not ready then no dice. I have driven it about 350 miles since then & tried as best I could to do the drive cycle but nothing has worked. JUST ONE MORE! 1997 - 2003 F150 - Evap not ready but no codes - My 2003 F150 4. During certain repair procedures, the status of these emission systems is reset by the repair technician. Do not leave the key on prior to the cold start or the oxygen sensor (O2S) heater monitor may not run. I knew that would happen as I had just reset the code (I get a CEL anytime after a heavy rain - I think it is a bad coil coming). And I have done the drive cycle for a whole week already. Also, outside temps have to be in a certain range too. 2004 Ford Escape (117K miles) purchased used now comes up super clean with all exhust readings after the full service by a Ford dealership. So took the car in the dealer a week ago to have the inside door handles replaced cause the chrome was peeling. The truck is a Lightning Supercharger swap on my 4x4 Supercrew if someone asks. All I need is to get one of those ready and I am set. The OBDII retrieved data states that I had 3 not ready components, (EGR system Monitor, Catalyst Monitor & Evaporative system) The mechanic told me I had to get out on the highway and drive for at least 2o mins so it can re-learn. Driving home the Evap monitor set to complete but the SAI still did not. Second, the evap monitor is the hardest monitor to set and usually the last one. During this period, the O2S heater, misfire, AIR, fuel system, and EVAP monitors run. Other vehicles that often have a "not ready" condition for the EVAP and catalytic converter monitors include 1996-'98 Volvos, 1996-'98 Saabs, and 1996-'97 Nissan 2. The report we got from the inspection station earlier this month shows that the EVAP monitor was reading "not ready" status before the repairs were done. The shop indicated that in NJ like CA the car can still pass with 1 still not complete. The ECM commands the EVAP Purge Solenoid OFF once the system has reached a predetermined level of vacuum. The parts involved — and forgive me if I miss a couple — are as follows: Evap (charcoal canister), gas cap, purge val "Not Ready" Waivers In order to receive an emission inspection the vehicle's OBD monitors must be in a "ready" state. I know its a EVAP problem because i recently cleared the codes before and it keeps coming back. Access the On-Board System Readiness (OBDII monitor status) function on the scan tool. Thank you all for shopping. When the VEIP test equipment is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD system through a connector, usually under the dashboard, the monitors send messages to the test equipment indicating whether they are “Ready” or “Not Ready” for emissions testing. I have driven close to 200 miles over the course of a week, mostly city driving. The smog guy (California) says that he can let another monitor go but not the cat; it costs him too many points. Idk where you at, but in pa a not ready monitor does not constitute a fail. NOTE: If the appropriate number of Readiness Monitors (codes) are not flagged as "Ready", in most cases, the vehicle can not pass an emissions test. If the system is ok there is a generic procedure to run the monitor. Using the Ready-or-Not as a test tool. I have done several drive cycles and cleared the codes 4 That is considered a "continuous monitor" and does not require drive cycles to reach readiness. When the ambient air temperature is outside 4. find a way to monitor the For evap you need fuel between 15-85% full, and you have to have a cold start in there. I cleared it before the inspection. I picked my car up and went straight to deq, of course the evap sensor wasn't ready. The other Not Ready was the EVAP. No trademark infringement is intended and no suggestion is made that the owner of the trademark endorses our products. Your nightmares will now be over. I erased the code and drove all over the ding dang place and it is still not ready. 020 inch) in the enhanced EVAP system. It failed the smog test because of EVAp monitor not ready. the control module will test for small leaks by continuing to monitor the fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor for a change Readiness Check 12. It can pass state emission with at least 1 monitor not being set. 2001 Ford F-150 EVAP and CAT monitors not ready the battery was recently changed and every monitor is ready but these 2. The procedures detailed below apply to many but not all 1996-newer Jaguar models. I've got 5 out of 7 right now. It starts at your gas cap and stretches all the way to the engine. In this video I give a few tips on how to get your car to pass emissions inspection if a few monitors are not getting ready. If there is a fault in the EVAP system it may never be ready. I've Googled what the steps supposedly are and got the cat, EGR and O2 monitor ready with the 53-60 driving, but I don't seem to be able to get the Evap system ready. What do I need to do to have it ready? The garage apparently doesn't do the drive to complete all the monitors and tells me to bring it back once its ready (don't go there) for the emissions test. What now? Why your vehicle may not be “ready”: Your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) computer reviews the status of the emission systems within the vehicle. 