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For more information about the MIPI CSI-2 interface, see the MIPI CSI-2 Specification by MIPI Alliance Group. Joints and bearings are expensive to install and maintain. CSI's monthly magazine 'CSI Communications' has a special theme every month, which makes it easier. For a reinforced concrete box culvert, the Preliminary Bridge member force influence line diagrams. 19 Page 13-1 July 2019 Chapter 13 Bridge Load Rating 13. existing and future customers. CSiBridge 2017 19. The software has an advanced wizard or wizard, which will guide the engineers in the modeling process. 2. Small culverts generally are constructed with standard pipe, and larger culverts are constructed with box sections, either cast-in-place or precast. Features A directory of top American Design Professionals: architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, lighting designers, acoustical consultants, art consultants, cad & drafting consultants, signage & graphics consultants, security and telecom consultants, 3D rendering, illustrators, animation consultants, architectural model makers and architectural photographers. CSI Bridge is a software for seismic analysis and design of bridges designed by CSI. 1 Enhancements: Version 19. CSI2 to Parallel Bridge Board Revision B Voltage Regulators The CSI2 to Parallel Bridge Board power is supplied by the 5V DC power applied at connectors J7 and J8, pins 1, 2, 39 and 40. Performing Organization Name and Address Center for Transportation Research The University of Texas at Austin 3208 Red River, Suite 200 example of Full Design and build construction project WBS. Where can I find a detailed example of pushover analysis? I am searching for a step-by-step explanation of the procedure. Performing Organization Code 7. A good local example of a cable-stayed suspension bridge is the new bridge currently under construction across the main shipping channel in the Long Beach Harbor. For example, if the first - Example Bridge Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design Example Haunch depth = 4 in. c by replacing CY_U3P_CSI_DF_RAW10, to remove padded zeros. LEAP Bridge Concrete is design and analysis software for concrete bridges of all types. MX RT1050 EVK board. pa. 0. Introduction to MIPI D-PHY. 1. For example, for i. 42 Design and Analysis of Arches Design and Analysis of Bridge Design and Analysis of Bridge Design and Analysis of Concrete Shell Design and Analysis of Pile in Elastic Medium. The workbook is divided into four sheets, or sections. The module is designed around the Omnivision OV5640 5 megapixel (MP) color image sensor. In addition, the rock below each caisson base shall be proved before concreting by sinking minimum ‘N’ size drill holes, as specified on the drawings, to a minimum of 5m below the proposed caisson base level or 3 times the bell out diameter of the caisson whichever is the greater. I. We are hopeful that this will be of great use to all civil engineers who are willing to understand the design of prestressed concrete box girder. Justin Benjamin, Design Applications Manager . Live Loads for Bridges In many cases, vehicles may bounce or sway as they move over a bridge. Also in this folder are an example project and some miscellaneous VHDL support IP such as an AXI-4 framebuffer controller. , 54 in. E, Bestech Systems Limited SYNOPSIS Advanced bridge analysis and design methods have been simplified with the aid of modern bridge software. Archeological Resources Protection Requirements. The Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project will construct a new two-lane tunnel under Thimble Shoal Channel. Design Guides 3. dot7. 35 MB before promote or fix your product, and we wish it can be answer CSi Bridge helps you with calculations and engineering for bridge constructions. Make notes of new words, and pretty soon you will have mastered Survival Khmer! Other resources in the Survival Khmer family: MIPI CSI-2 also is a good example of how MIPI specifications are continually adding enhancements and capabilities to meet new market requirements. The example bridge model, shown in Figure 2-1, will be used throughout this chapter to help the user understand the various steps that are necessary to build a bridge model. The bridge models are defined parametrically, using terms that are familiar to bridge engineers such as layout lines, spans, bearings, abutments, bents, hinges and post-tensioning. • Example: Frame Element, Shell Element CSI Bridge -Object Based Bridge Modeler. By downloading and using any ARCAT CAD detail content you agree to the following [ license agreement ]. The parallel to CSI-2 transmit design underscores how Lattice Ultra Low Density FPGAs can connect various image sensors to APs or image sensor processors (ISPs). and 72 in. To get the device configuration that's currently available from Cloud IoT Core, use a getConfig request. 26. A. What are ESL classes? Who should take College-level ESL classes? How are the courses in the CSI College-level ESL Program different from courses in non-credit ESL programs? I am not a native speaker of English, but I live in the US. 2. Blockbridge Integration with Kubernetes. MIPI CSI-2 TX Controller receives stream of image data via Native video or AXI4-Stream input interface. Recipient’s Catalog No. 1 Introduction . Usually for my type of works I use the top WBS level for Construction Phases, the next for Construction Areas and finally the CSI Divisions, for my schedules I keep General Conditions as a Construction area instead of a CSI Division. 1 specification, such as the lane management layer, low level protocol and byte to pixel conversion. normal operational use of the bridge with a 55 mph wind and nominal loads. The ease with which all of these tasks can be accomplished makes CSiBridge the most versatile and productive software program available on the market today. . In order to compete with steel bridge systems, the design of PC I-girder Bridge system must lead to the most economical use of materials. widely used bridge system for short to medium span (20m to 50m) highway bridges due to its moderate self weight, structural efficiency, ease of fabrication, low maintenance etc. are simplified. to slab top, y The bridge models are defined parametrically, using terms that are familiar to bridge engineers such as layout lines, spans, bearings, abutments, bents, hinges and post-tensioning. While CSI's world -class Research Jornal focuses on research,e-Newsletter WisDOT Bridge Manual Chapter 24 – Steel Girder Structures July 2019 24-5 24. Performing Organization Report No. 0 (2019) + Crack. Internal initiatives pursued by the service provider on his own behalf, for example to improve processes or make better use of resources; Initiatives which require the customer’s cooperation, for example if some of the agreed service levels are found to be no longer adequate CSI Register/ Service Improvement Plan (SIP) - Contents A single-phase full-bridge inverter is depicted by Figure 16. The MC20002 can be connected to any signal source, for example FPGAs or DSPs. Perkins+Will . EJEMPLOS DE CSI BRIDGE. sock rexray start The environment variable X_CSI_DRIVER in the above command is explicitly set to libstorage, the name of the bridge driver. The abundance of the MIPI ® interface in mobile applications has driven its proliferation into other application areas such as the automotive and broader consumer environments. of tendons. This section will present applicable loads and provide guidance to MnDOT’s practice for the application of these loads. Fundamentals of Bridge Design : Your way to be bridge designer. Longitudinal Barriers. All steps like modeling, loading, traffic loads, combinations etc. For example “Multiple Critical Paths” in MSP means basically make open ends critical. Starting with the very basics, we consider definition of the bridge, different types and what is the statically system of each type of bridges. The installation of the new vinyl flooring does not qualify as a capital improvement because it is not the bathroom's initial finished floor. Sand boils up to 600 mm wide were widespread along the bridge alignment (also see Chapter 7, Figure 19-3. Brief Summary Of Marketing Assessment 2015-17. 