Coil whine when pc is off

com and ask a question. I previously got a X-650 but sent it back due to very high coil whine and tried one from Antec. The whine is generated by resonating power circuitry coils and is a problem that can be resolved; it's just an engineering challenge. Coil whine isn't only from graphics cards I don't know where you got that idea. Tried 5 different PSU from various brand and the sound is still there, Removed all HDD and use a SSD, Swapped RAM, Swapped CPU (8700k,8600k,8400) there is still coil whine. As a Mac user, you're no longer limited to … 29 May 2018 When my pc is off, I can hear a quiet 'buzz' sound if I have my ear next to the psu. b. It was very noticeable in a quiet environment with sound turned off, but once I've heard it once, I could hear it even with sound on and fans working. Such is the way of I'm trying every effort I can to get rid of coil whine. They didn't question it, and the replacement unit was fine. imore. One of the things I did to isolate where the coil noise was coming from was to rapidly move the mouse back and forth, and the pointer would be directly correlated with the coil whine. That made a big difference for me. Do you have v-sync enabled or disabled? because this could mean, if vsync is disabled, that your gpu is pushing out very high frames on the main menu, causing your gpu to overwork and causing the coil whine. jones_supa writes We all are aware of various chirping and whining sounds that electronics can produce. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to reverse or remove coil whine once you have it. I fiddled with some settings but didn’t find anything that reduced it. In this case I can see some motherboard leds are lit (they usually are lit in stand-by mode), so the PC is in stand-by mode again, but What games have high, uncapped frames? I am trying to see how much coil whine I have in my system, it seems I need a game with really high frames to get the whine going, as it stands with furmark at 30-60 FPS there is no noise. [PC Build Thread] Come For Advice, Stay For the Coil Whine. Coil whine sometimes can be exacerbated when 3D games are running at high fps (>100 or the like fps) - this is why you don't get it when the graphics card is idling or running heavy loads, such An Applied Investigation Into Graphics Card Coil Whine 111 Posted by timothy on Friday November 14, 2014 @04:58PM from the like-y'do dept. I red some post on your forum and I tru to disable c1E, EIST and C3/C6. After a I built the PC I couldn't hear anything, then about a year later, the sound increased and I could hear it when my head was near the bottom of the PC. Has anyone else noticed a pretty noticeable coil whine coming from the cpu area of the motherboard? Should I be concerned an start an RMA? Can hear the buzzing when I put my head close to the case over my noctua fans. Even though the oxidation of kanthal creates an thin insulating layer of alumina around the wire, no insulator is perfect. I'm still curious about the fact that the sound all but disappears when my pc is under load, so I think thats an important thing to take a note of. Assuming it's your signature rig, then you probably won't draw much more than 350, maybe 400W. When I'm in-game (PUBG) and my boost goes up to 1920MHz, that's when it starts coil whining. The CNET I'm unsure whether it's coil whine from the graphics card or if the sound is coming from the CPU. Seeing it is tromping my GTX 660 SLI setup at way less power . The controller will need to be disconnected from the provided USB cable to allow the controller to turn off. Get a whine mug for your mate Callisto. In launch CS:GO, as soon as I enter a level it starts. I noticed that I don't get coil whine when I'm running LoL. There is still very slight coil whine when the game loads and you can hear a slight buzz (it actually sounds like a cricket chirping) from the PSU if you put your ear up to the side of the computer. that you are feeding it. Coil whine is overshadowed by the hard drives clicking all over the place. So the PC kicked off and now none of the USB ports work. you’ll often notice the menu frame-rate go off the charts as your GPU The S12 had some coil whine like the one in the test PC but with the noise of the stock cooler not very noticeable. It's just there . Make sure there is no line of sight between your ears and the PC. At first I didn't notice, as the first evening the charging cable was not plugged it, but the next day after I plugged it in the coil whine started like a **bleep** orchestra. I would send it back if I were you, 1,000 dollars for coil whine? NOPE! Well this is exactly how I feel about this issue. Hello guys, since I recently got a 144 hertz monitor, and fuss playing without Vsync I have noticed that my GPU has some sort off hissing/buzzing sound when it plays at highere FPS. I used it at home and it works great. Cannot blame my psu because I tested previous cards on more than one pc. Coil whine is the undesirable effect of electrical components creating audible noise when operating. ) Routinely turning the My old corsair 620 psu used to whine quite loudly when I would boot up a game. Follow If it's not coil whine from the psu, it's the graphics card because it's Xbox One Power Brick Coil whine/Fan noise? like a loudly-dying PC fan. The Radeon R9 Nano was said to be "Library Quiet" with load noise of just 42 dBA but it seems like the small form factor card suffers from major coil whine. Can any of the new XPS 9370 owners please confirm that their laptop is absolutely coil whine free when plugged into AC? I am just trying to find out if all units are affected on one level or another. However when I plug it in to the inverter in the truck and turn the psu on, it makes a loud wine sound. Announcements. Ever since I received my xiaomi air 13 2 months ago, I can ear a sound coming from the part were cpu and gpu are. As you mentioned, it's coming from the upper left area of the laptop. Let's look to our friends at Wikipedia for a concise and accurate description of the phenomenon aszg said: I tried Furmark and the coil whining doesn't happen. Turn off power at wall and whine/buzz is still audible for minutes after. Suggestions That have fix the little stuttering i was getting at the start of the MP match, but just reduce the coil whine at game launch and clearly not fixed the high GPU and CPU usage i am getting in SW BF2 (and the high temperature's i get due to that) I also have an LED power supply that used to be silent, but after a few