2L that I have had to do this on in order to get monitors to run for NYS inspection. So, your vehicle is “not ready” for an OBD Test. Like the test chamber, the EPA does not mandate any specific technology or monitor readiness procedures. Without that rear O2 reading, the CAT monitor will not set to "ready". The EVAP sys I/M did get to ready last time, but it's not getting there now. This makes the car not ready for a smog check. A week ago I took it for NY inspection and it failed for having 2 monitors "not ready". on some vehicles, it might not Disconnected the battery? When you do this you reset the monitor,and you have to start all over, Doing the monitor should be done within 12 minutes (so they say). It took so long last time and I feel I'm in the same position again - having to get my sticker months late. That is the EVAP one. There is a procedure to pass all the tests using vag-com while sitting still, but MOST of the tests can be passed by a simple run around town. What should I do. On many vehicles it'soften possible to not be able to set the evap monitor due to outside temps. After driving the car about 5 miles, I checked and all readiness was passed except secondary air and evap emissions. 1996 - 1998 Mitsubishi vehicles - These vehicles may have a high degree of "Not Ready" for catalyst monitor due to a "trip base" design. Hi John. After following the drive cycle in the Owners Manual 2x, I got the catalyst monitor to reset. since your evap monitor needs to see a specific fuel range, engine temperature, load and tank pressure you may have a bad sensor which could be preventing it from running My state allows one readiness indicator to show "incomplete". I been having trouble with my catalytic monitor not going to "ready" for my smog check. I had the exact same problem last year and the dealer charged me $150 to reset the computer by driving the car a Gosh darn my o2 and Evap monitors are ready but that pesky catalyst monitor is still "Not Ready"! I hope its soon as i hate driving with a expired inspection sticker! Any tricks to speeding up the catalyst monitor? If the readiness code is still not set to complete, check for a Temporary DTC with the HDS. Evap is still not ready and that's been the hardest to set. Thus it can’t be tested. Setting the Record Straight on Readiness Monitors and On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) Inspections. The 05 envoy has been driven 130 miles since I made the repairs. It needs 2 full drive cycles and will not reset sometimes if an EVAP code is pending. If vehicles are found to be "Not Ready," they should be referred to a qualified service provider so the OBD software can be updated. How long do I have to drive before the evap system monitor is ready? I replaced the catalytic converter on my wife's 2. Generally speaking, the fuel tank must be 1/4 to 3/4 full because a near empty tank or a full tank can affect the accuracy of the EVAP self-test. Why would a catalytic converter monitor consistently (for weeks of daily driving) not be ready for a smog test? Two weeks ago I went to a California smog test station, and they said my 5-speed '97 2wd 4Runner with 150k miles (with original cats and oxygen sensors) would fail because the catalytic converter monitor wasn't ready. If only the oxygen sensor heater monitor is not ready, but the oxygen sensor monitor, catalyst monitor, EVAP monitor, secondary air system (if applicable), and EGRsystem (if applicable) are ready, then, in almost all cases, the heater monitor will eventually set and be "ready. I would wait longer, but heres the pattern that I found. The vehicle will fail until the required number or types of readiness monitors are tested. It will be the only Honda Civic SI CAT and EVAP Not Ready by Dallas  First, make sure that the check engine light is not commanded on. I am down to evap monitor and egr not ready. The engine light was on due to that of course and a small evap leak, Which usually i can clear the DTC and drive it a day or two to set the monitors before the MIL turns back on. evap monitor not ready

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