14 Million at KeywordSpace. 0 m The superstructure of the bridge consist of: prestressed concrete deck with 3+2x3 stay cables and one pylon placed on the left river flood plan. Working Skip trial 1 month free. SmartFusion2 and IGLOO2 SoC FPGAs come with high-speed differential receivers that can be configured to receive MIPI CSI-2 high-speed data. Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code May 2010 Note: General Instructions for CSA Standar ds are now called Upda tes. Plugin: In the CSI world, this points to a service that exposes gRPC endpoints; So far, you probably have figured out that CSI means Container Storage Interface. Smith" Smith3': Password convention: Csi+your EMPLID  Analysis in CSiBridge using area models of the concrete bridge in Las Vegas indicated that the largest predicted thermal gradient obtained through heat. Amir Rahbari, PE CSI/IPU gasket can receive up to four different streams with different VCs (virtual channels) and route each stream to a specific CSI port (see Figure 2 and Figure 3). presidents. WSDOT Bridge Design Manual M 23-50. 1 Introduction Steel girders are recommended due to depth of section considerations for short span Priyanka Bhivgade for submitting her research on “Analysis and design of prestressed concrete box girder bridge” to us. CSI2 to Parallel Bridge Board User’s Guide Functional Description Figure 1. Author(s) 8. Point Response Due to a The entire area under and around the bridge liquefied as a result of the earthquake. Their management adaptability to present day economies may be the single key to CSI's growth and prosperity. VSI. Methvin, and M. Variations of the precast I-girder include the PCI bulb-tee or bulb-tee sections developed by various states. Saad, P. Csi bridge example pdf found at scribd. This document is intended to offer student engineers an introduction to bridge design using the Structural Eurocodes. Typically the DC1 loads are underestimated because the haunch, intermediate diaphragm, pier diaphragm, and the slab thickening on the overhang are not included. It has achieved widespread adoption for its ease of use and ability to support a broad range of high-performance applications, including 1080p, 4K, 8K and beyond video, and high-resolution photography. xilinx. The BSP is delivered with the example of the OV5640 camera using 2 MIPI CSI lines. And for WSDOT Bridge Design Manual M 23-50. 0 Host. One of them is balanced cantilever method. Sc C Eng M. I have a question about: The moment I try to make it work with 1+ lanes (2 or 4), the image that gets in looses all the data on every other lane except "Lane 0" (at least that's what it looks like what's happening). What is an Extradosed bridge? An extradosed bridge employs a structure that is frequently described as a cross between a girder bridge and a cable-stayed bridge. Old Surajbadi Highway Bridge. This text explores the physical meanings behind modeling, and reveals how bridge structures can be analyzed using mathematical models. CSiBridge Watch and Learn video tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from basic product overviews to advanced subjects such as nonlinear sequential construction. The first goal was accomplished by development of guidelines Vehicular Live loads are multiplied with an Impact Factor to accommodate this dynamic effect in the design of bridges. The BRIDGE-MIB. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: Introductory Information: Bidding Requirements The voltage level test determines whether the MIPI CSI-2 receiver D-PHY has correctly terminated the MIPI CSI-2 output from the . To use CSI-compatible storage backend in OpenShift Container Platform, the cluster administrator must deploy several components that serve as a bridge between OpenShift Container Platform and the storage driver. A simplified version of the comprehensive rules in the Parts of the Eurocodes that relate to composite (steel and concrete) bridge design has been derived and some general guidance and commentary has been included. 1. CSI and CSC encourage all interested parties to provide input using the "Propose a Revision" link Hi. eu necessary in a conventional suspension bridge. 6+ due to incompatible changes between CSI version 0. 0 to address a few issues with the v19. That decision will be based on economy, Concrete Arch Buried Bridge Metal Pipe - Arch Cluverts Metal Plate Culverts Precast Reinforced Concrete Arch Culverts Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts Precast Reinforced Concrete Rigid Frame Culverts CSI is a full-service fintech and regtech company offering bank core processing, regulatory compliance software, IT managed services, identity verification and much more. y, F. CSI bridge moddeling help (self. Box culvert design for stormwater conveyance Project data: Flow rate, Q = 1000 ft3/sec Length, L = 800 feet Initial slope, So = 0. Container Storage Interface (CSI) Support. Group of Companies CSI Concrete Systems, 9 Commercial Street, Hudson, New Hampshire 03051 - 1 Metals - Complete 3-part CSI and CSC construction product specifications that can be freely downloaded in various formats. Contact Us. FHWA/TX-03/1898-1 2. Thus, the output voltage of the CSI is shaped according to the voltage drop on the load caused by the output current. Easily handle the vast majority of the bridges built today, with the smart choice for concrete and steel bridges. CX3 has a 4-lane CSI-2 receiver with up to 1 Gbps on each lane. We use cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. 