years of operation it has started to whine a lot, what has happened here? It is still functioning normally otherwise. Surprisingly don’t think the PSU fan was noisy either. Right, my suggestion is based on that coil whine can be produced by the PSU aswell. I can plug in usb cables and it will charge I have a GTX 560ti Vid card, And I get coil whine until I put a home fan close to my computer with side open. It sounded like it's something they're aware of, but he wouldn't confirm that they are :P Just yesterday I noticed constant coil whine sound coming from monitor top side. Coil whine is a different story but cannot always be solved, after all the acoustic noise is a by-product of something working normally; 1 – Leave it alone – If the device is new it may just mean the coil is simply “bedding in”. Since you are on the PC, the controller does not have the same power menu the Xbox One does to manually shut off the controller. I can barely hear it over the cooler fan. Unfortunately, whenever I plug the Stealth in to the Gaming Box, the Box begins to emit a very loud, really shrill coil whine. The EVGA PSUs are suppose to be second to none but unless you buy a silly overpowered one they will always have always excuse as to why you have coil whine. One of my media PC's makes a really annoying whine after going into sleep mode. I looked up this noise I keep on hearing out of my case and I think it might be coil whine, but its kind of hard to pinpoint what component its coming from but I think its either the mobo or PSU (corsair tx750) Good suggestions here. Mac Pro Late 2013: Anything that can be done about coil whine? like going to ifixit. I have a strong feeling it's the power supply but I want some other views on it. And that's with your CPU and GPU under full load. It sounds to me like coil whine or potentially a bad capacitor on the +5VSB circuit. The spark then travels down the spark-plug wire to the correct spark plug in the proper cylinder. At first i thought it was the Forza game and background noise then realised it was coming from the disc itself. Tarzan and Numa heard her coming, for she voiced a plaintive and questioning whine as the baffling mixture of odors aroused her curiosity and her fears, for lions, however terrible they may appear, are often timid animals and Sabor, being of the gentler sex, was, naturally, habitually inquisitive as well. If the PSU is poor regulated, underpowered, or has poor smoothing on it's outputs, the power rails to your PC's audio circuitry could have excessive ripple on them when your graphics card is under load. But then you would notice a lag (several seconds to a minute) between starting Minecraft and hearing the noise, because it takes a little time for the CPU and GPU to heat up. The coil whine noise that coming from CPU or GPU (i haven't clearly notice that which one is CPU or GPU) and it comes all the time while pc is on ( even if fans are off ) it really annoys me . Is this normal? Yesterday I noticed that there is some noise when I'm shutting down my PC. My 2012 is silent with a Samsung EVO installed but the new Mini I just got (i5/512/8gb) has pretty substantial hissing (coil whine) off and on. So they're sending a tech guy to my place so he'll change out the motherboard. I already limited my frame rate to 65-75 and still causing that annoying noise. Because of lacking data on the density of different Nichrome alloys With Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for coil whine and thousands of other words. Apple should do repair program for coil whine but What heat flux to aim for depends on how long your puffs are, whether or not you preheat your coil, the heat capacity of the coil, type of e-liquid, airflow, wicking, personal taste, etc. Now, this is the story all about how Nintendo's home console life got flip-turned upside down. delete@this. I don't in any way know if this is a sensible setup. Thanks again dlthe, appreciate you replying. After testing the system the whole day I switched off the computer and strange enough it starts screaming, the noise is coming from the psu :S I looked up this psu before I bought it, first versions was apparently known for coil whine or similar noises but some where I read that this was fixed and no longer a problem, people also says this is a [PC Build Thread] Come For Advice, Stay For the Coil Whine. FAQ. Surfing the internet I came to the conclusion that is coil whine, and I think its origin is the intel integrated graphics. I have a MSI 970 and I've had it for a year an half and can't claim warranty on it. Hi guys, I have recently noticed that my PC has some sort of coil whine even if its off The only thing powered is the PSU, and the leds on the mobo are on, and i hear a little whistle, like it was coil whine AX760 coil whine even when off. a micro coil), a little current will flow between the loops. From brand new packaging to a new PC it takes a whole lot of work to troubleshoot that a single part is causing coil whine. of the main transformer and the +5VSB transformer out of our new RM Series  9 Feb 2018 We discuss why computers can sometime make a strange whine or squeal and known as capacitor squeal/coil whine/odd noise coming from my PC has when a certain task is carried out on a PC such as a high workload. Also coil whine is fine just annoying, i sent my PSU back a while ago as it was so loud. I suspect the original had a substandard part or they screwed up the coil dampening during manufacturing. I Fugure I can sell My 2 cards and get one 970 for a reasonalbe price . 5A PSUs I've just received have some pretty nasty coil whine, one particularly - my wife shouted down from two floors above asking what that horrible noise was! Having had a shop 'round, it looks as if the vast Quick Comparison : AMD R9 390x and R9 390 versus NVIDIA GTX 980 and GTX 970 As its stock slowly but consistently dives from $4. seems to be quite prominent when using processor intensive apps like playing youtube videos. I figured they wouldn't issue an RMA for coil whine, so just made up a BS story about a burning smell coming from the PC. I don't think there is anything in a non faulty GPU that would whine. When in 100HZ i can hear pitch noise in white google chrome tabs,forums BUT NOT IN GAMES. 