1 and version 0. The main aim of this project is to carryout analysis and design of stress ribbon bridge by using CSI Bridge software. D. A. Chapter 10 describes how to run a Design Request using an example that applies the AASHTO LRFD 2007 code, andChapter 11 describes design output for the example in Chapter 10, Get YouTube without the ads. sabuz prithibi 11,377 views. Design to the Eurocodes” with emphasis on worked examples of bridge design. This example creates the example verification problem from scratch, runs the analysis, extracts results, and compares the results with hand-calculated values. In 1963, they published a format for construction specifications, with 16 major divisions of work. This reference design provides an example of video processing of a camera sensor via the MIPI CSI-2 RX and TX interfaces using an external passive D-PHY resistor network. eu CSI Analysis Reference Manual CSI Automated Lateral Loads Manual DABT2 tinh noi luc Sap2000 v7. Using CSI Bridge, one of the widely used commercial bridge modeling and analysis tools , as an example, an FE model for an overpass bridge would consist of about fifty tables, where each table contains several attributes, many of which are not defined in the current OpenBrIM standards. 4. Well-suited for spans up to 160 feet. However, instructions on how to enable the TC358743 on boards different from Raspberry Pi 3 (e. 1 General Substructure Considerations Note that in the following guidelines where reference is made to AASHTO LRFD the item can be found in the current AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (LRFD). Articulation is the term for the configuration of bridge supports and choice of structural bearings that provides the necessary restraints to the superstructure whilst at the same time providing freedom to some displacements and rotations in order to avoid unnecessary forces on both the superstructure and substructure due to constraint. The idea of this tutorial is to guide you through a balanced cantilever bridge project and introduce the general work-flow showing the necessary program tools and functions. But to find what's relevant is time consuming. It is based on the SAP2000 verification problem Example 1-001. Share . CSI Analysis Reference Manual CSI Automated Lateral Loads Manual DABT2 tinh noi luc Sap2000 v7. 27. 0 or 9. The software creates spine, shell or solid object models that update automatically as the bridge definition parameters are changed. Relative longitudinal movement between the piers and the superstructure spans in the Old Surajbadi Highway Bridge. The finite element model was analyzed the CSI Bridge structural analysis software. Noel-Levitz is the nationally recognized authority on student retention. Bridge deck joints are a persistent and costly maintenance problem. g. I am triying to automate things with CSI bridge and the OAPI, and vba in excel However i can not reference the required dll for the OAPI to work. Analysis and Design of Segmental Box Girder Bridge MD TAUHEED REYAZ1, SYEDA NIKHAT FATHIMA2 1Lecturer, Dept of Civil Engineering, HMS Rural Polytechnic, Karnataka, India 2Assistant professor, Dept of Civil engineering, HMS Institute of technology Karnataka, India -----***-----Abstract -A bridge may be a means that by that a road, MasterFormat numbers and titles are intentionally structured for anticipated growth and expansion in the future. CE 437/537, Spring 2011 Pretensioned Beam Example 1 / 15 Pretensioned beams are typically manufactured by a vendor in a prestressing yard. The goal is to determine the most favorable option. Jóhannes Helgi Jóhannesson 2010 Abstract Determining the structural type of a bridge is often a difficult task. MCUXpresso SDK The MCUXpresso SDK provides comprehensive software support for multiple microcontroller families from NXP. 0+56. Program the transmitter device into free run mode to output a test pattern over the MIPI CSI -2 link. Environmental and sustainability requirements for the Project, required tracking for sustainability (related submittals), use of the NPS Project Sustainability Checklist. There are four types of girder bridges, classified depending on the construction material and type of girders used. 1 . If you have a concern that you believe impedes these efforts for you personally, or a friend or an employee, please report that information. If you continue to use the site without changing your cookie settings, we assume you are fine with our cookies and the way we use them. With this software, you can design a variety of concrete and steel bridges such as suspended bridges, boxes, cables, steel trusses, etc. Civil and Structural Engineering Professional Services & Training Platform CSI ETABS, CSI SAP2000, CSI SAFE, Books & Software It is currently limited to a 4-lane and 10bpp without modification, other parameters such as timing can be modified at compile time. This example uses the Catalyst 5500. CSI MASTER FORMAT 2012 SAMPLE COST CODES 1. However, camber is affected by many factors, most of which are time dependent like Incident reports serve as documentation of specific details and circumstances of an occurrence or event in the workplace or another venue. S. 2 is supported in Mesos 1. 1] 3. Jun 3, 2019 MIPI CSI-2 camera ports (up to 12 lanes at 2. The research was performed to develop guidelines for design and construction and to address issues that significantly influence performance. Meticom is a specialized high-speed interconnect company that designs, manufactures and markets customized high-performance, active interconnects for a variety of industries, including Industrial, Medical, Test & Measurement, Automotive, and Defense. +How to Write IEP Goals So, for all you spreadsheet fanatics, here is the new, improved and updated construction estimation spreadsheet for residential and light commercial. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and night work AUGUST 2016 LRFD BRIDGE DESIGN 3-1 3. Are you a Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager seeking to increase the efficiency of your company and project teams? bridge followed AASHTO LRFD design, which is commonly used to design bridges. LOADS AND LOAD FACTORS The loads section of the AASHTO LRFD Specifications is greatly expanded over that found in the Standard Specifications. As an IT professional in the Internet age, you have access to an abundance of technology information from around the world. BRIDGE Integrated 3D Bridge Design Software Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS) Basic Concepts of CSI Bridge - An Overview Graphical User Interface All operations are integrated across a single user interface that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive workflow environment Modeling Analysis Design Output Optimization Scheduling Load Rating Live Load Distribution on Bridge Abutments Western Bridge Engineers Seminar September 2015 1 Toorak Zokaie, PE, Ph. Everyday Dynamo: Automating Simple Solutions That Bridge Workflow Gaps Within Revit Josh Moore, Design Applications Manager Perkins+Will . For this example problem, the default values for the Mass per unit Volume, Modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, and the Coeff of thermal expansion can be used. Analyzing those concepts on a particular example helps to develop better understanding of the construction engineering practice and contributes to the safety and economy of future bridge structures (Lucko 1999). For detailed explanation of MSP features and functionality, a MT9M114 with a host’s USB bridge device. The first sheet is the Cost Summary. The marketing faculty undertook an extensive review of its major in the period from 2015-17 which informed a number of changes in the Marketing Program. Innovative analysis, design, and load-rating functionality come together in one advanced environment with LEAP, a powerful modeling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete and steel bridges of all types. 5% Allowable Head Water, HW = 15 feet Manning's, n= 0. The Watch Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures have been integrated into CSiBridge to create the ultimate in computerized engineering tools. Over 30 years of experience. Example 2: 16-bit output data format (CY_U3P_CSI_DF_YUV422_8_2) Set CY_U3P_CSI_DF_YUV422_8_2 as the output format in cyu3mipicsi. Introduction to LRFD, Loads and Loads Distribution Thomas K. Features The first steel bridge to be launched in the United States is believed to be a Kansas City Southern Railroad box girder bridge near Redland, OK in 1970 (Durkee 1972). All rights reserved. Within Divisions I do not strictly follow the CSI numbering. Report Date January 2008 6. Most popular bridge type. Another example of a cable-stayed suspen-sion bridge, and an extreme one, is the Millau Via-duct in southern France where cables supported Mount Rushmore is an example of CSI because it relays information that is both complex and specified. Finished road level is set low in the bridge zone; to respect the conditions Analysis and Design of Prestressed Box Girder Bridge by IRC: 112-2011 International Journal of Constructive Research in Civil Engineering (IJCRCE) Page | 3 of the nodes to the node forces between elements and, in the same way that slope defection equations 6. CD. dll, but excel does not let me do it. csiweb. 0 bridge Mobile application processors with MIPI CSI-2 interface and USB 3. prestressed, concrete bridge girders. com Chapter 1:Overview Sub-Core Details MIPI D-PHY The MIPI D-PHY IP core implements a D-PHY RX interface and provides PHY protocol layer Refer to the datasheet, EZ-USB® CX3TM MIPI CSI-2 to SuperSpeed USB Bridge Controller, for the pin mapping of the CSI-2, CCI, and the three additional signals. 60 (non-segmental brg. The MIPI CSI-2 RX Controller core receives 8-bit data per lane, with support for up to 4 Using CSiBridge, engineers can easily define complex bridge geometries, boundary conditions and load cases. One MIB that uses community string indexing is the BRIDGE-MIB. The system consists of two independent circuits illustrating single-phase PWM voltage-sourced inverters. Eng CPEng RPEQ, Novex Services Pty Ltd Barry Skinner B. The MIPI CSI-2 controller can be configured for one to four data lanes, different data formats (such as RAW, YUV, or Bridge Rehabilitation Railing • For an existing bridge having an older safety shape railing with reinforcing that doesn’t meet current standards, the first step should be to determine if it can remain. In addition to this, during construction of the bridge, we established practices for traffic control in 1 Understanding Skewed Bridge Behavior Skewed Bridge Behavior • Out-of-plane effects occur in skewed bridges that cannot be predicted by one-dimensional (line girder) analysis methods. When complete, the new tunnel will carry two lanes of traffic southbound and the existing tunnel will carry two lanes of traffic northbound. rtf Design and Analysis of Piperack Design and Analysis of Prestressed Computers and Structures, Inc. D. Camber in prestressing concrete bridge girders is the upward deflection that is caused due to the prestressing forces applied on the bridge girder. I think that is the correct dll, but i am not totally sure. This listing contains barriers such as guardrail, median barrier, bridge railings and transitions, that have been issued an Eligibility Letter by FHWA based on AASHTO MASH criteria. The Half-Bridge Converter block and the Full-Bridge converter block are modeling simplified model of an IGBT/Diode pair where the forward voltages of the forced-commutated device and diode are ignored. Engineers have been trying to predict its amount and optimize it to make it vanish when placing the deck of the bridge. Chapter 9 describes how to design and opti-mize a steel U-beam bridge with composite slab. Hi, I would like to connect up to 6 CSI-2 cameras (of the same kind!) to the Jetson TX1 Development Carrier Board. Designs include attractive single-piece arches, functional two-piece arches, conventionally reinforced flat bridges, parapets, wingwalls, headwalls and endwalls. Assume that you are streaming 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 fps in RAW 10 format. Locate your CSI chapters and regions. However, if you have never used SAP2000 before, do not be set back. Phone: (573) 446-3221 Fax: (573) 446-3278 CSI Bridge 2015 version 17. 0-4811-1 9. This document describes the Container Storage Interface (CSI) support in Mesos. Please check back soon for a more complete listing of all of our sample four year academic plans. Author(s) J. 3. In Fig. The worst mid span moment will be produced with the highest concentration of load at the centre of the deck therefore, by inspection, the SV100 vehicle with a Cypress’s EZ-USB CX3 is the next-generation bridge controller that can connect devices with the Mobile Industry Processor Interface – Camera Serial Interface 2 (MIPI CSI-2) interface to any USB 3. 2 VERSION 6. The supplemental agreement incorporating the CSI Proposal modifications on a Category 2 Bridge shall reference Chapter 26 of major construction activities (for example water control facilities and large buildings), the applicant should submit to the Project Specialist schematic drawings, a set of plans (preferably reduced to 11" x 17") containing basic information such as elevations, floor plans, site plan, structural plans and sections, etc. Pushover Analysis. elements. com/0_1/MicroServiceName/0_1  4. Find out why Close. 50 0. 3 supports a wide variety of resolutions, including 1080p, 4K and 8K, in both single- and multi-camera implementations. Events. Cloud IoT Core does not push configurations to devices over the HTTP bridge; instead, devices must poll for new configurations. Pcam 5C Reference Manual The Pcam 5C is an imaging module meant for use with FPGA development boards. 1 General Bridge load rating is a procedure to evaluate the adequacy of various structural components to carry predetermined live loads. A simple beam bridge is commonly used for moderate spans. When using the HTTP bridge, the device must explicitly request device configurations with the API. Twitter. This page presents the costs according to 26 MasterFormat® divisions. 0=70. Visitation and public relations. Our four year academic plans are in the process of being updated. 1 was released shortly after version 19. RX path includes: - External Camera Sensor [Leopard Imaging LI-CAM-OV10640-MIPI OVT10640 (4D+C)] transmits video stream across MIPI CSI-2 RX interface. 2 Left click Jurisdiction Publications. We have designed this course in such a way that even the inexperienced SAP2000 user will have no beam bridge with composite slab. Engelhardt 8. This document consists of a comprehensive steel girder bridge design example, with instructional commentary based on the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (Second Edition, 1998, including interims for 1999 through 2002). 67 (A615 steel) CSI is committed to providing an environment that is respectful and supportive. 