70 lately (73% within a year), AMD is surely having water right above its throat. That have fix the little stuttering i was getting at the start of the MP match, but just reduce the coil whine at game launch and clearly not fixed the high GPU and CPU usage i am getting in SW BF2 (and the high temperature's i get due to that) I bought a new computer to be used for gaming and media in the truck, replacing my Xbox. I'm 98. I know there are people that try to build a machine with absolutely no coil-whine and actually have a really hard time finding a complete system with no part that whines; it's definitely a common problem. (so i think its CPU ) Gaming PC Coil Whine And How To Prevent It there was a sizeable minority complaining of the dreaded coil whine. 3. 7 GHz, 16GB DDR4 3200, Asus Strix 1070 OC. I built a new system, there was no whine at all for the first 6 or so days, and then now when i shut off the pc i hear minor whine from the PSU, but if i switch on the pc it goes away. It was. ( Google 970 coil whine ) I am wondering if anyone here is experencing any of this ? The whine is either due to high fps OR a psu that has coil whine. So if you have a 60 hz set it to 60 fps cap either in game or through nvidia panel. You can complete the translation of coil whine given by the English-German Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Larousse dictionary, Le Robert, Oxford, Grévisse Problema coil whine? - escribió en MeriStation PC: hola,tengo una msi gtx 1070 como un año y no he tenido ningun problema ,pero hay dos juegos que son el the witcher y el mass effect andromeda Esti aici: My Garage » Feedback » Intrebari / opinii / sugestii PC Garage » Garantie RTX 2070 super coil whine Intrebari / opinii / sugestii PC Garage: Daca iti doresti un produs sau un nou serviciu de la PC Garage, daca ai o nelamurire, sau doar doresti sa ne transmiti ceva, parerile tale sunt asteptate. Just installed it and booted up a couple of games. This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by sigma 11 months, 3 weeks ago. You can increase the frequency to a point you cannot hear it by overclocking. I notice a couple of things. The noise, while low, is persistent and screeching, making it difficult to ignore unless my speakers are turned off or some other noise (e. True Frame is a third-party vehicle inspection company and is not affiliated with Off Lease Only Inc. I am not going to pay 1,000 bucks for a card with coil whine that will annoy me. XFX tested the GPU, and told me they didnt find anything wrong with it, but that they would replace my GPU anyway with a same model card (since they didnt say the Tried 5 different PSU from various brand and the sound is still there, Removed all HDD and use a SSD, Swapped RAM, Swapped CPU (8700k,8600k,8400) there is still coil whine. Since yesterday i cant play games because at High GPU Load my GPU makes  I realize this is something difficult to ascertain, as coil whine is an issue over the past week I've noticed coil whine liklihood is based majorly off of a PSU which will develop coil whine for my silent PC I'm currently building. i'm sure the molding or whatever that keeps it to the pcb is just eroded or misplaced, so you're getting vibrations. Often a whine will go away or quieten down considerably after a few weeks. Scrolling a webpage or downloading GBs of data from steam seem to make it happen the most. Total wattage is not the only thing one should look up before purchasing a new power supply either. I find it odd it wasnt there at first but now appeared. Gone through 3 GPUs and 2 PSUs and still have GPU coil whine. Random coil whine, even when idle Sure its coil whine and not the fan? If it drives you crazy and its still under warranty send it back. I did some researching (I'm a total noob btw) and I found that turning on V-sync helps either reduce the coil whine or get rid And yeah with coil whine afaik it's generally not a case of all cards of a particular model will suffer from it to the same extent. Since I've used this motherboard it has emitted a high pitch tone over 80% of the time it's powered on. Coil whine didn't affect me at first as in headphones you can't hear it, but then I decided I wanted to start playing without headphones and through my studio monitors (Yamaha HS80) - absolutely infuriating, constantly whining through the right speaker. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that the noise is a sign of major computer failure or that something is broken, loose, or about to explode. Hello. Unfortunately, the card I received begins outputting a coil whine the This is the first PC I've built, so I've never gone down the RMA road and  Hello I'm getting heavy coil whine from my GPU/CPU after the last so-called I checked everything on my system, AMD Control Center disabled triple buffering in frame Open your PC case and listen carefully while you in a quiet place. (Yes, coil whine is also generated by caps. Recently I bought a MSI gaming laptop(GL62M 7RC), and I've been struggling with annoying coil whine. It has a high  So you can have a PC sitting in a room, with a power supply that's making a high Often, people do call these electrical, non-fan related noises "coil whine". 1 a : to utter a high-pitched plaintive or distressed cry. You turn on your PC, start up a particularly taxing program, and then—you hear it. Especially graphics cards seems to produce coil whine. What causes this. The fact of the matter is, there's a very good chance that these types of noises aren't coming from a coil at all. By: Doug S (foo. Others, like cracking or popping sounds from your speakers, are frustrating, but not necessarily something to worry about. You're not going crazy, it's coil whine, and it can come from a number of components in your computer. The noise continues till I turn the computer off and on. The problem began when there was a coil whine coming from the PSU area then the PC randomly turned off during the loading of a game. Most of people here claiming they have no coil whine have less power-hungry cards like RTX 2060, as power consumption is definitely connected to coil whine. : to make a sound similar to such a cry. I can plug in usb cables and it will charge What does 'coil whine' sound like? - posted in Hardware and software discussion: I recently RMAed my newly bought XFX HD 7850 2GB because I was experiencing some problems with it. I am pretty sure it is coming from G-Sync module the reason is if i reduce to 80HZ it is dead silent. Humming/Whining sound coming from PSU when I turn PC off. hr because of it and they said it's normal and gave it back to me. Back in the day I had a PSU that had no coil whine noise, that was in 2000, then I build a new system using Enermax, and I started hearing a high pitch noise. The nois is not loud, but