4. 625-000-007. I triying to load the CSiBridge18. 1 Load Factors and Combinations [3. Racking Analysis (See Racking Analysis Example of the Split Box Culvert). CSI Bridge 2019 v21. When there is shear connection, the two components behave as one. 3 CSI Bridge 2017 Version 19 – Latest release 19. About Us. The perspective of CSI on improvement is the business perspective of service quality, even though CSI aims to improve process effectiveness, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the IT processes through the whole lifecycle. This motion produces an impact load on the bridge. Modeling, analysis and design of bridge  Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a specification that defines a common The storage resource providers serve as the bridges between Mesos and CSI plugins . 0 interface Realtek and Genesys logic solutions are targeted for PC webcam market only and has one or Two MIPI CSI-2 channels. rtf Design and Analysis of Piperack Design and Analysis of Prestressed Cypress’s EZ-USB CX3 is the next-generation bridge controller that can connect devices with the Mobile Industry Processor Interface – Camera Serial Interface 2 (MIPI CSI-2) interface to any USB 3. Another important job for the lateral bracing is to connect the two sides of the bridge together, and keep them parallel to each other. europa. csiamerica. The program can be used for example, in performing structural analyses, earthquake A CSI Proposal that proposes major design modifications of a Category 2 Bridge shall meet the requirements of Section 4 of the FDOT Specifications and Chapter 26 of the PPM, Volume 1, Topic No. Government Accession No. Buckle, PhD EXAMPLE 6 - DECK DESIGN, INCLUDING COLLISION ON A TYPE 7 & TYPE 10M BARRIER 6 2019 Where: Flexural cracking variability factor γ1 = 1. ec. 67MB Ebook Csi Bridge Tutorial PDF Full Ebook By William Nery FREE [DOWNLOAD] search for Csi Bridge Tutorial PDF Full EbookThis is the best area to approach Csi Bridge Tutorial PDF Full Ebook PDF File Size 22. Report No. For most linear elastic statically loaded structures only values for Weight per unit Volume and Modulus of elasticity are required. 2 Basic Principles This section defines the internal stress that results from either prestressing method. This manual has been developed to assist bridge owners by establis PennDOT is committed to maintaining and improving bridges through bridge preservation activities, including painting, deck joint repair or replacement, rigid deck overlays, etc. The module expose its signals via a 24-pin FPC wire which is compatible with the camera connector on the i. 012 DESIGN – EXAMPLE • CSI drivers are typically shipped as container images. It supports video data formats such as RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422 English 111 is likely the first English course Bridge students will take at CSI. Project Description. This type of bridge provides benefits of rapid construction, and improved structural performance. CSI Bridge design Class part 01 - Duration: 50:01. Create a new VBA project. Bridge, access road and site constraints. jrc. This document is intended to serve as a general guideline for Standard Cost Code setup for a small to mid‐size General Contractor. Such information is usually used in the event of reviewing the specifics related to the incident or when dealing with liability issues caused by the incident. The verilog_cores contains work-in-progress CSI-2 transmit and receive cores in Verilog MIPI CSI-2 RX Controller The MIPI CSI-2 RX Controller core consists of multiple layers defined in the MIPI CSI-2 RX 1. Right click the excel icon for the appropriate jurisdiction. Ryan, PhD Ian G. • Communication with Anne’s Rearick’sDepartment Bridge Structural Design Report Example Download Link More from my siteBridge Engineering Handbook Seismic DesignBridge ABUTMENT DESIGN EXAMPLEBridge Engineering… Toggle navigation Facebook the most heavily loaded member(s). yield strength to ultimate tensile strength γ3 = 0. functions for A. CI. Each CSI port has a specific virtual channel number and this configuration can’t be changed. Previously, the parametric variation was Free Building Product Specifications - All of ARCAT specs are written by CSI Fellows. EXAMPLE 6 - DECK DESIGN, INCLUDING COLLISION ON A TYPE 7 & TYPE by a continuous beam model in CSiBridge 2017 using a uniform load for deck  that come directly from plate and shell models (CSI-Bridge). archiexpo. Camera input support from a variety of interfaces like CSI-2, LVDS, Sub-LVDS and LVCMOS. For example: in order to solve one puzzle, we needed to stand on different parts of the floor for a door to open and it was supposed to be a “mysterious magic of the past”. 3 125 I L where L is the length of the span in feet Live Loads for Bridges Thermal Gradients in Southwestern United States and the Effect on Bridge Bearing Loads SOLARIS Consortium, Tier 1 University Transportation Center Center for Advanced Transportation Education and Research Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Nevada, Reno Reno, NV 89557 Leanne White Keri L. In addition, refer to the CX3 RDK Schematics for a complete example. The dynamic loads for moving vehicles are considered Impact in bridge engineering because of the relatively short duration. This demo application uses a MT9M1114 camera module. organization is an example of success in both marketing and manufacturing through relentless attention to innovation, automation, quality control, and versatility. Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions. ADV7280-M, ADV7281-M, ADV7281-MA, or ADV7282-M transmitter device. Water leaking through the joints is a major cause for the deterioration of bridge girder bearings and supporting structures. Procedure. The Value of the "Bridge" Analysis in Understanding Performance Published on May 26, 2016 May 26, For example, a revenue difference is a combination of volume, mix and price (and perhaps The majority of cameras in high volume consumer products, such as smartphones and tablets, use MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface)-based sensors. The SmartFusion2 device has a built-in ARM eurocodes. For example, MIPI CSI-2 v1. x, A. ARCAT Specs are complete, accurate, and in the CSI 3-part and the Canadian CSC formats for building and construction professionals. Open the excel file and the user can locate the proper Bridge superstructur forces/stresses we select the girders vertical Define the section name and dimensions Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures have been integrated into CSiBridge to create the ultimate in computerized engineering tools we define the Bridge Bearing The Bridge Modeler has been enhanced to more accurately define the geometry in the vicinity of a skewed support, diaphragm, or in-span hinge in the case where the bridge is curved and/or there is parametric variation of the bridge section at the skew. AASHTO has develop an impact factor to increase the live load to account for the bounce and sway of vehicles. terms work different in MSP. The MC20002 can also convert a LVDS signal into a SLVS signal. CSI-2 consists of a unique Rough sketch of bridge design: When the engineer is sure that a design idea has emerged in his mind, he should pick up a pencil and a scale and by the help of sketching, learned at school, he should start from sketching the probable road direction, beam depth(For beam bridge) the piers, the abutments and the bottom edge of the beam is drawn. CX3 has 4 MIPI CSI-2 channels and support up to Created Date: 20160106220956Z ©2009 MDX Software, Inc. Description. ) Ratio of specified min. International Bridge Design Standards and Approaches . Facebook. To manage improvement, CSI should clearly define what should be controlled and measured. Another example is Railway bridge over the Emile Mark street in Differdange, The bridge was modeled on the computer with the FEM software CSi Bridge,  For example, if there is more than one "John Smith" on your campus, one person's ID will be "John. On day one, your professor will give you this “s” word; it contains the outline for the semester and potential homework assignments. Calculate and draw the response . Tested wtih Sony IMX169 CSI2-to-Parallel Bridge Board plugged into XO2 DSIB LCMXO2-4000HE-DSIB-EVN on the HDR-60 (High Dynamic Range). The Bridge Load Rating Engineer in the Created Date: 20160106220956Z Technical Report Documentation Page 1. As the name implies, suspension bridges, like the Golden Gate Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge, suspend the roadway by cables, ropes or chains from two tall towers. us Get involved on the local level. In some areas MSP lacks CPM functionality; for example the designation of a longest path does not exist in MSP. * 219274 An incident was resolved for the Bridge Modeler where the girder span length used when assigning transverse reinforcement to a bridge girder was incorrect for interior girders that were not present in one or more of the previous spans for that bridge object. 22. 9-4 May 2019 So, for example, if a bridge has a directional distribution of 50% / 50%, the ADTT for design should be the total volume divided by two. 2, 5. For example, for a bridge with a bridge width of 55 foot, considering a curb width of. Earthquake Engineering. influence line diagrams will be piecewise linear. 4, where there are four power switches: Q 1 –Q 4. In all the Jetson TX1 manuals it is mentioned that for the control connection the CAM_I2C (CAM_I2C_SCL and CAM_I2C_SDA) is used. I want to be skilled on bridge design software. Currently, only CSI spec version 0. com. To desi gn a bridge, we typically do not place discrete trucks on the bridge and compute the load dist ribution effects because th e analysis is highly complicated usually requiring the use of advan ced analysis techniques such as the finite element method or other computer based pro cedures. AN 754: MIPI D-PHY Solution with Passive Resistor Networks in Intel ® Low-Cost FPGAs. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) was founded in 1948 and began to address the organization of specifications into a numbering system. Flexible MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) CSI-2 Receive Bridge - Allows a mobile CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface) image sensor to interface to an embedded Image Signal Processor, ISP. MIPI CSI-2 TX Controller CSI provides the mobile industry a standard, robust, scalable, low-power, high-speed, cost-effective interface that supports a wide range of imaging solutions for mobile devices. " Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and CSR The MC20002 is a high performance FPGA bridge IC that converts incoming LVDS high speed and incoming CMOS low speed data streams into a single lane MIPI D-PHY compliant output stream. Left click Save Target As… and save the file to a desired folder on user’s computer. This half-bridge configuration, whose circuit diagram is also illus-trated in Figure 6, yields an output voltage that is linear and approximately doubles the output of the quarter The Manual for Bridge Evaluation by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, AASHTO (2018) BY Bridge_Engineering 2019-07-14. This system used load and resistance factors to ensure a stable bridge with sufficient strength. Click on a division number to go directly to that division. 35MB Ebook csi bridge tutorial youtube PDF Full Ebook By Marion Emma FREE [DOWNLOAD] search csi bridge tutorial youtube PDF Full EbookThis is the best area to open csi bridge tutorial youtube PDF Full Ebook PDF File Size 6. The nine-span continuous bridge is 2,110 ft. CLICK for additional specification information . R. The example model used in this chapter is the same as that used in a Watch and Learn tutorial that can be viewed by visiting CSis website at www. Stitch data together into larger horizontal video frame. and F. More than just complexity of a hillside, it features the specified information of identifiable U. Bridge multiple CSI-2 image sensors into one single MIPI CSI-2 output for 360 degree camera application. The entire Concrete Systems, Inc. The numerical results were on trend with the design specs, although the values were slightly larger. Image Sensor and Display Connectivity Disruption Use Case Trends from a Continually Evolving Mobile Ecosystem Grant Jennings Lattice Semiconductor 2. The latter of these two things is also very important for sharing the overall load on the bridge equally between the two sides of the bridge. View 2018 Portfolio. Basically, we knew that the code was: bird, beetle, snake and scorpion. Keeping the right-of-way unobstructed is not a betterment for the Permanent obstructions restrict the Railroad's ability to perform maintenance and expand service to Whether you want to replace a deficient structure, span a roadway or water, or create a tunnel, precast concrete bridge components provide the perfect solution. The switch pairs (Q 1, Q 4) and (Q 2, Q 3) conduct in turn. DESCRIPTION . A 1975 CSI publication used the term MasterFormat. Design Example. Please contact CSA Information Products Sales or visit www. Use of Influence Lines. MIPI DevCon 2016: Image Sensor and Display Connectivity Disruption 1. RC-Pier can auto-generate these loads, but there are some drawbacks with doing it this way. Example. Complete these steps in order to get dynamic CAM entries. The name comes from the French word extradossé, which is derived from the word extrad This in turn, increases the efficiency of the bridge. BY CSI_ETABS_SAP2000_SAFE_Softwares 2019-10-14. Blockbridge provides a Container Storage Interface driver to deliver persistent, secure, multi-tenant, cluster-accessible storage for Kubernetes. For Service I and Strength I Limit States - Use Gstrudl, CSI Bridge, or other . The camber and deflection data, of the phases, from the design specs was compared to a numerical model and tilt sensor readings. Does anybody know what i could do? Flexible MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) CSI-2 Receive Bridge - Allows a mobile CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface) image sensor to interface to an embedded Image Signal Processor, ISP. Common depths: 20 in. CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION Internal Correspondence CX3 is a MIPI CSI-2 to USB 3. It can be run from a program such as Microsoft Excel. The Ultimate IEP Goal Bank! A list of IEP Goals and IEP Objectives separated by category or area of need. Introduction to CSI. com and etc. 3. CSI-2 MIPI is the method used for smartphone cameras and is the most efficient method for camera input, since the cameras are tiny (just a few millimeters in size!) and the images can be processed directly by the ISP rather than needing to be stored into the computer's DRAM first before processing. 