very disturbing. Hardware Reviews. turning off power save Coil Whine is technically always happening in all appliances, but usually the frequency is too high or too low for us to hear it. "Tom whined about the pebble in his shoe for two hours before removing it. MY previous hack, which as a dual 1366, I had to disable all the states in bios to get rid f the whine. Re: Evga gtx 780 sc coil whine It comes down to goodwill unfortunately, unless it's advertised as a quiet card or something and you can prove it's solely down to the card and not the quality of power etc. My Xbox 360S model had a powerbrick that gave off a awful whine noise, I ended up It's definitely the power supply. Tested it on WoW and Diablo3. My PC specs are: Asus Maximus VIII Hero, i7 6700K @ 4. Nothing to write home about. I'm already resigned to doing an RMA I have significant coil whine with my UDOO Bolt V8. I downloaded "Nvidia Inspector" from Guru3D, went to settings, then under frames limiter set it to a value - preferably the refresh rate of your monitor. I'm not sure what OC setting the GPU did not like but I'm back at 4. VaporKings is an online store that offers e-cigarette starter kits, atomizers, batteries, e-liquid and supplies, cartridges and accessories like USB pass-through adapter cables, car charger cords, car cigarette lighter adapters, carrying cases, personal charging cases and atomizer conversion adapters. I'm helping a friend troubleshoot his PC. On further inspection i also noticed the Key2 has some minor coil whine when you put your ear next to the camera and listen carefully while the screen is on (but not calling). Does someone know this probl UPDATE 1/9/15 : "Coil-whine" - in another review and also a comment made to my review if you limit the frames to the refresh rate of your monitor (this is ideal) it will get rid of the coil whine. But every now and then, when the PC switched off, whenever I walk by  21 Jan 2019 In some cases, you can hear the pitch of the coil whine change as but let's break them down a bit, literally, for a better understanding of them. I will try to record noise today. So my PSU is making a whining/buzzing sound that I can hear when I'm reading or trying to sleep. Well. I am watching it happen on MSI Afterburner. ‘Coil whine’ is an acoustical effect causing noise in electronic components . In short, it can drive people crazy. . PSUs can mitigate coil whine if it's running on a good quality rail, but coil vibrations are normal if you're trying to push the card(s) power constantly, good example being unlimited rate of displayed frames. EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2. if I'm at a stop and in neutral while at idle, the whine immediately goes away the moment the clutch pedal is floored. it's coil whine, and "Coil whine" in PC power supplies. If you have a GTX 970, please share your experience with coil whine. Any noise from a PCB is coming from a coil with a current running through it that oscillates at an audible frequency, (sub 30khz). An Applied Investigation Into Graphics Card Coil Whine 111 Posted by timothy on Friday November 14, 2014 @04:58PM from the like-y'do dept. From what I understand, this is most likely GPU coil whine. ) it starts. ". Definition of whine. My specs are listed under specs. In this article, we explore what coil whine is, as well as ways you can prevent it from happening in your PC and quick fixes to use if it does happen. Corsair PSU coil whine My corsair hx750 is making a buzzing whining noise whenever I have anything graphic intensive on the screen (games, not movies). The phenomenon is not damaging to the machine, but its intensity and I'm moving a terabyte of data to an external drive right now and the Mac mini is 145 degrees with coil whine/clicking if I put my ear right on the said 145 degree box (it is very warm but not OMG hot). When the rotor spins past contacts in each cylinder, the coil sends a high-voltage pulse across a gap between the rotor and contact. Coil whine is really nothing to be concerned about. Big W is throwing a big online clearance sale with up to 95% off select products. and all the new stuff is going to be out in a few months anyways so you'd be better off waiting for that Coil whine is UPDATE: I've got some great news! Just spoke to a dell technician, and he said that Dell will release a new motherboard in march, which apparently will fix the coil whine problem. Done RMA twice no difference. Whining is complaining when the complaining is of no use. Thanks Sharvin. If its coil whine I'm OK to leave it, but if its a more serious problem I want to know what is causing the problem before I go RMA'ing anything (which is something I'm not too keen on doing). When I am not playing games, there is a faint mechanical buzzing sound ( coil whine ) that's present regardless of volume control. I haven't noticed it before probably because I never was in room when PC was turned off. It's due to a phenomenon called coil whine. : Hello, i upgraded from my HX520 to a AX760 cause i'm going SLI with GTX 670s, but as soon as i plugged in and turned on the PSU there was this high pitched noise which was very annoying. It doesnt whine though if I cut AC power off and then plug it back in. Our Dell XPS 13 9380 test unit suffers from high-pitched coil whine that may potentially be a nuisance during regular use. Here is a picture of the place where sounds come from . I'm a gamer that builds PCs so I am attuned to coil whine. I changed settings in the bios to try and see if anything in there would effect it, but no. * Original title: Coil whineeee fixxx "Coil whine" in PC power supplies. especially with the heatsinks and other parts of the psu, you'll get alot of vibration noises. XFX tested the GPU, and told me they didnt find anything wrong with it, but that they would replace my GPU anyway with a same model card (since they didnt say the What does 'coil whine' sound like? - posted in Hardware and software discussion: I recently RMAed my newly bought XFX HD 7850 2GB because I was experiencing some problems with it. Techquickie 3,328,353 views. The card's boost core is 1680MHz. I ordered a new 17 R3 and now I am experience what appears to be coil whine. I can move the mouse around during any PC game and the modulation buzzing will change in tone / pitch. I have bought a brand new Nitro 5 and I experience coil whine when the charger is plugged in. when driving, the whine will go away when I floor the pedal to shift, but it will Some of them—like the hum of an optical drive spinning up or whine from a coil—are pretty normal. I turned on the PC and this noise decrease. really not much you can do, like funkysnair said, you can do a little that'll **** up alot. Now I've got the 9370 (waited for 2 weeks until it finally got shipped from China to UK) and I can confirm - the coil whine is still there. one month til college starts) to spend on my computer. General. Hi all, just got my Key2 a couple of days and noticed a high pitch sound while calling. I have been getting coil whine on my hp probook 430 g5 after the windows update and when i turn on the backlight of my keyboard it stops the coil whine but if I turn it off it starts whining. Therefore a game menu would cause it to whine quite loudly when the framerate was in the hundreds. Unlike yours, my coil whine doesn't correspond exactly to the movement of mouse etc. Lastly and the most clear test in Prime 95 testing only the CPU the dreadful coil whine was at it's worst that confirms that the PSU was at fault suffering extreme coil whine under load and nothing to do with my graphics card R9 290 which is 6 months old. If there is a chance to get a 100% coil whine free unit, I'll just keep exchanging them Asus Rog Strix was the worst one, it even had some coil whine when idle after gaming. Coil whine noise from computer? When I start a game in the menus the fps is like 1500 and I can hear like a squeaking/whining sound I think coming from the power supply when v-sync is on there's no noise. Understanding coil whine is the first step to preventing it. 6_Dead_360s. I use the same DAC and headphones with my computer and didn't want keep changing the connections. Also, if you're an HP employee from India thinking about replying to this, save it. Is there anybody else having a similar sound? Should a take it to the Microsoft store and make them look at it? Coil whine is the undesirable effect of electrical components creating audible noise when operating. I in the process of rma my psu and that dont fix it i rma the 670 and that dont work I going back to the 450gts I will deal with fan noise but I will not deal I had my power flicker off yesterday due to flooding and my comp shut off, but nothings fried! [PC Build Thread] Come For Advice, Stay For the Coil Whine. Aided by the fan from the PSU this is gonna cool a lot considering it being bigger than the CPU heatsink. I need help with coil whine in Asus laptop. Looked at PSU and tempted by Enermax Pro82+ 385w around £45 but put off by reports of the fans getting noisy after 6-12 months. Best Answer: Some cards coil whine more than others, yours is probably worse than most but it's hard to say without actually hearing it myself. The coil whine goes away when Qué es el Coil Whine y a qué se debe - escribió en MeriStation PC: Buenas foreros, veréis hago este tema para preguntaros por qué generalmente todas las gráficas tienen Coil Whine (al menos Hi guys, I have recently noticed that my PC has some sort of coil whine even if its off The only thing powered is the PSU, and the leds on the mobo are on, and i hear a little whistle, like it was coil whine However, I recently noticed, when all the various PCs and drives were off, a quite distinct high pitch whine from the back of the unit. g, music) is used to drown it out. When my PC is turned on, there is no problem. It probably is coil whine, but if its not affecting the stability or performance, then I wouldn't worry about it (unless you find it annoying). it's also not dangerous, and can even fix itself during heavy load. Even testing it at 2 different offices to take wall power off of the equation but the sound is still there. I resolved issues with the video card driver, random reboots to the circle of death with a line through it, getting overclocking to work, learning how to use Clover and the various tools and the last problem I'm left with is coil whine. "Coil whine" has become a generic term for audible electrical noises. Coil whine isnt as hard as you think to find. I have two 7970s and it can get extremely bad on these cards sometimes, much worse than I have seen on any others. I'm hearing coil whine on my pc, but its coming from the PSU not GPU. Recently just built a new rig with the specs below. Here some conditions: Pc specs: Phenom x6 1090T, 8gb 1600mhz ddr3 ,Asus strix gtx 970, Crosshair V Formula MB Getting Coil whine in game whenever vertical sync is off, fps option selected as no limit. testing started off, The component of your PC that's under the most stress is the power for that matter) can be the source of coil whine. However, I often hear a whining noise from some of these power supplies. I was initially hesitant to buy it, because I thought the original HD and PSU mounts ruined the aesthetics of the case, but once I realized they could both easily be removed I may be asking a questions for something which isn't a widespread issue, but the two 12. Hopefully Umart will replace it. If you've spent the time and effort to study the information on SPCR and managed to achieve super-quiet performance in your computer, this whine can be absolutely frustrating. I get whine extremely badly during benchmarks (100% load) but I can also play games like Metro 1 or 2 at 100% load and get no whine. It only goes wild if I put everything at max settings so I just lower it a bit. If the computer is under warranty, I would ask for the power supply to be  15 May 2018 If you have fans that spin at a constant RPM, you can fairly easily tune out the noise. No guarantee that changing it will fix it though, but it might if there's poor current from the unit to the components. My TV has been making a soft whine sound since I got it (almost a year now). Corsair HX750 PSU coil whine after PC shut down My Corsair HX750 PSU has the tendency to "whine" after I shut down my computer. For example, in our testing of the Dell Latitude 7480, we found highly audible coil whine, spiking as high as 4000Hz Okay guys, here is my dilemma, I went through 4 graphic cards (1080gtx) and they all had coil whine during load. I can plug in usb cables and it will charge So far I have been hitting 94-96 C with CPU and it tells me that I might need to repaste and undervolt. One component, similar to a coil in construction, is the transformer. com - Bryan M Wolfe. Virtual computing has grown in popularity in recent years as computer hardware and software have improved. Getting another card would not fix the coil whine unless you have a defective card. The 1080 Ti, while a monster of a card, is suffering from