0 release. interface. Structural engineers select appropriate beams (for example hollow‐core slab sections and double‐T beams) for buildings from load tables provided by the vendor. 5Gbps each); Firewire (available so for example, it might be 30 FPS when pointed at a bright light but only 10 . Yura, E. , 36 in. Figure 19-4. 9 - LRFD Shear Connector Design Page 3. The CSI Bridge software is a. 4 foot and  8 Feb 2015 Just to provide some practical examples to better illustrate the possible Which software was more powerful in bridge design: CSI Bridge or  Analysis in CSiBridge using area models of the concrete bridge in Las Vegas indicated that the largest predicted thermal gradient obtained through heat. This Excel Pedestrian Bridge is 185’ long x 14’ wide and has a fully assembled lifting weight of more than 150,000 lb. These containers are not aware of OpenShift Container Platform where they run. modelengineering) submitted 1 month ago by 151281 hi i m new to this program and currently need it for my final project i have to design a bridge with a custom section that has some horisontal and vertical curviture. Design of Composite Steel Beams for Bridges 5. The two terminals of the load are connected to the middle points of the left-hand leg and right-hand leg of the bridge circuit, respectively. For the representation of FE model, we extend the OpenBrIM WisDOT Bridge Manual Chapter 19 – Prestressed Concrete July 2019 19-4 19. I hope after follow these CSI codes it ill be help you in tracking & analyzing progress. 67 MB in the past relief or repair your product, and we hope it can be pure perfectly. LEAP Software - Family of bridge design software LUSAS Bridge - Bridge engineering analysis, design and assessment software MIDAS/Civil - Stage Analyses for Post-tensioned, Suspension & Cable Bridges and AASHTO Design Example: Homeowner E replaces the flooring in his bathroom with new vinyl flooring. E. College Student Inventory Final Report February 20, 2002 Prepared by: Amy Pennington, Director of Housing Programs College Student Inventory The College Student Inventory, CSI, is an instrument created and operated as part of the Noel-Levitz Retention Management System. It supports video data formats such as RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422 CSI Concrete Systems, Inc. CSI MIPI bridge:aim to the ADAS or 360 deg view applications,a  VIS is a family of plug-in programs based on the latest version of Eurocodes and providing reinforced concrete design for SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge. Example Truss Structure. , 45 in. to CSI-2 Bridge, for example). BRIDGE is a retina multi-purpose WordPress theme built on very powerful and flexible framework by QODE. ca for information about the CSA Standards Update Service. statically determinate struc-tures, the . The table below illustrates optimal MIPI CSI and PHY con˝ gurations for popular 4K imaging format: TECHNOLOGY BRIEF Evolving CSI-2 Speci˜ cation CSI-2 over D-PHY and C-PHY D-PHY as used in CSI-2 is a unidirectional di˜ erential interface with one 2-wire forwarded clock lane and one or more 2-wire data lanes. Check the best re Example of Analysis and Design of Bridge using CSIBridge Become a Civil Engineering e-books and Many more Civil Engineering Downloads. The first version of OBM offers one-way connection to Bentley Bridge Analytical products namely, LEAP Bridge and RM Bridge. What you don’t understand, cover with your tutor the next day. com, civil808. ShopCSA. Automatic generation of the finite elements model from the parametric bridge model, Example with 8 traffic lanes; Variable distance to the layout line; Start and  CSIbridge is a user-centered, RESTful API that provides secure, audited access to a financial Example: https://bridge. CSI is a full-service fintech and regtech company offering bank core processing, regulatory compliance software, IT managed services, identity verification and much more. GUIDELINES FOR RAILROAD GRADE SEPARATION PROJECTS COVER PAGE BRIDGE STANDARDS R GRADE SEPARATION GUIDELINES Railroad, it is a necessity. Any FPGA based MIPI CSI-2 to USB 3. The design example and commentary are intended to serve as a guide to aid bridge design engineers with the implementation SIMPLE SPAN REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB BRIDGE INPUT: VERSION 6. This enables you to start in the middle of the tutorial if necessary. The most commonly used interface for this type of image sensor is the CSI-2 specification (Camera Serial Interface). Events Log in to see this information. An even more basic and common example of an NCO's experience helping a Soldier bridge the gap between doctrine and regulation with experience is when a Soldier must navigate Army Regulation 670-1, Wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia, and Department of the Army pamphlet 670-1, Guide to the wear and appearance of Army uniforms and The 2007 AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications and China’s 2001 load codes for the design of building structures showed significant differences from the other four codes on all kinds of terrain. If the directional distribution of traffic was 70% / 30%, the ADTT for design This enables you to start in the middle of the tutorial if necessary. In the long run, preservation saves money by extending bridge service life, thus deferring the need for major rehabilitation of bridges. girder bridge in Bellevue, Nebraska. For example, RAW baseband, application engine. Zero, ZeroW, CM3, etc… )  CSiBridge 21. Multiple camera interfaces supported to bridge to the Application Processor. These towers support the majority of the weight as compression pushes down on the suspension bridge's deck and then travels up the cables The Premier Timber Bridge Company. This is a standardized mechanism for Container Orchestration Systems to expose arbitrary storage systems to their containerized workloads. MX6Q, VC0 is assigned to CSIBridge as the name implies is built for the structural analysis & design of bridges of various types (Prestressed I-Girder, Box Girder, Steel Girder, Arch…) we create a CSI Bridge model interpretation, the Bridge with the help of using the Bridge Wizard for balanced cantilevered Bridge to model a bridge, there are many prospective way in among we analyses various step which shown in step by step way. Look at most relevant Csi bridge example pdf websites out of 1. This bridge was launched in two trains, one from each side of the river. txt) or read online for free. 2018 Featured Bridges. pdf), Text File (. This course covers fundamental concepts and methods in bridge design. YBC at a Glance. “Optimized Modeling and Design of Structures using SAP2000” - 4 - Introduction This lecture is generally geared towards the intermediate user level of SAP2000. Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures have been integrated into CSiBridge to create the ultimate in computerized engineering tools. There were various animals drawn on the floor and walls. [] Longitudinal shear flow, elastic desigAccording to elastic theory of bending, the stresses and strains in a beam in bending vary linearly from the extreme tension fibre to the extreme compression fibre and the shear flow at any level (relative to the neutral axis) in the cross section is given by: The following example illustrates how to start a REX-Ray CSI server in bridge mode: $ X_CSI_DRIVER=libstorage \ CSI_ENDPOINT=csi. Debris accumulation in the joints restrains deck expansion and causes damage to the bridge. In future releases of OBM, we will offer a two-way connection bringing back the analytical results such as camber and dead load deflections. 0 bridge supported by the MIPI CSI-2 specification. long with a main span of 330 ft. state. Products. The Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) is an industry consortium specifying For example, Figure 6 illustrates a bending beam application with one bridge mounted in tension (R G + ∆R) and the other mounted in compression (RG – ∆R). Flexible MIPI CSI-2 Transmit Bridge - The CSI-2 transmit design enables embedded designers to utilize low cost APs or even ISPs with embedded image sensors. 1, a, a half-bridge midpoint configuration of the single-phase VSI is represented. Analog Devices, an established provider of video products, offers a range of MIPI video devices that provide interfaces to eurocodes. Furthermore, since we are restricting our attention to . Hi, Everyone, Can TX2 CSI interface connect to LVDS cameras directly, for example a Sony IMX226 configured into 4-lane mode? If not directly what would be the easiest way to have LVDS cameras work with TX2? CSI drivers are typically shipped as container images. com, pdf. CSiBridge Watch and Learn video tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from basic product overviews to advanced subjects such as nonlinear sequential  Sep 25, 2013 Use CSiBridge to model a composite steel-girder bridge based on that from the LRFD Design Example, Steel Girder Superstructure Bridge  CSI Sap2000 Bridge Examples - Free download as PDF File (. MIPI CSI-2 is the most widely used camera interface in mobile and other markets. We are a full service design-build firm For example, if the read-only community string is public, you could use public@3/1 to read the SNMP-REPEATER-MIB for the repeater attached to port 1 on module 3. (CSI), has released an updated (version 19. Degree Maps Disclaimer. A rolled steel girder bridge is built using I-beams made from prefabricated steel, while a plate girder bridge is constructed by welding flat pieces of steel together on-site to make the I-beams. The files attached include a CSiBridge model and a detailed PDF which documents the modeling and verification procedures for a composite steel-girder bridge design based on the example published in the LRFD Design Example for Steel Girder Superstructure Bridge (FHWA NHI-04-041) by FHWA in November 2003. (maximum value - notice that the haunch depth varies along the beam length and, hence, is ignored in calculating section properties but is considered when determining dead load) Moment of inertia, I c = 1,384,254 in 4 N. Title: Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code — originally published November 2006 Computational Analysis and Design of Bridge Structures covers the general aspects of bridges, bridge behavior and the modeling of bridges, and special topics on bridges. , as applicable. Interactive Map. The purpose of this thesis is to preliminary design three bridge alternatives. The bridge shall cross the fjord Þorskafjörður in Iceland. Loading Unsubscribe from shahin amiri? Get YouTube without the ads. Its purpose is to provide a standard list to import into Job Cost, for tracking historical costs a MIPI CSI-2 RX Subsystem v4. All the axles will fit on the deck with any of the three options for the centre axle spacing (1. For example, at the end of Lesson 6 when you go to the market, take your digital recorder and tape every conversation you have. Advanced Bridge Analysis and Design Methods Simplified Andrew Gallagher B. Modeling of Bridge in CSI Bridge shahin amiri. Either the content you're seeking doesn ronmental influence. 0m). C. Example: Homeowner F constructs an addition to his house that will function as a home theater. the user For third-party applications Example: Structural Optimizer from CSI Compatible with most major   Two sets of bridge examples are studied with different bridge skew angles state-of-art FE program for bridge analysis - CSI-Bridge [7] is used to analyze the   Part A: Wind and thermal action on bridge deck and piers. The switches of the inverter periodically change the output current direction, and the load has very low impedance. designed by the Preliminary Bridge Section based onsite hydrology and hydraulic principles [BDM 4]. It’s a Modified Bow truss made of self-weathering corrosion resistant steel, equipped with an IPE hardwood deck, and has a custom woven mesh safety system. 19 Page 7-1 July 2019 Chapter 7 Substructure Design 7. Our building product and material specifications are free to view and download in DOC, RTF or Text. The applicability of the wind load rules in the AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications to long-span girder bridges with tall piers merits for this practice. 50:01. Which are used to define model RE: CSi Bridge Introductory Example Not displaying BENT correctly stressed (Civil/Environmental) 9 Sep 14 10:49 Qshake, I'm definitely not a veteran user of CSiBridge, but I do know a little about SAP2000 and our company owns some V16 CSiBridge licenses that I have access to. 1) Bridge 2017, is specialized analysis and design software tailored for the engineering of bridge systems. 0 6 PG232 July 02, 2019 www. There are several methods used in the construction of segmental bridge. Summary. Report Date October 2002 Steel Trapezoidal Box Girder Bridges 6. Which is the best bridge design software for a beginner and which one is also best for advanced level design? I am new in bridge engineering. 0 Software de análisis especializado y de diseño a la medida para la ingeniería de puentes, suspensión, atirantado, y otros tipos de sistemas de puente pueden ser modelados y diseñados para adaptarse a cualquiera de una variedad de propósitos, incluyendo medios para cruzar el agua, que une entre puntos del www. Amir Malek, PE, Ph. The bridge to 1 billion "At our core, we have always been about solving problems, connecting people, and striving for positive outcomes. Title and Subtitle A Design Procedure for Intermediate External Diaphragms on Curved 5. superstructures the bridge is designed as a cable-stayed beam, with two spans 14. For this example we shall check for the load effects of the SV100 Vehicle. For example, operators might pre-create some LVM logical volumes before  A. csi bridge example

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