its own coil whine, so I am probably going to RMA that as well. and in the psu case there is nothing that can be done about that. Then it went off when i played a game that was on the HDD, so it obviously was coming from the disc drive. I took all the shrouds off of the Gaming Box, and it appears to be coming from the PSU. What is a major issue, though, is the extremely annoying coil whine the card emits as soon as it runs a 3D application. Is your LCD making a buzzing or high pitch noise? worse when in power stand-by mode, and 3) even worse when turned off. Check tech specs, compare products, and view the latest customer reviews and ratings. I'm hearing a slight hiss that is noticeable in a quiet room when the computer has the fans off. Turned off all my fans and was still able to hear it quite clearly. While the case is small, nothing inside it feels cramped. How to possibly fix a PC that will turn on but will not beep and will not display Off History Help Question Coil whine? Question Weird noise coming from computer: Question GPU Coil Whine + in-line mic for PC [SOLVED] Is it possible to a CPU cause coil whine on a motherboard? [SOLVED] Vega 56 Strix coil whine [SOLVED] My PC got dropped and now it makes a loud high pitched whine when plugged in [SOLVED] Cooler Master 600 Lite PSU whine Both new and old computers can experience what’s called “coil whine,” which is a high-pitched noise that comes from the computer. the wind whined in the chimney. My power to the USB ports is disabled btw. Coil whine, there is a slight buzz. I sent my 2080 ti fe in for coil whine and got a new card with the same coil whine. I'm getting heavy coil whine from my GPU/CPU after the last so-called "performance" update. The same thing for 120hz As far as rma ing the card dont bother. The Steam All vehicles are subject to prior sale. when fps limit is selected as 30, 60, 120, 200 in order to see if noise level from card is increasing, I found that it I just purchased a used gaming PC. Can PSU induce GPU coilwhine? Hardware. Ask Question is so called "coil whine". Is it harmful to my computer? I've never had it before so I have no idea if I should stop playing. I have CoolerMaster V850 Gold PSU, and it has buzzing sound (coil whine. But if your PC is making a clear clicking or tapping noise, you might have a problem that needs to be addressed. actually the whine is there when in neutral, the noise is there regardless if in neutral or in gear. Coil whine. The density of the coil material is used to calculate the wire mass and heat capacity. Coil whine is typically a high-pitched sound that electronic components produce when they're forced to do a lot of hard work. If it still does it, having them not running will help chase it dowm. had coil whine . Also I have a question the power adapter in PG348Q does have very loud AC/DC noise after LCD I have a Corsair CX750M PSU and I have some of the infamous "coil whine. The 2 quickest ways to test coil whine for your GPU: 1) Run Windows Experience Index and see if your GPU squeals; 2) Run MSI Kombustor GPU Burn in Test called "Triangle of Death" (full screen). I mean whenever you hear reports of annoying coil whine, its only a percentage of users with that exact model that suffer from it. After I turn my PC off and the PSU is in stand-by mode, it starts to whine like a mosquito. 11 Apr 2019 I heard that weird buzzing noise that sounded much like coil whine. I noticed that I can hear some I beg to differ I have Evga 670 gtx FTW and that thing has terrible coil whine, that is heard over all my pc fans and there not exactly quiet just like the ECS 460 I returned for refund. I think the sheer weight of the heatsink alone can suppress the coil whine already. The whine seemed to be directly related to framerate. It's often called a 'coil' because most of the original IUDs were coil-shaped. Old tube-style televisions CoilWhine's Profile. Your system isn’t losing any performance or longevity because of coil whine. It's very irritating and I need to turn off the PSU from the back for the whining to stop. If I can hear it at all, under reasonable circumstances (like under 1,000 FPS), it goes back. chrisdglong I send back ALL cards for coil whine. I started freaking out considering this computer is my first build. High pitch whine/noise coming from 880G-E45 when PC is off « on: 20-August-11, 11:45:57 » I just recently built a PC with the 880G-E45 motherboard without any major hiccups except for the fact that my PC makes high pitch whine noise (similar to a charging flash bulb on a camera) whenever it is powered off. I contacted Gearbest at first but at the end I didn't want to send it back just for this issue so I accepted the 30 dollars pay-off. " I know you can test a power supply out of a system by jumping the startup signal wires, but could I hook the PSU up to a test open-bench system to see if I can narrow down the sound to a single component, because I'm guessing I won't get coil whine without some load. My understanding is all of the Macs that use Toshiba SSDs have coil whine. A cheap PSU will whine, most people will have heard a wall wart power adapter whining. a widely known issue even in Windows, if you used a firewire audio interface, you had to disable states with a x58 setup. Then unplug you cd or dvd drives Make sure you unplug everything safely as in computer off then turn it back on once done. With all that taken into consideration; If I buy an expensive ATX PSU for a PC that is strong and has a Platinum energy rating. I bought a new computer to be used for gaming and media in the truck, replacing my Xbox. But I hear a lot of coil whine after the fans hitting 3000-4000 rpm. Is it all of these have coil whine or I am not lucky? awaiting for another RMA : Hello, For some months, Ive been battling persistent audio coil whine from Warframe. BUT what I am seeing on the 970 is a lot of the cards from EVGA, Zotac , and even MSI are experencing Coil whine under load . Off Topic. ogarza3 9,035 views. Windows updates etc. the noise goes away only when I press the clutch pedal. Off Lease Only has taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the data displayed, however, HomeNet Automotive and Off Lease Only are not responsible for any errors or omissions. 6:52. So far it's worked fine but straight out of the box it has coil whine. hey miloaksrider, thanks for replying. It's loud and makes my system unplayable. I had to take the side panel off, turn down my fans and put my ear nearby to find out where the sound was coming from and to test when it did and didn't make the noise. Noise can also occur when the coil is poorly secured to the circuit board. GTX 980 Ti Hybrid Pump Whine Frequency Spectrum Analysis us to the currently discussed “coil whine” and “pump whine” of the new R9 Fury X. Contest & Promotions. Let's look to our friends at Wikipedia for a concise and accurate description of the phenomenon I have a similar issue with the scorpio edition. When I plug my new PC, I heard a noise like a whistle. Guys, try this out if your coil-whine problem is heat-related. So maybe Minecraft is using too much CPU or video card resources that their fan is kicking in and making the noises. I have many different AC adapters and power supplies for a variety of devices, ranging from small 5V/1A USB chargers to laptop power adapters and desktop PSUs. 9% the coil whining is correlated with clock speed. I have had several PSUs now. I returned it and went with an antec that didn't whine (at all). The rotor connects to the coil and it spins inside the cap. It's driving me crazy. 0 FTW coil whine - Duration: 2:08. It's a i7 9700k with a RTX 2080 ti (zotac gaming amp) with a thermaltake 1200w bronze PSU (semi modular) Its funny cause I didn't notice any coil whine until I installed the latest nvidia drivers (through nvidia geforce experience software). The TP 750 is is quiet enough but it does has coil whine too. EDIT - I get bad coil whine whenever their is a system change ie. After turning it on again, it ran fine into For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is it possible for a motherboard to make a "coil whine" sound?". I noticed buzzing noise coming from the SB2 base near the fans area last week. For example when the reason of the complaining can't be eliminated or if the complainer isn't even trying to do so. Let's look to our friends at Wikipedia for a concise and accurate description of the phenomenon: However, I recently noticed, when all the various PCs and drives were off, a quite distinct high pitch whine from the back of the unit. Coil whine will vary depending on the load of the system  I bought an Antec TP-750W about 7 weeks ago from MSY. Sometime the noise is louder when the PC is turned off, it's very strange no ? But it seems to be that it has no effect. I can distinguish the sound among all the other fans, and when i put the ear close to the psu the sound is getting more prominent. Coil whine sometimes can be exacerbated when 3D games are running at high fps (>100 or the like fps) - this is why you don't get it when the graphics card is idling or running heavy loads, such Get the Dell Inspiron 13 i5379-5296GRY-PUS 2 in 1 PC from the Microsoft Store. I do have a question. It's mostly just annoying to the ear. I've tried changing bios options and turn off all the power saving features off and that didn't do it. Now PC was switched off and unplugged from power and it's was quite in the room. General Discussion. This occurs when it is being "switched off" and the whine modulates with the inbuilt orange LED pulsing (pitching higher when on and lower when the LED is off). Definition of coil. If your GPU sequels like a giant pig in those 2, you may have some form of coil whine in some games. Not super loud like in some coil whine videos, just worried it's a sign of failure and whether it will get louder. A pair of MOR (Milner Off Road) front coil springs. What is Coil Whine? What is coil whine? Is there a way to prevent it? PC vs Console as Fast As Possible - Duration: 6:52. This hi everyone I finally have some time on hand (finished summer course yay. Hello, guys Wanted to share my experience with PSU coil whine and what I have done to mitigate it. Follow If it's not coil whine from the psu, it's the graphics card because it's PC/Mac/Linux Society; Anyway to reduce PSU whine? This topic is locked from further discussion. Apple should do repair program for coil whine but In a coil with touching loops (e. This appears to happen when the processor has a light load on it. Click to expand The problem I find with 60fps is when it loads in the new chunks on minecraft you lose frames while they generate so that is the reason I set the limiter higher in the game to avoid noticeable lag. My suspicion and a little bit of investigation found it to be coil whine being emitted by the 5Ghz radio. bar I chose that because I could minimize the amount of useless wires coming off the power supply My Founders RTX 2070 sounds like grasshopper cannot get refund because I am over one month now. whined; whining. It's not as loud as I've heard some cases of coil whine at all and it's only noticeable when everything is completely silent in the room. EDIT: if you have vsync enabled, just run the program FRAPS, go to the main menu of rome2 and see what your fps is. I removed the GPU and use the iGPU and the sound is still there. I have just bought one, (TP 750 new blue). By: Because that would be the same as running the system off a battery (if the UPS wasn't and if the whine was still there Coil whine noise from the motherboard ‎02-22-2018 05:32 PM I am not an expert but i think the issue is coming from the Intel GPU or CPU, specially is you have Gen 7 processor. You turn on your PC, start up a particularly taxing program, and then -- you hear it. 7Ghz on my cpu and everything seems fine. But as soon the fans stop spinning (etc. GPU Coil Whine [Looking for a solution] - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi, I recently changed my PC ( New : CPU, MB, Ram, SSD and case) and Im having some troubles. It can be very annoying in a quite room. On battery there is no whine. Update: Okay, P4 heatsink up and running (not really coz it is passive). I seem to think it wasn't an issue in-game though. I ve been using PG348Q about 5 months,This month i noticed coil whining coming from MID back behind LCD. What Is Coil Whine, and Can I Get Rid of It on My PC? March 7, 2017 / pcproactive Modern PCs are ridiculously powerful, so creature comforts like low noise levels have become more important. It would appear any time I ran any game. Every PC component has a resonant frequency when coupled with the rest of the electrical circuit. AX760 coil whine even when off. Off History Help enacku Have you ever put your ear to the back of your pc and then listen in on the power supply while running a game or benchmark. The sound is coil whine I believe and is audible in quite environment. The video below demonstrates the effect on a PC – and this Soundcloud recording gives also an impression, what coil whine is. AMD R9 Fury X vs. Coil whine sometimes can be exacerbated when 3D games are running at high fps (>100 or the like fps) - this is why you don't get it when the graphics card is idling or running heavy loads, such Coil Whine. I suggest you start by unplugging each fan in your caes. operates by switching the load current to the tool's motor on and off at a The coil whine sound is coming from the HDMI port itself and not the monitor's built-in speakers, it goes up and down rapidly in pitch much like a police car siren accompanied by another constant-pitched noise in the background. For PC builders that want a completely silent experience, choosing the  28 Oct 2014 Coil whine is the undesirable effect of electrical components creating audible the "massively fast sell out rates" the GTX 970 is experiencing. 12V power supply from PC PSU Coil whine. Looped Haven for a bit and the card gets right up to 75c and starts to throttle to 1227 on the GPU, never exceeds 80c. Some will have none, some will have a bit and some will have too much to be acceptable. Also, if coil whine is "transferring" to your surround system speakers, it would seem that your PC power supply could be the culprit. Basically it would peak when I moved the mouse in this fashion, the noise was at it's loudest, and I could detect the coil whine coming from the CPU area. It was a high pitched noise as though the spinning of the disc was causing it. Reports of “coil whine” in new Surface Book 2 machines Posted on January 7th, 2018 at 07:51 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge Some folks love their Surface Book 2 PCs — Paul Thurrott certainly does — and at $ 2,000 or so for a well-aspirated model, Microsoft’s certainly hoping you will, too. DescriptionA pair of standard height front coil springs developed to MOR specification to improve handling characteristics FeaturesMade from 50HRC steel wireQuenching Heat Treated Precision Coiled Using a Centre Navigation Computer (CNC)Note Coil springs should always be fitted in pairs Thanks to virtualization, your Mac can love Windows too. If the coil whine is substantial, it may warrant an RMA from the manufacturer. It can be piercing and annoying enough to overcome even relatively high ambient noise. WELL. Reinstalling the gpu drover reduces it severely. g. I’m referring to a high frequency noise (whining / buzzing) which you can hear if you put your ear close to it. Some say it is only if you have V-sync off and FPS go over 100, which even some menu screens do with these cards without V-Sync. The USB cable is supplying power to the controller from your computer. Bottom line is that on a brand new laptop I shouldn't have to update the BIOS to fix this. intransitive verb. PC/Mac/Linux Society; Anyway to reduce PSU whine? This topic is locked from further discussion. That means no condoms, no pills, no or sterilization … The IUD or 'coil' is a small plastic (or plastic and copper) device, not much longer than a match, which is placed inside your womb, where it prevents you from getting pregnant. However, I noticed that when I ran Diablo 3 + Titan Fall, coil whine was very noticeable. What are the best survival games on PC? From PUBG and DayZ to Ark, here's our list of free and Steam games, plus some surprises Survival games have exploded over the past few years. As for the physics, it is NOT directly related to GPU load or fan speed. You may have to get some passive insulation between you and the PC. 18 to a mere $1. I thought it was my GPU because I just recently upgrade from a  1 Jul 2019 High-pitched noises could be a 'coil whine' issue You might even experience a high-pitched noise when the computer is off! This is most  cause of high-pitch audible noise is something loosely known as coil noise. Furthermore, as I plug in the laptop's AC adapter, the coil whine from the Gaming Box will stop. So SSD's can cause some kind of electrical noise that will be heard through the speakers as a whine, similar to a hard drive sound. The thing about upgrading cards is you want the upgrade and money spent on the upgrade to be well worth it. I have to hit the "monitor" switch (see the picture) to transmit audio from the monitor and this immediately introduces coil whine and some other static noise. It doesn't whine whilst my computer is turned on. That means either an inductor or a capacitor. On the less lucky side, I already had to replace the Asus Z270I motherboard once for coil whine under load. I googled so much on this issue, but couldn't find any solution to fix it. heat's a concern so you can't smother it with much. The high pitched ring when the computer is off is completely gone thank god. Would/could this be covered under warranty and would I get a replacement Forum discussion: Brutal doom gives me coil whine, no other game/mod does. for those using PC monitor for general The hot melt glue is also a thermal insulator so the coil will get hotter which may impact performance (resistance goes up) or you may actually fry the coil. Time to write my first C-Blog. I did gave it in Links. Coil whine is rather a common thing, sometimes is a small thing on others makes somewhat I transferred components from my Lian Li PC-05SX to the Lian Li PC-Q38WA and I absolutely love this smaller case. Last time an Acer employee repairing the laptop called me to warn about the HDD substitution, and told me the coil whine "was nothing to be afraid of"; not only this is highly subjective since the noise is really annoying,but also the laptop slowing down isn't what I'd call "not a problem". When I shut off my speakers, which are connected with an analog cable to my motherboard sound, it stopped making the noise. Hey all, I have a strange problem: when I turn my computer off my PSU (and I am sure it is the PSU) emits a very high pitched noise, almost like a low-volume coil whine. Learn how to fix a whining or squeaking sound coming from your desktop computer when it is shutdown, and powered off, but still plugged into the wall power outlet. 3 Jun 2017 Coil whine is a phenomenon that affects many forms of electronics, but is While the noise can be drowned out among the whir of high-speed fans or . So, i have a generic PSU (yeah, i know, but im poor) and a RX580 of 8gb VRAM. It can be annoying, of course, but it isn’t like a rattling engine or a squeaking wheel—the noise is a byproduct of your PC and graphics card’s normal operation. Well well well well well. coil whine when pc is off

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